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Jacqueline Even with the danger of visiting town, Jacqueline Wayne does need to keep in touch with her friends there. So here she is, having spent the last hour slipping carefully through the chaotic byways of Shantytown, knocking on the door of the familiar medical clinic. She's clad in her usual leathers, though an old feed sack repurposed as a hood and mantle helps disguise her face and hair. Her shotgun is gripped in one hand, hanging by its leather carry-strap, a precaution against discovery.
Kurokumo Mibojin      Having become a bit lucky in her scavving adventures, Kurokumo is facing away from the front door to the clinic as she peers at a curious item. It's a holodisk, if Jacqueline knows what she's looking at, but that's not the oddest thing about her. The Asian woman must have gone clothes shopping lately, wearing a new pair of denim jeans...with several zippers along the backs of her legs. And one in the seat of her pants.
Jacqueline No one answers, but the door's unlocked, so Jackie carefully slips inside, shutting the door behind her. So far, so good... though the clinic seems to be empty. Save for one open door. She can see light inside...
Peeking around the doorjamb, the fugitive blinks at the sight of her favorite doctor at this clinic, and what she's /wearing/. She's never seen pants that zip up the back before! Isn't that a little... drafty?
She just can't resist. On silent feet, she slips up behind the busy medical professional. She pinches the zipper tab and /pulls/. "Hey, Miss Kurokumo! Nice breeze this morning, isn't there?" she teases lightly, stifling giggles.
Kurokumo Mibojin      Turning the holodisk in her hands, Kurokumo is caught unawares as Jacqueline makes her approach. She gasps, hands slamming down on the desk's surface as her pants are opened unexpectedly. "Damn it, Jackie!" Turning her head, her face is scarlet as the relic is forgotten and she swivels hastily to hide her exposed rear. Maybe she shouldn't be wearing these at work... Her hands scramble, grasping the tab from behind to close everything up.
Jacqueline Even expecting a reaction, Jackie's caught a little off-guard by the volume and vehemence of this one! Dark eyes going wide, she takes a startled step back, one hand reflexively flying up over her mouth. "Ooph!" Which was probably 'oops', delivered in Mumble.
Kurokumo Mibojin      Kurokumo huffs, twisting and pulling until the extremely comfortable pants are comfortable once more. Ashur would get a kick out of these... "Sorry, sorry..." Her face has come down a few shades of pink, brown eyes not quite meeting Jacquiline's own as she finally laughs a little. "Guess I was asking for that."
Jacqueline Jackie lowers her hand, blushing as well. "Sort of... but I didn't have to answer. Sorry," she replies, finally lifting her eyes to Kurokumo's, giving the healer a quick but warm hug.
Kurokumo Mibojin      Kurokumo accepts the hug as an apology, squeezing gently as Jacqueline might still be healing from old wounds. Maybe some new ones, too. "Did you need for me to take a look at anything?" Always down to business, the professional decor something to fall back on when recuperating from embarassment.
Jacqueline "Not really," Jackie admits, smiling again. "Other than a bruised boo-boo, I'm actually feeling pretty good. I was stopping in to say hi more than anything, and to let you know I probably won't be around that much in the near future. As it is, I had to sneak into town this morning."
Kurokumo Mibojin      That causes Kurokumo's brow to furrow, as she leans away from the embrace. "Why? Is someone trying to hurt you?" It's one of the only reasons that she feels Jacqueline should be afraid, considering how courageous she can be in the Wastes.
Jacqueline "It's this tax hike: Something smells wrong about it," Jackie replies. "Aside from the tax rate doubling overnight, it's being collected by armed thugs who aren't from around here. That doesn't exactly give the vibe that Mayor Solomon has the best interests of the town at heart. I slipped out of town before they could show up to collect, so I doubt they've got /my/ best interests at heart, either."
Kurokumo Mibojin      Kurokumo's mouth twists, the rise in poorly concealed extortion becoming quite worrisome. "I've heard that our good Mayor is part of the Omertas Family in New Vegas. Maybe they're making a move to buy this place up, or forcing him to provide proof of ownership through tribute." It would make sense, if he's being threatened with having the reins ripped from his grasp.
Jacqueline That thought's crossed my mind," Jackie admits. "It'd explain the sudden hike. And all the implied intimidation isn't earning any goodwill. No matter how polite these gangsters are, they're still toting around tommy guns. And they could stop being polite any time."
Kurokumo Mibojin      Kurokumo takes in a breath, letting it go as there are too many dangers to consider. "Then I guess I'll have to be prepared." To what ends, the Doctor doesn't say, and hopefully will keep it that way.
Jacqueline Jackie nods, sighing softly. "I think we all will. We just don't know what for, yet."