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Katherine Caine It's another day in El Dorado and along with it another set of problems for the people living there to solve, something that the vast majority seemed to be quite good at. Handing some caps over to a young man she said, "You pick up the booze every monday and you bring it straight here. You do anything else, you'll be out of a job." The young man was a member of the Militia by his uniform, no doubt looking to make a few extra caps.
Manuelito On in enters Manuelito, heading to the bar quietly. He dons addition to his outfit - a duster. As he approaches the bar, he takes his hat off and sets it on the bar. Eyes looking up, he sees Katherine and nods "A beer please." He asks, eyes looking back toward the crowd quietly.
Abe     Tromp, tromp, tromp.

Down the stairs came the (self-decided) Best Tenant. Scribe Mcdonald makes the landing, giving things a once over before he hauls himself around and makes his way to the bar. "Good-" he begins, pausing just a moment to check past the window and the doors for the time of day, "evening Miss Kitty, Manuelito." he greets the pair as he hits the bar, lifting his bottom onto one of the stools at the bar.
Sammy     Not far behind Manuelito, Nice Guy Sammy walks in, why nice guy? It's his body language, he's had an interesting few days, and has just come from the outskirts of town, so he's been marching 'home' at a good clip. So very nice to be back to functioning, both legs getting a good workout today, starting to put the balance back in and shake off the week and change of bed rest.
    The other half of it is probably he's not had to repaint the ashen bone-white over his chestplate or helmet yet, and they're starting to fade a bit. His round of greetings are in reverse order, as he encounters the stairs, rethinking heading up, "Abe. " and a nod to Kitty, "Mizz Kitty," and a nod to the newer title, "Marshal." with an 'Ok / #6' salute. He pauses, debating what to do...
Iris Lark Iris walks into the saloon looking like someone who doesn't know if she's supposed to be there or not. She walks up to the bar and takes a seat on one of the stools, sweeping her hair out of her eyes as she asks timidly for a cola. She glances around and waves at several people that she knows before she turns her attention back to the bar.
Katherine Caine "Evening Boys." Katherine greeted the trio of men all at once as she set about pouring a beer for Manuelito, "Congratulations to our new Marshal, as well. I don't think the militia and the city could be in better hands."

Taking a moment to pour some shots for everyone to celebrate Manuelito's new position she asked, "So what did you have to do to convince those old farts to let you take the job? Your granddad break the back of another horse?"

She even pours a shot for Doctor Lark and waves her over!
Manuelito Manny head shakes ever so slightly as he takes the glass and drinks it. "Probably knew it was best to hand off to a new generation of people." He replies calmly with a small smile. "And so happens I won it over my brother, sister and cousins." He adds in a slight boast. "Though, we do need to talk about something... It was something I picked up from a dying waste lander that came up from the south." He notes.
Abe     "Sammy." he reports in answer to his name, a glance and The Nod given to Sammy before he swung his attention to Manuelito. His brows loft upwards... he had heard about a new Marshal somewhere, through the walls, maybe. So much you can hear through the walls if you listen right.

"Congratulations." he offers the required praised before offering a look and a smile to Iris as she slips in, "Evening, Doc!" he pipes. "Thankya, Miss Kitty." he's bussy, people to thank, people to greet, things to drink.

There it goes!
Sammy     Sammy nods and follows, lured to loiter at the bar a bit more, at least, he considers and starts to circle the wagons as it were, approaching to grab the drink and tick a curious ear, "I've heard some interesting stories come from the south, I've ... shot some different tiers of 'interesting things' that came from the south." he rumbles a quirked eyebrow, "How much of each category you talking?"
    His hand slips beneath his duster and his well loved notepad is pulled out, a flick of the pen, like centuries ago a State Trooper might be writing a ticket. It's the same movement, maybe it's inherited.
Iris Lark Iris comes closer as Kitty beckons and she takes a seat by Abe, giving him a friendly smile. She takes the shot poured and takes a sip that makes her shoulders hunch as she gasps in her next breath. Setting that down, she turns to Abe. "I had to hire two people to haul that gatling gun back to my clinic, it was rather amusing."
Katherine Caine Katherine looks at the shot before asking Manuelito, "Should I be taking this shot before or after what you have to tell me?" She wasn't joking around either, her gaze turning to Sammy, Abe, and Iris before returning to Manuelito as if they all might be conspirators in some plot!
Manuelito The Marshal's eyes narrow on Sammy, a frown curving his lips. "This is El Dorado business, not NCR business." He tells him shortly, shifting in his chair look at Katherine. It would appear the Navajo did not trust the NCR as much as others within the confines of the walled city. Taking a slip of paper out, he scribbles on it, folds it and slides it to Katherine. "Up to you I suppose." He replies calmly and waits for her reaction.
Abe     A smile split across Abe's face as he regards Doc' Lark. Propping his elbow on the bar, he rests his face against his lifted fist, "That right? Look at you, get a big gun and already you're bossing people around. I knew you had it in you!" remarked. There was no edge to the comment, none intended, at least. He was just razzing her on. "Welp I know how you feel though, that's why I ended up buying a horse... That and walking my dog ass all over the wasteland is nonsense." His eyes drift, a deft fleck as he eyes the passed not. Not soon enough to try and snoop but notes are taken of notes taking.
Dominic dominic walks into the bar his knights helmet tucked under his arm as walks in "hello fellow wariors of the waste"
Iris Lark Iris flushes and she shakes her head at Abe, giving him a wry grin. "You have to be able to boss people around as a Healer, or else someone might get hurt worse." She gazes around the bar again, people watching more than anything else.
Sammy     Sammy squints at the Marshal, "Technically, I paid my taxes, that means it's either my business, or I get a refund check by my reckoning." but there's a tone of humor in his voice, "Seriously though, there's folks in this town I care about, and that means I want to make them able to enjoy nice quiet lives. And that's why." he scoops up the shot, "... I push back against the wastes." he smirks, and downs the firewater.
Katherine Caine "Evening." Katherine said to Dominic as she poured the Knightly fellow a beer and handed the paper back to Manny, "You may as well share the news, it's not exactly a matter of national security. I know you're not fond of outsiders, but well, whether NCR or Brotherhood? If you live here, you're making a statement about where you call home. Anyone who calls El Dorado home, is fine by me, no matter what colors they're wearing."
Dominic dominic walks up to iris casually handing her a note saying: i got the reasorces if you got the jet before taking a seat next to her
Manuelito Looking to Sammy, the Marshal squints his eyes at him as the frown is still evident. "Then drop your duster at the NCR embassy along with your equipment and dawn on a Militia uniform." He replies to him honestly. "Truly commit to this town you so happen to care about and want to protect. Otherwise, you're an outsider with that uniform; regardless if you pay your taxes to the city for living here." Taking up his hat he looks to Katherine. "Then we have a difference of opinion Katherine; Living here means protecting and serving this town and putting it before anything else." Jerking a thumb toward the NCR logo on Sammy's duster, he adds "Sporting NCR or Brotherhood tags shows where they truly and faithfully call home, who they'll protect first for most." standing, he adjusts the hat and heads for the door. "If you want NCR to be all over this town, then go ahead and tell the kid." He informs her as he heads for the doors.
Iris Lark Iris takes the note that was handed to her, opens it and reads it, before giving Dominic a slightly suspicious look. She shifts on her stool and offers the man a smile. "I can sell you anything you like, but it is ..not always good for you." She says, crumpling the note in her hand.
Abe     "Nothing like a good, stern bed-side manner, is that it?" Abe wondered of the Doctor. Things got pointed, things got heavy. Abe's head shifts between Katherine and The Marshal. "Hold on, be right back, Doc'." he asided to the woman. She was already busy with a customer. Notes today, notes for days...

At least it meant these folks could read!

By the time Abe slid from his stool, the Navajo was gone... and with those long legs, Abe would have had to run to catch up.

Know what Abe ain't good at doing? Running!

"Mercy mercy..." he uttered.
Dominic dominic lets out a chuckle at iris's comment "ya but a raiders got to get his fix right?" looking to the militia guys dominic dicides to ask "any way i could join ya in the militai my only request is i get to wear my armor" he says while nocking on his armor
Katherine Caine Katherine frowned a little at the exchange but didn't interfere, she wasn't prone to getting in the middle of arguments. Smiling at Abe, she asked, "So where did you manage to find yourself a laser gatling? Not even going to ask what the Doctor wants with one.."
Sammy     Sammy shakes his head, looking at Kitty, and has a long pause before he comments, "... Not going to happen, for all of the mentioned reasons. I've still got at least two years on this tour." he looks at his own notepad and leans against the bar, "I never did get to asking how many years you were a Ranger, Mz. Kitty, specifically -because- you're not one now. I figured you didn't re-up for one or more reasons. The reasons I'm thinking is about yay heigh." he gestures, about Lilly-height, and points with one hand to her favorite barstool, the immaculately maintained one with the little 'Out of Service' tag.
    Gatling La-zor? Now that's a double-eyebrow raiser.
Iris Lark Iris gazes at Dominic for a few moments and then she folds her hands in her lap. "Thirty caps for each dose. If you start having issues with it, I'll hope you'll come to me about it, but I can't compel you to do so." She gives a brief glance towards the others when the mention the gatling laser, and she smiles to herself before she focuses on Dominic again.
Abe     Doffing his field cap, Abe ran the fingers of his hand back through his hair, loosing a steadying breath before he turned back to regard Miss Kitty and Sammy's incredulity, "Wish I had a better story to tell there." he confessed as he returned to his stool beside Iris, "Just a days work. The Old World military has these vehicles called AFVs, Armored Fighting Vehicles. The Fallen had one of those bad boys up at the attack on New Rome." he started as he stooped, bracing his elbows on the bar. His hands motioning absently, "Something like the illigitimate love child between a tank and a big truck. Armor, guns and a bit of room in the back. I found it in the back of one of these, when the bombs dropped it must have been enroute somewhere. The vehicle itself was pretty trashed but the troop compartment hadn't been breeched yet. I managed to bypass the lock and crack her open. I found the L30 with the remains of her crew."
Dominic dominic hands iris thirty caps for three doses of jet then looks discusted at the fraze galtling lazer "pffft , that technologys going to be the end of you just like what happend with those bombs"
Iris Lark Iris counts the caps given to her and quirks an eyebrow at Dominic. "Thirty caps for each dose, you just want one?" She asks, canting her head slightly to the side as she swings her legs back and forth on the barstool. She doesn't make a comment about the laser weapons, just keeps a polite smile on her face.
Abe     "Maybe." Abe remarked, one corner of his lips hitching into a crooked smile, "But the idea of the technology in the L30 Laser Gatling is that it's the end of anyone infront of it rather than behind it." he remarks like the god damned jack ass he is. "And seein' as how I've handed it over to Doc' Lark here for a princely sum, she'
Katherine Caine "Sounds like quite the find, very lucky." Katherine said with a grin towards Abe, "Better than anything I've ever found out there."

Her attention turned to Sammy and she said, "If I had served another decade, I'd have got one of those fancy 'twenty years of service' sequoias. I wanted to come back home though, saw really, all I needed to see out there and realized this is where I wanted to be."
Abe     "Maybe." Abe remarked, one corner of his lips hitching into a crooked smile, "But the idea of the technology in the L30 Laser Gatling is that it's the end of anyone infront of it rather than behind it." he remarks like the god damned jack ass he is. "And seein' as how I've handed it over to Doc' Lark here for a princely sum, she's the one I have to keep in the good graces of."

His attention swings around to Miss Kitty and he beams with pride, "Yes Ma'am. 1 in a 1000." he claims, "Even that might be the wrong odds for it. Then again, I'm lucky lately."
Iris Lark Iris chuckles at Abe and reaches out to pat him gently on the arm. "You would have to do a hell of a thing for me to ever point that weapon at you, Abe. I'm sure you know that though." She gazes down at her drink for a few moments and shrugs before she adds. "I'm hoping it will be like the threat you usually have on you, but never really have to use."
Sammy     Sammy remembers that IFV, remembers a lot from that day, recalled a few things as he glanced at the L30, then back to Kitty, and lays his notebook down, pulling from behind his chestplate the leatherbound map, and laying it flat on the bar, he turns pages, "I've been everywhere I've drawn in the details." he points, a few things, a trip through New Vegas, details aboutthe Hoover Dam and surrounding areas, towns that don't exist, most of the state of arizona's walking places in lengthy detail, but then a few blank pages to zoom in on the map of El Dorado, which has a sparawling cluster of information and locations being added around it.
    "I like it here. There are some good people." he smirks, and considers the option "... Twelve more years for my Sequoia. It'll make a good mantlepiece. Between then and now, I need to find a place to set a mantle." he smirks, "... downtown might not be the best choice for homestead but it gives me a place to branch out from. " he folds the California & Arizona pages back and spirals his finger around the El Dorado map again.
Rose      Into the Saloon another walks, wrapped in her NCR gear as usual save the helmet clipped to her waist and that gunslinger belt with its two thigh-holsters plainly visible thanks to the way the head-protection disturbs the profile of the outerwear. Currently in the complex process of tying her long blonde locks back into a secure position that would actually let such a helmet be worn properly here eyes sweep over the gathering of people, mostly familier faces, and the Ranger gives a little chuckle. "Good to see business is booming again."
Abe     "To unfulfilled threats." he hefted that tiny glass before him in a quiet toast before pouring it back down his throat. Fire trickled through his throat and fumed up into his nose... Mis Kitty always had the best ways of making you regret things.

Returning the glass to the bar top, he craned his neck back to catch the familiar figure of Rose, "Ranger Rose. Come around to get me shot again?"
Vuk Vuk had escaped the clinic again, these things happen when you don't hire a sentry bot to sit on him. Though to be fair? He only has a minor issue of his side being stitched up and needing preventive anti biotics. Logic? Find a brothel or some thing to start drinking in. To be fair, it might be safer to drink moonshine and water mixed together then most water he's come across. But he's seemingly upbeat, despite the fact he should still be confined to bed, a large automatic pistol shoved in his belt along side that hold out he likes. It's a pirate's life for me!
Iris Lark Iris turns to see Rose coming into the saloon and she gives the woman a casual two finger salute off her temple. She sits quiet until she spots Vuk walking in behind Rose which makes her smirk and shake her head. "You're going to die of infection." She says, with a slight roll of her eyes.
Katherine Caine "Probably just not much else for folks to do." Katherine said with a smile to Rose, not missing the exchange of drugs going on, not that it was against the law. One wouldn't have expected the Knightly Dominic to be a jet junkie though, life was full of all kinds of surprises.

She nodded to Sammy before taking some tips off the bar and telling the others, "Robots will handle anything else you need, I'm going to start getting ready to turn in for the night."
Rose "Last time," Rose comments as she brushes a bang back to secure in place. "If I recall correctly Abe, you weren't shot at all. Saved some folks...and you've always survived so far." A wink at the brotherhood member if given before she returns Iris' salute with a little finger wave and moves towards the bar. "Heya Ms. Kitty," she greets while unclipping her helmet, sitting it down on the counter. "Good to see the place a bit more full once more."
Vuk Vuk makes a dismissive wave at Iris when she mentions such things. "I will die in the glory of battle, or some other bullshit notion. Probably overdosed on Pyscho in a hole, but hey, I can hope for better right?" he asks, heading towards..any one who he can get a drink from, since that is why he's here. "Sides Doc, shouldn't you be more worried I broke all the other inmates out of the Medical Hotel?" he teases Iris.
Iris Lark Iris gazes at Vuk for a moment, a smile playing at the edge of her lips. "The clinic isn't a jail. People are welcome to come and go as they please. Yourself included." She props her chin on her palm and plays with her shot a bit, not drinking it, before she passes it down to Vuk.
Abe     "Fair enough." Abe relented with another crooked smile. "I'm sure you'll get me next time."

His attention then swept to Miss Kitty... and then the device locked around his left arm. "It is about that time, isn't it..." he mused, "Before you go, Miss Kitty. Any way I could get my handsome self into one of your larger rooms with a patio? Needing a bit more room as things build up"
Vuk Vuk will gleefully accept the shot and knock it back, it's not the worst he's ever had! "I like to make it sound like I have to file the chains off to escape to perform heroic deeds. It makes me sound so much more dashing and all." he says and grins a bit at Iris. "Sides, if I'm going to spend half my time in there, I better come up with better stories then .. 'And today, Iris dug another slug out of my butt and kept patting it' or 'Today the doctors decided to perform surgery in the nude covered in bio med gel..' and such things..Which I swear all happen!" He adds, for the benefit of any one nearby.
Iris Lark Iris simply gazes at Vuk, deciding not to comment on his outrageous comments and weird bio med gel fantasies. She orders a cola from the robot and turns to smile at Rose. "What trouble have you been up to lately?"
Sammy Sammy leans on the bar, and looks down at his sketched map, and uncaps his pen once more, drawing a tiny Gas'n'Gulp icon to the north of El Dorado with a checkbox next to it. Then takes a pencil from another pocket and ticks it off as he grins sheepishly, then looks to Rose, "You seem to be up and mobile again. I'm guessing you were like I am, using a good bit of walking shake off a week of bed rest?"
Rose Rose herself is happy enough to sink into her seat, signaling for a drink of her own and glancing towards Sammy and Kitty whom had previously been locked in conversation. Awaiting the beverage, she chuckles and shrugs her shoulders at Iris. "Same old Doc, trying to help people, save the day and what-not. Often getting shot for it."

Sammy's question makes the Ranger shrug her shoulders. "I never did bed rest well anyway."
Vuk Vuk can't get Iris to rise to the bait, and it's clear he won't try that again for a while. Maybe when Sparrow is about..on the other hand! Maybe people will be encouraged to get shot, to find out if his stories are true! For now? He broods by him self...not really, he just doesn't have much to say as he listens!
Iris Lark Iris glances between Sammy and Rose and then she speaks up, quietly. "Are you okay, Rose?" If I can do anything to help, I hope you'll ask." She ducks her head and clears her throat, turning back to her drink. "Getting shot isn't much fun."
Sammy     Sammy glances over at Iris, and smirks, just a bit more, "No good deed ever goes un punished, thus there is balance in all things." he smirks a bit and leans on the bar a little, looking over at Iris, then back to Rose, letting her answer this one, she tells it better.
Rose Rose shrugs her shoulders lightly with a chuckle at Iris question. "Still walking and talking, a few more dents in the chestplate is worth doing what good we can do out there." Sipping her drink, Rose slips a hand to lazily rest on her thigh, finding purchase on the grip of her revolver out of habit rather than any outward sign of hostility to any particular thing.
Vuk Vuk is reminded again how it might be to his benfit to try and secure proper armor before to long. "Does every one -but- me have proper armor?" He hisses at Iris, rolling the shotglass in his fingers, lazily, round and round it goes. "I mean seriously, leather ain't gonna stop the next Enclave patrol we piss off.."
Iris Lark Iris nods at Rose and gives her a pleased smile. "I'm glad you're doing okay then." She shifts her eyes to Vuk and leans in to quietly reply. "I don't have proper armor either." She says with a shrug and a smile. "I've been ..kind of okay so far."
Sammy     "The trick is to hunt them down to where they come from, which means we might have to subdue rather than obliterate a patrol." he thinks offhandedly, And or find some way of maing sure they can't just thumb a ride out of town." he glances upwards towards his door on the 2nd floor, as if he'd already done the math for that and was working on knocking a Vertibird out of the air without making it too dead to recover. He looks to Vuk, "I'd suggest enlisting, but there's no branch of NCR here, so you'd probbly have to join the Militia to get some good armor." he gestures out the door, "And they just got an official Marshal who seems like he's gonna try real hard to make a name for himself. Just to prove he's better than the last guy."
Iris Lark Iris Lark slips off of her barstool and sets down some caps as she picks up her rucksack. "It's been nice to visit, I hope you all have a good rest of your evening." If she had a hat she would tip it, but instead she offers a lame wave and a smile before she backs out of the Saloon.
Sammy     And with that, Sammy gives friendly enough wave, and heads upstairs himself.