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Deathclaw Wed May 25, 2282

The weather was unfavorable to those that travel into the wasteland today. The clouds were gone from the sky, blown toward the east as the sun rose to its highest point singling it was noon. The heat was hot enough to cook eggs on rock, or so the stories go for desert style heat and the air, well it was dusty as the wind picked it up now and then.

But, you five adventures were heading to the wasteland for a reason! A sign, up one day and taken down the next, promises of caps, gold and loot from someone unbeknownst person wishing to stay quiet. A questionable act of quid pro quo, but the idea of loot and caps always seems to sway a person's judgement.

And so, into the desert these five went in search of this phantom of a man known only as Opera. to a town, or what one could have considered a town two hundred years ago. The only building left standing was a theatre, the rest of the buildings lay in ruin, some with walls wall others down to the concrete pad. Oddly though, the building was button up tight; boards laid over the windows and doors were bolted and nailed shut.

Stockton Someone needed help, that was about as much incentive as Stockton needs these days. The former merc suited up and mounted Brandywine to meet the others. When the weather got too harsh, he simply dismounted and sent the horse back to home. She knows the way. With his plastic T-visor the wind and sand doesn't harm his eyes, but he's as blind as the rest. "Looks like a trap," is the first thing he says when they come on the house.
Iris Lark Iris isn't really here for the caps, she's here to keep Vuk from sprouting another few holes in him. A girl can dream, right? She has armor strapped on her form and a rather hefty looking gun in her hands. She walks along with the others, silent as she eyes the surroundings.
Dominic Dominic coming to a stop dominic was unable to get his horse to go any further tho he could sense it too somthing was not right this was not right hopping down from his horse turned it armound an gave it a love tap telling her to go home when he turned around he pulled his sword free and sheild "have your wits about men this seems like a trap"
Lucette     Caps are what Luce is in need of, and that was her lure. Wandering the wastes isn't something she is unfamiliar with, but having a group is something new for the time being. She's quiet, and unsure about the building presented to them. She offers a casual, "When isn't it a trap?" in reply to Dominic and remains centered.
Vuk Vuk was here because he was motivated by caps, and his cheerful belief that Iris can't yell at him for being shot up if he's doing the right thing! So it is, he skulks along with his minigun, whistling quietly to him self on occasion. "This had better be worth the damn pay." he remarks to Iris, the Minigun? Expensive to Operate, and stupidly, disturbingly, effective when it doesn't jam.. "Trap? Eh...poor trap. I think if it's a trap, it worked. They lured some thing inside, and trapped it. If I was laying a trap? I'd leave an entry way open, let us blunder in, slam it shut, and pour in fire from hidden slots." He points out.
Alice "Jerks!" A voice called from the distance not too long ago as Alice ran towards the group with O.V.E.R. 9000 following as fast as his wheeled treads would take him, "You said you would wait for me!" Alice cried out accusingly at Iris and Vuk before nearly doubling over for breath.

"I don't think it's a trap though." She said between breaths and sips of water from a Vault 30 Canteen, "I hate the desert, it has no air conditioning." She said as she loosened the collar of her vaultsuit a bit, "Anyways, it's probably not a trap cause the only cover or hiding spots aren't really hiding spots, so like, why even bother making a trap if you don't have an advantage? You would have to be insane and trust me, even insane people aren't that insane."
Deathclaw The ancient theatre was a three-story, square building. Windows aligned the front and some areas toward back on the first floor. Built in the middle of the roof was another two-story bell tower like structure. the entrance, chained currently, was a set of double doors with steps leading up to it.

From hidden speakers, The Overture beings to play. It was a song over course that most were probably unfamiliar given it being lost to history (probably).

As the music plays, things being to happen:

From the rooftop, a man in black wearing a white mask is seen, albeit briefly, in the bell tower looking down toward the gathered people. Then, off he went inside.

Suddenly the chains drop from the doors and the swing open on creaking hinges, inviting those outside to join.

As if to entice would be adventurers to go inside, a female scream is heard from within.

Stockton Stockton glances back at Alice calling and gives her an amused smirk, "No puppers?" He asks, masking the hint of sad tone. He's an animal person. The sudden affront of music blaring over speakers and the appearance of a mysterious masked man garner his attention however. Looking back to the gate and hearing the scream he looks back at his party, "Still think it's not a trap?"
Iris Lark Iris gives Alice an apologetic look and points at Vuk. "Keeping an eye on the mascot is a full time job. He crumples like paper." The music starts and she taps on her Pip-Boy thinking that David Ghoulie has started down a weird path, until she comes to realize that the music is coming from the building and not the Pip-Boy. "Trap or not, someone seems to be in trouble in there, or having a good time, and either way we should check to make sure everything is okay."
Lucette     Luce's attention is more on the detail of if that's really a vault-dweller out here... but, spotting that pip-boy and jumpsuit, she's inclined to believe so. The commie sword doesn't reassure her any. Then her attention is on why the door suddenly unchained itself and opened, and why there's a scream. The usual response to people screaming is get the flamer to torch the house and solve the problem, right? She's waiting up on the lead of the rest of the group, "Let's go and look I guess. All this way for the red carpet." she murmurs.
Vuk Vuk gestures at Alice when she finally catches up. "I do not fucking crumple like paper." He snaps out in a haughty tone before..things occur. He then gestures at the door way. "Well if it's a trap, it's a damned obvious one?" He mentions before going off towards it, Minigun spooling up in short bursts of whrrring. He's clearly ready to just bullet hose any thing trap like. "It beats the Enclave Vertibird crashing on us though!" He says to Alice and Iris as he..apparently decides he clearly has to take point!
Dominic Dominic runs into the theater and the sound of the womans scream his mind screaming at him that that wasnt a good idea but his heart said otherwise
Alice "Vaultmeat should be here soon, we stopped to eat lunch on the way." Alice explained to Stockton with an excited grin, "We saw a wandering merchant who sold these things called kebabs and Vaultmeat had like ten to eat cause he likes food." It explained why they were late anyways.

The aforementioned pupper ran up towards the group from off in the distance, going so fast and so excited to catch up he couldn't even stop himself!

Poor Vaultmeat skidded on the ground and tumbled over yelping as he rolled over several times kicking up dirt. Tail wagging when he got to his feet, the pup began to bark excitedly at everyone before running around to say hi with various licks and doggie handshakes.

At the scream and the opening of the door Alice says wearily, "Now that, that looks like a trap and he's just rushing on in!" She pointed to Dominic, "I guess we should go help him, but maybe Crumbly paper man should stay out here with Vaultmeat and Over9000 on guard-duty...." She didn't seem to be in a rush to rush inside the creepy building as she looked at Iris and Vuk.
Deathclaw On inside our intrepid adventures went! Through the theatres foyer and past the set of doors, into the cavernous theatre. Three stories high, the room was and aligned with seats set in angles to pack the house and give the best viewing toward the back while the sides held specialized private balconies for people. the main floor had five rows of seats going from the front to the back; with a little room at the front to provide a gap from the stage and seats and allow room for a music box that was empty.

On the stage was a six-foot-tall concrete pole with wood pushed up against it. Chained against it was a woman with long blond hair that was down up in two ponytails that came down over her shoulders. She wore a dress that was too small, coming up to just past her knees.

She was a bigger woman, easily five foot seven and muscular... and her legs were hairy .. and wait a second, she had a beard? It was not a woman, but rather a man dressed as a woman screaming!

As the intrepid people enter, the doors slam shut!
Dominic Dominic dom walks up to the man on the wall chained up and dicides to use his sword to chop the chains down
Iris Lark Iris glances behind her when the door slams shut and she prods at Vuk and points at the stage as she jokes, "Hey look, it's your girlfriend" before she turns to Alice and shrugs. "Paper man will insist on coming so he can protect us. It's what he does." She shrugs her M72 over her shoulder and gazes arouond for the man in the mask.
Stockton "Well call me Cassandra," Stockton mutters as they step inside. While inside, he flicks the switch on the Nightvision mounted to his helmet. The soft whirrr can be heard and a dim red light appears behind his visor. His hands are free, but that changes quickly as he reaches back and unholsters his weapons. A snort comes and even now the bastard can't let one go, "Not if yah ain't doin' it right, no," he counters before realizing that Dom is one of those, "Bleedin' heart - sonova bitch!" Now he's ducking down and ready for a fight.
Vuk Vuk has unique words for these situations, but Alice and Iris are picking on him. "God damnit! I am not made of paper! I took a Gauss Rifle round for her! Paper doesn't do that!" He still has holes in his body to like prove how much of a beating he's taking as of late, and how cranky a certain Medic likes to be. "Are you fucking kidding me? That guy is totally part of the fucking set up man!" The Minigun keeps gunning it's engine, Vuk? Vuk is warily watching around them.
Lucette     Luce gives a mighty sigh and cocks her N99, chambering the first round and getting a nice hold on it. "I knew some damn commie was getting paid to scream. No real woman squeals like that." she mutters to herself. Nobody else has seemed to open fire yet, so she isn't either. She's looking around the area trying to find some cover to put to use, as it were. Then.... did he seriously just charge in to try and rescue the bait? She's under consideration to give that lad a schoolin' later, if he survives. "Paper can deflect a gauss-projected round at the right angle. Stop takin' the name so seriously." she snips at Vuk.
Alice "Paper Man is a pretty good nickname, I think we may have to keep it." Alice said teasingly before considering weapon choices. They were in close quarters and she had been training with Hanzhou, personally she thought she was better than the Samurai anyways.

She had never seen Hanzhou shoot his sword into the air and hit a flying saucer, that had to be a world record.

Drawing the Katana from her back which wasn't even in a scabbard she held it goofily in one hand before declaring, "You guys better just surrender now, I'm the greatest swordmaster in the entire Wasteland." She assumed there was someone to hear her lie.
Deathclaw Fire erupts from the edge of stage! It catches Dominic's hands and arms on fire as it erupts upward, blocking the man-woman chained to the pole from the would-be adventures.

The ceiling of the seating area is domed with a catwalk that runs across it. In the middle stood the Phantom man, cape drawn over his chest and mask in a mysterious fashion "You cannot have Christine! For I am the Phantom of the Opera!" Then he takes off toward the other side and disappears through a doorway.

Walking through doors on either side of the stage are six men in black with capes and white mask. In unison, they say "Leave now without Christine or face our wrath."
Dominic Dominic recives a burn to his arm but not much else "face me demon!!" he shouts to the person who just singed his armor no fear in his voice as he dose "i will not faulter prepare to face your gods"
Vuk Vuk decides to pin down the left side, which isn't hard when the entire room erupts in a scream of shellfire, and casings go spewing out the side and he begins to advance. "Not made of fucking paper!" He screams over the torrent of minigun fire. It's pretty clear why Vuk might need to be disarmed at some point, he has taken to this new toy with gusto.
Alice Alice raises her Katana like she's seen Hanzhou do a million times and cries out, "We'll save you Christine!" She starts rushing towards the Phantom of the Opera guys with her Katana held way too high and her path veering off and away from the group directly towards the wall and like Vaultmeat, she's unable to stop her momentum as she bounces into the wall!
Stockton Stockton was ready for a fight already, and with the first group dispatched that left the Phantom. With a growl he shoves out from cover and turns his handcannon on the villain. With a rapid succession of blasts he sends four large caliber bullets down range into the likely suspecting ac/tor/.
Lucette     Well, after a hail of lead and chivalry, it seems that the goon squads have been wiped out rather efficiently. Leaving Luce there to maintain sente and keep herself sharp and centered in wait for whatever might follow!
Iris Lark Iris watches the groups go down with little fanfare or trouble. She gazes back towards the door for a moment before she waits to see what happens with Christine.
Deathclaw As the shooting happens, the Phantom of the Opera comes back on the stage. "What are you doing!" He shouts at them "You killed my actors! My precious actors!" He weeps, left fist shaking at them.

"Those were my best.. finest robots! Didn't you read the article! I was needing people to play out Vicomte Raoul de Chagn! It's ruined... the show, the fanfare, the love and respect.. all gone!"


"Can someone get me down from this pole? The dress is making my crotch itch and the panties are riding very uncomfortably." Says the man-woman on the pole.
Vuk Vuk is still maintaining his position, though he looks at Iris and Alice. "Well don't fucking ask me, I'm not old enough to have seen every thing." He says, because he's just -expecting- Alice to make a Waster joke. "I mean, do we just ...uh, leave?" he asks them both, because you know, he isn't sure what to make of this. "I can't foresee any thing of value here." Except maybe dragging off the shot up bots.
Lucette     Luce snickers at the end result. "Pretty funny. Next time you should include a script or something for your potential helping hands." she mutters, straightening up her posture. She can hardly blame the hardened crew(it seems) from blasting away the troupe, it was exceedingly similar to actual ambush. "Could scrap the robots if mister phantom has no more use for them in the end. Can't say they're better than paperweights though."
Iris Lark Iris just shakes her head and rolls her eyes at Vuk before she walks onto the stage to check on Christine. She gestures to the bindings and quirks a brow. "How does it release?" She asks, trying very hard not to laugh at the crack about the panties.
Alice "We'll help you fix your broken robots." Alice offers, "Sorry, this whole thing just looked like a trap. First you open the doors, then close them on us and act all freaky and well, you're lucky that some of these people still aren't shooting.."
Stockton Stockton blows the smoke from his guns and holsters them with a shake of his head, "Too convincing maybe," and then he's looking around more directly, without screaming innocents or crazy robots this place is actually kinda nice.
Deathclaw "Leave'm Hopefully the bullets didn't damage internal circuitsWithin a few weeks I might be able to get them up and running." The Phantom states with a frown. "In the meantime, the Mayor of El Dorado is going to be upset. He'd been looking forward to this for a while." Looking to the side of the stage, he shouts "Igor, Dingbat! Get in here and take the robots downstairs for repair."

The man, clearly it is a man as the long hair is a wig and he smells like hadn't had a shower in a day or two, smiles to Iris "Hello cutie.. Just.. uh press this button here." He states; and once done and released he gets down and reaches a hand underneath the dress and adjusts the panties "oh yeah, there we go.. better." He says sighing.

Rolling his eyes, the Phantom looks from Iris and the Christine to the crowd "Leave out the way you came, it was never locked." He states displeased.
Vuk Vuk will let Iris and Alice begin to back up to go before he will, dutifully covering the two girls. "I don't think we're getting paid." He says in an annoyed tone, very annoyed. "I bet we could get a mint for the bots though...and I think we should wait for the Mayor to come see this show, and then gun him the hell down. Man is robbing folk!" Vuk hisses, though his general status as rabble rouser is well established.
Iris Lark Iris gives "Christine" a smile and a wave before she turns to walk towards the door. She glances back at Vuk when he mentions payment and she smirks. "You need money for something?" She asks before she digs into a pouch. "I can loan you some caps, no problem."
Lucette     Luce sighs. "If I had some tools I could see about diagnosing and getting some of these bots back up." she considers aloud, then glances to mister paper. "Sounds like a not bad idea. Fix up the robots, entice the mayor to the show, fix the town's political scene." she murmurs quietly in collaboration to Vuk. "It is a shame about the caps though."
Stockton Stockton just sighs indignantly. The lack of caps is not really of concern, he's just frustrated. Likely he kicks a seat in the theatre on his way out the 'never locked' door. Grumblemumble razzafrazza "Fucking ACTORS!" He screams when he's outside, well within ear shot.
Alice Alice doesn't seem about ready to just step out just yet instead stopping to examine the group of bots closest to her, muttering, "Kinda weird he just wants us to leave now."
Iris Lark Iris pauses at the door and glances back at Alice. She turns and walks back towards her and gazes down at the robots. "Think he'll be able to fix them?" She asks, kneeling to poke at one of the robots with her fingers.
Deathclaw Phantom glares at Alice "Stop messing with them!" He shouts. Igor and Dingbat walk over and take away the robot that Alice is inspecting. "Out now.. leave please." He states, gesturing his hand in a shooing motion.
Stockton Stockton makes a face behind his helm and ends up leaning in the doorway. "We stayin' to find out what fuck? Or we goin' on our merry way folks?"
Lucette     Luce was about to turn and leave as well, eyes between the Phantom and his great disdain for having his 'bots touched. "Don't wanna leave anyone behind, let's finish up our curiosities and leave." she murmurs.
Alice "Who made these robots?" Alice asked curiously, "I've never seen or heard of human-looking robots? And what's the gap in their fingers for? I mean, you may as well tell us, we're kind of not leaving until you do."
Vuk Vuk scowls a bit when people seemingly are intent to make Alice leave when she doesn't want to. "Indeed. Who the hell made these? I've seen some pretty advanced shit, but not robots that pass as human to that extent." Well..not when shot to pieces and not exploding or some thing. "I mean, I know you can put a human brain in a bot chasis..but these.."
Iris Lark Iris eyes the Phantom as he tries to shoo them away, standing her ground as she waits for an answer to Alice's question. She briefly glances at Vuk but doesn't seem to need to add anything to the questions being asked.
Deathclaw Phantom glares at Alice. "I'm not telling you anything. I found them and gotten back up and running. That's all you need to know." He states as the last bot is carried off and he heads to exit stage left. "Show will be in two weeks! or maybe four.. depending on severity."
Alice Alice shrugged her shoulders and responded, "We will be back to see the show. I promise you that, Vault Team Six will anyways." Walking over to Vuk, she GRABBED him by the ear, "You and I are going to have a very gosh darn serious talk Mister. What the sugarnaps is with you just opening fire? We're going to need to come up with some kind of rules of engagement for future..."
Lucette     Luce snickers seeing mister paper get earpulled off by bluffmaster supreme. She herself shuffles to make herself leave not far behind them, already more than a little creeped by the whole goings on and it's wearing down her balance.
Iris Lark Iris trails behind Vuk and Alice, gazing around the building as they move towards the exit. She watches Vuk gets his ear yanked on and makes a fairly decent attempt at not laughing. Hopefully Alice doesn't pull something hard enough that it rips. She turns again to wave before stepping out of the doors.
Vuk Vuk -yelps- when his ear gets pulled on and he fusses at Alice. "Hey! A door shut, people show up, and were all threatening. You know, that is normally bad juju. I'd know, I'm old." He says, trying to free him self, whilst being dragged around. "I think we should try to steal one of the bots. I want a robot body if you are going to be pulling my fething ears off!"
Alice Belatedly Alice replied to Iris, "We'll see if he can fix them in 2 weeks I guess...." She ignored Vuk's complaining as she let go of the man's ear and sighed, quite annoyed at the itchy trigger fingers.
Iris Lark Iris turns and offers Lucette a smile, holding out a hand. "I don't believe we've met yet, my name is Iris Lark. I run the clinic in Shantytown." She smiles at her and adds. "It's a pleasure to meet you."
Lucette     Luce turns to Iris and offers a nod and accepts the hand for a firm shake. "Lucette Richardson, courier. New to El Dorado." she answers, "Haen't seen much of Shantytown, suppose I should pay a visit some time."
Vuk Vuk rubs his ear and mutters at Alice. "Fine..but next time, you go first and you get shot with the gauss rifle ambush. How do you know they weren't going to open up on us with eyebeam laser cannons? Sure he claims innocence now.."