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Guardian Caldwell It was rather late at night, most people were going about their day while others were listening to the routine preachings of a particular Brotherhood Of Steel member that frquented this area advertising recruitment for the Brotherhood Of Steel New Mexican Chapter. He was currently doing such right now to a group of passerbys, simply listing off the usual benefits and goals of the New Mexican Brotherhood. "Join us in protecting the wastes, defending El Dorado and it's people, and making the world an all-around better place!" he continues on for some time, waiting to see if anyone has any questions.
Lucette     There is one passerby whose attention is brought towards the requests. Pausing mid-stride to turn and bring attention to Caldwell. He looks Brotherhood enough, so Luce pipes in. "Hey, big lungs. Your name happen to be Caldwell, perchance?" she asks up to interrupt the preaching.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell turns to Lucette and nods to her with his brotherhood power armor helmet. "I am in fact, Caldwell. How can I help you miss?" he asks, offering a smile underneath his helmet.
Lucette     Luce nods. "I helped patch up yer scribe, Abraham a few nights ago. Said you were leading a good cause and preached him in." she notes, "What've you got to offer to help people in making El Dorado a better place?"
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell smiles down on his little recruitment office to Lucette "I appreciate your kindness in patching up Abraham. Good man, he is. We offer support to the people of El Dorado to those who can't help themselves in the form of protection from the wastes, we are currently soon to begin clearing out the wastes of dangerous monsters and mutants. We also offer food and drink to those who cannot afford it. Another thing we do is support the townsfolk of El Dorado in their endeavors...between you and me..we have plans on what to do with Soloman and his taxmen. But you'll learn more about that if you decide to join us!" he rests his hands in front of him, continuing to smile underneath his helmet.
Lucette     Luce nods slowly. "Lots of people have plans between you and me. But the question I asked isn't what you're doing for the people of the city, I was asking what you do for -your- people to make sure they don't end up incapable of assisting these fine civillians."
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell lets out a brief "Ahh..." of realization. Then continues "Well, our people are given access to whatever gear we have availible, provided either by fellow chapter members or by myself if I have the caps. We also offer training to people should they require it. We offer food and drink and shelter to our members, same as the townsfolk. We offer free bedding in our bunks in our base. We aid each other in combat should the member be in danger or be on a mission, no member goes out on a mission alone unless they want to. So on, so forth. Any other questions, miss?"
Lucette     Luce nods. "Yeah, one more question." she replies after the offerings are listed. "Do you know about any ongoing Enclave activity or clusters near here? Doesn't do me any good if they're dead or cleaned out already." she expresses.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell offers a shake of his head to Lucette "We know nothing about ongoing activity or clusters, sadly. Though if that's something that interests you i'm sure I could tell the members of the chapter to keep an eye out should you join us."
Lucette     Luce offers a thumbs up. "Fine. I'll join, but make sure that if anyone does get intel on Enclave activity to report it to me first. There's something I need to test and thusfar all I've heard is that they've been found and picked out already."
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell nods to Lucette "Of course, ma'am. We'll be sure to let you know of any activity that pops up in our range. Now then, i'll show you to the base and where you'll be staying should you wish to live there.." and with that he begins to move out.
Lucette     Luce gives a tip of her helmet. "If you're offering financial aide, there is something I've been watching and hoping to afford to keep myself in one piece." she regards.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell stops in his tracks and turns around to Lucette. "Sadly, I have no money to even afford most of my power armor costs, let alone buy someone anything. But you're welcome to see if theres anything in our armory that tickles your fancy."