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Bane      Today is another day like more or less any other for Bane. He wakes up in a still unfamiliar room in a blur of unfamiliar rooms. He dresses as he always does, forever the combat cowboy. He makes his way slowly downstairs with the promise of food and drink. And there he is now. His rifle resting beside him at the bar his pistol at his waist infront of him is a steaming plate full of potatoes and some kind of mystery meat as well as a cool bottle of nuka cola.
Bane      Bane swivels slightly on his stool it creaks a little under the large mans weight. He eyes the new arrival that just walked through the door, he has a few people that are looking for him so it is best to play it careful. But he knows she is not here to kill him, or at least he hopes. "It is good to see you again as well. I'll be in town until my job is done. Not sure how long that is going to take. Things are more complicated than I am used too."
Jacqueline Jackie, not being the killing kind, just offers a smile. "What is your job anyway, Mister Bane? Could be I know some way of helping it, and you," she says, nodding. "There've been some changes in town recently, and it might help to know what's what lately."
Bane      "I work as a bounty hunter mostly. But I also do whatever else I think I have a good hand at that can pocket me some caps. Sometimes I do some mercenery work here and there or the like." He shakes his head with a small chuckle. "I heard tell a long time bounty of mine is in the area and the mayor is the person I need to talk to for more information. Not that I have managed to yet."
Jacqueline "Ever since he doubled taxes, he's not a popular man around here," Jackie says, frowning. "The guys on the streets now with tommy guns and baseball bats? Those are the new tax collectors. So I don't know if he's doing appointments just now."
Bane      "Yeah they tried to shake me down for those taxes. I am not a local man. I refused to pay. But I can certainly see why most people would be upset at the way they are running things. At this rate he will be dead long before I can talk to him." Bane shakes his head with a small grimace. "I don't know how many of those men he will be getting back if he keeps this up. This town is full of fighters."
Jacqueline "I'm of the same mind: He's overstepped some boundaries for sure. 200 caps isn't dust," Jackie agrees quietly. "And there are a lot of angry people around right now. Some are lacking money, too, but they have friends who are just as unhappy."
Bane      "It is a story that is as old as time in the wastes. Someone gets some power and then they just want more and more until those around them are tired of someone else taking it all for themselves." he shakes his head and sips at his nuka cola "So in the end they kill him, party. And then over time it all happens again. Generally faster than most people expect it too." He looks down towards his rifle, eyeing it like most would look at a partner.
Jacqueline "Sad, but true, and it looks like it's getting a new chapter here," Jackie agrees. "But enough about the mayor. His time's likely coming. Who is it you're looking for, Mister Bane? Someone besides Solomon might know where he is."
Bane      "Possible that someone would I suppose. But he does for sure. And if he is involved I wouldn't mind helping some people out with their goal. Hell, might get lucky maybe the next mayor will see it out before someone else that is just as corrupt steps in." He takes a bite of his food and chews on it thoughtfully "I am looking for a particular raider, he has been roaming over the wastes for over a decade now. He gets around, makes it hard to track him down."
Jacqueline "Do you have a name for him?" Jackie has to ask, frowning uncertainly. "Dumb question, I know, but without that or a description, he'll prove hard to find for sure."
Bane      "I don't have a name. He changes it. Probably through vanity as much as to avoid people like me tracking him down. I do have a discription though." He shakes his head and takes another drink from his nuka cola. "About seven feet tall, built like somebody out of a comic book. Generally wears huge slabs of armour covering most of himself that has a set of flamethrowers built into the suit. Hard guy to miss."
Jacqueline "Sounds like an easy man to spot, for sure, even if he's hard to track down," Jackie says thoughtfully. "Not many seven foot sociopaths in plate roaming around. If he's been around ten years and more, he's picked up a few tricks for staying out of sight."
Bane      "Easy to spot for sure. The real problem is that he is effective and as smart as he is large. Doesn't hit the same place twice, moves around a lot, keeps mobile only takes the valuables that are easily portable. Fucking nightmare to track." He shakes his head with a small smile as he clears his thoughts. "But that is enough of that. Not exactly the best conversationalist these days. I apologise."
Jacqueline "No, it's all right. It's not like I'm a social butterfly, either," Jackie replies, stifling a smile. "And I can see how this one would be hard to find: He makes himself so. It sounds like he has good reason, as many people as must be after him."
Bane      Bane chuckles the grin never seeming to die off his face "I have found that the more people that you hurt in life the more people want to hurt you in return. It is not always true of course, but it is a good thought to live by." He looks down at the counter for a moment and eats another few mouthfulls of his food. "I am sure a lot of people are after him. I just hope that I find him first."
Jacqueline "I hope so, too. The faster anyone finds him, the fewer people he'll hurt in the future," Jackie says wholeheartedly, nodding her emphasis. The robot arrives just then with her fried tato, mushroom, and brahmin-meat skillet. "Ooh, that smells marvelous! Thank you!"