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Alice After receiving the message from Jude, Alice had sent word back to him immediately that he should come over to her apartment; which wasn't a hard task since they were neighbours. The apartment door to Alice's is left slightly ajar and Jude was told to come on in and when he gets there he finds a scavvers paradise, all OCD organized.

O.V.E.R. 9000 who due to his size cannot fit inside of the room is outside the door on guard as vigilante as always, greeting Jude with a cheerful, "*BZT*" when he arrives.

Even if Alice didn't know how to fire a gun? She sure did own lots of them and was presently sitting on her bed reading her Pip-Boy, studying tactics of all things.
Jude Jude makes his way over when he gets the message. He greets OVER cheerfully, rather known to be a bit more cordial to robots than people most of the time. He raps on the ajar door then, announcing himself before he pushes it open and slips in. "Howdy, Alice! It's Jude," he calls out all sing-song and chipper. He does a cursory check of the room, smile quirking his lips, before he moves closer to Alice. He stands companionably close, giving her a moment to finish what she's reading. He's a polite sort, so doesn't even try to read over her shoulder or anything.
Alice "Hey Jude, or should I say TROUBLEMAKER?" Alice replied teasingly to the man before walking over to her friend and asking, "Do you want a Nuka Cola or something? I have a few quantums I've been saving and since you're probably going to get killed or something, maybe now is as good a time as any to drink them?" She was smirking just a little bit, clearly not entirely serious, "Good thing you joined Vault Team Six, O.V.E.R. 9000 says he wants to be your bodyguard until this all blows over, or at least I think he said that."
Jude Jude thinks a moment and then decides to shrug a little. "I'm okay actually. I just had a bite before I came over. I was a bit peckish and I had some Sugar Bombs for a pick me up." He leans a little laughs with a roll of his eyes. He brushes a hand through his hair and shrugs. "If someone rats me out, I'll be dead for sure, but I don't reckon I have much control over that now. I figure ole Solomon has him more enemies than friends after the tax fiasco. Knowin' he -is- skimmin', well that there is just fuel for the fire, regardless of how much he done took."

He cocks his head and glances out at the looming frame of O.V.E.R., smiling wide. "That's mighty kind of ya, Over! Thank ya, buddy!" he calls out to the robot. He turns his attention back to Alice, his smile getting the hint of real feels as he thanks Alice. "Thank you too. For havin' me and lookin' out for me and all."
Alice "*BZT*" Was O.V.E.R. 9000's reply to Jude as he remained outside the door. Vaultmeat woke up from his nap at the food of the bed and sleepily walked over to Jude with his tongue hanging out of his mouth before sitting down and lifting a paw to shake Jude's hand like a good doggie!

"We've got your back, I'll tell the others that they should keep an eye open for any trouble. I'm surprised he was stealing so little though, but I guess when you think about it, it's a small fortune. I wonder what he plans to do with it.." She started to zone out for a moment before smiling, "Anything for a friend and fellow Vaultie, plus it's a good mystery for us all to work on solving. Maybe we can find the missing caps and help return them or something and then we can find Vault 30 but we'll all come back after we do. Promise."
Jude Jude hunkers down and shakes Vaultmeat's paw like a good, trained human. "Good to see ya, Vaultmeat. Glad to see you've been doin' a proper job of holding the vault down while Alice is away." He gives the dog a scritch behind the ear. "Good on ya."

He rises and smiles, tugging a bit of emergency jerky out of his toolbelt, treating the dog as he says, "It is a small fortune. From what I heard, he might be using it to fund tryin' to find Vault 30. Although, from what I understand, there was only the one map that's now in shreds on the winds. So goodness knows what he'll use it for now." He pauses a moment and fiddles with the laser pistol on his hip. "I'd reckon that some of it goes to hirin' all the muscle he has these days. Personally, I want to take me a look at the ledgers for the cap mine and see why the heck they seem to be missin' 10 percent. I thought for sure that was where he was gettin' his money..." He trails off with a sigh, his mind whirring along before he stops with a smile. "Ya know I'll be lookin' for them pieces. Tween all of us, we might just be able to piece together enough to give it a looksee sooner or later." He pauses a beat and asks, "Whatcha been thinkin' about for a base for Vault Team Six? Meetin' up here or are we lookin' for something all official like?"
Alice Vaultmeat leans his head back comically to enjoy the scratching as he looks up at Jude happily, the big puppies tail wagging furiously.

"Wonder why he's so interested in it? He's never really seemed like a clever sort, more like one of those Pre-War politicians who is just out for himself.." She shrugged her shoulders before removing a nuka cola for herself since Jude didn't want one, "Someone else could be robbing the cap mines, even the workers. I mean, think about it, they get paid pretty little and haul out tons of caps a day, wouldn't doubt some of them are taking home a few caps."

Pulling up something on her Pip-Boy she held her arm out to Jude and showed him a partial map of lower Vault Town, "The Overseer said if we can clear out the lower vaults and fix them up, we can have our own space down there. Might be dangerous, but it might be fun. I think we'll find robots, that's where I found O.V.E.R. 9000. I got lost working maintenance and by lost, I mean exploring and seeing where a maintenance key can get you."

Cracking open the Nuka cola, she muttered, "Stupid Goat." Before taking a sip of the refreshing beverage.
Jude "GECK" is the first thing that slips from the blond man's mouth when Alice asks what Solomon might be looking for. "Rumor has it, that's what the Garden was made with. Just a bit of one or something like that. Green. Clean. Lush. That would make him one of the most powerful men in the wastes. Or just how much that would be worth ta sell it." He shrugs. He doesn't know Solomon, but if he were an evil sort, that's what he'd do.

Jude thinks a minute about the mine. "Could be. Ten percent seems mighty particular without a conspiracy to do it though. I've been thinkin' about goin' on over to the Sheriff's and askin' about maybe goin' through their books and seein' if I can't catch a glimpse of what's goin' on or when or some piece of that." He shrugs and is distracted, looking at the map of the lower levels. "I think it would be fun." He grins and jokes, "If we all find us a robot, we can field Vault Team Seven too. Our robot army strikes!" He chuckles and nods as his eyes scan a little more. "If it has power down there, it could be dangerous with robots and turrets and whatever. I'm a fair to middlin' hacker. You know if the rest of the team is particularly capable of that sorta thing?"
Alice "Not particularly, I'm okay with computer systems to though so between the two of us we should be covered. It's just weird that Vault Town is a Vault without a number, you know? I thought all Vaults were supposed to have numbers." Alice seemed a bit bothered by this but sort of dropped the subject as she looked outside at O.V.E.R. 9000, "A Robot army would be cool though until they overthrew us and killed us all or turned us into biological slaves to their every whim."

"Sheriff might be able to help but I'm not even sure we have a proper one right now, but the Militia has Marshal Manuelito, he's the one who helped clear out the cap mines. He would probably be a good person to take what you found to as well, he's pretty nice." She took another sip of the Nuka Cola before moving over to her dresser drawer and pulling out a treasured old vault advertisement with the slogan just add water and the word G.E.C.K., "Ever seen these old ads? My dad gave me this when I was little, said the geck is just a myth and isn't really a big deal." She sounded kind of sad at the thought.
Jude Jude bobs his head in agreement. "Yeah. We both have us pips if nothin' else. That can make all the difference." He listens about the Vault numbers and offers, "I heard it was just a project for the park owners, not an official Vault-Tec Vault. I guess if you had enough caps to make a spot just to have other folks waste their caps, you could do somethin' like that. My grandpappy used ta say that if you had that much to waste, it don't take the world long to knock you on your duff." He shrugs a little.

The robot army gets a little laugh, but his smile fades some when Manuelito is mentioned. "I'm startin' ta think that the Marshal is a fairy tale. Joe's been tryin' to get me into the militia for weeks now and..." He shrugs and decides to address the idea of the GECK instead. "I know they're real," he says quietly. "Read too much about it. The science. The... well... even a few of the commercials. I know the thing is real and we're gonna turn New Mexico into paradise."
Alice "He's just a busy guy, don't even need him to enlist from what I've heard, just walk in and say you want to join up. It's more of a thing for boys or I'd probably consider it, just so I could get all the fancy clothing." Alice said with a grin, "Besides, the uniforms look better on boys anyways."

Sipping at her Nuka-Cola again before pouring some in a dish for Vaultmeat she nodded at the idea Jude had regarding the GECK, "Hopefully we get some better leaders in place, the Overseer is fine, he's pretty nice I think but the Mayor needs to go. Paradise won't last very long if we can't protect it, not from others but ourselves."
Jude Jude snickers a little at Alice's pronouncement about uniforms. "I reckon that depends on who you fancy on seein' in uniform. I'll bet someone like ole Stockton would rather seein' you in uniform than my scrawny butt." He snickers again and rolls his eyes. "I'm supposed to be joinin' Joe Caine's recon group, but... at this rate, I figure that'll happen sometime after the next Great War."

Jude nods in agreement with the Overseer. "Yeah. I like him. One of the better ones we've had in my families opinion. Sort of makes me want to just close the tunnel and say fuck them folks upside." He snickers and shrugs. "But, they have them way better salvage up top. Or at least stuff that's easier to get to."
Alice "Joe is really uh.." Alice drifts off before blushing, "He's great! I kind of want him to join us to on Vault Team Six, but mostly because he's great! Yep, that's all, cause he's great. Don't look at me like that."

Vaultmeat barked excitedly before running out of the room to go see O.V.E.R. 9000, running in circles around the big bot out in the hallway.

"Most of our food comes from up top to, but I know what you mean sometimes. Even the people I really like, are basically savages, they really have no clue how great things are. I mean, I hate the goat but it's good for everyone to have a job and a place even if it may not be the job they want." She rarely missed an opportunity to bitch about the G.O.A.T.
Jude Jude smiles, eyes sparkling as Alice talks about Joe. He blushes just a little as she qualifies her statements about it just being for coolness. "He sold me my first bits of armor. Him and his sister." And it's safest to end it there. Moving on. Nothing to see here.

He bobs his head about the upworlders. "Yeah. I had me a friend down to eat and whatnot and I thought her eyes were gonna pop out. Running water was like I was a deity. And ice? Heh. Little things to the day to day here, but damn near miracles to them folks."
Alice Alice nodded again, "I'm sure some of the team will be amazed to see what Vault Town has to offer, we'll have to get them together so you can share what you found out. In the meantime, take over 9000 with you when you go out on the surface, he'll be outside on guard any other time. He's enough to scare most people off if they want trouble."
Jude Jude nods with a smile. "Thanks, Alice. Jus' lemme know when and I'll make with the gum flappin'. If'n you need anything in gen'ral, just give me a hollar." He smiles again, standing a bit awkwardly before he starts for the door. "Take care of yerself."

On his way out, he gives the robot an affectionate pat, saying, "Come on, Niner. Could be a Deathclaw waitin' in the twenty feet to my door." There's a chuckle and the clonkclonkclonk of the robot following along. Then the hiss of his door shortly after.