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Sammy     Sammy explained as he rallied the troops and headed to this little staging area, it's a half-demolished wall with two garbage dumpsters (emptied long ago) turned on their sides, evidence shows it was used as a camp or shelter several sometimes in the last two hundred years. Sammy has the fire pit smoothed, and is drawing lines in the ashes and sand with a s mall stick, hunkered down.
    "So the guys we're after, hail from Texas, a group that was part of the greater MotorHeads gang, found reason to do their own thing. Reason enough to storm through, steer around El Dorado, and make a raid on Einstein's shop in Roswell." Sammy taps the spot on the map labeled 'R' for Rocket or Radioactive... no wait Roswell will do.
Rose This was the first time that Rose had worked with Sammy on something she hadn't been leading, but the blonde Ranger didn't seem all the bothered by the change. If you weren't responcible for plans, you could work greater on action. With her long blonde hair pinned up in that folded bun the young woman glanced at the collection of others, some wearing dusters much the same as hers, others? Well...looking rather different. At least Rose had met the Legionaire in passing before, but that didn't mean she hadn't spent a lot of her youth looking down the sights at people in that sort of gear.

Turning attention back to the map she nods her head. "And we're moving in on them before they can strike again?"
Ashur "Watch for trouble and fire from the back, my Kumo," rumbles the metallic-filtered voice of Ashur. The man's every step is thunder, his voice a booming echo-- the salvaged T-45b power armor he wears, lacking even the basic servos to help it move, is simply dead metal weight on his hulking figure. Bright white and gold, with its feather crested helm and scarlet pteruges, he cuts an imposing sight alien to the majority of the wasteland. His right hand is encased in a brutal-looking power fist.

At his side, as she often is, is Kurokumo. The metal brute assumes a protective position a little in front of her, his body partially concealing hers.
Carter Griffin "Seems pretty straight forward." Carter says, as he checks over his Sequoia, twirling it around his finger before he drops it into the holster, "I hope it's not a stealth mission though." He jerks a thumb towards Ashur.
Molly Brown Molly Brown Llooks to Ashuer for a moment hoping things go better than the last time they worked together but she will give him a chance. She looks over at the map and pauses for a moment. She humms andnods "So do these motorheads got anything we should know about? Like robots or anything else?"
Kurokumo Mibojin      Sure to form, Kurokumo does end up following her Knight. Of course, being a wall does get in the way of looking at the dirt map. "That would be a nice change, to get to them first." Her tone is casual, faintly colored with bitterness and subtle aggression. The Doctor has a mean streak a mile wide.
Dominic dominic rides on horseback as he makes his way to the group wearing his insignia of his newly compleated villige thanks to the help of his freinds "i came to help as soon as i could" his hand rests on his hilt as he says this
Sammy     A bit of a short walk, mostly this way and that to zig sag around particularly obscuring sand dunes, and Sammy draws everyone in as he crouches down, and gestures in the gathering dawn-light

    Some raider camps are better built than others; most all cover the basics; a place to crash when the drugs wear off. A place to cook whatever didn't outrun you. A place to secure your things. Sometimes fortifications are impromptu, sometimes deliberate, more than likely, this particular Poseidon Energy Fueling station had been spared a lot of the blast waves that hit the wasteland, and it's fairly intact. An open garage with a 55 gallon turned into a roasting spit, some blackened leftovers. the cars that had been there when the bombs fell, some had been arranged into a fence around the gas station.
    Sammy gestures for everyone to 'Go' and take their positions.
Sammy     Even this early, the camp has raiders, Motorheads by the look of their leathers, starting to stir and rise.
Rose      Rose's revolvers don't exactly come with a suppressor, but then with Ashur doing his whole 'Iron Giant' impression and the newcomer on horse-back wasn't really going to afford stealth as much of an option. The best she could go for? Was to be in a good position with cover for when the bullets start flying. Moving suprisingly silent in her boots, the 'Desert Rose' moves to prepare for the impending violence.
Molly Brown Molly Brown wonders of those cars engeines remain they could weaponize those against the raiders if they didn't have the sense to pull the engines out or at least diable them. Then again maybe theyd idn't know how ot they could have rotted out. She readies her ten mm pistols and will make as ready as she can for whatever is about to happen with these raiders as she picks the best cover she can get to before things go hot.
Ashur "The degenerates are likely struggling through highs and hangovers," the steel Ashur remarks, clenching his right hand into a tight fist. The leather of his gloves crinkles and stretches as the wind plays along his flowing white cloak. It's almost comical how much like a fairy tale the man has become-- things in the wastes shouldn't look regal and white. "We should assault with all our strength in one overwhelming wave, before they can dust off their eyes."

That is Ashur's take, and the position he seeks to take: fall upon them like the storms of a wrathful God.
Dominic dominic looks to ashur "i will follow you lead then sir" pulling his blade free the armored knight dose a quick prayer for himself before doing a dose of jet and slamming his helmet on "im so fragging ready"
Carter Griffin With all of the stuff going on, Carter isn't sure that this is the best course of action. But you know he's not one to question this sort of thing. After all he's seen Sammy shoot, so he knows they're in good hands.

Carter does his best to move up towards the main assault line, and then finds a peice of cover, pressing himself up against it and drawing the revolver, "Lets do this."
Kurokumo Mibojin      Considering the armored men about to start wading into battle, Kurokumo decides that using them for a blockade might not be the best idea. She darts over to one of the other metal husks of vehicles, her firearm at the ready for when the Raiders wake.
Sammy     Here it's gonna be such a great morning, raiding and scavving and all that. Phil finishes his business only to look over and see four people who shouldn't be there, and that guy in front has really sweet armor! And another power-fist! He makes a scream and leap at Ashur, and finds his Power Fist bouncing twice off the big man.
    Meanwhile ... Sammy sets up his shot, deciding perhaps if he takes out some of the grumpy groggy raiders with shotguns, maybe a few will run or get confused. His rifle barks, and he misses by just enough the shotgun guys and the whole of the camp know exactly where he was coming from, and leave a few singed moustaches in its wake.
    That bigger, meaner Motorheads Member Eddie, decides Sammy needs to be gone, and aims for Sammy with the shotgun, "BA-CHOOM! BA-CHOOM!" but pellets impact and spark off the metal Sammy was ducking behind.
Dominic dominic didnt take to kindly to phil hitting his comrad so he realeased a battle cry as he choped at the mans head before carving into his back blood flying everywear as he dose so
Rose      And now, the violence begins. Rose emerges from her corner to announce her presence with thunder, noise and a deadly onslaught of bullets. In a mere moment her two revolvers blast, the gunslinger cutting down the men who'd opened fire, a pair of shots hitting hard into his chest before the last two bullets punch into his eyes. The Revolver-wielding bandit is dead before he even saw the blonde gunslinger bringing his death. Rose herself? She's already leaning against her cover, aiming for her next target.
Molly Brown Molly Brown is geting into the firefight targeting the raider who brought tire irons to a ... gun fight? Was that all they could find? She didn't know and just was trying to pick them off before they swarmed after one of her allies.
Kurokumo Mibojin      It always happens, the reasons for why Kurokumo finds herself knitting together Ashur most days. When the Raiders decide to take it out on him, first hand, bullets slinging into power armor like so much swiss cheese, she reacts: Emptying quite a few shells of her own into the young man's chest.
Carter Griffin The Ranger wielding the massive handgun has been behind cover, listening to the firepower rain down in both directions. He has been biding his time and waiting for a shot, taking a few deep breaths. He glances down at the bulky Pip-Boy 2000 Plus on his arm, as it calculates the best time to engage. Indeed, a moment later, there is a lull in the gunfire, and he steps out from behind his cover, leveling the .45-70 Govt revolver at Eddie.

The early morning light glints off of the gold engravings on the weapon, 'Against All Tyrants'. Eddie was a tyrant, be it of his own personal little hell, but it was still doing it's job. Eddie doesn't even get a chance to react to the Ranger's sudden appearance before the weapon fires, flames shooting outwards from the muzzle break as the first round tears through the air. It impacts Eddie in the chest, punching through his armor and bursting out of his back. Before he can even try to gasp for air from his collapsed lungs, however, the second round comes for him. This is the one with his name on it, as it enters his skull just above his left eye and the cavitation from the round bursts his head like a grape. Carter continues to hold the weapon angled towards him as he hits the ground, ensuring that his target is down.
Ashur The battle opens with a bang-- literally, as one of the Motorheads crashes into him with a fierce hook from a power fist, the piston smashing into the thick steel plates of his chest armor with a thunderous smash. The former Legionnaire doesn't even flinch; he raises his own right hand, encased in a much larger power fist, and prepares to retaliate with a decapitating blow.

The gesture was unnecessary. Like some sort of sword-swinging demon, Dominic slaughters the raider before he can even respond. "Impressive swordsmanship," he rumbles, before wading forth into the melee. A group of shotgun-toting ne'er-do-wells open into him with a repeating salvo of buckshot, and unlike the punches before, these hurt; the concentration of fire bruises and cuts beneath his armor. "Degenerates," he growls, and despite the weight of his armor he breaks into a dashing charge even as his woman opens fire on them-- once her shots distract, he shreds them like a bladed wind, pulping bone and organs into wet mulch.

When it's over, he's looming, bloodsplattered, over the twitching corpse of a pot-bellied man. His right hand is pressed down firmly between the man's crushed face, power fist piston crushing the skull, and popping both eyeballs out around either side of his hand. It's almost comical.
Sammy     Gunpowder, death, dismemberement. Lots and lots of bullets flying. And swords chopping. And fists smashing. But that's how the day opens here at the Posidon Energy stop, the little bandit camp in the big west. The Texas Raiders weren't expecting to be counterattacked in their own back yard, poor Phil lost his head over it, the others came pouring out of the garage shack and rolling out from under busses.
    Eddie with a shotgun, Lucas with another magnum revolver, Mikkey with a PowerFist & shotgun. And another gang with clubs and some more found shotguns.
Kurokumo Mibojin      Having emptied quite a few rounds into the Shotgun wielding idiots attacking her White Knight in the first place, Kurokumo barely misses the friendly response from being riddled full of holes. That was close!
Carter Griffin     The second wave of goons is on them in a moment after they'd barely finished taking out the first. Carter turns his attention towards one, but he's not fast enough. He feels that power fist slam into his torso, and is thankful for whoever invented this old world riot armor he's wearing. He landshard on his back, but he's not out of the woods yet, as he rolls back up to his feet, coming up to a standing position.
Dominic dominic is thrown off his horse by the large ammount of bullets hitting him they hurt alot but hes still breathing... for now
Dominic dominic had had it with the shotgunners so he ran up and with a powerfull swing ripped threw there manhoods then carved into there chests and backs "death to all who opose me"
Carter Griffin     The Ranger had been dropped from the power fist, but he wasn't out yet. He was already back on his feet, his left hand moving to grab his shotgun from his back as his right hand dropped his revolver into his holster. With the shotgun out, he pressed the advantage on Mikkey. The weapon had a lot of recoil, but carter was no average raider. He fired the first shot square into Mikkey's chest, causing the biker to spin around from the impact and drop to the ground.

Carter was on top of him in an instant, grabbing him by his hair and hauling him back up to his feet, "You picked the wrong NCR Ranger to fuck with, shitbird. Time to clean house." Carter presses the shotgun against Mikkey's lower back, but then drops it down even further, jams it up against the underside of the biker, and pulls the trigger a second time.

Mikkey is dead before he even knows what happened, as the shotgun blast tears his upper body apart, gibbing him into chunks that splatter across the battlefield. Carter pops open the shotgun and lets the two shells eject into the sand at his feet.
Kurokumo Mibojin      Despite her best efforts, Kurokumo aims to take out Eddie and that debilitating shotgun as he takes shots at Ashur, and misses.
Ashur A storm of bullets smack against Ashur and scratch the metal of his armor; some manage to strike in the thinner pieces, near the joints, and graze the scarred flesh beneath. But despite the fatigue and pain, the actual injury is insignificant-- nothing has yet landed a blow on the titan that can slow him.

Mostly, it irritates him-- and that flash of anger becomes a great upswell of blind fury when he sees a dead man take aim at his Kumo. His steps become a stomping earthquake as he screams, a whirlwind of motion; dry earth cracks beneath his boots as he advances, ready to kill-- but a group surrounds him, all armed with tire irons, helplessly bashing at the bloodsoaked Legionnaire's armor. It is all sound and fury, signifying nothing.

His response is feral. He hunches over, cloak pooling around him, and lunges in a football tackle; one man gets knocked back, and a quick jab of the power fist sees his testicles crushed up into his pelvis with a pop that shatters the bone.

The next smacks at Ashur again, and with a roar he twists on a heel, grabbing him and hurling him into the third mook. Both of them tumble down and the giant, easily in excess of four hundred pounds, kneels over them, pummeling again and again and again and again.

The flesh splits and spews. Bones shatter and pierce the ragged ribbons of skin left. What was two men now looks nothing like that; there's simply a horrorshow of pain, jaws ripped off faces, eyes dangling from sockets, throats ripped open.

Ashur stands, and begins to walk to the next target.
Lucette     The cavalry arrives! Or something. Luce had been a little behind the group under the excuse of 'calibrating my focus for the weather.', calibrations seem to have been done quickly and a sprinting-in Lucette has her AEP-7 raised at the first ranged-threat she saw. A group of revolver users has a pair of red beams quickly zapped into them, with a third arcing off sadly a little high for all that it's worth. Still, the backlines finally get their support from the laser-totin' courier, whom takes to a knee at the end of her approach to catch breath with eyes peeled for the victim of her next shot.
Molly Brown The Fight is going on bullets are flying, people are dying but one could argue about that with Raiders. Either way he gang does need to be cleaned out and the horde isn't about giving up eithere. Neither is Molly whose managed to make herself appear non threatening enough. She'll pop off two shots and with littl success she ducks back down into cover. She may end up being more ueseful in patching people up after things are done.
Sammy     So many bullets. Entire groups of targets lining up. Sammy takes his aim, sees a line of guys just waiting for the ammo conservationist in him to smile, they raise their shotguns and lean over the car just a little bit too far, and the big rifle barks, dope-on-a-rope headshot across the group.
    The gang is not lookin so great, then again, the shotguns bark in return, and Sammy takes one to the chest.
    The first Tire Iron group siezes this opportunity to leap and try giving the beleagured sniper an attitude adjustment! Wrenches and iron fly and Sammy can't dodge 'em all. That knee doesn't look right anymore.
    Eddie snarls, watching the raiders pile on the Ranger and spies the bright light of the laser pistol, his knife comes out, as he dives for Lucette, catching nothing but air.

... and the fight goes on!
Dominic it must be the bloodloss at this point because dominic swings wildly hes tired and bleeding from the bullets his armor wasnt made to stop he manages to get one good hit on eddie seeing his blade cut somthing important as the man started to bleed "that all ya got" dominic asks as he spits blood on the ground "lets go"
Sammy     Sammy rolls with it, laying his rifle back over his shoulder as he tumbles, hands blurring to get his revolver out of his holster, shooting up into the air from the ground, kicking up a lot of dust, the pistol barks and connects with lots of meat, and he almost manages to dodge the return fire of beatings, that leg hurting something awful, causing him to flail a little more effectively, dodging most of the tire irons and rolling with it, fanning the magnum as he moves back. Only to see the last one get holeshot and crumple.
Molly Brown Molly Brown is quick but not quick enough while she's bale to keep out of some trouble Dominic takes the hit for her that leve Molly stunned, if he's alive she's going to do what she can for him. "Dominic!"

She's going to try and get some better cover and to her shock? dominic is still going.
Carter Griffin Carter is again quick to swap weapons, pulling his marksman rifle out instead of reloading the shotgun. The weapon disappears into his duster and the rifle comes to bear. The first shot is fired in the direction of Sammy, but not at his fellow Ranger, instead at the guys that are beating on him. The round penetrates through two of them, takes them both out, and stops the attack.

Carter then turns towards one of the leaders, dropping to a knee and aiming down the sights of his weapon, before firing a second shot, letting loose with another round which strikes the target square in the chest, but doesn't put him down yet. Makes Carter a bit upset that he didn't put this one down too.
Rose      Where had Rose been? Perhaps she'd been repositioning, or perhaps she'd simply been reloading. Whatever the case, the Ranger wielding -two- big guns makes her presence known again as she leans out of her cover, guns raised akimbo and blasting away at Lucas and Eddie. The pair are cut down, Lucas thrown off his feet in an instant while the rapid onslaught catches Eddie in the arm, spinning him around before the rounds finish him off and Rose ducks back into cover, barrels smoking.
Ashur Ashur's breath comes in ragged spurts; the exhales are a low dark rasp, pushed from a throat twisted by berserk rage into a leonine rumble-- the inhalation no better, snorting as he drinks the oxygen, fueling muscles that burn with the abominable weight of his armor. But still he moves. He hurls himself into the heart of danger. The heart of danger, this moment, is a group of men with revolvers. He careens into them, an unstoppable bull, and his hands break limbs and knock men into the dirt with brutal efficiency.
Rose Last rounds, but Rose makes them count. Leaning out of cover, she fires another pair of roaring shots that blast into the mooks, hitting skulls and groins both. A swift, but not exactly pleasent way to die. Already Rose is back, opening the revolvers and shaking her casings free as she begins the task of reloading the spent bullets.
Dominic doninic kneels on one leg using his sword as support he bleeds from multiple breaches on his armor "that was a good fight, im vary tired thow" dominic sinks his sword deeper into the sand to hoist himself up to standing position
Kurokumo Mibojin      The air is full of violence, of fired rounds and crunching bones as the rag-tag group from El Dorado brings this fire-fight to a close. It finally dies down, Kurokumo not having much luck with her targets, but she emerges unscathed! As soon as it's apparent that the disgusting Raiders gang has been torn to bits and pieces, she bee-lines her way to Ashur's mangled form. It's obvious where her priorities lie. The medkit is brought to bear, but he's covered in so much blood. "Open it up, Ashur. Let me see."
Carter Griffin "So is that it?" Carter asks, as he lowers his rifle down to his side, looking around the battlefield, "Rangers, check in!" He calls out, trying to see if the other Rangers on the mission made it out okay.
Sammy     You can't keep a good man down. Sammy's not in a good place though, and as he rolls to his cover near the car he was at originally, he catches sight of the two Motorhead Members going down, and watches Rose continue to chew through the other revolver squad. With delberate anger he takes aim at the last one, still convulsing from being thrown back by Ashur's standard impression of a battering ram.
    "*klik-BOOM*" goes the pistol, and sammy starts to let the dust clear, the desert dust certainly, but the red mist from his mind, sitting down with the car for cover and support, his hands work the rythm, flick the gun open and reload in a rythm. "I suppose they'll call me nuts, but I like to play Outside the Wire. Lets find Einstein's books and other things and get ready to head back to Acme." he feels the *klunk* of his helmet against the car.
Ashur As the battle draws to a close, Ashur rips his hand free of the chest cavity it'd been relaxing in, shaking off bits of splintered sternum. The Roman soldier leans back, arms hanging at his side, every deep breath standing out through the sealed air filters of his helmet. Red drips from his fingertips and stains his cloak-- somehow, he's ended up a complete and total bloody mess.

Precious little of it is his.

The beast of a man lifts his left hand, hooks fingers beneath his helm, and lifts it free. The packed braids of his hair tumble free in a sweaty black shine. "I am fine, my Kumo," he declares, reaching up to muss her hair-- and pausing, when he sees his hand. He wraps it in the white of his cloak and pets her like one might a kitten.

The feathered helmet is held at his side, as he looks around. "If there are any survivors lingering, we must make an example of them."
Rose Guns reloaded, Rose comes walking out of the small cloud of gunsmoke that had announced her actions, weapons held at her eyes as she looks over the others and their state of injury. "You all still breathing?" she questions, concern beneath the humor as she's satisfied with the threats all being removed. A small flourish to her movements, a twirl of those dual revolvers before she smoothly returns the to their hip holsters, the blonde Ranger exhales. "Any one you walk away from..."
Kurokumo Mibojin      Head bowing under the massive gauntletted hand, Kurokumo looks reluctant to go anywhere near the gore, but she gives the hulking brute a grim smile none-the-less. "Don't have time for that..." Making examples is for people who have something to prove, and making it out alive is much more important. She makes her way over to Sammy, who looks much worse for wear. "Damn it, Sammy..." She knows him, apparently.
Dominic dominic walks down to ashur coughing and weezing as he dose "you did good down there freind"
Ashur Ashur looks down toward Dominic, giving him a clap on the shoulder-- unlike with Kumo, he doesn't bother wiping the blood off his hand on the cloak, first. "Your swordsmanship is impressive," he compliments. "Come, my Kumo. Walk with me."

He'll wander off away from the group then, picking through supplies, looking for fun things.
Molly Brown Molly Brown watches as the fight slowly winds down she takes a deep breath.

"Dominic we need to tend to tyour wouns and we should not dally about it." She's not even brining up charging for it. 5R
"Not dead I'll get to ... tending to everyone. So we can get somewhere for proper treatment."

She'll get out her medkit and get to work on dominic it patch him up enough to ... move.
Rose Rose herself pats her thigh holsters, fingers brushing the curved grips of her revolvers. They hadn't let her down just yet. Nodding to the others, she lifts a hand to Sammy and Carter. The other Rangers were still upright, they could get themself some treatment and resupply back at town. The...Knight...was being treated by Molly and the armored Ashur was being tended by Kurokumo. All was well.

Tugging her helmet off her head, the blonde woman wipes the sweat from her brow and gives the group one last look with her own gaze before she replaces the armor and starts back her long treck to town.
Sammy     Rising to his feet amidst the wreckage, Sammy checks over the list of items Einstein was looking to retrieve,, and finds a banged up otherwise uselessshotgun, and uses it for a crutch as he pokes about the building, considering it, "A few more walls, maybe a crow's nest with some stairs to get uptop. This place might not be so bad. Maybe fill in adobe around the unsalvagable wrecks." he's not really talking to anyone in particular.
    Satisfied everything mentioned has been gathered, he shoulders the bag, his rifle, adjusts his coat, and opens his hip flask, taking a swig and then biting down on the strap of the extra bag, setting his determined eyes towards Acme, and limping with purpose.