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Iris Lark As soon as Iris got back from the theatre she went into her office to gather some bandages and salve, setting them on a side table. She lifts on her tiptoes as she pulls tools from a shelf, and the bump turns on her Pip-Boy. It was already tuned to David Ghoulie and music begins to pour from the device. Since she didn't mind the oldies she left them on and turns back to push the table next to the examination table. She adds a leather strap to the pile and waits. Because she was pretty sure her patient would sneak in eventually.

Vuk Vuk never exactly snuck in, see..he knew getting these wounds taken care of -were- a good thing. Especially the bullet lodged in his side, before it might go septic. So in he comes, looking sheepish about the fact he got yelled at by Alice and -some one- wanted to laugh at him, not save him. "Hey Hey!" He says, not letting the fact she might -really- hit him with a baseball bat today deter him.
Achilles Sat with one in the big corner chair is Achilles, who's in the process of rolling a cigar for himself. One of the upsides of knowing a jet manufacturer is having a good weed plug. Sure it was some Reginald, but it was a whole hell of a lot better than nothing. "Have fun ignoring the doctor's orders?" Which is kind of funny coming from him.
Iris Lark Iris doesn't say anything at first, she just points to the bed. "So how long after I left did Alice yell at you?" She asks, as she waits for him to take off his outer clothes. "Also, this is going to hurt a bit and I'm pretty low on painkillers, so we'll do what we can, all right?"
Vuk Vuk will peel off the leather armor he favours, and is likely the reason half of these wounds are so severe, and then he settles onto the bed with his upper body exposed. There is..previous surgical scars, but not what one would expect from a waster doc, these look very precise. "Don't worry, the pain isn't to much of a concern, so much as digging the bullet out before it gets septic." He says and glances at Achilles. "I didn't ignore them, I temporarily forgot them..and Alice was more interested in smacking me for a good half hour, I swear."
Achilles "I can't bitch at you too much, a glowing one exploded and knocked me out in Roswell after she patched me up. I always forget they can do that." Achilles grumbles, scratching at his jaw before he sticks the green leaf to itself. There it is, a wasteland cannagar. "Speaking of which, are we going to go and kill those glowing ones at some point? Because we'll need more people for that."
Iris Lark Iris picks up some long tweezers and she climbs up on a stool. "All the same, if you feel the need to yell..well go ahead and yell I guess." She begins to poke in each wound, looking for bullets and making sure infection hasn't set in with any of them. She works slow and methodically, exploring each wound and then salving and bandaging it before moving on to the next one.
Vuk Vuk is remarkably calm about the entire thing, honestly? He's probably still not entirely up to par on just -feeling- much of any thing given he keeps going into shock every time he decides to be bull headed. "Ugh..yep. Way more then I thought..I figured they'd mostly have fled into the tunnel network.." He says and winces when Iris hits some thing solid, but isn't a bullet. "We need to get some grenades, make it alot fucking easier."
Achilles "Or lead them into a hallway. There numbers wouldn't mean anything if they have to climb over one another to get to us." Achilles suggests, but then seems to think better of it. "No, that probably would only work with people. Bet it'd just make those ghouls scarier." He crosses one leg over the other and lights up his cigar, blowing the smoke away from Iris and Vuk. Don't need a stoned doctor digging for bullets.
Iris Lark Iris pauses from her digging and aims a look at Achilles. "Are you really going to smoke in here while I'm working?" She asks, her brows furrowed slightly. She turns back to her patient and she mutters something under her breath, drops the tweezers on the table and digs into the wound with her fingers. After a few moments of this she draws back with a small metal object that she drops into a metal container.
Vuk Vuk was going to protest about going in hallways with ghouls or some thing, but Achilles seems to drop the idea. "Well if I end up high and passing out, I can't say it isn't an improvement. I'm sure if Alice was nice, she'd like..steal pain killers for me from Vault City..or what ever it is they do. I've only seen vaults from afar, and in the pre war advertisements. Not my underground.." Well, at least the bullet is out!
Achilles "You're right." Achiles doesn't take another drag, rather he puts the cherry out on his tongue. "I'll wait until I'm outside." Somebody has to teach the wandering tribal how to act.

"I've never been in one either. Always been more of a road warrior, so I haven't really needed to stop by one."
Iris Lark Iris starts digging into another open wound, still using her fingers. She tries to tune out the conversation around her as she tries to focus on the task at hand. She moves to wash her hands and then cleans the wound she was digging into, salves it and bandages it before she starts digging into a new wound. The last one, this one is considerably bigger than the previous few, and would require stitches.
Vuk Vuk is still doing fairly well with the entire thing, especially as no one is asking why he has surgical scars to begin with! "I figured they're nice and all..but I couldn't stay. Get to damn bored." He says to Achilles and glances over at his arm. "At least that one is a laser burn, right?" He offers to Iris. So helpful, right?
Achilles "How about reading?" Achilles suggests, shifting slightly. He might be a wasteland badass, but he's still only twenty-four, so from time to time uncertainty takes him. Especially when it comes to keeping his girlfriend happy.
Iris Lark Iris pauses, and she turns to glance at Achilles, a puzzled look on her face. "Reading what?" She asks, wiping her hands on her apron and staining it as she grabs for a needle and some catgut. "Are you asking me if you're allowed to read?" She threads the needle, slowly pulling it through before she knots it.
Vuk Vuk thinks he knows what Achilles is referring to. "I think he means if you lived in a could read alot. But..I imagine eventually, you would run out of books to read, and nothing new is there..."
Achilles "Oh, no. When he gets bored, he should try reading. Sure we have something around here." Achilles clarifies. "And they have pip-boys, there's /so/ much different stuff on those things. And as long as you have holodiscs you can add new stuff to them." Plus you can play games on them.
Iris Lark Iris nods, her head bobbing a few times before she goes back to work, sewing up the hole in Vuk. "I don't read very much on my Pip=Boy, but I do listen to a lot of music now. Some of the things that they play are a lot of fun."
Vuk Vuk winces when she begins stitching him up, fighting that urge to pull away. "Maybe some day I'll buy one? Not sure. How often do you see them for sale? I thought they were supposedly impossible to take off once you put them on."
Achilles Achilles picks the device hooked to his waist up a bit so Vuk can see it, "I have an older model. Isn't worn like the three-thousand series. They're a bitch to find, unless you happen to be in an area that has a few vaults that have been cracked open. Still not the easiest find, but worth it if you can get it."
Alice Alice steps in having gotten all cleaned up from the trip out into the wasteland, "Are we talking about Pip-Boys?" She asks before showing off her own, "I've had this one since I was a kid, pretty sweet, right?"
Iris Lark Iris holds up her arm and gazes at her Pip-Boy for a second or two. "I found mine when I was scavenging." She gazes down at Vuk to say something else but it looks like sewing on his skin was pretty much the thing that did him in for now. He was completely passed out. She leans in to snip the thread with her teeth before she salves and bandages the wound. "Well he'll feel better when he wakes up, at least."
Achilles "Until we go out to fight again, anyway." Achilles offers Alice a slight wave. "At some point I'll probably see about upgrading, if I get the opportunity to. Those look pretty nice." He jerks a thumb over to the axe leaning against the wall, "That's what I got when I was a kid. Going on ten years ago now."
Alice "Who knows, maybe we'll find you one." Alice replied to Achilles before looking over at Iris' pip-boy and asking, "How's the holodisk I installed working? Is it helping you with your doctoring?"
Iris Lark "I learned how to operate on abscessed teeth." Iris says, a grin on her face. "It's got a lot of information, I've taken to reading it at times when things get slow around here." She draws a blanket over Vuk and starts to clean and put her tools away. "He might be out until morning, all told."
Achilles "That'd be pretty cool." Achilles leans back in his chair and looks up at the ceiling, fidgetting with his cannagar slightly. "Seems like every time we go out we find something nice. Almost makes up for all the killing." Though the man doesn't seem to mind killing at all.
Iris Lark "I think we're just at the right time and the right place. It's a real shame that there is so much violence though." Iris says, the last of her tools finally cleaned and stowed. "Vuk really wants this place in Roswell though, and he hasn't asked for much, so ..I feel as if we should help him out."
Alice "I'd prefer less killing unless it's bad people. There are lots of people out there who are just confused or unsure, I mean, think how intimidating we all can look at times. Big guns, power armor, deathbots..." Alice mused out-loud before asking, "Does anyone know where we can get baseball bats?"
Achilles "Alice.." Achilles starts, sitting up slightly. "I don't think traumatic brain damage is really any different. You know what happens if I hit somebody with a bat? Especially if I'm in power armor." The corner of his mouth turns up in a slight grin, "Be about the same as if I turned my axe around and used the blunt end."
Iris Lark Iris gazes at Achilles for a moment and then she rubs at her eyes with her hands. She turns to Alice and shrugs briefly. "I have a baton of sorts, I'm not good with it, but..I generally don't fire on anything that hasn't attacked me first. If you want me to give it to someone, I will."
Alice "What I mean is, we need to start considering that people don't need to be shot up. Being knocked out with a bat? Or punched? That's better than being shot. We're not Raiders, we can't just shoot everyone in every situaton, sometimes good people end up on the wrong side of a fight." Alice said very seriously to the pair before nodding to Iris, "Baton is fine."
Achilles "It happens. You never know out there who's alright and who isn't." Achilles shrugs. "But yeah, I can start pulling my punches a little bit. Don't have to worry about me shooting anybody."
Iris Lark "Well I can't use it, so I'll give it to someone who can, and maybe we can talk first and shoot after." Iris replies, nodding to Alice with a thoughtful look on her face. She leans against the counter and sighs. "Any luck talking Abe into helping us in the Vault?"
Alice "He already agreed to and not knowing isn't an obstacle, just need to learn. You got the best trainer, just get Achilles to teach you a few moves." Alice offered up before eyeing Achilles, "Today, Vuk could have killed a bunch of people based on fear and we all would have had to live with that. When we know they are bad guys, we can go in guns blazing and swords swinging but if we do not, we need to be sure."
Achilles "I'm more worried about living than the morality of it. But it's like I always say, fear is the mind killer." Achilles pushes up onto his feet and stretches. "I'm fine with more talking, but most the time I'll kill anybody that attacks me. Just what I was taught to do."

He looks over at Iris and nods, "Yeah, I'll teach you how to use it."
Iris Lark Iris gazes at Achilles as he makes the offer and she nods, her head bobbing a few times before she takes a deep breath. "I don't know about you two, but I'm tired. I'm going to head to the bedroom for some rest." She checks the covers on her patient, gives Alice a big hug and gives Achilles another look. "Sleep well, when you both get there."