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Alice It's early morning still and has been about an hour or two since a small group set off from El Dorado in search of sweet loot and the beloved Vaultmeat who was still lost and needed to be found! O.V.E.R. 9000 had led the way to the scrapyard where he zipped ahead of everyone who had joined the Deathbot in his quest because let's face it, nobody was there to accompany Alice, they wanted to be pals of Deathbot.

Watching O.V.E.R. 9000 roll off Alice shrugged and called out, "VAULTMEAT! HERE BOY!" It was loud enough to attract the attention of anything in the area no doubt as she began digging through piles of scrap as if the dog might be hiding.
Ruane For Roman, today is just another day doing shit he rather would not be performing. Elbow deep in scrap metal, the man is kneeling down next to a car, tugging free bits and peices of an engine, slowly tearing out small pits of unrusted steel and other peices of scrap to be joined into a large pile next to him. The soft clanking of metal sounding out even as he works.

The shout of something.. like Vaultmeat though has Roman perk up, the man's current ensemble of course having him now on edge before looking about.. and not noticing anything before trying to gather up his current gains and take a look around the scrapyard for anything.. possibly dangerous our out to murder him!
Manuelito As the towns Militia Captain and overall protector for El Dorado alongside his brethren, Manny had joined Alice in the search of Vaultmeat. His service rifle was wielded, barrel pointing down as he walks, eyes investigating for tracks or signs of the animal being nearby. To Alice, he says "How long has he been gone?" Eyes briefly looking to her before going back to the ground.
Achilles Achilles tagged along to the scrapyard to offer protection rather than actually look for anything. He searched for several moments but then gave up, not seeing anything nearby he wanted, he ended up giving up and standing watch. A cowboy hat (that's just a touch too small) rests atop his head, and his usual armor is strapped down in place.
Iris Lark Iris is sitting on Achilles' shoulder squinting out as she tries to spot Vaultmeat. She shakes her head before she looks down at Alice and grunts softly. "I don't see any sign of him. We should leave out some actual meat to see if he gets hungry and comes looking for it." She gives a brief glance at the Deathbot and adds. "Wonder if we could bulid a Vaultmeat sensor to equip him with."
Skittles Skittles was glad to be accompanying another group out this far. She'd only been out to this spot a handful of times before, and, although she had never experienced anything horrific, she had heard tales of the things that could happen out here. She had been walking along one column of scrap heeps when she heard the call of "Vault meat". She didn't know who that was, but figured it must be code for something, "Maybe a sign of wild animals? She paled and slowed to a crawl, ducking low and looks about, gripping the laser pistol she only recently obtained tight in one hand. With a high-pitch wine, the security locks on the weapon deactivate at her touch. She watches the green bar fill up, indicating full capacitors. With that out of the way, she ducks down into an outcropping of junk and waits. Not one to waste time though, she's still sifting through the potential treasure troves around her. Nothing but giant packed cubes of aluminum, crushed furniture, and more recent bird shit in this area though.
Alice "Hmm a Vaultmeat Sensor! That's brilliant, I'll start working on schematics now!" Alice replied with cheerful enthusiasm as she began to work on her Pip-boy wandering off towards where O.V.E.R. 9000 had went.

In the distance, the sound of metal crashing downwards echoed throughout the monolithic towers of scrap around you.

FEARSOME inhuman growls could be heard, seemingly all around you.

Alice rushed towards the sound as she heard O.V.E.R. 9000's lasers firing and rushed out of sight of everyone else, moving surprisingly fast. Then you heard a terrified shriek, "AH DEATHCLAWS!!!!!!!"
Ruane One might get sight of Roman peeking his head up over some of the trash then as he looks about the scrapyard, looking almost like a woodchuck or a groundhug of some sort trying to get a look at that screaming now. Without even thinking, he'll just turn away and start to walk, hurriedly of course as quickly as he can away from where the deathclaws might be.. or maybe he should go to where the people he doesn't know are. Hard to tell at this point, so better move along!
Achilles "Fear lizards. Better get your pistol ready." Achilles says up to Iris before jogging off in the direction of Alice's voice. There was no fear, but rather excitement. It wasn't every day you got to face off against a Deathclaw. "I hope this a cactus pretending to be a deathclaw."
Iris Lark Iris hears the scream and she startles so hard that she nearly slides off Achilles shoulder. She grabs on to a strap of his armor as he starts to move, fumbling with the pistol that's hidden in her skirts. "Hurry, if Alice gets hurt I'm gonna be upset!"
Manuelito Manny gives a small frown as the word deathclaws is shrieked. Raising the rifle, the Militia Captain heads into danger, moving after Alice quickly. Rounding the corner, the Navajo steps in radiated water and curses, patting off some of it which itches his hand "Damnit." He mutters annoyingly as he continues forward to assist Alice.
Skittles Skittles groans as she hears the barks, looks like it was a warning call after all. She pondered just staying where she was, but if they survived, she'd never hear the end of it. Plus, it gives her an excuse to fire this thing, something she hadn't done but a handful of times when training with it. The power cells were expensive, and it wasn't like laser pistols had a practice mode. Maybe she could hack it eventually so that it only fired a harmless aluminum cutter. A thought for another time. She closes her eyes momentarily, before opening them and peeking out around the corner of the piles of junk. She hears Alice cry out, and runs towards where she thinks the sound is coming from, slowing to a slow stalk at the end of every stretch of clear ground. She wasn't too far from the main group to begin with though, and soon enough she's found the location of the deadly scrimmage.
Alice As everyone but Roman who smartly ran comes around the corner, they see quite the sight!

O.V.E.R. 9000 and a tough looking dog are standing over the corpse of a Deathclaw, the robot shooting it with lasers and the dog biting it over and over.

Odds are they didn't even kill the Deathclaw, it looked like it had been torn apart by some heavy ordinance. Like a minigun or something.

Alice looks relieved to see the group turning her back to the antics, "I'm sorry! I got scared but look its Vaultmeat!"

As the group is looking, they can also see multiple feral ghouls climbing over the scrapheaps and presenting a very real threat. Two are even following Roman!
Ruane With Ghouls following behind, Roman is in a bit of a tight pickle now. Rather than trying to fight them.. becuase he does not have a gun, the man instead turns to try and juke the pair that are following him and find some hideyhole to crawl into before things get out of hand and just stay out of the way. Better that then ending up dead after all.
Iris Lark Iris sees the ghouls coming and instead of running (this time), she opens fire from her perch on Achilles' shoulder. The laser does some weird bouncing thing and the first trio go down and she cheers for a moment, but then sees more ghouls advancing.
Alice As Roman is trying to find a hiding spot he does manage to lose the ghouls chasing him despite his poor athleticism. (SERIOUSLY DO YOU EVEN LIFT?)

It's a moment of reprieve before a scary looking radioactive glowing green ghoul leaps out of the hiding place he was about to go into. The ghoul must have been asleep, so it only slashes him once but it roars ferociously and it is very hungry!
Achilles Achilles holds his ground as the ghouls advance, mainly because he doesn't want to knock Iris from off his shoulders. As the first in the trio gets too close he decapitates it with a clean strike, following through to smash the flat edge of the axe down onto it's disfigured face. He miscalculates the third swing and only opens up the other ghoul's chest, but not deep enough to kill it.
Skittles Skittles's heart jumps into her throat as her eyes fall upon the death claw, and she's about ready to feint when the ghouls start climbing over. Iris' laser fire snaps her back into the moment though, and she lifts her weapon to fire. She squeezes the trigger, and sweeps it quickly to one side, a flash of vibrant blue splitting the air. The next blast is green though, and she performs the same maneuver, this time in the other direction.
Alice Somewhere in the confusion, the glowing one stops caring about Roman, not even wanting to bother chasing the man. Instead it rushes off towards where the group of people are killing its friends allowing Roman to run off safely.
Manuelito Seeing the Ghoul moving after Alice, Manuelito whips off his hat sending it flying toward the Ghoul which wacks against it's back. Dropping to a knee, he takes aim at the Ghoul. "Buah bye." He whispers, taking in a breath and discharges the rifle once, then twice. The Ghoul's arms severed at the shoulders and it falls over dead.
Alice O.V.E.R. 9000 and Vaultmeat combine their powers to take on one of the trio's of ghouls as Alice decides for try number two with the Katana she found on her last adventure. As Achilles slices into the ghouls she charges in side by side and says, "I've got your back Grognak." She just wouldn't call him Achilles, "We'll be like Red Scarlet and Grognak! Watch." SLICE!

The blade passes past Achilles beard, slicing the tip of it as it kills the remaining ghoul in the trio.
Alice From the direction Roman had scampered off to, a massive glowing one (a radioactive ghoul) bursts through some scrap like the kool-aid man; it's all snarls and hissing as it leaps towards Manuelito but the Militia Captain is pure badass and he avoids the slashing claws and gnashing teeth as the clouds in the sky darken and thunder booms in the distance.

Lightning crackles down and hits some scrap, illuminating the scrapyard and sending sparks flying overtop the battle between man and what was.. once man!
Iris Lark Iris yelps and points at the glowing ghoul. "It's gonna KILL US ALL!" She yells, bringing up her pistol. She squeezes her eyes shut and fires off a round from her pistol strafes right through the ghoul's head. She doesn't see that though because she's already scampering from Achilles' shoulder to find a place to hide!
Manuelito The crashing of vehicles and salvage alike caught the attention of the Navajo. Turning swiftly on deft feet, his eyes fell upon the Glowing Ghoul. As it launches an assault on him, Manny rolls once coming up in a perch before rolling again. Swinging the rifle to take aim, a red laser shoots past his peripheral vision, hitting the Ghoul in the head and splattering his attire with brain and blood. Eyes shifting to Iris, he glares, softens and moves a hand to tip his hat before realizing it was not there. "Thanks." He says to her as he stands, moving over to his hat and picks it up. "I owe you one." He adds.
Skittles Skittles scans across the heeps of junk where the ghouls had climbed over. She runs over tot a metal cabanet that had been sliced in half by herer laser fire. Looking into its depths, she spots a book. Rescuing it reveals it to be a book on chemicals, and their reaction patterns. Another big book of science to add to er collection.
Iris Lark Iris picks up something from the pile and she holds it up to Achilles, a questioning look on her face. "What's this?" She asks him, her head tilted sideways as she pokes at some of the buttons on it.
Manuelito Placing his hat back on his head, Manny scans the area quietly before looking to Alice. "Good to see Vaultmeat is back with you. If'n you ever need the services of the Militia just let me know Alice." He tells her in a soft-spoken voice, a small smile on his Navajo face. Tipping his hat, he turns and treks back the way he came.
Achilles "Vault technology. Will be useful for you." Achilles knows /what/ it is, but has no idea how to use it. He moves to check near the same pile and lets out a low whistle. "These will be useful to trade." What could be useful? A rifle and a double action revolver.
Alice Alice cheered loudly as the ghoul was dispatched by Iris, "I guess you're the real Astro Girl 3000!" Then O.V.E.R. 9000 began smashing the corpses as Vaultmeat barked loudly before running over to lick Alice's hand. Maybe he hadn't run away after-all the poor boy was just scared.

Leaning down Alice gave Vaultmeat a big hug before the dog ran off again!

"NO VAULTMEAT!!!!" She looked positively distraught until Vaultmeat came back dragging a large metal fist that he dropped in front of Alice, barking excitedly, "Coool..." Alice said in awe as she picked up the power fist and raised it into the air crying out, "I HAVE THE POWER!"
Skittles Skittles glances over to Achilles holding her book. "Want to trade the revolver for a book? I think I have a second copy of this at home, or at least one similar.", she lifts the book of science up, and approaches.
Iris Lark Iris gazes up at the fist on Alice's hand and she equips her pipboy and raises her fist too. It's less impressive but Iris looks happy.