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Lilu A treatment had been done, and an odd lesson in what not to do with muscle relaxing balms. After that mess, the dark skinned healer didn't have it in her to continue her name, so, it was time to get back into the dirt. After feeding the tiny green sprigs with water, she settles off to the side, working at carving some odd symbols into the posts around the plot of tilled earth, the tip of her blade working slowly into the slightly rotten spikes of wood. Sitting back, she studies her work and blows across it gently, brushing any stray splinters away with the pad of her thumb. Though, one catches, stabbing into her skin and causing her to stand and hiss softly, staring at the offending sliver of timber.
Stockton Stockton just happens to be riding by the Creole's farm on the back of Brandywine. He'd been out adventuring as usual, but this time he bears no scars or wounds from the effort. The gunslinger sits proud on his massive steed as they trot along into town. The helmet has been replaced with his Stetson and he's chewing on a cigarillo as he rides closer to the fence line. "Dare I ask what kin'a voodoo yer puttin' down, Lilu?" he gravels around his smoke and takes a few more puffs as Brandwine steps to the side some, finding a nice snack at the fence line to chew on.
Lilu Lilu suckles the pad, turning to the sound of hooves and then violet eyes a bit more wide at the view of its rider, and his voice. "Ah, jus'...good blessin's." She explains, looking at her thumb and giving her hand a shake (she'd have to dig it out later.) "Glad t'see y'came back. Had t'treat Saeko, said y'was dere durin' dat tussle. M'glad y'ain' hurt." She smiles, at least doing a bit better with addressing the merc and not just blushing her face off. Noticing the mare's nibbles, she clicks her tongue a bit and walks closer her way. "Com'on girl, y'gettin' too close f'm' c'mf'rt." Hooking a finger on her bridle, and slipping her knife away, she starts to lead the mare away toward a basin of nothing but previously pulled weeds and grass.
Jacqueline Not too far away, Jackie Wayne is making her own way along the road, away from town. Seeing the two of them, she turns her steps their way, lifting a hand and waving overhead. "Hey!"
Stockton Stockton smiles some, because he knows his Ma would do something similar given half the chance and her own time to do it. He reaches up to lift his hat in proper cowboy greeting for the Healer and he smiles. While she gets closer, he dismounts and lets her tug the mare away to the bucket of things she can eat. The horse is a big one to carry her rider, she eats a lot! A soft nicker is given in gratitude for Lilu from the horse. Stock's attention is pulled around by the call out from Jackie and he angles her direction to wave, "Evenin', Jackie, good t'see yer still kickin' about too." He gives Lilu his focus a moment and nods, "I'm jus' fine, still fit as the fiddle yah sent off to help."
Lilu "I didn' wanna do dat, dough." She admits easily enough, her eyes leveling up toward yet another half-breed. Hand up, she greets Jackie with a soft, warm smile before turning away and walking toward he bag. Pulling at her kit, she takes a knee and starts to dig at the splinter with an old sewing needle. "How y'all doin' dis evenin'?" She addresses both, even as her violet gaze focuses intently on her dealings with her thumb, her rump now plopping down onto the dirt dusted ground without ceremony. "Stockt'n, y'girl need s'm wata, too?" She follows up idly.
Jacqueline "I'm alive," Jackie confirms, smiling wryly. "I don't know how long that'll last with Solomon's goons trying to find me, but I'm trying to stretch that time for as long as I can. It's good to see you're still around, too."
She looks over at Lilu, moving to join the healer and the horse. "Hey, you. Gone back to the quiet life?"
Stockton Stockton gets a sly little lopsided grin at Lilu's comment. As Brandybelle gets taken care of and the healer goes back to her blessings, he chuffs, "She can find her way there, y'showed her once, she'll go there unless yah yell at her." He's happy enough to find a post nearby to lean on while Jackie gets in on the convo. "They're goin around to us all. Told mine they could leave empty handed er in body bags, I didn't much care. Not payin fer Solomon to screw us." There's a smirk at the Creole, "You lived a louder life?"
Lilu "Me? Nah. Don' t'ink 'ny of dis place 's quiet, dough." She smirks, glancing from Jackie, to Stockton and down again. Splinter out, she grins at her work and splashing the needle with alcohol before putting it back in its place in her kit. Standing, she dusts at her pants and does, indeed, return to her carving work on the farm posts. "Why dey lookin' f' y', Jackie?" Concern, evident, she follows after Stockton's comment and then looks back to Jackie. "I don' know if dey been paid by d'Militia. I ah...I paid wh'n dey came knockin'." She frowns a bit to herself, looking at the two around her before taking her knife to the posts, starting on new runes. "Sorry."
Jacqueline "I didn't wait for 'em to come. They travel in packs of three or five, and at least one's always got a tommy gun." Jackie shivers. "The implication is that you either pay up or get murdered where they find you, and then they'll take the tax off your body, anyway. For those of us who have to work for a living, it's a lose-lose proposition. 200 caps is a lot of money!"
She turns her attention to Lilu. "Tax collection. I know it's civic duty and all, but all the same... 200 caps is twice what it was last month, and the Mayor hasn't bothered to explain the increase."
Stockton Stockton shrugs, "Quiet is what yah make of it, darlin," he tells the Creole while she works on the splinter. When she returns to rune work he's letting his gaze flick between the two of them. "Sparrow'n I are fightin' back as we can, peaceful like fer right now. Her brother didn' want us on wanted posters just yet. But it's official I'm a tax evader fer now. Til I can have proof it's goin to somethin' fer this town. As it is I got Bandits tellin me the murder of Sheriff Wayne was just so Solomon could take over unchallenged. Makes me wanna run fer Sheriff," he snorts and puffs another bit of smoke before giving Jackie a nod, "Sorry," as fer referencing her dead relative. Giving Lilu a look he shakes his head, "I'm glad yah paid 'em, I'll just pay yah double fer my healings fer a bit. I can get away wit' treatenin' them. Folks know I ain't gonna get out drawn..." exhaling a heavy sigh the gunslinger plucks his cigarillo from his mouth so he can exhale a plume of smoke. "Town's gonna get dirtier b'fore it gets cleaned up."
Lilu "Well, I didn' do 't 'cause I t'ought it was right. Don' like de Maya here no way. Jus'...I c'n' fight. T'ink I was lil 'fraid, too." She explains, lowering her head a bit sheepishly, giving another dig at the post before standing, putting the blade away, her work done for now. "Don' y'dare do dat. I don' need y'money t'treat y', n'y' know dat." She fusses at Stockton, looking to Jackie before hesitating, and then moving to stand beside the towering man. She might edge closer, but lingers shy of contact with him. Rubbing at her brow, she pulls the brim of her hat down just so. "M'sorry. I wanna help y', but I don' know how. Dealin' wit gangs s'...lil rough on m'memories."
Jacqueline "I think any proof will be a long time in coming, if it ever does," Jackie says quietly. "I mean, taxes are being collected by armed thugs. That sure doesn't imply a good purpose behind 'em, or a good reason for the sudden hike. It's left some folks wanting for caps, and bad."
She pauses, then gives Lilu a hug. "I think you already are helping, Lilu. You're willing to treat us at a good rate, even when you're not doing well on money yourself. That's not nothin'."
Stockton Stockton chuffs and shakes his head, "I'm not glad yah did it cuz it was right. I'm glad yah paid cuz I'da been.." upset, mad, livid, pissed off, utter rage monster of rage-y-ness, "put out, if they had roughed y' up over some caps." He's making a face though and nodding after Jackie, "She's right, yer helpin' plenty, keepin' folk in health without gougin their pockets."
Lilu Lilu tenses, lifting a hand and patting Jackie's back gently. She returns the hug, briefly. Stepping back, she clears her throat and nods. "I ain' witout, Jackie, but if y'all need s'm caps, I c'n spare'm jus' fine." She offers, looking between the pair, her eyes lingering for a moment or two on Stockton. Another step, she forces herself to act, giving his hand a touch of her own as he struggles for the correct emotion at the idea of her possible (didn't happen) bodily damage. "Like I said, I'll help y'howeva I c'n. Jus' call n'I'll do. Maybe it be betta if I learn t' fight 'r shoot n'stuff." She shrugs, letting her touch linger should the man beside her allow. "Jackie, y'mind if I, ah, go n'meet up with Stockt'n's mama here shortly? Said he's takin' care of 'r, I jus' wanna give 'r a check-up jus' in case. 'less y'need s'mt'ing fr'm me, chere?"
Jacqueline "Nothing right now, Miss Lilu," Jackie replies, not missing the subtle currents between the two. But if they're not talking, she's not about to spill the frijoles herself. The closest she gets is a smile between the two of them. "I just happened to be passing, and I thought I'd say hello. Other than a bruise on my boo-boo, I'm as healthy as anyone can reasonably expect out here," she adds, her smile turning a bit wry. "If you need to go, don't let me hold you up."
Stockton Stockton isn't exactly Mr. Subtle, he gets clues when they're attached to 2x4's and delivered with Ashur strength. Even though Lilu is inching closer, putting herself in his direct personal bubble, he's not clued in like Jackie has. Big. Brute. Smart and charming? He is not. There's even some confusion over her wanting to come out to check on his Ma but he shrugs a broad shoulder and goes with it because, "Doc knows best," he supposes outloud. There's a pause and he gives the tall Creole a gentle nudging towards Jackie, "See if yah can make sure she's not gonna bruise funny, an' we'll go."
Lilu Lilu nibbles her lower lip, still a babe in the woods about, well, all of this. Pink faced, even if her skin is a bit darker in strips due to the sun, she steps forward toward Jackie, giving the woman the once over, trying to scan for any apparent 'boo-boo's. "Y'right, y'lookin' good. Y'be careful out dere, dough, y'hear?" She warns the woman, giving her another easy smile and even giving her hand a squeeze, perhaps in thanks. Stepping back, she turns to Stockton and nods. "M'ready. We walkin' 'r...?" She pauses, glancing toward Brandybelle.
Jacqueline Jackie chuckles and surrenders to the halfhearted examination. Most of her being covered by clothes, any bruises that weren't on her face would be missed entirely. "Same to both of you, too. Watch out for bushwhackers!"
Stockton Stockton gives Jackie a tip of his Stetson and a sharp whistle that calls Brandywine from her tucking into the treats and water and trotting about fancy as you please. When the horse is near he gives Lilu a hand up onto the saddle. This would be where a smooth criminal would just jump right up and join her. Stockton just takes his mare's bridle and starts walking off towards Ma's homestead, Brandy trotting behind with Lilu astride her.