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Skittles It is a dusty windy night, the sun having set some time ago. Skittles has just made her way down the street, her eyes being drawn towards this shop. She can be seen outside it, looking into the window. She steps in and begins looking around. Her eyes are drawn to the Pip-Boy over and over again.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine is sitting on a crate inside the shop, some bit of hardware half disassembled. To those in the know, they recognize it as a set of reduction gears and a small motor she seems to be trying to get attached to the gearwork. She wears a pip-boy herself, but it's had a few modifications done to it. Lilly sits crosslegged on the box, wearing a set of shorts and a tanktop.
Skittles Skittles continues around the store, her eyes moving across the merchandise, but not quite registering what they see, her focus only for the Pip-Boy. She sighs and shakes her head before glancing around and actually seeing for the first time. Spotting Lilly on the crate, she waves, smiles, and asks, "Hey, what are you working on there?". She approaches on quiet footsteps and eyes the gears and motor. She's got a set of overalls on, and a jacket with BoS in thin red lettering down the sleeves. The oversized garment seems a little too big on her, obviously not originally hers.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine looks up. "Oh, Hey! I'm Lilly", sticking out a hand to Skittles. "and it's nothing really. Seeing if this motor fit, use this to up the torque for soemthing.. no idea yet.. but It may be useful. shame to let a gear system to go waste. It if wont work, then i'm prolly gonna use it for a motorized barstool.
Skittles Skittles accepts the handshake saying, "Skittles, or Meggan, either one works.". She eyes the gearset and motor, "Sounds like a worthy enough cause.". "I think I saw you in the saloon the other night?", she reaches into her overall pocket and fishes something out, "Here, try this.", she hands over a small gear head, with 5 mm deep grooves. It looks to be made of plastic, but the size of the teeth should allow for the maximum amount of torque to be transfered. "Should just fit on the motor pin, I'll trade you for the one that's on their now if it works.".
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine beams. "neat! sure!", and wiggles the other one off after pulling out a little staying pin. Lilly offers it over. "Thanks Skittles!", her heels druming on the crate she's sitting on. "Yea. My mom runs the Cassino, though Clara's the one that raised me. Mom's.. well.. Mom's pretty much Kitty in all that that means. Family, sure, but I'd not really call her good folk. Archie isn't bad, just.. dont leave stuff around him cuz he loves scavaging from pretty much everywhere and anyone. Just his way."
Skittles Skittles blinks a couple times as if something's clicked, "Oh, right. You're Archene's sister? I met him this morning.". She frowns and looks down at her pockets, where the butt of a laser pistol can be seen. "Well, from what I can tell, he didn't shaft me on our deal, so maybe he was feeling generous.", she states, looking back over to her project.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine shakes her head. "No, ARchene is Mom's Brother. I"m his Neice. He's my Uncle. Clara is my sister. I got a twin brother off in another town playing Mercenary or something.", smiling at mention of her uncle. "He's not really bad if he likes you. He just doesn't like a lot of people. Good one to have on your side.", She fits the motor in setting in the new gear. A few turns of the gear show it meshes nicely with the teeth of the assembly.
Skittles Skittles fidgits with the gear that was traded over and nods, "Right, niece. Maybe that's what he said, and I just miss heard, I wasn't the most focused at the time. I was dialing in the settings of the pistol he had sold me.", she giggles at that and adds, "My apologies then.". Gesturing to the gearset she says, "So what's the next step, shall we head over to the saloon and bring a stool to life?", arching an eyebrow.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine shakes her head, "Nah, not with this. This is soemthing was thinking about for a light-duty winch or something. or a big sign. No real plans for this yet.. but.. for the bar stool, I gotta be sneaky or Mom'll prolly fuss, or take it away from me", not seeming to hae any real heat in it.
Skittles Skittles smirks and laughs, "Do you do anything else other than gear out?", she asks gesturing to Lilly's toolkit and the project.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine says, "Oh, well, here i'm mainly fixing stuff. Stuff he can sell here. But, I gotta horse and she and I go out and rid and look for stuff to scavenge and see what we can find. And whatever Clara or Mom want me to do. You know.. chores 'n stuff"
Skittles Skittles glances around, "Yeah, I can't say I've tried selling anything here. Though I usually find uses for my own projects. It's a good idea.". Her baby blues unfocus for a moment as she seems to contemplate something. Refocusing, "I don't suppose you'd be interested in joinng the Brother... sisterhood of Steel? We're working as the chapter of New Mexico to bring about change to the organization.". She smiles and stands a little straighter, continuing, "We want to help people with technology, rather than steal from them for our own gain.".
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine shakes her head. "Nah.. I'm happy right here. Family is here, so I sorta wanna stay around them. Someone's gotta fix stuff after Mom gets it all manky and twisted up. Sides.. I dont think Clara would be happy if I left. Little Joe left. I dont think she'd be able to handle both us goin'. Besides, I like helping out around here. "
Skittles Skittles pouts visibly, her spirit a little put out. It doesn't last long though, and pipes back up saying, "Well, if you ever decide to change your mind, I live on northern main street.", she pauses before hesitantly continuing, "We're not really thinking of doing too much moving around, we're trying to locate a base out in the wastelands not too far out.".
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine beamsd and smiles.. "That means I gotta Friend in the Brotherhood! Cool!". Heels thump on the crate. "Bah. I"m done with this. Wanna go hang out at the sallon? Sometimes I getta free Nuka.
Skittles Skittles claps her hands together and beams, her hair shifting, causing the blend of colors to swirl briefly, as if alive with flame. "Sounds great!", she says turning to fall in step with Lilly in exiting the store.