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Sparrow Sparrow's really on her way through. She's checking in at the clinic one last time before she rides out for a long haul out to the Tribes that do not get to El Dorado. She's heading that way tailing a caravan and they leave fairly early. But Sparrow refuses to leave without checking in to make sure everything is going smoothley. She's scribbling a quick note for folks that she's not going to be around for a long few days. She's clean, her hair's pulled back and her clothes are freshly mended. Over it all she has her traveling duster on and her cowboy hat intead of her helmet.
Iris Lark Iris is sitting on an exam table, looking a bit better than she had the last few days. She is folding bandages quietly, and apparently testing them since one of said bandages is on her head. Her legs swing back and forth as she works, and she hums a soft tune.
Achilles Achilles is sat in a chair, reading something else on his pip-boy. It's become something of a hobby, learning new useless things. After a moment or two he peeks up over his reading glasses, looking between Sparrow and Iris. His lips purse, almost as if he's thinking of something to say, but he thinks better of it and looks back down to the device in his lap.
Sparrow Sparrow spots Iris in the Exam room and pokes her head in with a little twitch of a smile, "What's up, Doc?" She wonders completely unironically. "Your head feelin' any better since I lest checked ya?" She withdraws her medkit from her pocket 'just in case'. "Anyone able to check you yet. I'm on my way up to the tribals in the hills for a bit but I can give youa quick checkup, make sure your brains aren't gonna leak out your ears." She pops her brows with a small but sincere smile. The blonde cowgirl nods towards Achilles before turning towards Iris again.
Iris Lark "Still got a bump on my head." Iris says, offering Sparrow a polite smile. "But otherwise I'm doing pretty well." She tilts her head slightly and she gazes at Sparrow for a few moment. "Do you need any supplies to take? How long are you going to be gone?"
Achilles "You taking security with you?" Achilles asks, looking back up. The screen gets powered off and he hangs it back on his belt, sitting forward a bit to participate in the conversation. "Never know what kind of mutant you'll run across out there. The raiders are bad too. Was shot a good handful of times the first time I made it to the west coast."
Sparrow Sparrow presses her lips together and shucks her hat and her coat, "Wont do. I'm sorry, Iris, I got so caught up in all the.. Well the commotion." She frowns a bit apologetically and sets things side moving over with her medkit. "'Bout a week, I got what Martha n Grnt were able to give me, supplies and stuff. Little low on Iodine but I figured if I had to I could probaly find some nice straong alchohol out there." She shakes her head moving over and lifting her hand, "All right let me get a look at you. Been busy still?" She wonders curiously before looking to Achilles and she nods once. "Yes. My usual bodyguard's taking care of his Ma thanks to the Taxes and recent attacks. But one of the Souther Tribes sent some of their fellas to come fetch me so I wont be all on my lonesome." She assures the large man confidently.
Iris Lark Iris unwraps her head, showing Sparrow the lump on the side of her head from hitting the gorund. "It's looking a little better." She notes before she taps on her Pip-Boy. "I have some iodine if you want to take it with you." She says, narrowing her eyes at the list of chems and other supplies the Clinic is currently holding.
Achilles Achilles nods a bit. "That's good to hear. If they give you any trouble, let them know that you're friends with the last Beastlord." He seems to think for a second before looking over at Iris. "Speaking of which, at some point we need to kill that Deathclaw. We'll have to talk to Alice about it, you can sit that one out if you want."
Sparrow Sparrow nods, "A bottle will do. I'm goin down there for some sort of stomache bug that's gettin' passed around. Probably somethin' in the well. Probably some other stitches, bites and other stuff so a bottle at most. Gotta do the work then come back up, quarentine for a few days make sure I aint carrying before comin' home." She explains while carefully checking over Iris' head and hmm'ing softly at it and moving over to gather a few things. "Pretty nasty bump. Definately need to keep an eye on it for a little bit. Gonna sting a little, not like ya don't know that." The cowgirl drawls as she carefully checks the goose egg and the surrounding bruises. "Hopefully it wont come to a name drop but if it does I got ya, The Last Beastlord." She repetes to confirm she did in fact hear it.
Iris Lark Iris gazes at Achilles for a few moments and she nods a few times, being careful not to jostle Sparrow's work. "What deathclaw, I thought Alice wanted us to kill things in a vault?"
Achilles "She does. But I've been keeping my eye on one. There's a cache not too far from here, no telling what we'll find." Achilles can't help but grin. If his axe was anything to go off of, there had to be some good gear out there. "But we'll get ourselves set up first. I still need to test out the rest of the team before I decide if we can handle it or not."
Sparrow Sparrow glances at Iris and then moves about the office, changing out some bandages and adding an ointment to the small cut. "You'll be great in a few more days. No deathclas at least for a week alright?" She glances to Achilles with a deadpan face and lofted brow. "You know the drill otherwise. Never liek tellin' better Doctor's what t'do."
Iris Lark Iris nods at Sparrow, a wry grin on her lips. "No deathclaws for at least a week, got it. How about deadly robots? Are they off limits too?" She reaches up to feel her newly wrapped bump and nods. "Well I'm just Iris, and a healer so if you've got advice, I'll take it."
Achilles "They aren't so bad. Long as you have a few people who can stay close and keep them busy." Achilles takes his glasses off and sets them down on the table next to him. "Deadly robots are a /lot/ easier. I'm sure they won't stand a chance against us. Especially with all the new gear we have."
Sparrow "Preferably nothin' more excitin' than the Diner's chili, and even that might be a bit much." Sparrow muses dryly before popping her hat back on. "No drugs, no liquor, nothing mentally stressing. Friends and family should know. Post concussed ya might expernce some pretty splitting headaches, dizziness, memory loss. Do your day to day tasks but if you need help ask for it and leave yourself plenty of notes. Simple stuff." She rattles off with an upward twitch of her lips. She glances to Achilles, "Thankfully it's mostly done now so only a week or two light duty." She tucks her medkit in her duster before pulling the coat back on over her shoulders.
Iris Lark Iris nods to Sparrow, getting to her feet to get a bottle of iodine for the woman to take with her. She hands it over with a smile and then nods towards Achilles. "I suppose you're right." She says quietly. "Thanks for all your help Sparrow, if we can help you at all, let us know."
Achilles "Yeah, concussions aren't fun." Achilles would know, he's had more than a couple in his lifetime. "Thanks Sparrow, stay safe out there." He leans back in his chair and scratches lightly at his jaw, thinking about something.
Sparrow Sparrow tips her hat, "Nice seein' ya both. Catch ya in a few days. If anything comes up I'll be sure to let ya know. Ya all seem pretty organized and good with your heads." She slips out the door to be off on her journey.