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Iris Lark Iris is in the corner of the clinic mixing together some sludge that might be salve. Or stew. It's not really easy to tell, it doesn't smell as foul as it looks though. She is humming to herself as she works and occasionally pulls her apron from her middle to wipe at her face.
Achilles Achilles is sat in the corner in the large chair, a cowboy hat pulled down over his face. The giant appears to be resting right now, coming down from the training he's been doing. For the first time he's not wearing his armor, tattoos visible on his arms.
Alice Alice wanders into the clinic and the sound of a distinct, "*BZT*" Was heard as O.V.E.R. 9000 stood outside of the doorway, a few kids from the Shantytown walking over and playing with him as he appeared to be making BEATBOXING sounds or was that 'Beat-Botting' cause he was a bot

Having only made her way back from the Wasteland and then having to deal with annoying Caldwell she looked a bit rough for wear, a few scratches and bruises on her hands, a little cut on her cheek, "Whats up Doc and Grognak?" She asked with a wry smirk.
Iris Lark "Alice!" Iris chirps, a happy smile blooming on her face as soon as she spots the girl. She sets aside her the giant stick she's using to stir her pot and walks over to Alice. "Good to see you ..and.." She peeks outside, grinning. "The Deathbot! So how are you doing tonight?"
Achilles "Achilles." The giant corrects Alice, "Grognak is tiny." The man doesn't look up just yet, not really having any reason to move at the moment. Sometimes it's just nice to relax.
Alice "Well, it's a long story so you better sit down, unless you're super duper good at standing." Alice said with a big grin as she walked over to sit down herself, "So Over9000 and I were looking for Vaultmeat and we got attacked by a supermutant!"

She frowned, "Ok, it was just feral ghouls."

She looked between those gathered and O.V.E.R. 9000 could be heard, "*BZT*ing" loudly.

"FINE! Ok so what really happened, is I fell down a hill and I thought a supermutants was going to attack and it was just a cactus but I thought the cactus was a feral ghoul so I drew this katana thingie and I cut my cheek with it and then I tripped and fell into the stupid Cactus."
Iris Lark Iris nods along with Alice as she speaks, making the appropriate noises at each twist and turn of the story. When she finally says she fell into a cactus, the slender Healer winces and clasps a hand over her mouth. "Gosh, Alice. Sounds like you had quite the adventure. Hop up on either of the tables, and show me where the cactus bit you. I'll take care of it."
Achilles "If you happen to run into any actual super mutants or feral ghouls, point me in their direction." Achilles says once the story is finished, looking up between Alice and Iris. "Maybe don't tell Iris about it though. She'd skin me if I ran off to fight a super mutant."
Hanzhou Hanzhou the Wasteland Samurai has arrived.

The combination of his outfit is what catches most people's attention, a mixture of an Asian sword wielding warrior and that of western cowboy blend together to make for this post-apocalyptic look. His Katana is sheathed in a wooden scabbard on his back, a finely crafted .44 revolver is holstered at his hip and a shamisen three string guitar is slung over his shoulder, adding to his mystique.

He bows slightly to greet those in the room, "Konichiwa. I am not sure if I have come to the right place? I am looking for a healer?"

But when he spots Alice with OVER 9000, there is a slight smile. "Oohh, miss Alice and O9, we meet again. How are you?" There is also a polite nod when he recognizes Iris. "Oh, thank you again for helping the wounded man that I had injured the other day." He says in a soft but polite voice.
Alice Alice glared little lazer-beams at the comment about a Cactus biting her before sitting down on the closest bed. O.V.E.R. 9000 offers a friendly, "*BZT*" As Hanzhou enters but the big robot is sad because he cannot fit inside so instead he's just entertaining kids with bot-boxing.

"Hey Hanzhou. Did you get hurt to? Also how do you use that Katana so well? I saw you do it and I said well, this is going to so easy! Nope, not at all." She held her hand out to Iris, "There's where the owie is doctor." She grinned over at Achilles, "I'll keep it in mind."
Iris Lark "I couldn't leave him there, he looked a mess, and he smelled worse. I think he might have soiled himself." Iris says, offering the Samurai a curtsy. When Achilles mentions the super mutant she reaches up to thump him on the chest. By the looks of it, it didn't even register because the big man just stands there, a slight smirk on his face. Iris giggles and turns back to tend to Alice, pulling out a set of old fashioned tweezers to deal with the worst of it.
Achilles "Just because we make it look easy doesn't mean it is. I've had my axe for a long time. I used to be helpless." Achilles explains, reaching over to run a fingertip down Iris' spine in retaliation, before she starts tending Alice of course.

Hanzhou gets a nod from the large man. "You look experienced. Perhaps you would like to spar? If you're decent enough I could use your help."
Hanzhou "I was injured before I came into town, some raiders said they didn't like my face and shot at me before I could cut them down with my blade." Hanzhou replies to Alice with a slight shrug but when she mentions the skill with his Katana he remains humble. "I have studied for many years, since I was a young boy and continue to practice regularly to hone my skills." He then regards Alice carefully and adds, "It is unfortunate you got injured. You must be more careful. You have a very fine blade, very sharp and I can help train you if you wish?"

Looking towards Iris, "That is commendable and honorable of you. If you have a moment, I would like to be assessed for treatment? I suffered some bullet wounds."

Then he looks up at Achilles. "Oohh, you are very tall and I accept you offer of a spar once I have seen the doctor. My name is Hanzhou."
Alice Alice laughed just a little bit, "OWWING!" At the tweezers before they've ever touched her, oh god getting medical care made her nervous. The sound of Hanzhou and Achilles facing off distracts her entirely, "YES! Do it, please. I need to see this, I need to see this before I die. Please? Hanzhou? Please?!"
Iris Lark Iris points to a table and nods to Hanzhou. "If the bullets are still in, I'm gonna have to dig them out. So hop up on the table Alice isn't on and let me know if you'll need a leather strap to bite down on." She turns back to Alice and begins to pluck things from her palm, taking special care to yank them right out instead of slipping and making the pain worse. Once she's got all the prickly bits out from the sensitive skin she reaches up on a shelf, brings down a jar of salve and spreads it across her palm. She glances between the two men and chuckles softly at Alice. "As long as he doesn't hurt my giant."
Achilles "Achilles." The giant introduces himself to Hanzhou. "The key is to walk through their bullets. It frightens them." From the look on his face he's completely serious. It would explain a number of the scars he has too. "I'll be ready whenever you are. I need all the practice I can get before I go back to fight the Sand Snakes again."
Hanzhou Hanzhou gives Achilles a slight bow, "It is an honor to meet you Achilles." He listens to the giant comment about walking through bullets. "Oohh, well I tend to employ a different strategy and try to avoid the bullets. I do not think I have your stamina to be able walk through them as you do." He then looks towards Iris and does as she asks of him, walking over to the table and then hops on up, removing his shamisen guitar from around his shoulders and laying it on the table beside him in a gentle manner. "I do not need a leather strap but thank you for the offer." he says in a calm voice and then looks towards Alice, quirking an eyebrow just slightly. "A friendly spar to test one another's skills is merely for practice, not for entertainment miss Alice. However, your enthusiasm is refreshing and it will be a good lesson for you to learn since you are just starting out with a sword."
Alice "How much do I owe you Doc?" Alice wasn't about to assume anything came free, that just wasn't how life worked, "I know this is a business and all even if we're friends from the three times we've met now!"
Iris Lark "Fifteen caps." Iris says, grinning over at Alice with a shrug. She walks over to Hanzhou and climbs up on the chair, poking around the bullet wounds. "Okay, how many you got, and are the bullets still in there?"
Achilles "I could dodge them, but sometimes it's best not to." Achilles simply shrugs, taking a seat in his large chair and taking hold of his axe once more. "I prefer my axe. Like myself it's pretty much the only thing left of the Beastlord's. Not as clumsy or random as a pistol. An elegant weapon."
Hanzhou "I was hit in the shoulder, my left arm and my right leg. I think there may be a bullet still lodged in my shoulder. I can feel it sometimes when I swing my katana." Hanzhou says in a soft voice and then removes his armored chest plate to allow Iris to examine his shoulder wound. A soft smile is given when Achilles talks about his axe, "Well said, Achilles. I too prefer the more honorable form of combat, up close and person than to a ranged battle. So you mentioned that if you find me worthy, you may need my help with something?"
Iris Lark Iris nods briefly and grunts as she starts to dig around in the wound in Hanzhou's shoulder, wrinkling her nose at the fresh flow of ichor. "Just hold still a bit, if you wiggle it is worse." She finally picks something out of his shoulder and holds it up to the light, a grin on her face. "Nice." She tosses it at the wastebine and goes to check his left arm, poking at the hole with practiced fingers. "I don't think anything is in here, but if it continues to hurt..come and see me." She turns around on the table and gazes at the wound on his leg. "Hmmm.." She squeezes the area and then wrinkles her nose before she pokes a finger inside and feels around.
Achilles Achilles nods slightly. "Something dangerous I have to do. Looking for the best to accompany me." He doesn't elaborate on what that is, but it's probably for the best. "It's why I'll be challenging the Sand Snakes. I'm sure if I defeat their leader they'll follow me into battle. If they don't it'll at least have been good practice."
Iris Lark Iris seems to be satisfied with Hanzhou's wounds and climbs down off his table, picking up a thick pot of salve and smearing it on the wounds. "Keep these dry for a few days and you should be okay." She says, nodding slowly. Turning to regard Achilles she raises both eyebrows. "Don't hurt him where he's hurt when you spar, okay?"
Hanzhou Hanzhou doesn't flinch when Iris pokes around at his wounds or when she removes that bullet fragment from his shoulder. "Thank you doctor. How much do I owe you for the treatment?" He asks in a respectful tone and listens to Iris's instructions about the salve.
Iris Lark Iris considers for a few moments and holds out her hand. "Fifty caps." She says, tilting her chin up slightly. "And a thank you." She adds, nodding twice. She gives Achilles a quick glance and then smiles back at Hanzhou.
Alice Alice handed over the 15 caps without question, setting them down on the counter, "Thanks again Iris. I feel way better, I didn't want those cuts to get infected. Then I might turn into a Super Mutant and oh golly, like, that would suck.."
Achilles "I'll try, but in the end that'll come down to him." Achilles informs Iris with a slight nod. For the moment he tilts the edge of his hat back down. "From what I've seen, you only have to worry about that if they capture you. Assuming they don't eat you. But, I'm no expert."
Hanzhou Hanzhou gives 50 caps to Iris for her medical services and inclines his head politely to her, "Thank you." He then looks over towards Alice, "Let me know when you are well enough to train." He says in soft voice and then turns his attention to Achilles. "I see, well the Sand Snakes sound like they may be formidable and challenging the leader is indeed the honorable thing to do, which avoids needless deaths if you were going for a frontal assault." He pauses thinking and then continues. "I should be ready to spar in a few days, like Iris suggested but if you were thinking of challenging the Sand Snakes sooner, then I shall accomadate you."
Iris Lark Iris looks pleased and she walks in the back room to put away her caps. "Achilles, stir the stuff in the big pot in the corner. If it sticks to the bottom it's gonna be *useless*" She calls out from the back.
Achilles "Sure thing." Achilles pushes back up onto his feet and walks over to the corner, stirring the goop in the pot while Iris is away. "I've got until the next full moon to meet him. We already beat their forces, if I hadn't been with Iris I'd of challenged him then and there, even though his men put a spear through my leg." It's a wonder he's even up and walking, let alone sparring. "So we have until then."
Hanzhou Hanzhou puts his armor chest plate back on after he pulls on a shirt first, then hops off the table grabbing his shamisen guitar. "I shall meet you soon for that spar then. It was nice to meet you Achilles and thank you again doctor. You both take care of yourself." He then turns to Alice, "You know where to find me if you wish to train and I offered to help you find Vaultmeat, so that offer still stands as well. Please tell OVER 9000! that i say Bzt as in hi for me." He grins and then inclines his head politely to the now Katana wielding Alice, as he turns to exit the clinic. Giving OVER 9000! a polite bow as he passes him outside.