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Darlene     It's not as if there's /worse/ places to come have a good breakfast. Well. There are, and most of them are in Shantytown, but Darlene loves getting up and out of Vault Town and thus...
    She's staring at a cup of coffee and a plate of fried potatoes and 'sausage' as she reads something from her Pip Boy. The girl's red hair is messier than usual, which is being 'cleverly' hidden by being yanked back into a rough ponytail.

    She's also quietly scanning the room every so often, trying to spot... someone.
Archene Caine It is not as if there were better places to come have a free breakfast. Really, this place was basically home and as long as it wasn't Katherine in the kitchen, the food was safe!

Archene is just coming out of the kitchen, plate already with food... of what seems to be sausage. It tastes like sausage too, he checked. His other hand holds some coffee, and soon enough he sets out to get a table, 'his' table. By chance one that lets him have a good look at most of the Saloon, and also makes him easily spottable in his usual corner table.

As usual, he is wearing his duster, his sunglasses and his hat (as well as some jeans). Today's shirt is plain brown.. beige.. dirt colored. But it is clean! Don't worry.
Darlene     Oh oh oh here he comes. Darlene straightens up a bit, dusts off her suit as best she can, and then plucks up coffee and breakfast moseying over towards Archene's table, smiling cheerily the whole way there. "Aaaaaaarc~ Good morning! How are youuuuuuuu~" Plop goes the Vaulter in the seat next to the Drifter, and she gets herself nice and comfy. "Have a good sleep? You look nice! How's the coffee this morning?"
    ...Oh yeah there's no way she's not looking for something.
Decius That nobody so far has tried to do anything worse than stare at him since he entered El Dorado despite the fact that he looks like he just arrived from a Legion approximately of the year 50 BC, which clearly marks him as someone belonging or at least formerly belonging to Ceasar's Legion, has been a good sign so far. The fact that the moment he enters the saloon and he is not being shot at, yet, as he enters likely is an even better sign, especially since his spear and his large shield are strapped to his back which would make it unwieldy to get both just now.

Still, Decius doesn't do much more than get a few steps away from the entrance of the Saloon just yet, instead deciding to just have a look at the interior and the people present from where he stands.
Archene Caine Well, maybe there was one reason to not eat for free.

Archene doesn't even have the time to take another bite of his sausage by the time someone joins him on his table. He looks at the Vaulter, even smiles at her. Slowly and peacefully taking his coffee, before saying, "Good morning, Darlene." He takes a breath... he probably knows where this is going, "The coffee is good, I slept well and other than being quite hungry, I'm doing very well. What do you need this time?" He then, finally, goes back to eating his sausage.

Beyond a few looks towards the seemingly Legionaire, or former Legionaire, Archene really just pays attention to his breakfast. Strange things and people get into this place every day. And unless they cause trouble, he doesn't go trouble people.
Darlene     "What? WHAT? I am shocked SHOCKED I say that you would ever think I... I had anything other than PURE INTENTIONS." Darlene leans on Arc's shoulder, even nuzzling a little bit with a happy noise. "Because I am just looking for a teeny eeensy bit of help on a prospecting job and you are the strongest, handsomest man in LD ever who can do no wrong." Pout huff pout. Oh she's puttin' on a show this morning.
    The show goes a little slow at the arrival of the Legionaire though. And even fearless little Darlene shuffles a bit in her spot, idly putting Arc between herself and the fellow.
Decius Seems like his expectations and the reality do in fact match, causing the Legionaire to look around for an empty table he can sit down at nearby, which just so happens to be one near where a certain two others currently are at. At least he sets down his helmet on the table and places the shield and spear next to his seat as he just goes and sits there. Silently and with a constant scowl.
Archene Caine "Intentions are pure as smoke," Archene says in between pieces of sausage. While he doesn't seem to get any extra cuddly with Darlene, the smile on his face certainly shows that he is enjoying the attention. He lets out a soft sigh, "Alright, alright. I can give you a hand, but you should know that hiring some proper security is far better than relying on me at this point. Not that things have gone wrong before."
Darlene     Darlene takes a breath. Archene doesn't seem too rattled by the Legionmans in their midst but it's got the Vaulter slightly spooked. That said, as Arc agrees to help, she bites a pretty red lip and gently reaches for her coffee to sip. She's still got a hand on his back though, as she readies herself for a fight. "...Ave?" She's even got the pronunciation down. Like the Legion prefered pronunciation.
Decius That particular greeting actually manages to interrupt the Decius scowl, causing him instead to smirk briefly. "Salve. I have to admit, I did not expect anyone to greet me like that so far down south. I assume after several decades everyone heard about that particular horde even down here." With that said he leans back in his seat, one arm leaned on top of the shield at his side.
Archene Caine Archene just looks like someone who wants to have a peaceful breakfast as he eats his sausage, and drinks his coffee. He briefly hopes for no pandemonium during his breakfast. His hopes are quietly answered as the Legionaire(?) replies 'warmly' to Darlene's greeting. Plus, who in their right mind who attempt to bring trouble into the Salloon? Then again, who around is still right in the head?
Darlene     "...We're not /that/ far from Legion lands, soldier." Darlene's anxiety isn't passing, and Archene is still getting leaned on as the young lady speaks up. "And some of us have passed through those lands before. Ain't all just a bunch of local toadies around here." Lene's Pip Boy twitters delicately, but she ignores it as she lets out a breath. "So. Just visiting or are we supposed to be expectin' an Official Representative?"
Decius Decius simply shrugs a bit, his smirk quickly making way for a scowl again. "Be glad that its still far away enough that the Legion is still far too busy up north after that second slaughter at the Hoover Dam to bother thinking about this place. Also, for all I care I'd prefer if it stays that way too, since I don't exactly want to end up nailed to a cross. After all, I at the very least intend on staying."
Archene Caine Archene finishes his sausages before putting a hand about Darlene, and glancing at the Legionaire, "Then I hope you also don't plan on cause troubles during your stay, the owner is a tough cookie who isn't too found of trouble in her Salloon." Or casino.
Darlene     A low slow breath from the Vaulter, as she bleeds some of that anxiety away. "Well. At least that's... comforting? I guess?" She pushes hair our of her eyes and then murmurs. "I'm Darlene, and I'm a Vault Dweller. Or at least I was." She fluffs up at her Vault Suit, and then looks to Arc. "And yeah, the Saloon is a nice place. Heck, LD is a nice place, nicer than most of the places I've been save for the Vault." A soft smile, and the redhead finally starts eating again. "...Crosses are no fun."
Decius The legionaire simply nods slightly. "Thats true. After a while everyone who was put on a cross looks like dried jerky as the sun and wasteland winds dries them out. Very effective to terrorise people into compliance, but its also excessively cruel. I got to know, they put my father on one when I was young." With that said he readjusts the shield at his side to prevent it from sliding to the floor and shifts about in his seat a bit. "I'm Decius. Former Decanus of the Legion. Now just someone with a great fondness for the aesthetics of the Roman Empire."
Archene Caine Archene just nods at the former Decanus words, "Archene Caine, gambler among other things." He nods before drinking his coffee because that is precisely all he had planned to do when he took at seat at his table.
Darlene     Lene huffs quietly. "Well, I supose runnin' around in costume is fun, I do that plenty. But just be careful who you... Roman threateningly at around here. Some people get anxious and some people carry their guns all the time." She sets her jaw a moment. "Not me though, I'm peaceful like and would never ever hurt anybody. Right, Caine?"
Decius Decius lazily waves his hand around in a dismissing gesture. "Don't worry. I have no intention to cause trouble. Quite the opposite in fact since I prefer trouble to stay far away of be taken care off quickly by someone. Used to be my job for years in fact, so I had my fair share of unpleasantness."
Archene Caine "You shouldn't get too anxious Darlene." Archene grins a bit before saying, "And you are a peaceful and harmless as a deathclaw. And I've heard that those are neither." He is probably exagerating, right? Just have a look at her! He does give the Decius a firm nod, "As long as trouble is far away, I'm sure all of us can have a good day." He drinks more of his coffee, "Or so they say."
Darlene     HUFF PUFF. "That's a dirty lie and I don't know who in the world would have told you that!" Huff puff. That ears Arc a jab in the ribs, but Lene isn't... too angry. She shifts a bit and then finally scoots back to her own chair, relucantly pulling herself out of Arc's hug. "Yeah what he said though. No trouble, and no trouble. 'Cause the basic rule round here is the Sheriff fon't like havin' to work, so when he does you're not going to like it."
Decius The former Decanus simply shrugs once again and raises a hand in a placating gesture. "Don't worry. As I said, I don't intend to cause any trouble that would warrant that much attention being brought down upon me." The fact that the man is stuck between wanting to scowl or smirk doesn't make that claim fully belieavable though.
Archene Caine Archene seems visibly not as happy as Darlene moves off his hug, "You don't have to take me so seriously, Darlene. You know you are a delicate and lovely as a Vaulty can be." He sighs in resignation, glancing at his now empty cup of coffee. He then looks over at the former Legionaire, "As long as you don't bring it to the inside of the Saloon, no reason for me to care."
Darlene     Lene rolls her eyes a bit, and then snickers quietly. "Anyways, I made my pitch, and now..." She shuffles up, and blows a kiss at Arc. "I gotta get back to the 33. Come 'round and I'll tell you what I'm lookin' for~"
    A moment to regally toss her messy ponytail over her shoulder, and she polices up her plate and mug, taking both back over towards the bar... and is that a bit of a sashay in her step? Well her suit's certainly wiggling a little bit like it is. Hmmm. "Nice to meet you Mr. Legionman. Don't be a butt~" And then she's sauntering back out of the Saloon, heading in the direction of Vault Town.
Archene Caine Archene sighs and gives Darlene a nod, "alright, alright. I'll be making my way there by lunch or something, don't worry, and have a nice day, Daaarlene."
Carter Griffin The thump of a heavy pair of boots outside of the door before they are pushed open by a pair of gloved hands. The doors open wide to allow the broad shouldered Ranger to enter the building, letting them swing closed behind him. He stops just inside of the doorway to survey his surroundings, the glowing red eyes of his helmet catching sight of the Legion armor.

Instinctively his hand moves to his side, but he knows the rules in place in El Dorado. No gunning down patrons at the saloon, regardless of whatever transgressions they may have committed outside of town. He flexes his fingers a couple of times before pulling his hand back from the weapon and moving to the bar proper. He reaches up and presses something on the helmet, which unseals with a slight hiss before he sets it down on the counter and takes a seat, glancing out of the corner of his eye towards the Roman dressed man.
Darlene     "Oooof! HI CARTER!" Darlene squeaks as she narrowly avoids being taken out by the NCR man... before she shuffles to the side to make sure he has room to make it inside and glare at Decius. Yes yes rivalries abount here in LD. "Carter Carter Carter hey hey hey just the man I was looking for!" The redhead follows behind the Ranger and smiles winningly up at him an attempt to get his attention too.
Decius The Legionaire in question gives Darlene a wave and nods as Darlene leaves... or at least tried to before keeping an eye on the arriving Ranger. The kind of person he definitely didn't want to see here for quite obvious reasons as now he has to hope that the other guy is going to keep up instead of shooting him. That he apparently doesn't do so still doesn't ease his worries as Decius instead rotates his electric spear with one hand while he continues to lean with other arm on his shield.
Carter Griffin "How can I help you, Miss McCrivin?" The Ranger responds, turning to face the Vaulter. He wonders, idly, what she has this time. Another radroach infestation, perhaps? Or mole rats of unusual size rampaging around in some vault that she will neither tell him where it is located or what caused it. Hunting pests wasn't necessarily outside of his wheelhouse, but a man of his particular skills was better suited with more two legged prey.

Still, she was harmless, and she did actually provide caps when he would help her out, so he was not opposed to assisting her when she asked. His usual drink, a mix of whiskey and Nuka-Cola, had appeared next to him when he was turned to face Darlene. The bartender was quite efficient. He took a moment to remove his gloves and set them next to his helmet before he picked up the glass and took a drink.
Darlene     "Hey so, you're like the best guy I know for doin' the Right Thing and making sure People Are Safe, right? The best? Buddy?" Darlene pushes her hair out of her eyes and looks up at him and bats her eyelashes and everything. Eeeeeeee you're the best the best the best at Rangering.
Decius The Legionaire meanwhile peacefully stays where he is, although he continues to keep an eye on the ranger and tries to listen in. Not that its bound to work at this range, but he is still doing it anyway. Just because.
Carter Griffin Another drink from his glass before he sets it back down, "I do what is necessary to ensure the safety and security of those outside of the town who may not fall under the perview of the Sheriff or the milita." He responds. He glances at the Legionare again for a moment, since he can feel the eyes on him. A single Legion soldier, sitting alone in a bar probably means he is a deserter. However if he's here, it means the Legion may be sending scouts or hunters after him. Something else to worry about next time he's outside of El Dorado.

"I am not the law in the town, however. You know that Miss McCrivin. So I assume what you need help with lies outside of these walls. So please, let me know what you need." He picks his glass back up and finishes it off, setting it back down at the bar, before turning to give Darlene his full attention.
Darlene     "Right so I've got this job, okay and I need someone to watch my back while I'm doin' some prospecting. It's a fresh dig, I don't think anyone else has found it, but there's like angry ghouls down there and I hate getting bitten and murdered so I was hoping that you and Arc could like help me out maybe? You're the best?" Lene flutters her eyelashes some more, and even punctuates that by leaning on Carter.
Katherine Caine The different types of people mixed in among the locals at the Gold Digger never ceased to amaze Katherine, not because she was an awe-struck bumpkin; but because it showed how important El Dorado was really becoming in the wasteland.

Stepping out from the backroom wearing a low cut evening gown, she took the time to greet several of the locals at the bar with friendly touches on the hand or arm or a casual smile.

Stepping up on to the bar since she wasn't very tall, she put her fingers to her lips and whistled, the robots currently playing saloon music quieting down for a moment before she hollered loudly, "Hey Yall! Listen up for a sec! Bubba just finished his first batch of 'shine for the season, so this rounds on me!"

From among the patrons there were several hoots and cheers as Katherine climbed down from the bar and took one of the first shots for herself. Free booze, in a bar; it was heaven for most. It was just plain good business for Katherine, the drunks would drink more and that meant they owed her money.
Decius The legionairre abruptly gets out of his seat, slings his spear and shield back over his back and walks up to the bar where both the ranger and vaulter are. "If you need help, I'd be glad to offer some. I have nothing better to do anyway." That is about all he manages to say though as he quickly is interrupted by the announcement of free booze. Something which he is going to gladly... ignore.
Carter Griffin The approach of the Legionarre offering help gets a bit of a surprised hmming sound from the Ranger, "Very well. I can assist with your Ghoul problem. Plus it would seem you have another willing to help take up your offer." He nods his head towards Decius, "I believe between the three of us, we should be able to keep you safe."

The offer of free moonshine is met with loud cheers from the crowd, but the Ranger will most likely partake. A bit of whiskey and Nuka-Cola together is fine now and then, but he needs to ensure he has his wits about him.
Darlene     "Hnnggf." Darlene bites her lip as the Legionnaire actually approaches her and leans on the bar and on Carter for a moment, before her compsure returns ,and she brushes out her Suit again. "Hnn haaa... okay, sure. Yeah, three people will be more than enough Mr. Legion Man, it's nice to see someone so new wanting to help!" It's clearly not but she's saying it anyways.
    Then Kitty's coming out with Moonshine, and the nervous Lene gives Decius a thumbs up before waving down Kitty. "Can I have like... two of those?"
Katherine Caine "Sure thing Sugar." Katherine replied with a wink as she handed Darlene the shot in her hand to go with the one that was being brought around for her, "I'll start ya' up a tab, seen ya' around enough. Drink as much as you want, every fourth drink is on the House today and it looks like you're half way there!"
Decius Seeing Darlene briefly lose her composure causes the legionare to smirk again and shrug. "As I said, I have nothing better to do so theres that. Besides, I consider myself qualified to beat any ghoul around quite decently."
Carter Griffin "Just so we're clear, these are feral ghouls we're talking about, yes?" Carter asks of Darlene, "I am not in the business of running non-ferals out of house and home at the behest of others." He does lean back against the bar for a brief few moments, while putting his gloves back on his hands.
Darlene     "Hannnaaang yyyyyes yes they were very much not People Ghouls. Unless there's people ghouls down farther than I was able to go, then uh, I wooooooon't try and kill them?" Darlene happily takes the first of those shots, slides some caps on the bar, and then slams it... and lets out a hefty grunt. Hnnnng goddamn, wow, okay, uh, right. No people ghouls and like... no exploding the place, I am trying to get the goods inside."
Katherine Caine Katherine steps away from the group with no more service needed and plenty of staff to handle that and goes back to tending the bar. Really, just in the background for now. (Feel free to pose around me!)

A loud explosion can be heard coming from the direction of the West Gate into the city, not far from the Gold Digger Saloon.

If anyone wants to investigate it, feel free to ask me to join. - Vault Girl


In the Saloon, several of the patrons look in the direction, but since no raid bells are sounding nobody seems to really care.
Darlene     "Oh goddammit now what." Darlene huffs and stammers, happy for the distraction. She carefully maneuvers out from around the Legionmans and the EnCeeArrMans, and hustles her little butt out of the saloon, slamming her second shot on the way out.
Decius Decius meanwhile does react to that as he looks towards the entrance and then towards the other two. "Well, I don't know what you are going to do, but I'm taking a look." With that he quickly puts his helmet back on and rushes out of the saloon.
Carter Griffin The massive explosion gets the Ranger's attention, "We'll discuss the details later, Darlene. Seems duty calls." He grabs his helmet and puts it on, sealing it before heading back out of the door.
Katherine Caine Life goes back to normal at the Saloon and to avoid any panic, Miss Kitty sends another round of drinks around for all the patrons! Best to keep people calm.