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Jude It's been another day in El Dorado. Life in the wastes tends to blend together, days and nights running together with only the radio providing any sense of date or time. Replete in his brand new Militia Uniform and decked out in militia combat armor, he's looking far better protected today than he was yesterday. A pack hangs on his back with the barrel of something sticking out. A sack is in his hand as he waits a moment for his eyes to adjust. He smiles as he can see in the indoor gloom. "Iris," he calls with affection in his voice. "Didja eat yet? I found some Dandy Boy Apples and Fancy Lad snack cakes today!" He clomps into the hospital, brandishing the bag of goodies.
Iris Lark Iris walks out from the back room, her head tilted slightly as she hears someone calling her name. "Apples?" She asks, her eyes lighting up with glee. "Come in, come in!"
Jude Jude beams brightly as he dumps some of what he found out on a convenient table. He's true to his word too. A few packages of Dandy Boys and Fancy Lads tumble out onto the table along with a couple bottles of Sunset Sasparilla and Rum and Nuka. "Dig in," he offers with a grin. He grabs a packet of snack cakes and one of the Sasparillas, popping the top and tearing open the package. "I was hopin' for some sugar bombs, but I love these too." He sips his sasparilla and asks, "How's your day been, darlin'? Savin' lives and bein' a big damn hero like every day?"
Iris Lark "It's been very quiet here today." Iris saya as she grabs a cola and a package of snack cakes. "So quiet that I was going to take a walk somewhere to break the quiet up, but here you are, and now the quiet is gone." She pops the top of her cola and takes a sip, sighing with pleasure. "Where did you find all of this?"
Jude Jude gestures vaguely towards the Clovis Highway as he chews and swallows a bit of cake. "I finally found a spot that's paying off on the old Clovis. Dug out an old truck and found this here food and a busted up weapon." He mmms and holds up a finger, digging into his uniform pocket. "I found something yesterday too. Once I got into it, it made me think of ya." And no. It' isn't prewar porn. It's a holodisk! With medicine printed neatly on the case. He places it on the table with a click and slides it towards Iris. "If ya still have some space on your pip, this might be helpful." He swigs his sasparilla with an ahhh. "Thisty work digging crap up."
Iris Lark Iris takes the disc from Jude and takes a seat on a examination table, letting her legs swing back and forth. "This is all so nice of you. Now I owe you a favor, several of them." She sets the disc aside and smiles at Jude as she gazes at the bounty of food. "How much do I owe you for the disc?"
Jude Jude thinks a moment and just waves. "We're on the same team. Hooking you up with good stuff makes us all a little safer." He gives a shrug. "It's for the greater good. No better investment." He munches his cake with a slight blush. "With what we're gonna get up to, you'll save my life more times than I can count." He gives a little shrug and groans, deciding to take off his armguards. "This shit is heavy," he complains with a laugh. "I'll be muscley like a Tribal in no time if I keep wearing all this."
Iris Lark Iris leans in, looking at the new uniform and equipment. "Goodness, Jude. What is all of this?" Her fingers grab at the hat for a moment, tugging it gently before she leans back to gaze at him as if she's just seeing him. "You look a bit dangerous, not something that I'm used to when I look at you." A slight grin teases at her lips before she adds. "Kind of like Stockton, a bit."
Jude Jude laughs, although he puffs up with some pride at the compliments. "I joined the Militia. I'm a Private!" It's not a high rank, but one he holds with pride. He laughs a little then and shrugs. "I think that's why Stockton likes me. Cause I'm a little dangerous." He pauses and laughs. "That and I have a nice bottom." He snickers, standing up to show off the mottled tan armor and uniform, complete with patches declaring him part of the Support Unit and the Engineering badge. He leans in a little and whispers, "Alice was right I think. The uniform looks good, huh?"
Iris Lark "It does look good, you look very official. I'll be sure to be careful around you, not that I generally run about committing crimes." Iris says, taking another bite of her snack cake. She continues to swing her legs back and forth as she chews thoughtfully. "Stockton reminds me of someone I new when I was younger. He does that thing where he watches you and it looks like he's about to grab at you if you're not careful." She turns to gaze at Jude, and cants her head. "You ever notice that?"
Jude Jude snickers. "I ain't with the Sheriff. Just the militia. Crimes ain't my bag. The Hordes coming from the South and Mr. House's men in the North are more my thing." He settles back into his seat and nibbles his snack cake. "I noticed that about him. I have a friend in the Militia that was like that growin' up too. Couldn't tell sometimes if you were gonna get a smack or a kiss, yaknow? Same, almost feral look sometimes." He shrugs with a blush before shaking his head to clear it. "He's a good fella. Stockton that is. I've fought 'longside him a few times now. Back when I was only sportin' a knife in all the gunfights." He laughs and blushes a little more. "Saw me do good though, even with just that. I look forward to show him that with a laser, I'm 'bout as good in a scrap as he is."
Iris Lark Iris listens as Jude talks, nodding occasionally, a smile on her face. "What kind of laser weapon do you use?" She asks, tucking her legs up indian-style as she scoots slightly closer to him. "I only ask because I have a bunch of laser weapons, and nobody seems to want to buy them." She pulls out another snack cake and begins to pick at it and eat it. "Well I'm just saying, I wouldn't be good at crime to begin with, but I certainly won't behave in a criminal fashion around someone in a uniform."
Jude Jude pulls out his laser pistol and offers it up for Iris to look at. "This has been in my family since Vault 30 closed back in the day. Pa gave it to me after he saw I was doin' right by folks out here." He laughs a little and blushes. "Well, when I get me some more caps, I'll take a look at whatcha have. I only ever find slugthrowers and I ain't much use with them." He munches the last of his snackcake and opens some apples, crunching into one. "I wouldn't turn ya in. I like ya too much to give ya grief."
Iris Lark Iris blushes when Jude mentions not turning her in, but she covers it well, turning to pull something from behind the table. "Well, I have this, and I'm not using it. I wouldn't ask you to pay me for it either, I mean - you might save my life with it one day." She holds out a musket for him to look at. "I like you too, Jude, you're probably the nicest person I've met since I was rescued."
Jude Jude takes the weapon and brings it to his shoulder in remarkably practiced fashion. He flips the crank and puts it through it's paces before he whistles low. "This is what the militia uses. I was lookin' at one just yesterday when I was gettin' my uniform and all." He gives a little laugh and says softly, "At this rate, we're gonna owe each other plenty of favors. No sayin' no, unless there's no please in there somewheres." He laughs and leans it up against the table. He takes a moment and just gazes at Iris for a long moment. His eyes remain on her eyes for the most part, but drift to her lips more than once. He clears his throat then and breaks eyecontact, blushing a little and busying himself with sipping at this sasparilla. "How long ago since you've been rescued?" he asks as he realizes he isn't too sure about most of Iris's background.
Iris Lark "It's been a few months now." Iris says, leaning over to subtly move the musket closer to Jude. "You better take that with you." She says, a mock stern look on her face as she wiggles a finger at him. She glances over and catches him watching her and she doesn't look away, she smiles instead. "The militia has good taste in weaponry then, and well, after what happened and the letter. You need to be safe."
Jude Jude takes the musket and tucks it into the duster he wears, hooking it to a clip at the shoulder. "I'll be safe," he promises. He smiles then, fighting getting lost in Iris's eyes again, glancing at the musket. "They do. These are good weapons. In most ways, a little better than the average laser rifle." He flicks his gaze back up to Iris. "I... um...."
Iris Lark Iris nods at Jude when he mentions staying safe. She gazes down at her cake, takes another drink, before her eyes drift back up to look at the Vault Dweller. She waits patiently for him to speak, and continues to pick and eat at her cake.
Jude Jude blushes and seeing Iris picking at her cake, he changes goes with, "I.. umm.. should probably head out. I think I have guard duty tonight and I could use a shower and some time out of this here heavy ass rig." His heart goes aflutter as he thinks about the cascading hot water. "Mm. Definitely a shower." He smiles wide as he stands at precise attention and salutes. "Private Masters requesting permission to go home, Ma'am." He giggles and cuts the salute. He spreads his arms and asks, "Umm. Are we huggers yet? I'm not... sure what y'all do up here."
Iris Lark Iris gets to her feet and wraps Jude in a gentle hug. "I like hugs, I didn't get them at all until I came to El Dorado." When she pulls back and reaches up to wipe something from his face. "You have a bit of something here.." She says slowly and then she takes a breath and and a step back. "I hope you'll come back and visit me again Jude, next time I'll cook."
Jude Jude wraps Iris into his arms and returns the hug. He likes hugs too, pressing close and holding Iris secure for the few heartbeats they meet. He pulls back slowly, letting her brush whatever's on his face away. His hands rest on her hips, his breath catching as he feels the gentle caress. Before she can quite finish that breath, his head dips forward, coming just short of trying to meet her lips before he draws away with a whispered, "Sorry." Then he clears his throat as she talks about cooking. "Oh. That sounds good! If you ever happen by Vault City, I can show you where I live too. I don't cook, but my robot does a fairly good job. Probably amazing if I took the time to actually have it make me a list of stuff to put in the fridge." He laughs and shrugs, adjusting his armor a little. "I'll... umm... drop by in the mornin' sometime so you have some warning. Then I'll drop by that evening after I'm done scavving or ... umm... militia-ing..."
Iris Lark Iris goes still when Jude moves close, but she doesn't move away, her eyes get wide as she watches him. She picks up on the change of subject and she moves then, and nearly stumbles towards the table. "I don't have much here to cook, I make do with what .." She slowly exhales and a few moments of silence stretch out before she finally speaks up again. "Take me with you when you go scavving?"
Jude Jude smiles and doesn't even give pause before he agrees. "Oh, sure! That'll be fun. Maybe we'll get lucky and find something real cool!" The young man is so used to going out alone, the thought of having someone to talk to makes him downright giddy. "Last time I went with someone, we got jumped by a raider." He quirks his mouth in humor. "A raider with a knife against both of us with... well... more than a knife. It was soo weird." He sighs and gazes at the door. "I'll letcha know what my duty schedule is and we'll go out together. I should really get going though. Talk to you soon!"
Iris Lark "Bye Jude!" Iris calls out, gathering the remainder of the food and heading towards the back room to store it.