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Alice Alice had sent word to the others to meet her in 'Lower Vault Town' without much general directions given, but the signs that directed the way reading 'Vault Team Six Members and Prospects This way' with arrows pointing helped guide the way.

When you got there, Alice was sitting in front of a large metal door in an area of Vault Town that was normally only accessible to maintenance personnel.

O.V.E.R. 9000 and Vaultmeat were both there, Vaultmeat running around the big bot excitedly as the puppys energy always seemed to be on full blast.
Iris Lark Iris shows up, a slightly awed look on her face as she looks around at the scenery. When she spots Alice, her steps speed up and when she gets to the woman she gives her a hug. "How are you doing Alice?"
Lucky Down, down the stairs and into the lower dugenon.. er lower Vault town he went. with signs with freshly painted arrows and messages, the kid known as Lucky follows. Passing the fourth, or perhaps fifth sign he gave pause and hmm. "I hope the cake isn't a lie." He mumbles before proceeding further.

Entering the room, he spots Alice, the robot and the dog. Twiddling his fingers to Alice whom he's seen her before of course; when he wore that nurses gown that might still be in a closet or chest some place. Bending down on a knee, the kid withdraws a jerky stick and says to Vaultmeat "Care for some food?" with a small smile on his face.
Saeko      Saeko just sort of...arrives, stepping out of the shadows. She does that now and then. The wastland 'Kunoichi' was dressed in her usual cloak, but her leather chestpiece over her prefered attire had been replaced after a recent shotgun encounter, new hardened combat plating in its place. It was a little heavier then she liked, but vital organs were 'vital'. Wordlessly, she bows her head to Alice in greeting before tilting her head at the robot. She'd not seen it before. After that? Her eyes look over the more familier people gathered. She'd seen most in the clinic prior.
Achilles Achilles arrived with Iris, wearing the suit of power armor that's become a staple of his big battle appearal. Though truth be told he's still getting used to it. "Don't think I've ever seen anything like this. Every vault I've been in has been a raider base of some kind." He does sound impressed, even if he still hasn't fully accepted technology.
Alice Vaultmeat snatched up the jerky stick without any hesitation and the sentry-bot greeted everyone with a loud, "*BZT*"

Standing up from the ground, Alice smiled and waved, "Glad you could all make it. I'm doing fine, how about you Iris?" She nodded to Achilles and said, "I've never been in another Vault, so I wouldn't know."

Removing a keycard from her Vault 30 Jumpsuit she warned, "No clue what's down there, by the way. Just that it's been sealed off since they originally sealed it off and we need to lock the door behind us. I'll be leaving the keycard with Over9000 so if we need to get out, he can open it for us."
Iris Lark "I'm doing well, thank you." Iris says, polite as ever. She glances at the door and the bot, unease written on her face. "Well that sounds a little scary, but I think we'll be okay, right? Should I be wearing armor?" She frowns and hefts her rucksack off.
Lucky Lucky pouts a bit as the jerky stick disappears before his eyes. "Er, share?" He asks belatedly. A chuckle escaping his lips a moment later, standing and wiping his hands eyes looking to Alice. "Sounds lovely." He says, glancing to Iris with a wide pleasant smile "Oh come now doc, anything locked behind those doors ought to be dead after 200 years." A beat "Unless it's mole rats." He shudders at the thought.
Achilles "If that's the case, then probably." Achilles says down to Iris as he looks over the gathered faces. "Doesn't sound like they expect us to make it back." An unseen grin creeps across his face, there's nothing he loves more than a challenge. "Robots and defenses could be active down there."
Saeko Saeko herself tilts her head to the side, adjusting her gear lightly and shouldering her bow as she draws her sword, letting the weapon rest at her side. "If further in there is an opening, a cave in of sorts, or a water source, there is no way of knowing what will be found down there." Gently, the asian woman reaches up, pulling her hood back up to cover her hair and shadow much of her features. It was a comfort thing. "But there is only one way to find out."
Vuk Vuk was also stomping through vault town; like how else do you truly move in Power Armor? His hasn't been painted yet, it's mostly still showing protective coating...he hasn't decided -what- colour to paint it actually, but he has it, and he's stomping in. "How the hell do those Paladins sit and sleep in this crap?" he vocalizes to every one when he finds the meeting room, whilst offering a bro fist bump to Achilles. Since he can do that now, and -not- end up with a broken fist.
Alice "Well, it's not been quite that long, they sealed it off sometime before they settled Vault Town. Apparently the whole place used to be pretty dangerous." Alice swiped the keycard and the heavy metal door began to open and she handed the keycard over to O.V.E.R. 9000 who took it in his manipulator hand, "Just remember to let us out. Vaultmeat! You stay here and keep him company."

Leaning down to the puppy she whispered, "Make sure he opens the door, good boy, sit Vaultmeat." The dog sat.

When the door was finished opening Alice turned her Pip-Boy's flashlight on to illuminate the darkness ahead before stepping into a long metal corridor, "Well, let's go!" She called out excitedly before plunging into the darkness.
Lucky "Yes, let us trust our O.V.E.Rlord in letting us back out." Lucky teases, winking to the bot as he follows forth, just behind Alice. His hand slides down to his side, making sure he didn't forget the pistol and SMG slung against his chest. A Desert rangers Motto is be prepared; or perhaps that was just one of the many mottos.
Iris Lark Iris glances around and she takes a deep breath and nods. "Well, I'm wearing my armor, if it's dangerous then I'm not going to be a burden." She states, falling into step beside Alice. "Lets go exploring, maybe we'll find pirate treasure."
Achilles "Alright everyone, stay together. Keep your hands and feet in the ride at all time, never know when you may lose them." Achilles chimes in helpfully, flicking his flashlight on as well. That big sword stays leaned against his shoulder. "I'll keep myself between danger and you, don't worry."
Vuk Vuk will activate his Helmet lamp as well, more light is better, yes? He'll also begin cycling through vision modes intermittently, never know when you might get lucky, right? "Since when did Vaults have rides in them? I thought they had barely functioning elevators or some thing. It's what I heard." He says, starting to let the Minigun's motor idle..well they did say it was dangerous! "Alice..this isn't like..a Reactor core is it? I mean...we won't end up turning into ghouls, right?"
Saeko      Saeko moves forwards, her own Pipboy not being the wrist-mounted kind...and the whole eminating light thing being rather counter to her usual preference. Moving forwards with her own smaller sword held comfortably at her side she slips her metallic mask into place. It was uncomfortable, but a better alternative to having her face cleaved off by some ghoul with a temper.
Alice The lights don't seem to do much to penetrate through the darkness in the eerie corridor that seems to have no end to it, but slopes noticeably downwards at an inclination that makes travel feel almost disorienting since you feel as if you might be moving straight ahead but you're clearly moving downwards.

Every so often a 200 year old light flickers on and off, the buzzing sounds all that can be heard and even those old lights are so dim and so clouded by dust and soot they give off no real illumination just a dim hazy glow in the darkness.

Alice seems to be moving ahead without fear as she tries to avoid tripping, "No clue, but I should mention that I first found O.V.E.R. 9000 up at that door we closed behind us running into it all malfunctioned repeating 'Kill All Humans' over and over and over..."

Details that people may have wanted earlier.
Iris Lark Iris steps up to the wall, her pip boy casting a glow against it. Her fingers trace along the walls and she frowns. "All these grooves, it looks like someone shot off a lot of bullets here." She leans closer and frowns. "Blood, or ..something else that spatters." She glances at the others. "Something happened here."
Vuk Vuk swears quietly to him self as he slows and twists to illuminate battle damage for others. "Alice? Are you telling me that robot of yours is programmed to want to kill all humans??" Vuk isn't sure if Alice is just..that naive...or are vaulters just..that ..uneducated in danger? "I suggest we see if your pipboy has a map of this section to maybe tell us what the feth it once was." He says, turning to level his Minigun ahead of them, suddenly? Vuk seems very worried about killer Robots!
Achilles "Explains the markings here." Achilles drags an armored finger along what appears to be bullet and laser marks in a wall, separate from the set Iris points out. "Vuk, be sure to stay in front of these people with me. Don't want them taking any lasers."
Lucky Lucky glances to Alice slightly, brow quirking up. Glancing to his Pipboy he flicks on the flashlight, scanning the walls slowly as Iris speaks. "Well, if the O.V.E.R. was found outside the door, then perhaps we can assume there was a human robotic battle that occurred?" He says hypothetically "Perhaps your bot got stuck outside that battle.. or something." A shrug.
Saeko Saeko just mutely raises an eyebrow. Not that the girl raised amoung professional killers really can judge, but a robot planning mass-extinction isn't exactly her first choice in companionship. Talk of lasers? That's enough to have the ninja allowing the giant armored pair in front of her. She was good at being unnoticed, and the two of them made quite a distraction.
Alice Alice paused a moment, ignoring the directions to get behind the armored people but instead saying, "Actually, we should have one of you to the rear of the formation, that's you, Paper Man. Achilles will stick near the front. I've got a map on my pip-boy, it's being made as we walk."

After another few minutes of walking the group reaches the end of the long tunnel and they find themselves in a large room that has more obvious signs of a battle with bullet markings and laser burns on the walls.

Two emblems are painted on the wall, one is RobCo and the other is the United States Military Robotics Division.

There appears to be a lift that leads deeper into the complex but it lacks power. There is a sealed door to the left and a sealed door to the right, which both need to be hacked.

Looking around in awe, Alice pointed to the emblems on the wall before asking, "Which way should we go?"
Iris Lark "I'm okay with either." Iris gazes at Alice, the edge of her lip twitching into a smile. "What are we looking for as a base, how many rooms?" She walks to the wall and leans in, gazing at the bullet damage. "It's going to take a while to clean, light and stock whatever place we end up with."
Lucky Lucky looks at either door with a frown. "Remind me to study up on hacking later." He mumbles. In the Mojave, hacking wasn't a needed necessity or skillset.
Achilles "Something tells me that there will be at least one assaultron behind that door." Achilles points towards the Military door. "Maybe even a sentry-bot. There's no telling what's behind the other." He reaches up to run at his helmet covered chin, "We're going to have to deal with trouble either way we decide though."
Vuk Vuk is observing, quietly, for a moment. "Lets go to the right." He decides, with out real reason." He says and kneels down, so people can fire over him, whilst using him for cover..and he can tear into any thing that is behind the door they open. "It could be worse..ever seen a Pacification Bot?" He suddenly asks Achilles.
Jude Jude has been here the whole time, replete in his militia uniform and combat armor. He's also shining his pipboy light to help keep the group out of the dark. He nods a little in agreement with Achilles. "Probably more dangerous the direction of the Military. Probably the better place for a possible base though." He shrugs and makes weighing gestures with his hands.
Alice "Well, looks like we'll go right, since that's the only suggestion we've gotten." Alice said aloud, "Jude, mind hacking the door open for us?" She reached into her jumpsuit and drew her pistol from a pocket.
Lucky Unslinging the SMG, Lucky aims it towards the door and waits quietly. Who knows what was on the other side of that door and the kid didn't want to be caught off guard.
Jude Jude bobs his head and dutifully makes his way up to the door. He hooks up his pip-boy to the panel and starts to fiddle with tapping the keys. He hums softly to himself. It's Wanderer and he's singing by the time the ancient doors start to grind and groan with metallic agony. As it screeches and groans, he backs away, behind the power armor, loosing his laser pistol from his holster and preparing for the worst.
Iris Lark Iris tried to peek to see which door they're entering and what might be in it, but she doesn't have much luck. She primes her weapon and brings it up to a ready position with a slight frown on her face.
Achilles The blade on Achilles' shoulder comes down, his grip tightening around the hilt as he waits. There was no telling what was behind that door. It could be loot, nothing, or Valhalla. Whatever it may be that comes, the iron giant is ready.
Alice Jude manages to get the door open but there are some kind of failures in the decryption process and The Vault Boy only knew what kind of alarms or failsafes he may have triggered; or maybe it was all nothing at all.

The door opens and the group is able to proceed into what appear to be a series of offices, many offices and hallways.

"I suggest we check each room as we move through, there's enough of us to search each one as we pass it and move on. Just yell if you need help." Alice said before rushing ahead excitedly and into the first room she saw to cry out, "Just junk!"

The walls had the same signs of battle as outside and the scattered and faded papers as well as offices held clues that this place was once part of a robotics construction facility and military vault.

After nearly thirty minutes of searching offices, you all manage to piece together that this place was intended to be a secret facility of some kind that would manufacture robots and house people above.

Heavy clanking can be heard from farther up the hallway and you see a pair of HUMANOID looking robots advancing forward menacingly as they began to look for intruders.

"Directive Established. Terminate Intruders." The bots didn't seem to be talking to each other, but rather repeating directive from an outside source as they prepared to attack anything they saw!
Vuk Vuk remembers momentarily..the fact Alice told him to not open fire before confirming hostiles. He also just heard Terminate Intruders. He also remembers similiar looking things -destroying- large amounts of his people, and he just snarls out. "Down!" The Minigun is spooled up and it seems quite obvious, bitches gonna take some fire!
Lucky "Er. Hi. Bye." Lucky states, taking aim and laying suppressing fire on C-27 robot A as he backs up toward a room entryway.
Achilles Fear is the mind killer, it's something Achilles always said. So when the robots come calling he meets them head on, much like he always does. The massive sword comes up to slash across the machines torso, before bringing the thing's weight back down onto the metal. He wasn't about to be beaten by a machine, even if it was technically better than him logistics wise.
Alice "Purge." The pair of C-27 Robots announce in unison, the one in combat with Achilles takes some massive blows before grinding away at the big man's armor. Perhaps sensing the fear of Vuk, the other Robot fires off deadly blasts of laser fire that cause his hud to flash red!
Vuk Vuk grounds him self as laser fire slams into his armor and he lets out what seems alot like a bestial roar as he tears into the second bot with the automatic weapon, rounds spewing out and casings pinging against his power armor, maybe it's a good thing he hadn't painted it first, it seems quite likely, there will be a bit of scorching against it. "You were destroyed!" He screams in rage at the bot.
Alice Alice keeps behind the doorway peeking out only to aim at the robot fighting achilles before calling out to Jude, "Finish off the damaged robot then we can get the other one! Focus fire everyone, we can do it!"
Iris Lark Iris squints before she drops to her knees and pops off two shots towards the second robot. Lasers streak towards the robot, spinning it quickly before it rights itself. She scrambles back to her feet and keeps a wary eye on the action.
Alice The Robot does not seem to care that its comrade was just VAPORIZED by Jude and instead states with extreme prejudice, "Purge Hostile Life Forms." Another volley of laser blasts hits Vuk and this time his armor is penetrated!
Jude Jude levels his laser, trying to keep his cool despite this being his first shot with the laser pistol. It's different than a knife, yo. He takes his stance and flicks the trigger. One laser lances out and hits the robot center of mass. The second hits it just right and the robot vaporizes. Jude looks as surprised as anyone and takes a moment to jump up and down and whoop!
Lucky Pausing near a doorway, Lucky takes aim once more on the C-27 Robot and smirks "Sorry, I do not want to be purged today. Perhaps another day?" He inquires and opens fire with the SMG.
Iris Lark Iris walks towards the downed robots, toeing one to make sure it's actually down. When it doesn't move she glances back towards Alice. "It will probably be near impossible to repair these, right?"
Vuk Vuk's HUD is alerting him to the fact his armor is penetrated, and he can -feel- that fact quite well. Rapid eye movement and a touch of the tongue dismisses the alerts so he can concetrate on potentional emerging threats. "They should not exist. We ended them." He says, forcefully, starting to move forward to curb stomp the bot's central processor. "We should seal these sections again, if not collapse them.." He then looks at Iris, though she can't see his eyes. "I know these models well. The Brotherhood could barely reprogram one."
Jude Jude watches as Lucky shoots off a burst, ending the second robot and whoops again. He moves over and gives Lucky a pat on the back before going to congratulate the others too. The boy is shaking with adrenaline, but his grin is almost brighter than his pip boy. He stops his celebrating when he hears how Vuk reacts though, becoming a bit more thoughtful. He moves over near Iris and studies the robot that wasn't vaporized a little closer.
Lucky Barrel pointing downward in a defensive position, the Ranger kid walks casually over to the downed bot with a frown. "Right, so I've seen 'bots all over the Mojave. Ain't seen shit like this before." He notes, looking to Vuk, then to Alice "So, what the hell is this thing?"
Achilles "Vuk." Achilles calls out, turning to face him as he starts to stomp on the robot bits. "Fear is the mind killer. We don't give up or jump to conclusions because of it." He steps away from the robots, keeping an eye out for anything else that may move. "I'd like to see just what's in here. I'm sure it'll be worth the trouble."
Alice "We need to come back better prepared, now that we know there are hostile robots and stuff for sure, maybe bring a couple more people in to help out with it to." Alice popped back into the hallway to inspect the mostly blasted apart robot and the one that was a pile of ash, "Fix? Probably not. Let's just leave it and get out of here, I'll bring my power armor next time."

"Achilles, you take up the rear. Vuk in front, let's head back up the way we came. By the way, Lucky, do you want to join us? We'd be glad to have you on the team."
Vuk Vuk is checking the load in his always, it is concerning how low this thing can get on ammo so quickly. "We need to get a decent supply of munitions too..." he says when he realizes he has no reserve load for the heavy weapon. "I don't suppose the Vault has like..some secured ammo dump specifically for use against the fact they have ..well. Some thing long forgotten I had hoped.." His voice is dark, clearly, some thing makes him dislike this new threat beyond the fact it shot him.
Iris Lark Iris gives Vuk a look, not used to the serious persona before she shrugs it off and starts to move back the way they came. "I'm sure there are going to be a few interesting things to find down here."
Lucky Looking back to Alice, Lucky gives a small smile as he slings the SMG around his chest. "Well, if it's anything like this then sure. Always love a good adventure." He says with an upbeat tone of voice, proceeding back toward Alice and the way they came.
Jude Jude frowns a little as he gets a good look at what's left of one of the robots. He glances around, listening to everyone opine on this and that. He does a cursory inspection of the power armor before he nods in agreement with Alice's pronouncement. He falls into step, following everyone out the way they came. He hums to himself a little as he goes, opting to listen instead of running at the mouth.
Achilles "Can do." Achilles waits for everyone to start moving before he falls in line. "We shouldn't need too many more people. Just enough to get this done."
Alice "Not sure, the Overseer said it was up to us to handle it." Alice replied to Vuk. After some time they reach the end of the tunnel and the door they had entered from, sealing everything behind them no doubt.

It's a tense moment as the door does not open and there is no sound from the other end and then it opens!

"*BZT*" "BARK!" O.V.E.R. 9000 and Vaultmeat greet the group as they return from their adventure. Smiling at Lucky, Alice said, "Welcome to the team Lucky. Make sure to shave your legs next time you wear the nurse outfit though."
Iris Lark Iris steps back out into the room they started in, heaving a sigh of relief. "Well I think for a first visit to Vault Town it was both eventful, but not too much." She kneels down briefly to pet Vaultmeat for a few moments before she gives Alice a hug. "I am going to head back to the Clinic to make sure nobody is waiting for treatment."
Lucky Lucky grins ever so slightly at Alice; saying "Oh come now, I am not that hairy." He chuckles, a hand reaching out to her "Thanks Alice, I look forward the many adventures." And with that, he heads off.
Jude Jude tucks his pistol back into it's holster after they breach the door and return to where they're sealed off and as safe as it gets in the new world. He waggles his fingers to Iris as she says she's heading back topside. He waves and offers, "Welcome to the team, Lucky." He thinks a moment and then starts off towards his apartment. "Take care everyone."
Alice "Well, they might have fled cause they're done here. I mean, we did clear out most of Roswell of baddies and Vault Team Six kicked the butt of their cyborg ghouls and deathclaws before we took down their most elite team of soldiers left in the world. It was really epic, sorry you guys missed it." There was every possibility Alice was making the entire thing up.

Shrugging her shoulders as she saw others go to work on the door, Alice set to the task of assisting B and Lucette with hacking open the door. When Lucette speaks, she asks suspiciously, "Dad's codes? What's that supposed to mean?"
Alice "OH SUGARNAPS!!!!!" Alice cried out with a mixture of surprise, fear and terror as she dove behind, something anything for cover, ANYTHING that isn't Vuk or Ashur because she is pretty sure both of those men were going to be priority target number one.

"Dear Pip-Boy, please help us out in our time of need." She began to pray, "We ask you to use your powers to guide our Pip-Boys to help us in this battle and that we all make it out alive, but if someone has to die, please kill paper man or nazi grognak. Thank you."