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Achilles From the office to the wasteland, Achilles lead the march. This time the giant was clad in power armor, his trusty axe at his side. "We looking for anything specific?" he asks, voice distorted slightly. "Or just hoping we run across something?" Not paying attention, he steps crooked and rolls his ankle slightly, eliciting a hiss. But he keeps going forward, walking it off.
Iris Lark "I think we're looking for a vehicle that we can fix." Iris mentions, from her perch on Achilles shoulder. "I think we need something neat, but I doubt we'll find anything to fix that will hold us all and be quick." She sighs softly and squints around. "Alice wants a motorcycle, she's gonna leave us in the dust." She teases.
Alice Alice walks around with Iris and Achilles looking around before announcing, "I think it would be easier to find one in the mechanic shop..." She doesn't seem to be armed up like Achilles is, just keeping it casual.
Dominic Dominic rides up the the small group on his horse his mid evil armor shining in the hot sun "parden  me fair maiden but dose thow know were i can get supplies so that i may start at my task at hand" he slows his horse to a slow trot eyeing the giant man in power armor as he dose
Iris Lark Iris gazes at the horseman from her perch and then she glances between Achilles and Alice before she answers. "What kind of supplies are you looking for?" She cants her head slightly and offers a smile.
Achilles Achilles looks up at Iris, then over towards Dominic. He simply jerks a thumb towards El Dorado. "Go that way until you hit the highway, then follow the signs. Shantytown doesn't have much, but once you make it inside the city they have all sorts of shops." That hand falls down to his axe, just in case the stranger doesn't turn out friendly. Never know in the wastes.
Dominic Dominic nods his head "thank thee kind sir for the info" looking to iris "im looking for lumber stone and possibly food my task is to start making a vilige so that my people have a place to branch out to so their not cramped in there current confinds , is there anything i can do to aid thee on your current quest fair maiden?"
Iris Lark "You're buliding a village?" Iris says, her eyebrows quirked a little bit. "That's a large task for one person." She shifts slightly so she's comfortable on her perch and adds. "Who are your people, maybe there might be a settlement of them in El Dorado already?"
Alice Alice eyes the knight with some surprise, "Wow. I wonder what the next type of historical figure we are going to see is. We've got Romans, Cowboys, Knights, and I wonder if maybe Ninjas are next, nevermind I've seen a ninja. Pirates? PIRATES WITH TREASURE!"
Dominic Dominic dominic makes sure his horse stays clear of obstickles before answering "we are but a humble group of people much like myself we belived that technology was mans downfall so we try to keep to a simple life but no i connot move my people there this task is a coming of age test i must uphold it to bring honor to my family name"
Hanzhou Hanzhou returns from his short scouting mission, adjusting his cowboy hat and his spurs that jingle jangle jingle gave him away before he was seen. "I did not find anything of note, however we should still be wary as the wastes hold many dangers." He says to Alice, Iris and Achilles, then notices Dominic who is on his horse but does not draw his Katana from his back as the newcomer appears to be speaking on friendly terms. He tips his hat towards the rider politely, "Greetings." Is all he says in a soft voice and watches the man with a careful gaze. He's dressed in his odd mixture of western cowboy with asian sword wielding warrior, the black leather duster makes him look like the Wasteland Samurai he fancies himself as. "Pirates, Alice?"
Achilles "He calls Iris 'fair maiden' again, you may get to see an Inquisitor." Seriously, what kind of things was Achilles reading on that Pip-Boy of his? The man simply crosses his arms for the moment, watching Dominic and making sure Iris doesn't fall off his shoulders.
Alice "Oh, chill out Achilles. That's not hitting on her, it's being complimentary. Besides, don't you know that nobody likes it when you're overbearing?" Alice tossed a rock playfully in Achilles general direction.
Iris Lark "I'm not fair?" Iris says, gazing down at Achilles with an amused look on her face. She waits a few beats an then smiles at Dominic again. "Well El Dorado is back that way, I'm sure you can find supplies to get things built, but maybe there is a part of town your people can occupy?"
Dominic Dominic looking to the metal man "my apoligeze sir i had no idea she was your maiden" looking to the newcomer "hello sir oh my that sword is that a hattori hanzo sword if so thats a fine peice of history you have"
Dominic Dominic nodds his head "thats not nessisary ive already picked out a place and started a construction ive got one home built already" letting out a sharp sigh he continues "but you are righ miss , it is how you say a tall order to fill by myself
Achilles "Seems most people don't." Achilles complains, before looking up at Iris. "I didn't say that." The rock pings off his armor and he looks over. "Yeah, but I don't like how comfortable people get when I'm passive. I don't mind being seen as the bad guy sometimes."
Hanzhou Hanzhou gives Domninic a short nod, "It is a Katana that has been in my family for many generations, so I am told. Although I'm not sure who the crafter of the blade may be. However, my friend Alice's blade may have been crafted by such a distinguished blademaster of whom that name probably belongs." He motions towards the teenage looking girl with the glasses. He looks up towards Iris who is on Achilles shoulders curiously but then focuses back on the newcomer. "Yes, you shouldn't have any problems looking for supplies in El Dorado and as for a home, well there are a few places to choose from including the town of Acme but it may be wise to just look around first before settling down."

He notices the banter between Achille and Iris, but doesn't comment.
Iris Lark "How many houses do you need to build? Maybe we can help." Iris says, after listening to Hanzhou tell him about the blades. "I don't know a lot about building homes, but I'm sure I can do some of the more simple tasks."
Dominic Dominic looks back to iris "well i have to make enough for at least three familys to live there so three more homes would do, and i would apreiciate the help but i dont have much to pay you after i get the suppliues"
Alice Alice said with a smile, "We could try to help but I don't really know anything about construction to be honest, but Achilles is probably good at lifting stuff."
Achilles "That's about all I'd be useful for. That and guarding the supplies." Achilles admits. "I've never settled down until recently, so I don't have any construction skills. But I can make sure frames are in place."
Hanzhou "Oh, it wasn't clear to me that you've already started construction of your new home." Hanzhou replies and glances around at the others as they speak. "I too am not very skilled with construction I'm afraid. I own a restaurant in Acme which is also my home but it took very little skill to convert it from it's previous owner." He replies and then asks. "Sorry, I did not catch your name. I am Hanzhou."
Iris Lark "We could ask if anyone has any skills for it, right?" Iris asks quietly, looking around at the group. "I mean, it's up to all of you, I'm willing to help but there isn't much I can really do to help besides keep you all healthy."
Dominic Dominic sounds exited "oh really thank you though if you dont know much about housing it could use defences made" he turns his hourse back around "if you are truly willing to help ill go get the supplies but here" he gives them instuctions on how to get to the construction site located north of rosewell then he looks back to hanzo "my name is dominic blackstone
Alice Alice introduces herself, as well, "I'm Alice, and that's Iris and that's Achilles and you already got Hanzhou's name." She seems to be a bit out of sorts and stares back towards El Dorado, "Maybe I should be getting back."
Dominic Dominic returns to the group "ok i got alot of supplies being diliverd to the site but it will take some time for them to get there so why dont i help you what is it you guys are doing that i can aid you with"
Hanzhou Hanzhou gives Dominic a slight bow, with his hands together at his sides. "Well met, Dominic Blackstone and I wish you good fortune with your settlement." He gives the rider another polite tip of his cowboy hat.