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Iris Lark Iris is working quietly in her office, folding bandages and washing others as Achilles sits in his chair, conversing quietly with her. She looks a bit more relaxed than she has been for the past few days. Either she's shoo'd off some of her demons or she's just decided to bury them. The clinic is quiet, for once as well. Small wonders all around.
Decius The quiet is abruptly interrupted as the door to Iris's office slowly opens, with the ever familiar visage of Decius peeking in briefly before the former Decanus enters the room fully. "Got a moment if I'm not interrupting?"
Achilles It's truly a miracle. Parked in one corner of the small office is a suit of power armor, a surprisingly large one at that. Achilles is sat back in his comfortable chair, still healing from his previous injuries. Sat in his lap is the Pip-Boy he keeps close to his side, currently it's playing courtesy of David Ghoulie.

When Decius enters the giant shakes his head slightly. "Nothing serious at the moment."
Iris Lark Iris turns briefly and waves Decius in, a smile forming on my face. "How are you doing? I've got a few moments for you." She wipes her hands on her apron, getting a bit of water off as she moves to place a sheet on the exam table. "I imagine that you're injured, you rarely visit just to socialize." She gently teases, pointing at the table. "So what happened?"
Decius The Decanus simply shrugs slightly as he begins peeling himself out of his armor, although this time around he displays some fresh and competently applied bandages instead of the mess he usually shows up with although the stab wounds and gash across his torso are still rather hard to not to notice. "Oh, the usual. I got shot in the head with a shotgun and got stabbed in the gut with a sword which I both just shrugged off thanks to my armor deflecting it for the most part. Then I was run through with a sword and nearly sliced open when it pissed off the Legionnaire to no end. That said, I crucified him afterwards... while he was still mostly alive."
Achilles "Disgusting." Achilles says, his nostril curling slightly. "Once a legionaire, always a legionaire, eh?" The giant crosses a leg over his knee, looking at the wounds. "It sounds like they fought well. The best reward for that is a quick death."
Iris Lark Iris nearly stumbles as the story is told, her face pale. "You..what...where?" Each word is stuttered out slowly as a look of confusion descends on her face. She glances at Achilles and then back to Decius before she quietly asks. "Was it close?" Her hands fidget with her apron as she asks. "I keep hearing about the Legion being here abouts..are they settling near here?" Her small shoulders tremble as she takes an unsteady breath.
Decius "Fought well? They literaly butchered the family owning a small homestead out in the wasteland further north and nailed them to some crosses while holding a 'cheerful' feats with their loot. I put their leader on the very same one after we removed and burried the corpses because someone like that does not deserve a quick death." Having said that Decius glares at Achilles for another moment before looking to Iris. "Well, Ceasars Legion is up and about in New Mexico to quite some degree with a lot of activity north and near Arizona. Even attacked Jacks Town some way north a good while ago and in general are marauding quite a bit. On the other hand even further north there is now apparently New Rome controlled by the Whitecloaks. Legionnaires rebelling against the Legion itself, now that Ceasar is dead and Legate Lanius has taken over the Legion. Trust me, he and his men are far, far worse than Ceasar ever was."
Achilles "Just because they have stooped to that level doesn't mean you have to." Achilles doesn't seem to mind the glaring, if anything he's used to it. "And it's only natural they'd move in this way. When the time comes either we'll stand out ground and kill them, or we'll go back to the Capital Wasteland. Still raiders and monsters to deal with, but at least we won't have to worry about the damned legion."
Iris Lark To say Iris looks distressed is an understatement. She turns away from the pair of them for a moment, a hand over her torso as she tries to regulate her breathing. A few minutes pass in silence before she turns back to Decius, her face schooled to look impassive. She steps up the examination table and pulls her tools closer. "I think that most of this won't require stitching, but we'll see, yes?" Her voice is quiet, subdued.
Decius Decius nods briefly to Iris as he holds still to let her work before looking back towards Achilles. "I'm still of the opinion that a quick death is them getting off the hook way too easily considering the attrocities they commit and enjoy so much. After all, they love their crosses so much and I can't actually make them literaly choke on their own words. Besides that was the first person I crucified in my life since I just kill enemies and atrocious individuals quickly without bothering too much. I actually blame being in El Dorado for too long that I actually even got the idea to put him on his own cross."
Achilles "Just a quicker trip to Tartarus." It's a wonder the things you learn when you own a Pip-Boy. "I've sent plenty of Legionaires in my day. Crucified one of my friends, so I took it upon myself to clear out several of their camps." There's more to that story, but it's best left for another day.
Iris Lark "Don't fight you two, please?" Iris says, as she checking to make sure none of Decius' ribs were broken when he was run through. "I really don't want to leave, but at the same time I'm terrified of the Legion." She presses her lips together and then she shakes her head. "Best to let this broken subject lie, for now." She reaches for bandages and begins to salve and bandage the smaller wounds, saving the sewing for last.
Decius "Okay, okay. I'll drop the topic." Not that he is going to argue much more since he is a bit busy trying not to flinch from Iris working on his wounds. As often as he tends to be here, it still doesn't change the fact that its as uncomfortable as always.
Alice Alice steps in without even knocking as she was prone to doing and says, "Hey Everybody!" Vaultmeat runs in and barks excitedly before running over to Achilles and Iris to lick their hands and then going over to sniff Decius tentatively.
Iris Lark Iris briefly kneels down to pet Vaultmeat when he comes up to her and then lets out a warbling whistle that brings Bacon running from the main part of the Clinic. She washes her hands again and pulls out a needle, threads it with catgut, and without preamble she starts to sew up Decius. "This is the last of it, can you do me a favor and not get run through anymore, this wound scared me for a bit..but you were lucky it seems. Missed anything terribly vital."
Achilles "Hey Alice." Achilles says, offering a wave before bending slightly to pet Vaultmeat. When Iris whistels for Bacon, he's followed behind by an absolutely massive mutated hound. The big guy comes running up to Achilles and pops a squat at his feet. 'Somefin happenin?'

"It's alright Terrance." The big guy says, patting the hound atop his head.
Decius While Iris sews him up again Decius just stares at the Alice and then the dog, a brow raised and mild confusion on his face. "Well, hello?" With that said he looks back to Iris and shrugs VERY slightly to not even remotely put any strain on any of the stitches. "I'm not going to promise anything. I still tend to get away better than anyone else most of the time."
Alice "So what are you all up to?" Alice asked curiously as she kneeled down to play with the dog and pig, not at all concerned she had just barged in on private medical treatment.
Iris Lark "Just finishing sewing up Decius so he can go about his business." Iris replies, offering Alice a slight smile. "He was telling us of some trouoble a little bit aways from here." She doesn't offer up any other details, her lips set in a thin line.
Decius With him having been sucesfully sewn shut Decius gets up and begins to clad himself back in his armor before throwing a small bag filled with caps on the exam bed. "And go about my business I will now. Although that likely will simply mean that I'm bound to run into trouble again soon and be stabbed or shot again."
Achilles "Isn't that how it always is?" Achilles asks of Decius, brow raised slightly. Then again the big man is a giant bruise, more often than not. "Been hearing rumors of a cursed town around here. Been wanting to check it out, but we've got stuff to do. Like clear out those tunnels."
Iris Lark "Be safe Decius, and come back and see me if you've need. You're not paying next time." Iris says, squinting at the large armor clad man for a few moments before she turns away to clean up. She gathers the bloody rags and bandages and carries them to be washed and then proceeds to scrub her hands again. "So Alice, what are we doing tonight?"
Alice Alice nodded to Decius, "Cya later and try not to get hurt again, it's kind of stupid." Alice smiled before handing some treats to all of the animals in the room, even some jerky was tossed to the biggest animal of all: ACHILLES THE BEASTLORD!
Decius And with another slight nod Decius quickly disappears out the door, likely on his way to getting shot, stabbed or mauled in some other way again. Probably. Its what he does.
Achilles "Thanks." Achilles reaches out to catch the jerky. "So, it time to go do some probing?" That could be a double entendre. Probably isn't, but could be.
Iris Lark "I was going to go dig in the dirt a bit, again." Iris says, propping both hands on her hips. "However, now that I heard that the Legion is crucifying people ..and closer to town than I like, I'm tempted to stay home."
Alice "If you two are going to start probing each other, I am out of here." Alice said super serious before covering Vaultmeat's eyes, "Don't look Vaultmeat." Then she covered Bacon's eyes to, "Terrance, you can look, your Achilles dog so you're probably a pervert."
Achilles Terrance cocks his head, looking over at Alice. 'I'd take offence ta that iffin I wasn't tryin' to see your Alan Whickers.' the dog thinks to himself, it's probably a good thing Alice can't understand him.

"I'll bring my sword and power armor, that way we don't have to worry about anything." Achilles suggests over to Iris. "We've already killed plenty of legion, so as long as a veteran squad doesn't show up, we won't even break a sweat."