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Lilu Lilu was happier. The smile on her face hadn't faded since she arrived at the base this morning. She had few people to treat, and now she sits in her 'office', reading over a book and lazily stuffing some drived slivers of fruit into her mouth. Chewing, she uses her free hand and turns the pages of a book, humming a bit to herself as those lavender eyes trail over line after line of text. Slumping back in her seat, allowing her long legs to stretch out, she reaches for a bottle of water and tips it back, before going back to chewing at her breakfast. Her door was open, and the doctor was definately in.
Jacqueline While Jacqueline does have some concerns about the recent influx of local 'authorities', she also knows that her family's ties to the Militia should keep any loose lips shut as to her presence here today. She's taking few chances, but all the same she does have friends to keep up with. Getting in and out will be the hardest part, but that's half over now: She's off the public streets and inside headquarters, quietly easing open the door to the medical center.
The sight of the relaxing, cheerful Lilu inside brings a smile to her own face. "Hey, Miss Lilu," she says softly as she shuts the door. "Having a good day?"
Lilu Turning from her book, one cheek still rounded and full, she offers Jackie a side-long smile. "Don' know yet." She confesses, chewing and swallowing, before tipping back a water chaser. "S'good night, dough, so here's hopin' 't stay dat way." Sitting up, straightening her posture, the woman stands and brushes off her mouth. "Y'doin' 'lright? Y'hurtin' 'r 'nyt'ing?"
Jacqueline "Aside from a bruise, I'm good, really," Jackie replies, moving closer and giving her friend a quick hug of greeting. "I couldn't find you at the farm, and I needed to at least catch up after our last meet-up. You and Stock took off in an awful big hurry... was his mother okay?"
Lilu Lilu hugs back, the affection gentle, but at least a bit more natural than it had been times before. "I-yeah. She's doin' fine. Y'know, she's one of de healt'iest person 'round dis place." The Creole muses, her cheeks crimson as she sits back. "I, ah, I t'ought y'...How..." Sighing, she swallows and finally ceases her stammering. "What d'y'do if y'care 'bout s'mbody, but dey ain' sure how t'deal wit demselves yet?"
Jacqueline That blush is a good clue as to the hurry Lilu and Stock were in earlier. Jackie stifles a smile. "Okay, okay... I might not be smart, but I can figure out I was ditched. And it's okay. Next time, maybe just /say/ that you need some you & you time? I'll totally understand, promise."
She settles on the edge of Lilu's desk, wincing faintly as the edge digs into the back of one thigh. "Hmm... I don't know. All I can suggest is stick by them, and give them time to figure themself out. Let them know you'll be there when they need you. I know it's not much, but it's the best I can come up with."
Lilu "We didn'...I mean..." Frowning, she reaches up and brushes back some of her curls. "Didn' mean t'. I did wanna go see 's mama, t' be honest. Jus' changed down de road s'all. I don', 'm not good at dis stuff yet. Bein' 'round people n'all dat." She explains, her expression still deeply apologetic. The wince is noticed, however, and without pause the woman stands and moves toward her open faced cabinet. "S'good advice." She answers back, digging around for something before returning, offing the woman a couple of buds of...something, and her glass of water. "Told'm dat 'lready. M'jus'...'lready havin' a time s'all. M'happy, jus' scared."
Jacqueline "I know. I'm not mad, Miss Lilu, promise. I'm not that good at it, either," the tech-girl replies, offering a wry smile that still holds a hint of apology. "I'm glad you're happy, and I wish I could do something else to help. But I think Stock's got to get himself out of this one. If you see him, please tell him I'm rooting for him, too?"
She looks down into Lilu's hand, frowning puzzledly at the pair of buds... if that's what they are. "Pain relievers? I don't know if those'll help with a bruise.."
Lilu "I tell'm. Knew I shouldn' 'f done what I did, I jus'..." Shrugging, she doesn't continue. The point was moot and she was, perhaps, just a bit love-struck. "They help numb y'a bit. Least take d'pressure off when y'touchin' it. An' much, n'dis ain' really dat strong, neitha. Jus', s'mt'ing." She offers, setting them down on the desk for her to choose them or not. Reclaiming her seat, she drinks and sets the glass down, tossing another hunk of fruit between her lips. "S', been t'inkin'. I don' like y'bein' scared like y'are. I wanna pay y'taxes f'y'."
Jacqueline "Thanks, Miss Lilu. But I'd better not. Some of those things make me dizzy, and I'd better keep my wits about me," Jackie says, leaving the pills where they are. "Besides, the militia need 'em more. I can put up with a few days of minor pain. Just wish I could see if it's changing colors yet." Since that's a good yardstick as to how much longer it'll take to heal up.
She blinks in surprise, shaking her head hurriedly. "Miss Lilu, I couldn't accept /that/! It's 200 caps!" she exclaims, then hastily lowers her voice. "It's real generous and all, but you've got enough to worry about. I'm getting along okay. And these guys don't scare me /that/ much. I've just got to be careful, that's all."
Lilu "S'jus' money. Y'peace 'f mind mattas more den dat." Scooting her chair back, she motions with her hand for Jackie to slip off the table. "Lemme see. I c'n tell y'." She offers, regarding the woman's bruise. "Ain' n't'ing t'me, really. Y'betta at fightin' de powas dat be if y'ain' worried 'bout walkin' 'round. Lemme do dis f'y'. Even if y'say no, 'm prolly gon' do it f' y' 'nyway." She muses with a sly smirk. "Eitha way, y'takin' dem caps n'y'givin'm up. Dat'll be how y'payin' me back f'my doct'rin'. Dat's m'favor of y'."
Jacqueline "It's still a lot of money, Miss Lilu. Are you sure you can spare that much?" Jackie has to ask, reluctant but visibly weakening. It's been a difficult several days, after all. "I mean, I don't even have a plan for 'fighting the powers', as you put it, not yet." That thoughtful frown says that she's thinking about it, though.
But the healer does have her there. "Well... if you're sure. I mean, you're doing a lot of giving here. What do you get out of it?" she asks, slowly standing.
Lilu "Ain' helpin' nobody if y'stressin' all de time, chere." Lilu explains, opening the top drawer of her desk and setting a small bag by the edge of the desk. It gives a light 'chink' and all she does is smile. "Me? M'jus' doin' 's m'mama n'daddy tol' me. Y'help where y'can', n'y'don' turn people 'way. Life's hard 'nough as is." A small hit of alcohol is brought up next, which she splashes over her hands, rubbing them over for a quick disinfectant. "C'm'on now, lemme see y'bruise."
Jacqueline "Okay... I can see I probably won't get out of this office 'til I accept," Jackie replies, her smile but nonetheless a little bit grateful. "I'm sorry I can't meet mama and daddy, but I think they'd be proud." She picks up the pouch of caps and sets it in front of herself, accepting the bounty. "But I do promise I'll find a way to pay you back for this, Miss Lilu. I'm no deadbeat."
That done, she nods and turns around. "It's on the back of my left thigh," she says, unfastening her gecko-hide pants and sliding them down, then leaning on the desk in front of her. The injury's easy to find, a few inches below the legband of her pink high-cut briefs. "Can you see it?"
Lilu "Jus' help take care 'f dese people in dis town. Dat's all y'gotta do. Talk wit Rose, n' Stockt'n. Bane, too. Dey good folks. N' dere friends? Dey good folks, too." She explains, leaning forward to study the mark, gently pressing the tips of her fingers around its outter most brim to see if it causes any pain of discomfort. "Jus' startin' t'fade. Lil plum col'red in de middle. Outta part's lil yellow now. Y'healin' good 'nough. S'gonna be sore, but y'know dat 'lready." She explains, sitting back and allowing Jackie to straighten up her pants.
Jacqueline "Hand me the easy jobs, huh?" Jackie quips, glancing over her shoulder and grinning wryly at Lilu. "I'll have to find a way to catch up with them, for sure. They're not easy people to find."
She holds as still as she can, grimacing as Lilu's probing fingers find the sorest spots. "Trust me, I do," she replies, nodding, still watching her friend. "But it's going away now? Really?"
Lilu Lilu nods, causing a few stray kinks to bounce. "Mmhmm. Jus' give 't few mo' days." The healer promises, munching at a few more cuts of food. "Look, s'best t'ing y'c'n do 's get 'n touch wit'm. Talk, n'be careful. Y'be ready. Maybe by dat time, I be able t'fight, too, non?" She winks, taking another lazy drink as she crosses one leg over the other.
Jacqueline "Okay. Thanks, Miss Lilu," Jackie replies, sighing in some relief. It won't be much longer. She stoops to pull up her pants. "If it takes me /that/ long to find all of them, I should give up the good fight in favor of delivering pizzas. If that's anything like all those old films say, I'd be perfect for the job," she adds, sticking her tongue out at the lazy doctor. "How do you stay so light with the way you eat, anyway? I couldn't do it."
Lilu "Light?" Her brow quirks and with a blink, she looks down at herself, giving her thighs and hips a slight pinch of concern. A momentary lapse of concern crosses her features as the woman makes her way to a standing mirror that's missing a couple of its corners. She turns, twisting a bit, looking herself over questioningly.
Jacqueline Jackie giggles, seeing the sudden concern. "What, don't trust my eyes?" she asks teasingly, buckling her belt again.
Lilu "Jus' didn' t'ink 'bout it b'fore." She answers, giving her backside and touch and sigh before testing the lift of her chest. Her lips bunch to the side a bit before she sits back down with a plop. Eyeing her fruit, she peers to Jackie, and then continues eating. "Guess workin' in de field'll do dat t' a girl. Guess m'jus' a fan 'f eatin'. Y'go wit'out f'r s'm time, y'feel like a queen jus' havin' breakf'st in de mornin'."
Jacqueline "Well, I don't want to come between you and breakfast, Your Highness," Jackie says, her tone mock-serious. "Eating's serious business, after all, and there's a long day ahead to charge up for."
She ruins the teasing tone, though, by giving Lilu another hug between fruits. "Take care, huh? I should go find someone to pay, now that I'm obligated to do it." After all, she's given her word.
Lilu Another hug given, she nods, watching after the woman careful. "Jus' brave. Whatever y'do. Y'got friends, chere. Don' f'get dat." She smiles, pointedly eating another slice of fruit before winking and swigging her water.