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Manuelito The wind is still, the air is warm today. When the wind does pick up, it is a brief strong gust that sends sand into the air.

Dusting off his duster, the Marshal walks inside the medical room inspecting the place quietly and apparently looking for someone.
Lilu Lilu was doing as she always does when on some down time; reading. The room is spacious enough, set with a couple cots and tables, and her own little desk, where she lazes now. A book open, the dark skinned woman in Militia leathers, brushed with white wash and a red cross, slowly turns a page while picking at a small bundle of dried fruits and veg. Her wild mane is back in a tie, creating more so a puffball than a proper tail, and some unruly kinks fall around her face. Hearing the door, she sits up and turns her attention toward it, offering the man a smile, and even a salute. "Marsh'l. Evenin'."
Manuelito "No need to salute Lilu and Manny is perfectly fine." He replies kindly, walking over to the desk. Leaning his arms on the edge of the deck, he looks into her eyes briefly before glancing to book. "What are you reading?" He asks.
Lilu "Yeah, well, t'ink s'm congratulations in orda, dough." She muses and watches as he moves. Keeping eye contact, she then blinks those violet peepers away, settling them on her book. "Oh, I dunno. S'm murda myst'ry I t'ink." She closes its cover and presses it over his way. Its title reads 'The Black Dahlia'.
Manuelito Hmm is given as he looks to the title "Never read it before. Any good?" He asks calmly, glancing from the book to her again; a fond little smile being given to her as he asks.
Lilu "S'not bad. S'lil scary, I t'ink. Dey's jus' as brutal n'bloody as folks are now, dough." She explains, giving a slight frown at the idea before closing up her reading and setting it aside. "Y'hungry? Still got s'm 'f m'breakfast if y'wan it." She offers, handing the dish out of her dried rations. "S'been a bit, too, how y'doin', Manny?"
Manuelito "May have to give it a read when your done then." He replies with a smile, steal leaning forward, looking to her softly. lift his left arm up his hand gently touches her as he takes a ration and then places in is mouth to chew on it. between bites, he says "I'm doing good. Been patrolling and assisting with trouble around El Dorado. How are you?"
Lilu Lilu bites her lower lip at the touch, seeming a bit tense by it before setting the dish down and reclining in her chair. She gives a bob of her shoulders. "M'fine. S'm t'ings 'r changin' 'n othas stay de same. 'f 'm not here healin', m'in de field growin'." She smiles kindly enough. "What y'tink 'bout dis Maya stuff. 'nybody takin' 'm out yet?"
Manuelito Manny lifts a brow a bit as he finishes the ration. "Maya? not sure what you mean." He replies lightly as he studies her reactions and actions.
Lilu Lilu blinks, canting her head a bit at his question before thinning her lips. Taking a moment, she speaks clearly, sounding out notes of a word purposefully. "Mayor." She repeats. "What y'gonna do 'bout dat? Or do the Militia don' care?"
Manuelito Shoulders giving a shrug, Manny sighs "not really sure. the Militia's position is protecting the town. Thus far, violence hasn't risen from mayor Solomon's latest stunt. The Militia will not attempt a coup against the mayor." He pauses, leaning up again "Besides, elections will be coming up soon. More than likely, he'll be removed and someone new will be voted in."
Lilu "Y'sure? Don' seem t'me dat dat one plays be de rules." She glares gently, not so much at Manny himself, but of the man in question. "I paid." She mutters. "Paid f'Jackie, too, so she don't gotta be like s'm scared rabbit when she's out n'bout. Ain' right, Manny, treatin' people dat way. Taxes be on t'ing, dey helpful 'f done right. Dis, dough? Bullin' people n'threatenin' dem with guns f'caps? Merde, might 's well be dealin' wit fancy dressed raidas."
Manuelito "True. In this case though, patience is needed. The Militia will back whomever is elected as the Mayor. If Solomon doesn't step down, then we will intervene.. possibly." the Marshal replies quietly.
Lilu Lilu blinks. "Possibly? What 'bout de people y's'ppose t' be protectin'?" The woman questions, now sitting a bit straighter in her chair. Leaning forward, she rests her arms on her thighs, and stares intently on Manny's features.
Manuelito "Colonel Sanders and Romero make the ultimate decision or call." Manny explains quietly, eyes still on her
Lilu "Manny," Lilu stresses before standing, her arms at her sides, hands balling up into fists. "Dis...dis inaction ain' right. Y'know deys people dat'll support y', don' you?" Her hands relax, but not before resing on the curves of her hips. "If y'ain' gonna do n't'ing, den f'give me in advance f'doin' s'mt'ing."
Manuelito Manny frowns, head shaking slowly. "The militia moving in to do a coup is not a good idea; it's a horrible idea. If we step in and declare martial law, the citizens will be for and against it. People will question if we will be dismantling laws bestowed already; questioning just how long we will be imposing law and order." He sighs quietly, giving her a soft smile "The best option is to wait, let the elections do the talking and see what happens."
Lilu "Dat ain' what m'sayin'. What m'sayin' is dat people need t'feel safe in dis town, n'shakin' m'down f'money ain' de way t'do it. Taxin' s'fine. Y'do dat, de money goin' t'where it needs t'go. Dis, dough? Dis ain' right. Y'look at me, square, n'tell me dat is it." She dares.
Manuelito "And what do you propose we do?" Manny inquires, eyes still on her as he speaks.
Lilu "Merde, jus' say s'mt'ing. 'nyt'ing! Let people know we here f'dem, n'not jus' s'm money grubbin', murderin' tyrant." The woman stresses, a bit of crimson touching her cheeks now as she sparks up. "De world scary 'nough as s't is. Why he addin' to it? Why we lettin' m?"
Manuelito Manuelito watches her quietly. "Alright, I will see what I can do." He replies lightly in understanding.
Lilu Lilu smiles and nods. Stepping closer to the man, she gives his arms a soft squeeze before pulling him into a brief hug. "T'ank you." Pulling back, she huffs a breath and nods. "M' gon' get stronga, too, n'fight. Dey othas out dere, ready t'fight, n'support y'."
Manuelito Giving her a hug back, his hands gentle rest on her arms as she steps back. "I can speak up to calm people, see if they will listen. But.. actively resisting.. or attempting to unseat him is not the way to go for the Militia. I hope you understand that." He replies sympathetically.
Lilu "If y'don' resist, den y'ain' changin' n't'ing. Y'jus' layin' dere n' waitin'." She frowns, taking a step back and a breath in. "Y'do what y't'ink's right. 'm gon' do de same."
Manuelito "Lilu.." Manny sighs as he steps toward her. "If it was me, sure I'd actively resist, call him out demand sudden change. But; you and I represent the militia which is a military like organization." He sighs and smiles gently "We have to be careful in how we deal with things politically in this town; a militia that actively resists could be good or bad."
Lilu "I know dat, m'jus'...I don' like seein' people 'fraid, or bein' pushed 'round like dis. De man's s'cunt, plain n'simple. Y'c'n' keep pushin' people, dough, or dey gon' push back. Talk wit y'uppers, n'y'do what y'need t'. 'm...well, 'm jus' gon' have t'do de same, y'know?" She frowns, keeping her eyes set on the Navajo as they converse. "I kinda like dis place afta all. M'tired 'f runnin'. Folks jus' deserve betta."
Manuelito "And you think I do?" Manny replies quietly, a smile still on his face as he speaks. "This is the first time we've had a mayor do this; citizens in the town are unsure what is going on. Katherine, a member of a prominent family in town has made her announcement for calmness. for the most part, that has worked. I will back her statements and push for peaceful resolution." A pause before he adds "I'm glad you've come to like this town."
Lilu "Peace 's nice, but y'don' stop a snake fr'm strikin' till 't's long dead." She murmurs, resting a bit on the edge of her desk and taking a calming breath of her own. "N'no, f'r y't'ink m' sayin' s'mt'ing viol'nt, I ain' talkin' 'bout hurtin' de man, jus'...needs t'be dealt with 'sall."
Manuelito "Which is where the election comes in to play here soon." Manny notes with a smile, stepping closer to her. Arms gentle fold against his chest as he looks at her. "The town as a history of sorting out issues and problems; be it raiders, looters, killers or corrupt officials."
Lilu "M'sorry." She relents at length, still sitting on the side of her desk and looking Manny's way. "I like healin' people. Helpin' dem. Don' like seein' m'bullied s'all. I c'n' do much, but I wan' do mo'." She explains, eyeing him carefully, even as her face softens with understanding. "Didn' mean t'come at y'all fire n'spit dere."
Manuelito "It's good though. Shows you care about the town; it's people." Manny replies softly. "And I am the same way; it is one of the many reasons I chose this profession and worked in it as long as I have."
Lilu "M'sorry. I didn' even ask if y'needed medical 'ttention." She fusses, rubbing at the nape of her neck with a touch of embarassment. "Y'don' ok? 'Sides, well, me kickin' up a fuss like I did?"
Manuelito Grinning to her now, the Navajo shakes his head "No, just came to see you. See how you were and if the stocks were good."
Lilu "De stocks?" She questions at first, her brow quirking before looking over her things, and the cabinets of supplies. "Oh! Dat, y'm'good. S'nice place, m'glad t'be workin' in it. De crops doin' ok, too. Hope dey keep growin' well."
Manuelito "Bring some of the crops by; I'll pay you some caps for them." Manny replies
Lilu "I don' take caps." Lilu explains gently. "N'dey jus' buds f'now. Soon, dough, I be sure t'set s'm 'side f'r y'." She promises with a fresh smile of her own.
Manuelito "Alright, thank-you Lilu." Manny says with a small smile, his eyes looking in to hers.