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Saeko There were plenty of healers in El Dorado, perhaps drawn in by the large amount of people whom tended to find themselves getting injured. But of those healers? Well, people were bound to have their favorites. Saeko's last visit to the Shantytown clinic had found the building so crowded that the asian woman had decided against it. She knew another healer whom had treated her wounds from the explosions and chaos she'd endured before arriving perfectly, it only made sense that she'd be the one whom the cloaked figure would seek out even if it ment venturing into the militia base. With a new noticably heavy amount of damage to her hardened leather chestplate courtesy of a shotgun blast and some rather bad bruising to her chest, the wasteland 'Kunoichi' knocked quietly on the door of the clinic.
Lilu Lilu was busy shuffling about her fancy (barren) room. She was cleaning, folding, and tossing a few things in a small brazier to dispose of them properly. To the knock, she stands, heading for the door and opening it. There, before those behind it, stands a dark skinned woman of 5'11". Her Militia leathers are softer than those of the field, with slips of dusty cream and red crosses. Her wild mane is pulled back in a tie, creating a poof-ball more so than a proper tail, and some sweeps of curls rest in her face defiantly. Blinking, she nods to the woman waiting there, offering her a smile. "C'm'on in, have a sit down. Go 'head n'tell me what's wrong?" The door is left open, and pulling away, Lilu moves to a basin of water and washes up, flowing that by a splash and rub of alcohol.
Saeko      "I fought a band of murderers," Saeko, ever the blunt one, speaks as she steps forward, shrugging out of her cloak to reveal her usual gear beneath, marked with a few more marks of recent battle. "But luck wasn't on my side. They were quicker and more numerous than I thought. When another's actions ruined my ability to sneak up on them, I found myself in...difficulty." Still, she was still breathing so it can't have gone that badly. "Fortunately others from the town, Stockton, Decius and a few faces I do no know, had come for the same purpose. We emerged victorious."

Still, with her play by play given, the Asian gives a slight shift on her feet. "I got hit quite hard in the chest. I fear my ribs and elsewhere are quite badly bruised."
Nathan Nathan makes his way into the clinic with his arm in a sling as he looks around for a doctor, "So I seem to have run into some things that didn't like me... And ended up breaking my arm..."
Lilu "Dat'll do it." She frowns, ushering Saeko to have a seat on one of the plain cots. Fingers up, showing them to her, she starts working at the woman's armor to release it, and pull it away from her form. "Stockt'n?" She questions curiously. "S'ok?" Event worry lingers on her voice. Then, Nathan arrives, and her head rests back, taking him in with her lavender gaze. "Have a seat n'I be right wit y', sir." She greets him with a kind enough smile, nodding toward a chair close by the passage. Back to Saeko, she checks her under clothing before standing and gathering up a bottle or two and her medical bag. Sitting across from her once more, she takes cleaned scissors to her shirt and slices it away, exposing the wounded area. "Y'havin' trouble breatin', Saeko? 'ny blood in y' spit or 'nyt'ing?"
Saeko      "Discomfort," Saeko nods her head, "but I can breathe clear. No bleeding beyond the skin." Sure enough, most of the damage is soft tissue. Rather uncomfortable given the area, but none the less not going to cause any permanent damage. Nathan's arrival earns a glance over her shoulder, but Saeko merely nods and keeps her back to the man. Scissors coming her way? Saeko is rather hasty to wave them away quickly and instead reach up to remove the garment, even with a little more pain. Modesty and discomfort are less important than preserving her gear it seems. "Leather wasn't quite as resistant to direct fire as I'd hoped."
Nathan Nathan nods as he takes a seat as direction, "Sure thing." He stares off in space for now as Lilu works on Saeko.
Lilu "Why y'...I swear..." Lilu mutters, cursing a bit under her breath after Saeko's action, which causes the woman pain. Shirt gone, she presses gently at the woman's ribs, testing them with a hint of pressure before nodding and looking at the wound itself. Marking off the rough pot-marks across her breast, she 'tsks' sympathetically. "Sorry 'bout dat." She felt her pain, in some fashion at least. Cleaning the woman's flesh, she pads it dry and wraps clean coverings around the area, and her ribs to offer her a bit more support. "Dere. Y'good now. Don' go runnin' int' trouble, dough." Because saying that was like beating a dead horse with a hammer, and then running over it for good measure. Cleaning off her hands, she smiles Nathan's way and waves him over. "C'm'on, sir. Y'turn. M'Lilu, by de way. How'd y' break y' arm?"
Saeko      Saeko managed to sit suprisingly still with minimal whincing while she's tended, but eventually the task is done and she stands, replacing her clothing with a nod of thanks to the other woman. "I am in your debt once more Lilu. Name your favour," With a polite bow of her head she steps back, allowing Nathan to move in and be attended while she secures the rest of her gear on her body. Best to take her time till she knew how well she was healed.
Nathan Nathan smirks an shrugs his good shoulder, "Ran into some FEV infected refugees who tried to kill me. Fought 'em off but ended up breaking my arm. Oh and the name's Nathan a pleasure mis Lilu."
Lilu Lilu takes a deep sigh and nods, reaching up to gently pull back his sling, resting one palm under his arm to give it support and not just instantly drop. Sling off, she gently works his elbow, seeing how far he could extend his limb, and then to his fingers. Resting her thumb within them, she looks at it, then to Nathan, and down. "If y'c'n, grip m'thumb's tight 's poss'ble." She waits for him to do so, looking at his arm and its shape.
Nathan Nathan nods as he squeezes her thumb as tight as possible, "Sure thing." He winces a bit a the support's taken from his arm.
Lilu Lilu nods and rests his arm on a pillow, moving over to an open faced cabinet, pulling out a few things. With wraps, a bowl of water, and some powdery substance, she sets them down around her and washes at Nathan's arm. "S'lil break." She explains then, starting to mix the paste together, and dip slips of fabric in it. Giving him a sleeve of sorts, and a bracing of flat metal, she wraps the strips around it, all still warm and comforting to the limb. "Y'keep dat on f'a month, den y'just get 't cut off y'. I c'n do it, or 'notha medic c'n. Jus' tell'm 'bout de metal splints, y'hear?" She asks, working the object around him and leaving it aloft so that it will dry properly. "Don' get it wet. Lil wat'r don' matta, but don' soak it, s'fall 'part." Once down, she leaves him to sit for a moment as she starts to clean up everything already used. "I t'ink 'bout dat fav'r, Saeko. I'com' callin' when I t'ink of it. As f'Mista Nathan, if y'got 'nyt'ing f'healin', or farmin', just send 'm my way. Don' gotta me much."
Nathan Nathan nods a bit as she splints his arm, "I'll keep an eye out for it. I could also pay ya in caps for your services so you could pick up something from anybody that pops up with one?" He looks at the splint, "And keep it on for a month, then get it cut off and make sure I remind them of the metal splints right?"
Saeko Saeko herself is finished with her gear, her weapons and her bag once more secured in place, but she seems to be lingering. It's not merely Lilu that she's here to listen to. She had business with Nathan anyway, and this seemed like the time for such an exchange. Even so, she bows her head in acknowledgement to Lilu's words before turning her gaze to the man. "I have the things for trade, if you have the device on you."
Lilu "Don' take caps. Y'need dem y'self." Lilu explains, tossing some bloody rags in the small fire pit and then washing her hands as she had before. "Mmhmm, don' get it wet, n'if I ain' de one cuttin' it off, tell'm 'bout de bands or dey, n'you, in a world 'f hurt." Glancing to Saeko, she looks to Nathan once more and keeps her silence, allowing them to work as they will. A room is a room, after all, and no other patients are waiting.
Nathan Nathan nods a bit, "Thats right keep water off it. And I'll keep an eye out for some medical stuff. Might be able to get you a stimpak if you need one?" He looks over at Saeko and raises his left arm up with the pip-boy attached, "Yup right here."
Saeko Saeko gives a nod of satisfaction and bends down, digging into her back for a small pouch and a not-so-small shotgun which she offers to the man. Still, the talk of the stimpak does make Saeko tilt her head. She'd found one in the past, but had yet to make use of it.
Lilu "Keep it." Lilu tells Nathan, keeping out of the pair's business.
Nathan Nathan nods as he removes the pip-boy and hands it over to Saeko, "There you go." He nods towards Lilu, "If you're sure."
Saeko Saeko takes the item with a grateful nod and smiles towards Lilu. "Your generous soul is a rarity Lilu," she offers quietly. "A treasure worth protecting." With that, and a nod to Nathan, Saeko moves to step out the door.