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Iris Lark Iris needed to get out of the clinic.

That is probably the only reason she's out in Roswell when the sun is high and the sky is cloudless. A good day for radiation and sunburn. Metals gleams in the sunlight and that's where one can find Iris, climbing nimbly over large sheets of metal and digging when she finds a spot. Someone may have mentioned pirate treasure at one time, and not knowing what exactly it is that she's looking for doesn't deter her much at all.
Vuk Vuk was more at home in the wastes then confined to his hospital bed, though he was coming out of the city proper, blood on his boots, things happen. "Damned ghouls." he hisses out to him self as he trudges along, some how, still insisting on being overly armed for ..well actually. When you consider it's Roswell, maybe being overly armed isn't a thing, but he's soon settling into a half whistled tune as he ambles along. His LMG over his shoulders and arms resting on it, not a care in the world!
Iris Lark The clatter of metal hitting rock would lead any ghoul, or anyone else, to where Iris is digging as she sits on the ground, cradling one of her hands close to her body. A steady stream of very not nice words are being muttered in a soft voice a scowl on her face. After a few moments she picks up her spade again and begins to dig, chuffing the dirt over her shoulder as she moves it from the ground.
Vuk Vuk will veer off towards the sound of ..some thing. Relaxing when it reveals it self to be a friendly person! "Hey! Iris! The good stuff is in the old tunnels! Lotsa ghouls though..alot of collapses, but I swear there has to be a military cache down there!" He likely just gave Iris a heart attack by yelling unexpectedly, right?
Iris Lark Iris turns, a grin on her face, as she hurls a clot of dirt at Vuk. "I can't really go down there by myself." She explains, one hand shading her eyes as she gazes up at the bright sun. "Besides, I heard that there was pirate treasure here." She sticks her spade in the dry dirt and quirks both eyebrows. "You ever seen pirate treasure before?"
Vuk Vuk is thudded with dirt and he grunts when it happens. "Naw..didn't really work this place over, only started poking around underground when I realized if the Enclave was here..some thing valuable has to be around. Sides..glowing ones all over this city, some thing good must be around? Maybe some forgotten vault. Though..radiation and all.." he says, starting to step in closer. "Are you -really- going to dig up the entire city looking for pirate treasure?"
Iris Lark "Probably not, I don't even know what it looks like. I just really needed to get out of the clinic." Iris gets to her feet and makes her way to Vuk, dusting the dirt off of him. "So you came down here to go to the tunnels? Is it dangerous? Should I put on armor?"
Vuk Vuk looks down..when armor is mentioned, he doesn't use much does he? "They can be. I'm more worried about a collapsing roof then ghouls..but you know, doesn't hurt to be ready. I've been wondering too we should clear out an old apartment block? Maybe set up a forward outpost out here for people to find safety at, get some rest? Trade? Problem is..glowing ones.."
Iris Lark "An outpost?" Iris considers for a few moments and then shrugs, leaning slightly closer. "I think Alice has an outpost in mind, something about a Vault." She glances around and takes a few steps, climbing over a large piece of metal scrap. "You'd want to live out here though?"
Vuk Vuk rolls his shoulders when she asks if he'd live out here. "Except for you keeping me in the clinic, I rarely stay inside cities. To much politics, to many people with ideas who if you don't agree, would put a knife in your back. I'm pretty well suited to existing any where. It comes with being old, and a filthy wastelander, remember?"
Iris Lark "I never said you were an old filthy wastelander. Until a few weeks ago I lived out in a moving tent city that rarely stayed at the same place for more than a week or two." Iris reminds Vuk, her arms folding over her chest. "I can help you clear out a house and make it defensible if you want." She squints through the sunlight at some contenders. "Not like you'll needa nything huge, right?"
Vuk Vuk shakes his head at her question about needing any thing large. "Naw..I've been looking..I mean we're taking back this city. We should make it so some thing in it is safe..I mean, what if we end up unable to get back to Vault Town, or your clinic? Shouldn't we have an outpost here? And..well. If we get the first outpost up..people will know Vault Team Six is the best!" he says and grins at Iris. " was Alice who thinks I'm an uneducated Wastelander, and those damn Enclave basterds think I'm a mutant.."
Iris Lark "You don't have to convince me, I already said yes!" Iris says, laughing as she points out a shell of a building. "What about that one?" She takes a few steps in that direction, carefully stepping over sharp pieces of metal and over crumbled stone. "It looks like all four walls are still up, at the very least." She glances back and grins. "This isn't gonna be a one day job, you realize...right?"
Achilles Did somebody say enclave? The wall of the building Iris pointed out explodes outward and a ghoul goes flying, a piece of rebar piercing it's skull as it slams into a debris pile. Once the dust clears the figure involved is revealed, a giant in power armor with a bumper sword gripped in his left hand. "Perimeter's clear."
Vuk Vuk observes the building, the truth is? One ruin looks like another. "Well..probably not? I mean, unless we get a real good ambush set up and draw the ghouls's hard to tell where they might be until you wait till night. Then you can see em..uh, if they aren't hiding under the buildings." he says, bobbing his head.
Iris Lark When Achilles suddenly appears, Iris is finally startled. She turns to frown up at him, her arms still crossed over her chest. "You startled me, don't do that!" She says, walking over to gaze into the building. "Do the ghouls come out during the day?" She asks, glancing over her shoulder at the two men a little ways away.
Achilles "Sorry about that, had a little fight." The blood stains across Achilles' armor attest to that. "They should, but probably not unless we bother them." He shifts the sword so it rests on his shoulder.
Vuk Vuk wasn't expecting Achilles to..dynamically enter either, but he resists any urges to shoot people in panic. "Ghouls do..but Glowing Ones..well, they truly glow. You'll see." he hisses as he begins to move through the streets, like he has a specific location in mind. "I wish Alice was with us, Murderbot would be helpful."
Iris Lark Iris follows behind Vuk, an impassive look on her face as she gazes around at the various buildings. "I've seen a glowing one before, I shot it in the head." She does have her rifle slung over her shoulder, even though Sparrow told her absolutely no combat. She shakes her head back and forth as she moves. "I just don't want to be here when it gets dark, that just seems...dangerous?"
Achilles "That it does." Achilles nods, his HUD scanning the area for any possible targets. "Just stay behind me, and I'll make sure nothing touches you." He promises Iris, patting her shoulder lightly.
Vuk Vuk will move into a defensible position when Achilles seems ready to be..Achilles. "Alright..lets try to draw them out? I don't relish going inside and fighting them in close.." He says and glances at Iris. "I promise to not purposely undo any work you did." he says with a grin.
Iris Lark "Purposely.." Iris repeats, her green eyes focusing on Vuk for a moment before she comes to a stop. "Do you hear that?" She asks quietly, glancing around as a sound comes from another building.

A glow fills the threshold and a small pack of glowing ones move into the street where the three stand. They look like they're ready for a fight.
Vuk Vuk groans when the glowing ones show up and he flicks the safety off that LSW, looking down the red dot sight. "I guess we don't need to worry about drawing them out..ya'all ready for this shit!?" He barks out, clearly, he is.
Achilles The giant in power armor promptly puts himself between the ghouls and Iris, lifting his arms up enough for them to shoot through. Hopefully. It was about to get wild up in this piece.
Iris Lark Iris promptly reloads her gauss and moves to take a slightly defensive position as the ghouls move closer. She lets out a sigh and smirks. "You know, I was hoping that this would be a quiet afternoon."
Iris Lark Iris takes a knee and aims at the first ghoul. A frown appears as she tries to get a good shot. The laser rifle fires and it takes the ghoul below the proverbial belt. It falls to the ground, but isn't quite dead yet.
Iris Lark A ghoul then moves in on Vuk, its claws raised, as it gets closer to the man he ducks and rolls out of the way, and the ghoul hisses in frustration as it moves closer to its pack.
Achilles The poor ghoul that steps back away from Vuk finds hard steel stuck through it's ribcage, that massive bumper sword tearing him apart. His friend doesn't take too kindly to that and swarms forward, only to be split in twain by that same weapon. "Alright, we just kicked the blood bug's nest. Get ready to split if it goes south."
Iris Lark Suddenly there is a hum in the air as the rest of the ghouls in the building spill out onto the street. The pack doesn't move as one but they sure do look as if they're not happy with their place being infested.
Vuk Vuk realizes he had vastly underestimated the situation when the ghouls begin pouring out and for once? He's glad he doesn't have a geiger counter. "Back! We're in their killzone!" he says, starting to back off after one rents through his leather armor <useless junk> and he makes sure Iris and Achilles are doing the same. "Fuck we need a flamer or some thing for this nest!" Yep, for once Vuk isn't interested in almost dying, again.
Iris Lark Iris slings her M72 over her shoulder and she turns when Vuk does and starts to run away from the building and the cluster of ghouls. She can hear Achilles behind them so she tries to pay attention to what's in front of her instead of looking behind her.