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Derk It's been a long morning of travelling the old highways looking for some scrap, or something worth anything to bring back to the town. So far the area around El Dorado has been pretty much picked clean and as such Derk is having to travel further and further every day. With further travel, comes greater rewards, but with greater rewards comes greater risk, or so the old addage goes. For Derk, he's managed to avoid one small group of wastelanders, not truly looking for company this morning, and instead he's nearing the old ruins of Roswell, exploring some of the pits and craters that surround the abandoned town.
Derk It's in the moment of searching one such crater that a molerat bursts forth from the ground showering Derk with dirt and causing him to have to grab for his gun as quickly as possible. It's a struggle, having been caught flatfooted and the large, hairless rat manages to bite into the flesh of his forearm before Derk can get his pistol in line. Cursing at the thing, he reverses his grip upon the pistol, smashing the molerat's head with the bottom edge of the pistol's grip, several times till the ugly creature finally lets go.

It is not enough however, and Derk turns the pistol back again and with two sharp cracks of the weapon, he finishes it off for good.
Derk Realizing that he's probably attracted the attention of other things with the two pistol shots, Derk quickly cuts off the valuable chunks of the molerat and leaves the area at a quick run. He'll make it back to the safety of the town and trade his molerat bits to replace to two shots he had fired and afterwards returns to the shack by the lake to see about patching up his arm.