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Iris Lark It's a nice slow day here at the diner, a few patrons sit around quietly eating whatever is on the menu today. Iris sits here as well, but she's not eating lunch, she's writing in a rather large book. A steaming cup of something sits beside her as she works, her legs swinging back and forth under her seat. Each time a person enters the door dings and she gazes up, curious to see and possibly meet new people.
Scott Manson Scott Manson skids in, grinding his heels a bit to slow down while rotating his arms in some crazy effort to use centripetal motion to counteract his being offset from his center of know, he almost falls on his face and swings his arms around wildly to keep his footing. Hey, I'm just a narration here. c.c Back to the mailman... He blinks a few times, peering around and doffs his hat a moment, but only to scratch his head. "Well, now, I reckon I had a delivery over here but...I just can't recall if..." He peers at the parcel he's holding and decides that his best approach is to raise his voice a bit. "Hey y'all! Any of you fine folk happen to be Iris Lark, b'chance?" With his goofy grin, he SEEMS friendly enough...but...never know around these parts.
Iris Lark Iris looks up from her book and after glancing around, just kind of checking the other people out, she timidly raises her arm. "I-I'm Iris Lark." She says, slowly getting to her feet. "Did I do something wrong?" She asks, pulling at the apron worn over her blouse and skirt.
Scott Manson Scott Manson turns to address Ms. Lark...and stalls a moment. His face reddens a bit and his eyes might have JUST turned to No. How could that happen? Trick of the know, something like that. Undigested beef? Ok, well, in any case, he snaps out of it quickly and shakes his head clear. He gestures to the package he's holding and holds out a small pad with Iris's name next to a small 'x' and an underline. " ma'am. I was just wonderin' if...if that's you?.."
Iris Lark Iris nods once and then again, reaching out to tap the name on the pad. "That is me, do I need to sign something?" She is pretty unobservent of Scott's blush and after a moment she eyes the package, wondering what she had been sent. "Oh, you're a courier! Is your job fun?" She asks, her face lighting up into a happy smile.
Scott Manson Scott Manson *.* That smile....good lord man. We have a job to do! THE MAIL MUST GET THROUGH HAHAHAHAHA-*ahem* His eyes go from insanely wide and completely normal (Quite rapidly too) and he nods once. "Yes ma'am! This here property is all yours once you give me a little old autograph right there n.n"
Iris Lark Iris takes the pen and gives a signature, all swirls and loops, as if she's practiced it. She gazes at the man delivering the package and she offers him another smile. "I haven't seen you around here before, are you new?"
Scott Manson Scott Manson tries to stay professional, taking back the paperwork, sticking it back into his carrying bag and handing Iris her package. He rubs the back of his head, laughing a little nervously. That smile is wreaking havoc on him. He clears his throat and tries to formulate a proper reply: "W-...well, no ma'am. Not new as such. I'm pretty new to El Dorado,but it's just my current territory I suppose. I reckon I'll end up elsewhere, as always, when I'm all done. I'm Scott. It's my absolute pleasure to meet you, ma'am." He offers a hand at that, in a seeming social gesture n.-
Iris Lark Iris takes Scott's hand and gives it a firm shake or two while she quietly eyes her package. Realizing that she's still got a hold of the poor courier's hand and that the polite time to let go has passed she drops it as if it's scalding and a blush stains her cheeks. "Sorry.." She says, her nose wrinkled a bit as she shifts on her feet. "It must be an exciting job you have. I work in the clinic in Shantytown." She holds up the box and shakes it once, and then again, trying to figure out what is inside before she opens it.
Scott Manson Scott Manson doesn't seem to have any kind of problem with his hand being held *.* After the awkward moment, he flushes a bit himself and plucks his hat off, fanning himself with it. "Been pretty hot around these parts lately, huh?" He might be sweating slightly. Just what everyone wants to see... That embarrassing little tidbit aside, he smiles a bit as she mentions her own work place. He rubs his chin, nodding with a very serious look on his face. "This job sure can get exciting. Depends on what you're deliverin' and whom you're deliverin' to. Either way, the truth remains that....that..." His fist clenches, his eyes blazing and he cries out, twinkle to his eye. "THE MAIL MUST ALWAYS GET THROUGH!" ... ... He pauses, glancing around just a bit as his face turns roughly beet color and he sinks back down on his haunches just a bit. "I take my job very seriously."
Iris Lark "So do I, and it's good to see that someone else does as well." Iris says, gazing at Scott with a grin on her face. "The summer heat is on, yes, and let me tell you it's going to get so much warmer soon!" She waggles her finger at him and her voice lowers a bit. "Make sure you're using sunscreen, or anything really." She moves back to her seat and gestures at the one across from her. "Do you have time for a drink? I'll buy it for you, something nice and cool?"
Scott Manson Scott Manson ZIPS into the seat. Good lord can the guy move when he wants to. He TRIES to look nonchalant as he leans back a bit and nudges his hat down slightly. "Yes ma'am. I think for you, I can certainly make time." Well, gotta give him credit for trying I guess. He...might be on the verge of toppling out of his chair, though...
Iris Lark Iris flushes pink again and signals for a server to come over. "He'll take a nice cold drink." She says, gesturing to Scott with a slender hand. "Bring him whatever he wants and put it on my tab, please." That said she folds her hands and rests them on the table. "So how long have you had this job? You seem to be very good at it so I presume you've been doing it for a while now."
Scott Manson Scott Manson turns reddish as she does. It's an embarrassment combo. With that, he JUST about topples out of the chair. *@_@* Managing to right himself, he clears his throat and nods. "T...thank you ma'am. Much obliged." He orders a tap beer of some kind, if they have it. He blinks once at the question, pursing his lips slightly and adopted a far off look to his eyes. Almost zoning out. He replies softly, "Well, yes I...I suppose I've always done it. It has to be done. The...the mail's always gotta get through, ma'am." He blinks again, shaking his head. "I'm sorry Ms. Lark. Zoned out for just a second there."
Iris Lark "It's quite alright, and call me Iris." Iris says, hunching her shoulders a bit as she deals with her embarassment. She picks up what used to be hot cocoa and takes a drink, setting it down before she continues. "Have you had to fight your way through hordes and scary monsters to deliver the mail? I don't know if I could do your job, I think I'm more suited for mine."
Scott Manson Scott Manson nods slowly. "Yes ma....ah...miss-....Iris. Thank you." He smiles softly, easily as flustered as she is. If not far more. He looks away for a few seconds while he ponders the question, more dramatic that way ya see, and finally concocts something resembling an answer, although it looks hard for em. "W..well Iris, I think much like any folk these days who travel...I've run into...hordes..and...boy, things I'd sure call monsters. It''s alright though. I didn't really pick the job, ya see. I just...owe... ... ... Ya know, Iris, that part's not really important. *I* think you could do anythin' ya put your mind too n.n You seem like a strong lady."
Iris Lark "I Don't know about anything, and I honestly didn't know my strength until a little over a month ago." Iris says, her fingers turning the glass around and around. "All I knew was that everyone makes a choice, every day, and sometimes those choices move you forward or takes you back." An impish smile touches her lips, banishing the solemn moment. "I just try to keep choosing the forward path, the difficult walk."
Scott Manson Scott Manson mms. He nods slowly, taking a large swig out of his beer, assuming it's there by now. He offers a smile, he's been smiling a lot lately, and responds: "I hear ya on that, Iris. I never quite knew what I could do either. I was young n'...well, it was a long time ago. I guess I can't complain!..."