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Iris Lark Iris has come to the market, not for weapons or armor or even toys, but mostly for foodstuffs. She walks the stalls, gazing into baskets, sniffing pots and tasting things that are handed to her. It's a busy day here, and a lot of people can be seen haggling and arguing, but in a slightly more friendly way.

It's market day in the Shantytown!
Vuk Vuk? Vuk comes to the market to take up empty space, and lay out far to many things to try and sell. This is what he does. He's not overly aggressive about it, since...well. Being pushy will probably get him shot, and that is never overly useful. "Need guns? How about some new clothing?" He puts on a sign beside the tarp he uses to array his salvaged goods
Carter Griffin Buy Sell Trade? Sure, why not. Carter has set up a table, with a big ol NCR flag behind it, along with some other decorations. On the table rests an Anti-Material Rifle, the main display point, as well as everal other weapons. He's sitting in a chair behind the table with his helmet resting on it.
Iris Lark Iris eyes people setting up stands and while she might be a little bit nervous, she does the same. She sets down her heavy rucksack and begins to pull out items. A laser musket and rifle. A simple laser pistol, a small variety of armor and an assault rifle. She squints down at the table of death and tugs at her apron for a moment, aiming a sheepish smile at anyone who stops to stare at her wares. Her piglet Bacon stands guard under her table, squealing at anyone who touches any of the guns for longer than he is comfortable with.
Abe     Sitting is for suckers. You know what sellers do? They walk!

Abe browses as he cares to, leading a horse along behind him. It meanders about in his wake at the end of it's tether, clip clopping along at about as lazy a pace you'd imagine it would on this early evening in El Dorado. It has no interest in wares, it is happy to just walk.

Upon it's back, in the saddle rests a large, tarped parcel, it's saddlebags also bare some MYSTERIES...

This is a lie, it's just Abe's junk. Like the junk that might pop out at any moment from those crotch-to-ass zip pants!
Lucette     Loot, caps, fancy lads snack cakes, and potato crisps. The latter of which, Luce's dad had shown her how to make from various plants in their rounds. Nevertheless, today she's feeling the need to unload some... curious things she's obtained of late. So she's wandering about the market in shantytown(as she'd promised a new acquaintance) and doing some window shopping.
Vuk Vuk is quite content to stay settled where he is. A few sub guns he's picked up in his wanderings on display. He even has a baseball bat there to go with the..peculiar jeans. Impulse purchases shouldn't be done. Tattoo gun and inks, and gun smithing tools. Which you need of course, who doesn't like those? And heavy duty brahamin pads for the knees, thighs, you get the idea! He's been trying to unload these things for a while sadly. How come no one wants to buy a nice Tommy Gun?
Carter Griffin Okay fine. Obviously nobody is expressing any interest in his table, but Carter is not detered. He has a case down by his feet, he digs into it and places several more things on the table. More weapons, some leather peices, even what appears to be a vintage prono mag from before the war.
Iris Lark Iris walks over to Carter and his items, leaving her pig on guard. He's quite fearsome at times. She leans in to look at his things, reaching out to poke here and there. "Where did you come across most of these things? Having a lot of luck scavenging?" She asks, giving him a smile.
Carter Griffin "A lot of it is from scavenging outside of town, yeah. But most of the weapons came from clearing out bandits and raiders." He glances over towards Iris' table, "All of that up for sale? Or do you take trades?"
Abe     Trot, trottrot, trot, trot trottort. You could almost hear the slow strum of a lazy guitar.

Abe leads his horse along and brings it to a slow halt out front of Carter's heap. Iris gets to him first but that doesn't mean he can't gawk. His eyes flit here and there... and then rest momentarily on the carbine with interest. "Hey there, Buddy. How much for the carbine there?"
Iris Lark "I take trades as well, or caps, I'm not picky. I have no clue what to do with it all." Iris says, smiling at Carter. She shrugs a shoulder as she glances around. "I give it away too sometimes, too softhearted when I hear of someone needed something but not being able to afford it."
Vuk Vuk is letting his eyes wander; he has a specific thing he wishes to acquire, but so far? Not many people seem to have much that interests him. A shame, but it is inevitable. He is picky about what he wants to acquire, very picky indeed.
Carter Griffin "I'm open to offers. I'll take trades, whatever you want." He says, as he picks up the carbine and hands it to Abe to check it over.
Lucette     It's mister paper that Luce decides to pay a visit this time. She looks over his table and squints over everything. But, what's really got her eye is. "Those pants." she murmurs quietly under her breath, "What's your price on those pants." she speaks up aloud.
Vuk Vuk leans forward a bit when Lucette asks about the jeans. "Hundred caps, same as I paid for them." He says, at least he isn't trying to turn a profit! Honestly, he isn't!
Carter Griffin Carter then turns back to Iris, "I'm really interested in that laser rifle. So if you want anything I've got, I'm more than happy to trade. I don't know if you have any use for wasteland leather or any of my extra weapons, but I can always trade good 'ol caps."
Iris Lark "Sure, if you want..I'll trade it for the porno and 200 caps." Iris says, a slight grin on her face. "One less weapon makes me very happy indeed." She says, folding her hands behind her back. Bacon gets distracted and starts to trot towards one of the food stalls, squealing as he runs.
Abe     With a nod of thanks, Abe stoops and collects the shortend rifle. He gave it a once over, checking the bolt, the slide... even taking a moment to inspect the magazine and find it empty... His lips thinned and his features colored with thought. "450?" he offered, "Hard caps, right now. 500 if she comes with a full belly."
Lucette     Luce gives a sigh. "I see." and like that her interest in the convenience of the pants has left. There's another familiar face, that was the reason Lucette had come to shantytown to begin with. "Yo, Iris." she calls, leaving paperman to his wares and his overpriced outhouse-pants.
Carter Griffin Carter picks up the Carbine, pulls out a fresh magazine and locks it in, and then turns the weapon over, "500 sounds like a good deal to me." He says, as he sets the weapon back onto the table.
Iris Lark Iris turns to see Luce and she offers the woman a smile and a slight bow. "Nice to see you, did you enjoy the ...crazy adventure we had yesterday?" She asks, a grin on her face.
Abe     "Done deal, then." Abe offers his hand to seal it before he dips his fingers into this or that pouch. He starts counting, little stacks of...

He hal'f wanted the NCR to get a foothold here just so he could get around to using that sweet, sweet paper dosh.

But no, no. Resist, remain strong! Abe started counting them out. Stacks of ten arranged in groups of ten.

This would take a minute.
Carter Griffin Carter would actually take NCR paper money, but the exchange rate is so abysmal that it might as well be worthless out here. Ever since the gold reserve got blasted to kingdom come it hasn't been very useful. Still he takes the caps and lets the carbine go. Then turns back to Iris, "So what do you want for that laser rifle? Offer's still on the table."
Iris Lark Iris steps closer to Carter and folds her arms over her chest. "Two hudnred caps and the porno magazine, if you find that acceptable." She prepares to haggle, it's part of the reason she loves visiting the Marketplace. She can argue and nobody can really call it arguing. She stands ready to talk it out, a slight smile on her face.
Carter Griffin "That seems like a really fair deal to me." Carter replies, as he cuts some of the caps from the pile Abe just gave him, and puts them on top of the porn mag, sliding it over towards Iris.
Lucette     Luce offers a warm smile and a trot over towards Iris. "Was certainly one of my less.. intellectual pursuits." she murmurs, and whistles. "Nice piecs you've got." glancing over to the table that bacon left. "Don't see any plasma there so I can't say I'm too interested. But, that leather does have my interest for the moment. Think I have some fabric to match what you've got out there, too."
Iris Lark "Honestly at this point I would pretty much give the leather and fabric away, I don't need it or use it in the clinic." Iris says, offering Luce a smile. "Do you want it?" She tilts her head slightly to the side and moves back towards her table, offering Carter a friendly wink as she leaves. Bacon sees his mistress and automatically turns to trot her way, his little nose in the air.
Abe     Tk, tk, tk, tk, tk, tk, tk, tk.... tk tk tktktktktkt-!

No, Abreham has not accelerated to hyper speed, his player hs just hit select and gone into the Wait Menu to speed this up a little bit.

Tk! 500!

His eyes flush with concern but a moment's study reveals the cause of the decline in stacks... And then Iris goes and says something interesting.

"25 for the fabric sound good?" he intruded on Doc' Lark's conversation, slipping the rifle into his saddlebags before offering Carter another nod of thanks as he guided his poor pack-horse towards Iris' bunch.
Lucette     Luce offers a nod to Iris. "Yeah, it'd help me out a lot." she admits to Iris and runs a hand against her neck. "Save me caps so I can look on getting that vest I've been eyeing up in the city."
Carter Griffin "Hey if you need leather I've got a few peices of it, and I have literally no use for it." Carter calls out to Luce.
Iris Lark Iris looks at Abe with a slight pout as he rides over and she clears her throat, giving him a slightly sheepish look. "I already said I'd give it to her." She points at Luce then and then she shifts slightly on her feet and adds. "Maybe you can make it worth her while?"
Abe     With a bit of a abashed laugh. Abe hefts a hand to forestall the ire and wroth of Iris Lark, "Tou certainly did, had my head up my ass and my ears with it. Sorry about that."
Lucette     Luce is suddenly handed off lots of delicious raw material, and straightens up to try and get the things organized nicely under her duster. "I'll listen to offers, but.. really I've been hunting for plasma weapons as my number one interest for the time being. Nostalgia for the most part." she then 'ohs' and glances, "I also got a custom piece from the gunsmith, if anyone wants to put it to use."
Iris Lark Iris blinks at Abe when he mentions that his head was up his ass. She doesn't say what she's thinking but she watches him for a moment or two to make sure he's okay. That done she goes to take a seat near her table, letting Bacon scramble up on her lap to be pet. She yells in Vuk's direction. "Why don't you come over here and combine tables so you can watch my things for me!"
Vuk Vuk shakes a fist at Iris when she mentions him selling things for her basically! "You have an attack pig, you don't need me to watch them! Sides..I need to sell this stuff too with out going 'Oh please buy things, I have a pretty girl here!!'" To be fair? It might help if he made people think this stuff belonged to Iris..
Iris Lark Iris gazes down at Bacon and she lowers her voice to speak to the piglet. "I think that Vuk is mad because I'm a girl, doesn't that make him absolutely silly?" She cuddles the piglet close and it just wags it's little curly tail for all it's worth. She raises her voice again and calls out. "I'll pay you to watch my things!"
Lucette     Luce gives a bit of a glance here and there, having taken the far too heavy(for her anyway) desert hawk from her backpack. "Kind of feel the talent invested in this gun is.. more than I can use."
Abe     And now... Abe gets to be fancy.

"Alright, I think that's all I need..." Abe muses aloud to no one and anyone as he gives things a last going over before he turns his attention to the heap on his horse's back. "Now... anyone want to take this fat fucker off my hands?" he asked aloud as he took hold of the tarp and revealed IT.

A sci-fi wet dream, four rotary focusing apatures, a heavy capacitor array... and it just looked sexy. A L30 Laser Gatling.
Iris Lark Iris looks up from her perch and gazes at Abe with narrowed eyes. "How much do you want for it?" She asks, not getting up from her seat yet. She does set Bacon down though and the piglet trots towards Vuk, a food bowl he found on the floor in his mouth.
Abe     Abe takes a moment to ruminate and think... He could drop it in the Armory and see how long someone burnt it out by 'test' firing it... He could take it back and haul the bastard back up stairs... Or...

"I owe you a bit, Doc' so I'd ask 800 and think I'm still getting a good deal." he suggested, turning his attention back to her.
Iris Lark Iris eyes Abe for a few more moments and then she nods, folding her hands in her lap. "Sold." She finally gets to her feet and walks over to Abe, holding out a small sack of caps. "It's a very pretty weapon."
Abe     He tucks the caps into a saddle bag and admires her preperation. A good idea, maybe he aughta make pre-counted pouches...

Business! With a heft and a grunt, he lifts the monster from his horses back, the animal knickering with relief as it shuffles in place.

"Pleasure... doing business with you!" he grunts.
Iris Lark Iris gazes at the large piece of machinery with a practiced eye and ,after a few minutes of contemplation, she sits on it. Good way to make sure it doesn't go anywhere until it can be hefted to the infirmary. She crosses her legs and gazes around the market, looking for something else to buy.
Abe     "As much action as it's seen in a while." he muses before giving his faithful steed a pat along it's neck, "How's that suit, handsome. Never hace to see that again." A snort is the reply and Abe smiles before he... almost. Kind, yeh, there he goes, hauling himself up into the saddle. It wasn't a sure thing for a moment there. "Alright, good luck folks!" he proclaims before a jostle of his reins and a knock of his hees bring him around and headed back into town.
Iris Lark Iris waves at Abe as his horse moves towards the city. She stands from the gatling gun and picks up Bacon, still trying to beg food from Vuk. "Vuk, do you think you can help me get this back to the Clinic?" She asks, giving the man in question a saccharine smile, and puppy dog eyes.