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Celeste     It hasn't been long since Celeste last saw and spoke with Ashur and Kurokumo, but a few things have changed since then. After hearing a knock on the door a hobbling Celeste is there to answer it. Hobbling? Yes! Why? Well, ya never know unless you ask (or can see it clearly), and right now Celeste is only favoring her side as she moves back and swings the front door open to the Drake Farmhouse.

    The blonde woman gives the two a little smile, and she breathes a soft, "Evening.." Her eyes roam the two and she guesses, "Here to try and convince me to head off to New Rome?" There is a slight tease in her tone, but there is a full smile saved for the two.
Kurokumo Mibojin      Kurkumo shoulders her backpack, as she looks up from the ground and smiles at Celeste in return. Considering what she was gathering out in the fields, she has a lot on her mind. Her expression begins to falter, the trained eye of a Physician watching as Celeste is off-center and her voice much quieter than before. "Are you alright?" She wants to walk straight in, but her manners tell her to stay upon the threshold until invited inside.
Ashur Ashur, clad in his gleaming pearlescent armor, comes upon the Drake farmhouse at a measured pace. His healing body is growing accustomed to its weight, to the way it lays upon his figure; by living in the armor, he learns to move, conserve stamina, and fight the way he needs to fight. He's stately, a ghostly titan with a white-red belt and a skirt of crimson thongs, feathers atop his head, a cloak folded over his shoulder.

That stately, slow pace shatters with a damn near audible crash once his eyes alight upon the crippled movements of his woman. He forces his way across the threshold, turning sideways and crouching to manage it, rising back up to his mountainous size once indoors. The helmet is removed and set on a nearby coat-hook. "What hurt you?"

It's demand as much as question.
Celeste     Celeste's lips part as she is about to answer Kumo, but as Ashur barges into the home and demands her answer she looks to him, her smile showing again as she gives a soft chuckle. She winces slightly, but at least appears to be in good spirits. "Ah.. What hurt me was dealt with.. It's my fault, really. I," she pauses there, stepping back as she invites Kumo in with a nod.

    She starts heading back over to the couch, and as she lowers down she says, "I was out scavenging and I managed to catch the attention of a few Enclave.. The militia helped me out. I took a little damage, but I'm fine, see?" She smiles slightly again as she slowly lowers to sit. Better. She looks at the teo, back and forth between them, and as she starts to grin. "I got a neat laser pistol for the trouble," she tries to joke.
Kurokumo Mibojin      Kurokumo listens to the tale, following Celeste and Ashur inside of the ranch house. It's like everyone and their mother's uncle is aiming to attract something amongst the stretches of Wasteland. All for a little extra edge in the struggle to survive. "Would you allow me to take a look at it?" Settling down gingerly upon the couch, she waits for Celeste to remove the garment so that she can take a closer look. Best to leave the scolding to Ashur, after all.
Ashur The man's instinct is to rage; his property has been damaged. It is an insult to him and to the happiness he's forged outside the Legion-- an insult that demands retribution to restore his honor.

That instinct battles with a newer feeling: an immense relief that Celeste is okay, and a desire to pamper her.

That conflict shows in his face: his expression goes to war, a scowl that melts into a look of concern, and then settles into a comfortable, affectionate calm. He -is- changing.

"Silly little girl," he teases, falling to one knee to bring himself roughly eye-level with Celeste. How quaint he must look: a white bull in ancient armor, decorated in strange fashion, golden-skinned and braids swishing, leaning in to place a kiss upon a wounded princess' lips. "I'm glad you're alright. Kumo and I will be staying the night all the same to watch over you."
Celeste     A nod is given to Kuro and Celeste shifts slightly on the couch, bending at the waist to lean over just a bit as she gathers her shirt and pulls it up over her side. She doesn't remove it, just lifts it as high as she can without hurting herself. There is some bruising on her side, but that's it.

    As Celeste keeps her shirt lifted for Kuro she looks to Ashur, managing a soft giggle. "You're too sweet," she murmurs, returning the kiss gently. "It's just a rib.. I don't know anything that can be done for it except.. Rest?" she says, looking to Kuro. "Can't exactly brace it or bandage it.. So I'm sure to be stuck on the couch for a while.. You don't have to stay," she says, smiling a little as she blushes. "No need to make a fuss. I'll be alright," she notes.
Ashur Ashur's voice is a low growl, in tones that brook no argument, as his hand rests over Celeste's. "We're staying. Now hush, and stay still while the doctor looks at you."
Kurokumo Mibojin      While grasping the edge of the shirt to hold it up, Kurokumo turns her head at Ashur's assumption of staying the night. It's a ranch, and Celeste does have family here. "You're right about it taking little more than time to heal. Althought, it does mean that you have to lay off riding horses for a while."
Celeste     Celeste nods to what Kuro says, and she adds, "Mhmm.. Figure it'll take a few weeks.. I'll just have to find other ways to be helpful around here." She lowers her shirt then and glances to Ashur. "If you want to stay that's fine.. You're welcome to sleep in my room. It's not that big, though. Might be a bit much for three, but you're welcome." She smiles a bit at that, then asks, "What brought you both here?"
Ashur "Your room will suffice," the man decides, golden eyes casting themselves against Celeste's bruising with a solemn regard. So far as wasteland injuries go, it's a mild one; her life is not endangered, there will be no permanent injury, no chronic pain. Yet all the same, he struggles to remain calm, and fears that if he leaves the ranch without pampering her rotten his anger will overflow.

"And I will handle your chores around the ranch for awhile; the trip to New Rome is postponed." His massive gauntleted hand rests over Celeste's own still-- it lacks the warmth of skin, but there's bound to be some sense of security in that enormous paw. "Kumo gathered and prepared the herbs you needed," he rumbles in explanation, looking over toward the Asian woman. "I was going to help you take them, make sure you were doing well. It seems now I'll be doing that, anyway."
Kurokumo Mibojin      Kurokumo's eyebrows rise into her hairline at that little declaration. Ashur seems awfully eager for something that she doesn't need. Yet. "Yes, I came over for a little instruction for the herbs, and this gentleman just happened to follow me over." The Doctor is just blithe with her humor, trying to keep her expression as professional and polite as possible. "I think that she should heal up a bit before using those."
Celeste     Celeste turns her hands over to brush them against the gauntlets, and as she lowers them to her lap she glances to the other female, listening to her. "Ahh.. Yes, alright. You know best. Thank you." She smiles a little more and then glances to Ashur. Her grin starts to grow wider and she murmurs, "I think you'll have to step out of your armor if you want to share my room. And if you want to do my jobs and help train the horses.. You wanted to learn how to ride, didn't you?" she teases Ashur with a smile.
Ashur The man is indeed eager, and it shows-- Celeste's health is important to him, as is her future. "I'll store it somewhere out back," he decides, still down on one knee before her. "I am unfamiliar with the labor of a ranch; consider me yours to command, my Celeste. You as well, sweet Kumo-- the doctor's orders are absolute."

Is he teasing them with such a blatant reversal of normal dynamics, or sincerely subjecting himself to their will to safeguard Celeste's precious wellbeing? Who knows!

"Neither of you will need do a thing while I am here."

Well, he seems sincere enough. If nothing else, they're going to be pampered.