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Ashur The early morning sun breaks over El Dorado. There isn't a cloud for miles, the sky so blue it dazzles-- but boy is it warm, the coolness of the night fled with all haste from the relentless rays. Many in the town are waking up or have been awake for only a short time.

Others, like the towering Ashur, have yet to sleep from the night before. His night was spent in labor at the Drake ranch and the surrounding countryside; it is only now that he's seen fit to retire, but some urge compelled him to come here. He slips in through the front door, his strange chalk-whitened toga wrapped about him (and the looks he gets-- this is a style thousands of years out of date, none of the early-morning patrons have seen it) and exposing most of his upper body. His shoes make a steady, thunderous click-clack along the floor, the beastly man settling down on a stool two sizes too small. The wool pools around him in thick waves.

It is time. To celebrate, truly, the death of Caesar, and the start of a new life. It is time.. for his first ever drink.

Dominic dominic walks threw the doors to the bar/brothle his heavy plate mail armor clanging with each step as helooks to asher then looks to the bartender "i like somthing stronger then that guys having" after paying the proper ammount he recives his drink after taking a swig his mucles relax to the taste of his ale
Eden Sits near Ashur and asks the bartender for some vodka. Looks at Ashur curiously and asks "aren't you drinking?"
Ashur The toga-clad giant shifts on his stool and looks toward Eden. A quick sweep of his eyes from her top to her bottom results in an appreciative grunt before he turns away from her. "I haven't yet decided if I want to," he answers after a moment.
Eden Eden looks back to bartender and holds up 2 fingers. Staring at the massive man, she asks curiously, "well what would make you decide?
Dominic dominic smiles turning in his seat looking to the massive man "if your up for it big guy howbout a drinking contest after all your no longer in the leigon are ya, so relax" setting his drink to his left
Ashur "Alcohol is a poison," responds Ashur with a growl, hunching over the bar and gazing between the robotic waitstaff. "It clouds the mind and promotes degeneracy." He raps a knuckle on the bar's top, the wool of the toga shifting as he does. "But perhaps celebration warrants a clouding."

"A contest? Hmph. And who are you?" He's looking at Dominic now.
Dominic dominic bows his head "thy name is sir dominic of the blackstone family im just a humble knight" he extends his armored gloved hand to shake ashur's
Eden Adressing Dominic, "Contest for the fun of it, or are there stakes?" Eden looks back and forth between them and grins. "i hope there are stakes"
Ashur "So be it," the man decides, resolving himself with a firm smack of his palm to the bar's top. "Server, bring enough drinks for the two of us." He rolls his shoulders back, cracks his head with a toss of those heavy black braids, and stares down at the alcohol when it's ported out. Bottoms up!
Eden Eden says to bartender "make that enough for 3" Looks back to dominic "unless this is only for boys?"
Dominic dominic grins at the women "sure thing but you sure you can keep it down" he chuckles
Eden Eden grins right back "If I can't then I still will be fabulously drunk!"
Ashur None of it tastes good. It burns his throat going down and waters his eyes. Nevertheless, Ashur pounds down everything that comes his way-- again, and again, the mammoth man drains glasses with jaw-dropping speed, spurred by the contest to overindulge and not hold himself back at all.

When at last he finishes, and the heat spreads throughout his chest, the man belches.
Dominic dominic tryed to keep up with the big guy but as he kept pounding them down domic kept getting slower and slower the alcohal slowly but surely hitting him soon stopping a good 5 drinks before the man looking to the new girl he can see shes having a hard time keeping it all down
Eden Obviously drunk, Eden leans against whatever is nearest "Always love when the room spins"
Ashur "This filth is disgusting," Ashur says, and despite the copious volume of alcohol fusing with his blood stream, he seems fully coherent. "It burns the throat and tongue, and hardly slakes thirst."
Eden Stares disbelievingly at Ashur "have you really never drank anything before?"
Ashur With a shake of his head, Ashur glances down toward the intoxicated Eden. "No," he rumbles, "and I do not see what I was missing out on." The burning sensation is fading, and soon, perhaps, the buzz will hit him, once it's had time to properly work through his bloodstream. He inclines his head to the knight, claps him on the shoulder, and rises -- steady, for now -- to his feet. "I need air. Perhaps a morning walk will enhance the experience."

At some point, it'll kick in properly. The man nods, and makes his way out the door.
Dominic dominic help the man to his feet and outside "easy there big fella every ones first time is different all i can say is youll hate the hangover"