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Owner Pose
Abe     It's always busy in the brothel, it's a saloon, a whore house, and a casino for gods sakes, what else would it be.

It's never a surprise to see someone bleeding when they walk in either. This time it's Scribe McDonald, nect time it could be you!

Abreham makes his way in through the batwing doors, shouldering through and letting them flap closed in his wake. "Miss Kitty-" he called out, attention sweeping towards the bar... only to find the familier face absent. "Ah hell."
Lucette     Luce is returning from a questionable business venture, one she is definately uncertain of. The form of her uncertainty is this shiny new rifle she's lugging in and giving a brief circle around the... oh hey, this bloke's bleeding. "Damn." she murmurs, "You gonna be all right, or should I give you a look over to tide until a doc's in?" is the immediate offer Luce gives as the rifle is slung over her shoulder.
Abe     The doors flap again behind him and Abe cranes his neck around to take a look. Satisfied that he's not about to be bowled over, he brandishes a rueful smile. "If you're offering help, I'm not saying no." he reports, easing himself down into a seat at a table near the door. "Better than it looks." he confesses, his pantleg sporting a swell of a wet, red stain, the heart of it perforated by a hole. A matching one could be found on the other side. "And here I was hoping these clothes'd last a bit longer.
Lucette     Luce gives an uh-huh and settles in closer, a chair pulled around. She has her kit moved off to the side and spends a long moment eyeing up the situation. She gingerly lifts at the fabric and makes a nice tear from the hole, starting to get a nice strip ripped out and pulls a flask from her duster. She pours some of the fluid out from the flask over the wound and aligns the strip of fabric over to tie it nicely on both entry and exit wounds while the whisky works to disinfect. "I'm not a professional, this is just to tide you over until you see someone who is. And preferrably has some supplies to deal with this." she insists.
Abe     Well, he had decided that he needed to learn a thing or too about-



Admittedly, a better option than taking off his pants, but still! His lips part and he draws breath, about to say something.. only to be cut off a moment later, his gut tightening and a strained grunt escaping as the alcohol sets fire to every nerve ending it can find! Better that a lost leg... unles he could get a cool, cyborg replacement, but still!

"Fair enough." he utters, voice shallow and strained as he averts his eyes, pupils trimmed to near pinpricks in his irises. "Appreciated.. all the same!"
Lucette     Luce offers a polite smile up in return and settles on chair. "I don't have a sewing kit on me, or I'd offer for you to come see me later and I'd try to patch the hole and put the strip back on." she admits, a woman of many talents! "Hopefully you won't lose your leg over this, sorry I couldn't do more to help." she gives an apology even, "Lucky you got back with a hit to the leg though."
Abe     Drawing a deep breath, he loosed it in a steadying huff, "No, you're good. I appreciate it, promise." he claimed, his heart rate slowing as he shifted in his seat, a hand lifted and waved to dismiss her concerns. "Just getting a bandage on it early will help me out..." he claimed, some color returning to his features as he offered her a smile, "Well, wasn't too long a trip, truth be told. Just a few streets over."
Lucette     Luce nods. "Well, you seem kitted and armed enough to handle yourself in most situations. Bad footing I imagine." she considers curiously, "Bet there's some charred up miscreant somewhere because of this." with a smirk provided in reply
Abe     So she knew a laser when she saw one. Fair, they weren't exactly the rarest of the rare. He breathed a laugh and eased back in his seat, "I'm not that lucky, sadly." he reported, vague "One guy got the drop on me and by the time it was all over..." his shoulders rise and fall with a shrug, "he wasn't around to answer questions." Not a direct confession of murder.

Wiping his right hand on the shabby sling that cradles his left arm, Abe offers her a introduction at last, "Scribe Errant Abreham McDonald."
Lucette     Luce nods, "Brotherhood, then." she answers. "Lucette Richardson, courier. Not surprised there was no quesitons to be asked. Town's not dusty enough to compromise your focus at regular frequency." she observes.
Abe     "Something like that, yeah." he confirms with a bob of his head. He offers his hand out at last. It's good for a firm squeeze and a pump or two in way of a handshake before he'd back off. "Thank god for that. Still have to be careful of build-up though. Trying to lay my hands on som material to make a proper holster for it. The old one wore through a while ago."
Lucette     Luce gives a nice shake in response as well, then. "If you can make it yourself I could source you some leather I picked up before arriving here, otherwise, leatherworkers seem to have... an alright enough price on holsters." she offers in return. "Shame the wattz isn't as adjustable as the AEP series, but I'll deal with what I've got." she adds.
Abe     "Agh, I'm poretty sure I can get a better price outside of the Outfitters." the guy in there always struck him as odd. I mean, there's getting behind your product and then there's wearing a full-leather wardrobe.

He knows he lives in a desert, right?

"I'll keep it in mind though, can't do much past mend a seam right now. but I'll get there." he uttered with a shrug. She moved onto the Wattz and he had to agree, "Hang around long enough and I'm sure one will drop into your lap... as much as rogue knights seem to wan to cause trouble in the territory." this one ended slightly sour, his expresson becoming mildly dour.
Lucette     Luce sighs. "As unfortunate as it would seem, I'll have to source from a.. former owner." she gives a nod. "Probably find better caps value elsewhere than the outfitter. Lots of shop owners around here seem set in by steep tax rates." she infers, "I'd rather see rogue knights than an actual outfit causing trouble." she adds
Abe     He had to agree, and he does so! With a grunt. His head bobs as he rests his hand on the table, a finger tapping absently upon the tabletop. "I'm wondering if these are all just folks pushed out of the airforce base near Roswell..." he confides, "Too well supplied, trained... Almost killed a few of us last time." he prattles, a lot of thoughts rolling around in his head... He had that offer from the Vault Dwellers and his own goals... but...

"I know you're a courier but you wouldn't be looking for a side-post, would you?"
Lucette     Luce hums. "Sounds like something to worry about, not just problems, but trained problems." she mentions in a jestful tone. "What're you offering as a side-post? Have been a bit busy running around lately but that'll likely subside after I've been in a while."
Abe     "Knight Caldwell's trying to build up a local chapter. I got roped in somehow" he begins explaining. "He's got his head out of his ass so he's got his act together there. Saddled me with trying to find some recruits from the local populace." he continued. "Nothing much right now... but maybe he'll do something with it later."
Lucette     Luce sighs. "I guess." she murmurs, "I could look into it. Will have to ask about terms and conditions before I accept though. Hardly know anything about the Brotherhood's infrastructure and expectations." she furthers
Abe     "Not asking you to go in blind." he agreed with a idle motion of his hand. "It might even turn out to be a pain in the ass. If you see some guy wandering around here that looks like he learned to march before he could walk, that might be him though. Give a listen and see if it'd help you out at all." he continued.
Lucette     Luce smiles, "Well if you can arrange a meeting fer me it'll all go a bit more quickly." she insists. "And hope you manage to stay in one piece until then, huh?"
Abe     "Deal then." he agrees with another affirming bob of his head. She continues and his features work into a crooked smile, "I don't have the right set of job skills to keep myself safe and hidden behind walls... Besides, there's things out there that need looking in to."

Even so, he did take her point.
Lucette     Luce nods, "Safe and hidden aren't really my specialties either. But, mostly depends on the hand you've been dealt at the time, I suppose."
Abe     "To living dangerously or stupid then!" a mock toast with nothing to drink to follow, "And the safe places in between." he adds for good measure.

Was it fair to append your own fake-toasts? Probably not, likely a rule lost with the Old World.

"Thanks again for the bandage. Think I'll get Miss Kitty to send a saw bones my way and head to the room." he explains, excusing himself. He rests his weight gingerly upon the leg as he rises, bracing himself against the table, "Thanks again."
Lucette     Luce gives a nod and a small salute. "On your way then, and to living in some safe moderate." she chimes with a small wink, "Wouldn't want to have to catch you again with another bleeding leg."
Abe     "Legs are easy." he retorts, lifting his hand away and up to return the mock salute, "It's keeping everything else intact that's tricky." he claims... but is it, really? Ah well.

He aims himself for the stairs and makes his way,