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Sammy     A monday morning in the Gold Digger, and the regulars and locals are making it through. Here we have Sammy making his way back to the landing, though he's walking a little gingerly on his right leg still, he seems to be back to his usual ghostly silence as he steps down the stairs, even that 7th step doesn't catch him off guard.
    He considers a little bit of a breakfast, and with southwestern flair, orders up huevos rancheros & a mimosa. Because breakfast at lunch.
Dominic Dominic enters the saloon each step makes his midevil armor clank as he makes his way to the bar taking off his helmet letting his golden blond hair air out "excuse me thy bartender do you happen to have any ale?"'
Rose      Early morning? Right now it's probably a slight sleep-in for a Ranger, but it was a long enough for Rose to be better rested, mostly recovered from her wounds. A few minutes to change and the woman was decending the steps in her usual gear, a rifle resting over her shoulders like she were using it to stretch as he eyes take in the crowd of faces, new and old. Spotting Dominic, she raises an eyebrow, but someone in full plate armor? Not actually the strangest thing one can see in a settlement like this.
Sammy     "I'm not sure that there's 'Ale' in the bot's vocabulary programming any more. I think you might have to just use the more common 'beer' and hope enough of what's in stock is to your liking." he watches the knight walk out ... Sammy ponders aloud, "On the other hand wearing a still into the desert might be just the kind of crazy we need around here."
Lucette     Luce is still sitting at a table, seeming more nappish than alert. She's got a few red stains on her hands at present a curious new shinything on her lap she's looking over.
Sammy     Sammy finishes up his breakfast and ponders a second mimosa and he's stepped away from the bar, he drifts near Lucette's table, and head-tilts with bird-like curiosity, A new shiny? A soft low whistle of appreciation is let out, "State of the art, Bang-Bang." he winks, and pats the shoulder strap of his own rifle, "Eats the same as this one."
Lucette     Luce peeks up and offers a small wave to Sammy. "Lots of bang, a lot more kick than I can handle. Will need to handle it a lot to get a feel for it- specialty is plasma weapons and second is laser. Ballistics are more difficult for me to deal with. I guess this'd do well if I run dry on rounds for other arms." well, not that she -has- ammo for that thing.
Sammy     "True, usually somethin like that is on a pintle mount. Or the second man in the team handles the tripod and helps feed the ammo in." he smiles and leans in a little to look at it, "But this is ... this is The Old Man's work isn't it?" he chuckles, and pulls out a chair next to Lucette's, resting the weight of his own rifle on the chair but keeping the sling on his shoulder. "He's got some crazy ideas I think."
Lucette     Luce offers a nod. "Either I need to step up my conditioning, or I'll just have to keep it for backup or a trade piece." she surmises with a sigh. "Still need to find more protective kit, on the off chance I do get shot it'd be nice to not need to have to see a surgeon about it."
Sammy     "We've got just about enough surgeons. I just have to keep them from heading into combat, or ... find a way of giving them more rapid response... Part of me thinks horseback , or maybe a horse-cart for med-evac. Up-armor it because the Raiderhood of Steel thinks shooting non-combatant medics is a good strategy." he leans on the table a bit and considers Lucette's hands, "What happened?" he asks aloud.
Lucette     Luce glances up, "Scribe, Abe came in. Dressed his legwound so he could last until finding a real doc to patch him up. I've got some study in medicine, but i'm certainly no doctor and I don't have any experience dressing wounds in the field."
Sammy     Sammy considers, "You should learn the basics of triage, it helps when pulling people out of sticky situations." he grins mischeviously, "... they made us practice on farm animals." he smirks ruefully. "My goat lived." he looks at his hands. and gives a roll of his shoulders "... and yeah, I hurt in all the ways for getting patched up as many times as I have been." he glances to the rifle, then bakc to his, "Getting the fortitude up to carry one of these 'hungry ladies' is half the work. the rest is getting them a solid diet of high grade shells. I'm really disappointed I couldn't find any on that APC the Raiderhood tried sieging New Rome with."
Lucette     Luce smirks, "Triage is just sorting who needs what, the issue is I have no practice on how to deal with that first response." she explains, "I'm sure that when your girls are well fed, your friends have less injuries to account for in the end." she chimes
Sammy     "The point of First Aid is to be there first, to stop the bleeding out problems, to bring people to a state they can get transport to get to a treatment station." he stretches a little bit, "And a very wise man once told me, on hading me my first issued gun 'Treat her well, and she'll do you no wrong, abuse her and you'll go back to mamma in a plastic baggie.' ..." he chuckles at the fond memory. He flexes his right leg, stretches it out a little bit, then rolls his pantleg up, and. pulls another chair over, the bandages dispappear into his boot and he plucks the laces, undoing to reveal that yes, he has those luxury items... socks. "Sometimes it's just making sure the things don't get infected on the way out of combat. Only gods know what crawls in all the places that glow in the dark around here."
Lucette     Luce observes the undressing act for a moment before her gaze returns upwards. "Indeed. Keeping people stable and not infected." she murmurs, settling into her seat some and getting more comfortable."
Sammy     Sammy settles the metkit from the small of his back to his hip and breaks it open, unwinding the bandage carefully, rather than just letting it fall, he actually rolls it into a cocoon, a kina funky blood striped coocoon thingy. "Knowin the basics of how to clean bandages, then sanitize 'em and keep 'em. I showed some guy the other day how to setup a sun-powered still to recycle grey water from gettin clean." he is deft with the work on his leg, and it doesn't look too bad, the angry redness is gone, the pink is much less prevalent, and the lacerations are almost all closed up. He opens a small tin that's been used so much only the base color of orange is visible, and begins daubing ointment across the wounds. "You say you been all over, but you don't ... seem to have the roughing it skills. Most time spent going from point to point, not loitering in the great amounts of in-between?"
Lucette     Luce nods. "Yeah, it's mostly been on the road all my life- save that one encounter with the Legion. Never stopped moving for long except getting supplies or lining up multiple deliveries at a large settlement, and even that was maybe two or three days at tops."
Sammy     Daub-daub-daub, smear-smear done. A clean bandage is pulled from the medkit and he starts wrapping his leg back up, but not as tight as before, and several tiems he stops t flex his calf nd rotate his ankle, before wrapping everhything up neatly and tucking the tail of the bandage in snugly, then rolls his sock up over the bottom, and then cinches his boot down, and secures the laces, and his pantleg down over the boot, blousing it just-so, "Well I get to roam the off-roads, it's fun sometime. If you see Einstein tell him I'm lookin to go after the Motorheads, and I'm also going for some exploration down south... Find where that Poseidon facility is." he stands, tests his leg, cleans up the medkit, and is out the door.