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Iris Lark Iris bustles around the clinic checking on patients as she reads from a small paperback book. She almost walks into several doors, but she manages to avoid that right at the last moment. Pushing a lock of hair behind her ears, she sinks down on a bench in the open area of the clinic, satisfied that she can read uninterrupted for a few minutes.
Jude There is a heavy, metallic clompclompclomp that can be heard well before Jude comes through the door. Through the open door, Alice's robot, O.V.E.R. 9000 can be seen. Jude offers a smile to the robot, saying in his Vault City drawl, "Wait on out here, Niner. Gotta get me some repairs." He gives the robot a pat and closes the door behind him.

Inside, he lifts his goggles to allow his eyes to adjust. He moves a lot like he did the day after that Winchester fella beat the crap out of him in the ring at Jackstown. He's favoring his left leg and his face shows the wear and strain of pain. He looks every bit the scavver that's had a run of bad luck. He's a bit dusty, armor and weapon looking like he's just in from said preoccupation. He greets Iris when his eyes adjust, "Howdy, Iris!" Despite the pain on his face, it doesn't seem to touch his voice. He's all smiles and warmth. "You... umm... you have some time? I done got bunged up some," he says gesturing vaguely towads Clovis Highway.
Iris Lark Iris looks up from her book, blinks and scrambles to her feet. She stuffs the book in her rucksack and scurries towards Jude, a slight frown on her face. "Of course I've time, but I'm surprised..I was positive that you'd have gone to the good healers in Vault Town." Her cheeks go pink and she fidgets for a moment. "I mean, I'm glad you came."
Stockton Stockton stalks in on heavy boots, his shoulder ramming into the door to shove his way in. It's only after the door hits the limits of its hinges that he flinches a little bit. "Sorry," he says to whomever was in earshot of that BANG. He looks around with a sniff and adjusts the Stetson on his head to be pushed back so he can see. "Oh, hey, there's a line already," he gives Jude a once over with a slightly feral glint in his eyes. "Jude, yah done and got yerself banged up again?" he's a bit protective of the Vaultie, he's been active in helping topple the local government afterall. A smirk comes for Iris, then he watches Jude again, see how he reacts to that.
Jude Jude smiles and gives a little wink to Iris as he says, "I wouldn't get to see ya if'n I went to the doc downside. He gives a start then as the door bangs, hand moving to his pistol as he spins to see what made the noise. He relaxes as he sees the familiar form of Stockton in the door and not one of the Mayor's goons. "Jeez-us, Stockton. Damn near gave me a heart attack."

He takes a moment to shake out the nerves. He laughs a little at Stockton's jibe. "Yessir. Been trying to find somethin' of use down south on the Clovis. Didn't find me much of anything at all til today though. Well, other than heaps of trouble anyway. Couple 'a ghouls and a particularly amorous and lonely mole rat. Big un too. I barely got away with my leg." He sighs and shakes his head, although his eyes glint with mirth.

He starts to strip off his armor bits and pieces, leaving only the bright blue and yellow of his vault suit. Everything goes neatly to the side and out of the way so when the check up comes, he doesn't have lasers and backpacks and whatnot in the way. He pauses and takes mental stock for a moment. "Y'all both got that there note I sent, right?"
Iris Lark Something about Stockton always makes Iris jumpy and when he literally slams into the infirmary she jumps, and lets out a startled yelp. A hand covers her heart as she works to get her breath back. She keeps a wary eye on the stumbler, glancing between him and Jude for a moment. "I did, and I was worried about you, quite a bit. So I'm glad you're here." She directs them both towards empty beds, keeping a careful, but not direct eye on Stockton as they get settled.
Stockton Stockton is a giant great dane of excitable nature and he's grimacing as he gets nearly drawn on and makes Iris avoid eye contact. The man goes into full slumped shoulders and drawn face as he waves both hands at them. "Sorry, sorry again," he grumbles some and looks at Jude, "Yeah, after that note, I suspect yer not a favorable person, yah need to be safe, kiddo. I'll watch yer back while I'm around it." A glance to his leg and he shakes his head at the other man before moving to the indicated bed, trying his best to stop being so damned imposing. It's hard. "If'n yeh got proof, we jus' need someone with the authority tah act, yeah? I mean shit, feller's stealin' from us. Dunno why fer, but I'm more worried about Lone Star than Solomon these days."
Jude Jude makes his way over to the offered bed, perching himself on the side. He blushes a little about the outpouring of sentiment, trying to wave the concern of both. "Aww. I ain't sure anyone knows what I found what would tell them. I only mentioned it to a few folk... enough to make sure it was out there, but nobody I thought what might tell ole Solomon." He thrusts a thumb towards the door. "An' Alice's bot got it in his circuits to folla me around to make sure nobody comes and does me wrong... just in case." He gives a wincing little shrug. "One fella in charge that I could rightly think ta tell was Marshall Manuelito. Sent him and Joe Caine a copy of the note." He draws down the zipper in the front of his jump suit to let in some air. "Y'all don't have you no air conditioning do ya?" He wrinkles his nose and taps a note onto his pip-boy about rustling up an air conditioner for the clinic.
Iris Lark "Sorry, this place is bare bones,'s mine." Iris says, reaching out to poke Jude gently in what she hopes is a ticklish and not creepy spot. "But like I told Stockton last time I worked on his leg, feel free to take your clothes off." She shrugs and moves to gather some tools. Light injuries don't need much and it's not long before she's standing beside Jude's bed. "Well whatever help you need, I'm certainly in. I just bought a huge gun, so if someone is rude to you, let me know and I'll properly threaten them." She points to the corner of the clinic where a large laser gatling gun sits.
Stockton Stockton ahems slightly when the last time his leg was worked on comes up. Cough, cough. Glancing at Jude he nods, "Smart thinkin. I promise, I'm lookin into however I can help," he assures the Vaultie before starting his own disassembly. Thankfully today it's just the upper body, so the jacket, chestplate, and shirt come off to leave Stockton in his jeans and gun belt. He does glance at the gattling gun and gives a low whistle.
Jude Jude blushes a little, but decides it's going to be easier in the long run to disrobe. He kicks the boots off and slips the vault suit off, leaving him in a pair of Vault-Tec blue boxer-briefs with yellow piping. Unlike most wastelanders, the vaultie is fair skinned and clean. He returns to his bed and lays back some, propping on his hands. He whistles low along with Stockton. "Holy... wow. I've only seen pictures of those. That's a hell of a weapon, Iris," he says with affectionate pride. "Now we just need to find ya a holodisc to help with the care and feeding of that brute and you'll be the most dangerous woman in El Dorado."
Alice Alice steps in as people are disrobing and remarks, "I know it's hot out here, but golly, you all are quick to undress. Jude, I'd have expected better of you!" She seemed really dissapointed to see the young man taking off his Vaultsuit, it was like taking off your skin out in public! You saved that for private.

BARK! BARK! BARK!!!!! Vaultmeat rushed in after greeting his best bud O.V.e.R. 9000 outside the clinic and began to knock stuff over with his whip-like tail as he ran over to greet everyone with affectionate barks, licks and nudges.
Iris Lark Iris blushes a dark red and bobs her head in a nod once or twice. She starts working on Jude's injuries, carefully keeping her eyes on a safe place. When Alice bursts in she gets red again and exhales. "Alice, you scared me!" She glances at both of the half dressed men and then coughs softly.
Stockton Stockton chuckles as Alice walks in on disrobing and a mostly naked Jude, "Why? He ain't gonna get stitched up with his clothes on," the ever practical former merc states aloud while looking down to poke at a hole that resides in his rib cage, something he landed on didn't agree with the way he landed. He winces and then pokes it again, because he's a brute of a male and has issues.
Jude Jude blushes increasingly deeper as Alice comes in and he's admonished by Alice. He nods at Stockton's response though, finally nodding a little more firmly. "Yeah! Why would I go and make Iris guess on what all got bunged up? That's just plain rude, Alice?" He frowns a little and grumbles, "And it's a clinic bed. That's supposed to be private, peeper." He flashes a wink and smile at Alice before he clams up and let's Iris do her magic, pointing and answering he questions. He might be blushing, but he isn't all that shy really.

After Iris tends him, he asks, "Are you set up to refill stimpacks? And.. um... sometime when ya don't have you a line, think you can give me a quick and dirty on how to use it all proper-like? Medicine and stuff wasn't real high on my G.O.A.T...."
Iris Lark Iris nods at Jude but her brow is furrowed slightly. "Quick..and dirty?" She glances at Alice and then at Stockton and for a moment she looks more than faintly embarassed. "If you want some lessons on ..medicine I can do that, if that's what you mean." She takes a soft breath and then quietly adds. "I can also refill your stimpak, if you've a need."
Alice "I don't know, I'm not a Doctor." Alice replied to Stockton before glaring at Jude a little, "Not my fault you're not in a patient room!" Giving Iris a quick hug she dissapeared into one of the rooms to do god only knew what.
Stockton Stockton just shakes his head at Jude and the blushing. There's a fond smirk and he goes back to fidgeting with his belt while he waits. The silent disappearance of Alice has him leaning after her with curious gaze. What'cha doin, his face says. A chuckle leaves his throat and he looks at Iris, "Quick'n dirty, yeh not familiar with the concept? Or intimately so?" he is smiling like the Devil himself as he pulls a cigarillo to chew on, not lighting it in the Doc's place. That'd be rude.
Jude Jude looks at Iris, his face glowing bright red and his eyes growing large as he realizes she isn't acquainted with that term. "Oh! That just means a little fast lesson... a quick and dirty, like if I were to point at the holodisk and walk you through how to install it yourself." His blush takes over more territory along his fair skin as he tries to unperv himself a little. His head falls and he sighs, the sound of Stockton's obvious enjoyment making it all the worse. "I didn't mean..." he starts and glances up and corrects, "Not that I wouldn't, I mean, cause you're pretty as a sunset, but I was just... don't know how to really use the stimpak I have." Finally he sighs and just gives up. "I think I done dug this here hole deep enough." He laughs with a touch of awkwardness. "How much do I owe ya, doc? I ain't sure what the rates are topside."
Iris Lark Iris stares at Stockton for a few moments and she decides to go for patient rather than snarky. "I'm not familiar with a lot of terms and concepts. I can pretend I know what he's talking about and do something embarassing or get clarification." She says this with a smile at Stockton. Bacon streaks out from the back room, the piglet's legs moving quickly as he starts to hop around Vaultmeat. She bandages Jude and gestures for him to put his suit back on. "Tell me how that feels, take a few steps around the room." When Jude calls her pretty her eyes go a bit wide and she tries to manage words. "F-fifteen..caps?" She doesn't sound like she's sure, she must be stunned.
Stockton Stockton can't help but watch Jude and Iris with a mix of fascination and strangely feral hunger. The big man is amused for certain, but he's trying his damndest to not put Jude or Iris further on the hot seat. Well, until she's stammering out a reply to his compliment and he gives an approving rumble of words, "He's right yanno, Iris, though I dunno if I could be as poetic at describin how lovely yah are," his smile is toothsome but genuine and warm for the two. Eyes wander after Vaultmeat and then Alice for a moment, course he's gonna lose all concentration and focus on the dog. A big hand lowers for the waggling snuffler to find and he gives the pup a fond scritch when he gets a chance, likely before he darts off to the next person to offer affection.
Jude Jude is all too happy to slip back into his vault suit. After he cinches the belt, he moves with far less pain. He smiles brightly and presses a handful of caps into Iris's stunned hand, closing it around them. "That salve did some wonders, Iris. Thank you kindly for lookin' after me," he says soft and low. "Feel almost like a new man. Long, hot shower and I'll be as right as spring rain. He moves to a more casual distance, flashing a smile at Stockton, bobbing his head in agreement with his affirmation. "I ain't known for lyin'." He winks and his eyes then fall to Stockton's wounds. "Yikes. What the heck did ya do, Stockton?" Buy time for Iris seems like a good a plan as any. He moves over to his collection of armor, weapons, and packs, slinging, strapping, and buckling them in place.
Alice Alice returns from the backroom carrying a medical tray filled with some medium sized packages filled with various foods inside of them, "HEY! I got lunch, I found these out in the wasteland, they say 'Meals Ready to Eat' just add water." Water was also conveniently supplied, "Help yourself. I need to use your bathroom, Iris." She didn't wait for an answer. Hopefully it had nothing to do with the MREs.
Iris Lark Iris takes a breath, gets her senses back and moves over to Stockton taking in his wounds. "This won't take too long, I'm sorry..I was.." She pauses for a moment as she tries to find the words and then shakes her head. "Nevermind." She cleans his wounds, her hands steady once again. "So you like making people blush, do you?" She asks him in a low voice, amusement evident.
Stockton Stockton is still perched up on the table, his one leg off the ground, the other bracing him there in a sort of lean. The unlit cigar changes to the other corner of his mouth. While he's done poking at his own wounds, he's paying attention to the passing of caps and gives a sly smirk to Jude. "Ran into a ten foot pit and some rebar, think it looks worse'n it is?" he offers with a shrug. The big brute was unlikely perturbed by the injuries, but they do look semi-gruesome. Giving Alice a nod, his attention sharply focuses on Iris as she goes about tending to his wounds and getting them clean for stitches and bandages. At the question he offers a crooked smile, "I do, specially when they blush as pretty as you."
Jude Jude laughs and shakes his head at Stockton's explanation. His gear affixed, he gives the pets a ruffle. He demurs on the MRE's, saying, "Thank you, but I need to head on over to the Militia headquarters. I need to get myself one of them spiff uniforms and whatnot." He snickers and crows, "I don't enlisted!" He strides towards the door, chiding himself, "Poor El Dorado. Diggin' the bottom of the barrel these here days." A giggle and the door opens and shuts. The Clankclankclank can be heard as Jude and O.V.E.R 9000 make their way to their new destination.
Iris Lark Iris is often at a loss for words, but never so bad as she is right now. She almost looks panicked when Jude leaves, one hand reaching out after him to beg him to stay. He's gone though and she turns around to gaze at Stockton, a shy smile on her face. "Well..that is very kind of you to say." She murmurs, moving back to get to work. "'s probably safer if you don't do that until I'm done working on you."
Stockton Stockton sits there with the heels of his palms on the medical bed, letting her poke and prod, getting the debris out of his wounds while he just watches her. Quietly. It might be worse this way, seeing as she's got to deal with the intensity of the wild man's gaze following her and her every movement. Just waiting. Patiently as a patient while she works.
Iris Lark Iris gazes at Stockton while she works and then after a few moment she pauses, a frown on her face. "You need to talk to me while I work, because you watching me like that is making me nervous and with my luck, I'll stitch something that isn't supposed to be stitched to something else." She quirks both eyebrows as she waits for a reply.
Stockton Stockton is watching when she finally blurts out at him. The smirk that grows is amused, but he nods, "Sorry," he apologizes some but is curious, "You said to stop tryin' to make yah blush. Now I can't stay quiet," his eyes glitter with mischief, "Now which is it, gorgeous?" He quirks a brow right back, the scarred one in particular, it adds to the dramatic effect!
Iris Lark Iris takes a moment to consider his words as she pulls out a curved needle. "Either way you're going to make me nervous, so...whichever one is more fun for you..go right ahead." She smirks at him and threads the needle and leans in to stitch the biggest wound. "Though, this is a side of you that I'm not really all that used to. Just saying."
Alice "You should watch what you say to her." Alice said with a worried look, "Her husband Achilles can get pretty overprotective and he's not exactly the kind of guy to mess with, no offense Stockton, he'd crush you like a cap." Alice sat down on the floor and began to pet Vaultmeat before asking the pair, "Did Jude talk to you about what he found?"
Stockton Stockton rolls a broad shoulder at Iris, "I've got all manner of sides, Doc," he grins and then winces a little at the first prick, breathing in deep so he can push past the pain. Alice gets his attention and he chuckles with a nod, "I kin'a figured she and Achilles were an item. Ain't no 'arm in complimentin'," he counters with a smirk for Iris. "'Sides, ain't you heard? I'm the bad news yer Ma warned ya about," his toothsome smile doesn't discourage that even if there's mirth in his eyes.
Iris Lark "Didn't know my mother." Iris mumbles, as she leans in to work. "But the maidens used to warn me about men in general, so you might be on to something." She doesn't say much when Achilles is mentioned, she just keeps sewing quietly. She glances over her shoulder and gives Alice an appreciative smile. "Almost done here."
Alice Alice shrugged as her question was ignored while the two flirted, "Well, I'll leave you both to the medical stuff I guess. Take your time, Iris." Clapping her hands for Vaultmeat to follow she prepared to head back to Vault Town.
Stockton Stockton lifts an eyebrow and his features soften some, "Well my Ma's always up fer adoptin someone else, should come by some time, she likes tea," he encourages. Most people knew Ma Volkner as that crazy Tribal woman on the edge of town. Some knew she was a healer once, now more focused on a spiritual journey that involved long walks in the Wastes. "Maidens were smart," he concurs before that eyebrow lofts higher at the lack of talk over Achilles, "Trouble in paradise, or're we a mile off the mark?" A glance towards Alice and he coughs, "An' yeah, Jude sent me the note, but I ain't exactly been quiet about my dislike of Solomon and his cronies. Sounds like we got proof, but elections're comin' up and frankly we need someone wit authority to do somethin about it."
Iris Lark Iris raises both eyebrows at Stockton when he starts to talk about his mom and she smiles, giving him a slow nod. "I like tea as well, I can bring her some if you'd like." When he prods about Achilles she simply avoids the subject again, choosing to settle on the subject of Jude. "What can we do, Alice? It seems like we're stuck between a rock and a hard place because they're not likely to give up easily. Plus, they might hurt Jude to keep it all quiet, we have to keep an eye on him, a careful one."
Alice "I don't think anyone really likes Mayor Solomon. I spoke to my Dad and he said that this sort of thing is just the way of life and I should ignore it, and then he told me I should also look at getting married and having kids as my duty to the Vault. What a nutso, right?" Alice sighed and walked over towards Iris and poked her, "We just keep doing what we're doing and leave grudges and revenge to people like Stockton, I think. I mean I know most people in El Dorado probably don't even know much.." Vault Dweller condescending at its finest, "But they should realize that if we are going to have a real government we need the taxes. As for what he stole, I don't know, I'm not the Sheriff, best I figure is we keep Jude safe and we find Vault 30."
Iris Lark "I don't really think I can get invested in revenge or grudges, but yes..I would like to keep Jude safe." Iris says, sighing softly as she shakes her head. "If he gets attacked, the gloves are off..sort of. I won't kill anyone, but I think we ought to make them aware that he's not the one to target with that sort of nonsense." She looks severe for a moment and then gets distracted thinking of Alice the Mommy. She does pretty well with Vaultmeat, so there is that. "What do you think folks are going to do about Solomon?" This is directed to Stockton.
Stockton "Problem is that Solomon's got connections in places we can't see, Bandits, Raiders maybe, who knows. He's got more money than he ought to, and who knows how long he's been doin' it. Problem is we don't know what he end game is. Is he stockin' up to raid Vault 30 and take over the town and this area? Is he stockin' up to ward off the Horde? Or is he plannin' on turnin the town over to the Horde and gettin' out with his life and his caps?" Stockton shrugs slightly and grimaces a little as the stitches get finished up. Breathing in slowly he nods at Alice, "But I ain't Sheriff...yet," that last part sounds...determined? "They go after Jude, I'ma light whoever done it on fire, don' fuck with our Vaulties." despite being looked down on by them, he rather liked them as a whole. "What do I thinks actually gonna happen? Hard to say, maybe Lilu can git Manny to do somethin' with the Militia, maybe we can get a Sheriff that gives a damn and ain't afraid, maybe we end up sittin' 'round til it's too late and the decision's made fer us."
Iris Lark "I'm starting to think that El Dorado isn't any safer than the place that I came from." Iris says, leaning in to cut the catgut with her teeth. She reaches up for salve, spreads it on the stitching and bandages the area. Now for payment, the part she hates worst about this job. "Fifteen caps." She says, already wincing as she says it. "If you don't have it, don't worry about it. I hate charging in general but.." She trails off, moving to start her clean up instead of rambling on. "As for ..Solomon. Hopefully we get a Sheriff who will take care of business, but things might already be too corrupt to do that. Who knows ..who knows who he's bought or what they're doing?"
Alice "Aside from stealing a few caps per person from taxes, I don't know of anything really bad he's done. Well, I heard he used to be a mobster in new vegas and he's part of a group called the Omamas? Or was it Omertas, I don't know I didn't really care.." Alice shrugged and thumbed up Stockton with a big grin, "Good luck on being Sheriff if that's what you want, the last one got blown up with dynamite. Sounds like a very risky job!"

Gathering up the MREs that nobody ate she then walked back to Iris and poked her, "I want you and Achilles to come visit my appartment in Vault Town. I'm going to go there now, see you both soon! Cya Future Maybe Possibly SHeriff Stockton!"
Stockton Stockton shivers a little at the salve, the strokes of a finger over the fresh stitches is always ...odd. Shaking off the sensation with a jerk of his head he reaches up to push that wild mane back into a semi-tamed slick backwards. Reaching into his jeans he pulls out a fist full of caps and settles them up on the counter top for Iris to collect when she's cleaned up. Giving a slow twist to test, he finds the extent of his range and grunts, "Thank you, Iris," he intones while moving to stand and gather up his shirt once more. He'll carry the armor, but the jacket gets put on at least. "Yer still a miracle, Doc," he grins at her and looks back to Alice, "I know he hired Bandits to kill the old Sheriff, got a confession afore the bastard croaked...but it ain't admissable in a court room." He shrugs and grumps some while they make plans and he pats himself down for a match to go with the cigar he's been chewing on for the last hour.
Iris Lark "Thank you." Iris says, smiling at Stockton as he gets up and gets settled. "If you need any assistance with what is going on in town, let me know. I a bit restrained in what I can do, but I can help if someone gets hurt." She says, wiping her hands on a towel. "Tell Sparrow I said hullo, and that I hope to see her sometime soon." She gives Alice a nod and holds up one finger. "I'm going to stow some things safely in the back, then I can go."
Alice Alice listened to what Stockton said with a frown, it sounded pretty bad but there was nothing she could do about it, "That's pretty bad." She replied to Stockton before shrugging, "I hope you're able to solve it, if I find anything I'll let you know." Looking to Vaultmeat with a grin she said, "Race you back to Vault Town?" Then bolted from the clinic, followed by the big pup who chased after her.
Stockton Stockton nods once as he puts his Stetson back on his head and offers a friendly smile, "Course, Doc, you keep me in stitches and we'll call it good, yer helpin' how you can. I ain't in fer revenge, I just want justice," he grumbles at them both before they start a race off into the distance. "Have a good one," he waves as he steps outside to lightup his cigarillo finally. Before heading home that is.