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Iris Lark The sun is starting to dip below the horizon and the press of people in town has lessened considerably. People are finding food and shelter against the coming rain that threatens to turn into quite a storm. Food is being served here by various servers, and while most of them seem happy, they're all complaining about the heat.

Iris walks in and finds a seat, already aware of what she wants to order. She doesn't even touch the menu. When a server comes by she asks for the soup of the day and a large glass of water, with ice.
Achilles Achilles follows Iris in, easing himself into a seat. He looks pretty beat up, but that's nothing new. When they come around to take Iris' order he places on for a brahmin burger and a water.

"Been a pretty quiet day so far." He actually seems pretty relieved about the fact, reaching over to rap his knuckles against the countertop to ward off any negativity.
Saeko      Into the diner Saeko walks, the asian woman wrapped in her feature-obscuring cloak as per normal, but with a key difference to normal. In one ear a small bud rests, connected by a thin wire to the pipboy 2000+ held in her hand. Music, a simple joy that she hadn't really had much chance to experience for a majority of her life now filled Saeko's ear as she stepped into the Diner with intent to find herself a meal. It was a quiet day for her and the prospect of something cooked outweighed that of something hunted.
Iris Lark Iris gives Achilles a smile as she nods, agreeing with him. "I like the quiet, and I hope it sticks around for a bit." She sees Saeko walk in and she remembers her face. She reaches up a hand to wave to the woman. "Hello again!" She glances at Achilles and asks him sotto voce, "Should we invite her to sit with us?"
Cooper      The front entrance of the diner swings open for a single moment, winds from the outside trickle in bringing fourth a bit of the desert sands with them.

     Taking his time, Cooper enters with a slow stride making sure not to drag too much attention to himself as he lights up a single cigarette in the corner of his mouth. It's the last one from the pack, and his last match.

     His backpack is slouched over one shoulder what had once been a pristine set of pre-war clothing has been patched and worn down several times to the point it's barely recognizable. On his face covering his eyes are a pair of thick wrap-a-round shades that block his eyes from view as he stumbles over to the bar looking half dead from the trec.

     His expression is completely deadpan, grizzled from time spent out under that desert sun. His eyes narrow down onto the surface of the counter.
Achilles "Until somebody has us go after that enclave base, or fight more robots, or something else." Achilles rests his elbows atop the table, looking over towards Saeko to ovver a small wave. "Sure. Have I met her before?" He seems to think about it for a moment, hrming quietly. "I think I have."
Saeko With a headphone in only one ear, Saeko is able to pick up on others talking about her. The asian woman looks up at the familier figures of Achillies and Iris waving her way, tilting her head to the side and then stepping closer with a bow of her head. She'd met them before after all, in the clinic and in the field, but both times it had been others that had introduced her. Gently reaching to switch her music off, the 'Kunoichi' opens her mouth to speak, only to close it and glance over her shoulder at the sudden arrival of the newcomer for a moment whom gets a once-over from her gaze. Another face she -hadn't- seen before.

Back to Achillies and Iris she turns once more. "I hope you are both well."
Iris Lark Iris gazes at the door, her head tilted slightly as the man walks in. She waves back to Saeko and offers her a smile. "You're welcome to join us if you like, how are you?"
Cooper      Allowing the pack to fall off his shoulder and onto the ground cooper slowly unclasps the buttons keeping it shut.

     His hands are worn down from work, the knuckles badly bruised as is the rest of him.

     As he sets waiting at the bar he pulls out a simple wooden box, and places it down onto the bar, waiting for a server to come and collect it.

     His head goes down into the palms of his hands for a moment to wipe his face clean the glasses removed for just a moment.

     Eyes lock right back onto the other group of the weary man half dead from exhaustion, and his various wounds but still stable enough to be every bit the intimidating figure.
Saeko Saeko herself seems happy to take the offer, sitting herself down by the pair save a glance towards the injured man. It was common enough for travellers to be wounded, the young woman herself had been thrown through the wall of a burned-out building by a grenade blast before she'd made it to El Dorado, but still a stranger was enough to warrent curiousity. "Perhaps," she suggests lightly to Iris, "you should offer your services." Regardless of if her advice is heeded, she answers the questions asked of her. "I have been reading much of late, and this device has given me a chance to listen to much music I have never heard before, but otherwise I have been resting off my wounds."
Achilles "I'm doing alright, how about yourself?" Achilles asks, not paying any extra attention to anybody else for the time being. He stops slouching and straightens up, putting him right at eye level with some of the servers. "Been up to anything interesting?"
Iris Lark Iris gazes at the stranger and she pulls at her sleeves, fidgeting with nervousness. "I could offer to help him." She says with a low voice, her brows furrowed. She takes a breath and after another moment of silence she speaks up. "Hey..stranger, if you've need of medical treatment, you're welcome to join us." She gestures to the table they're sitting at.
Cooper      "Wouldn't mind the company." Cooper admits with a nod, pausing for a moment, before he tries to bring himself back to a bit of a stand.

     His walk is slow, as he keeps the box near him, the bag going right back over his shoulder.

     Legs drop from under him once he snags a chair allowing him a seat by the others. From a glance he's hiding the injuries decently enough.
Achilles "Seems like we're all beat up." Achilles says, this aimed at Saeko. "Just the other day I was out minding my own business in Roswell, scouting out the area before we went and scavenged, when I was attacked by an Enclave patrol. Poor bastards had to call for backup, but the backup didn't think to bring any help." The giant grins, implying that they all fell before him.
Iris Lark Iris scoots so that the stranger can get settled and she leans on the table. "Well here we are, company." She says softly, giving him an appraising look. "So you are new to town?" She asks, eyeing his injuries. "What happened to you, if you don't mind me asking?"
Cooper      "Delivery from Brahmin Wood" Cooper starts while slowly puffing away on his cigarette. "Wasn't exactly easy going on foot." He pauses for another long drag.

     Looking towards the others and giving a firm nod of thanks from behind those pitch black glasses. "Then again, as a courier it never is."
Iris Lark "You're the second courier I've met this week." Iris says, her brows quirking slightly, folding her hands in her lap. "Who is the delivery for, maybe we can direct you to the right place...or if you'd like, I can..try to wrap some of those wounds."
Achilles "I know how it is. Walked from the Capital Wasteland to the Commonwealth then all the way down here." Achilles takes up the glass when it's sat in front of him and takes a swallow. "If the raiders and monsters don't get you, the terrain will."
Cooper      "Plan on sticking around here for a while." Cooper admits as he knocks off a bit of ash from the end of his cancer stick. His eyes lock down on the end of it for a long moment. "Wouldn't ever turn down a bit of assistance, isn't exactly easy trecking."
Iris Lark Iris gets to her feet and starts to check over the new guy, her hands probing at some of the bruises and she pulls out some supplies from her medical kit. "This will hopefully help." She murmurs, a smile on her face.
Achilles Achilles nods, letting Iris work. He digs into the food that was sat in front of him, staying out of the way. "Get used to being hurt if you hang around here. Well, if you go out and scavenge anyway. Never know what you'll run into out there."
Cooper Cooper stays still during the whole procedure as he's checked over. Though some things can be bandaged over or healed up there's still a few things beyond fixing at the moment. Among them is a large scar rung right around his neck.

     The cursory examination reveals that it's the scars from a rope used to hang him. Wounds on it are old, but they're certainly there, and deep. It should have killed him, then again hanging kills most people.

     "I appreciate the kindness." cooper confirms once the works all done up. His somewhat patchwork clothing gets put right back into place. "Rare to find."
Iris Lark "Come to the clinic in Shantytown, if you need such kindness again." Iris murmurs, smiling over at Cooper. "We want you to stay healthy, after all the mail has to be delivered." She glances at Achilles and then back at the man briefly. "How did you come upon these injuries?" She asks, her tone going for light, and probably failing.
Achilles "You're wasting your breath love." Achilles leans over to kiss Iris' cheek before looking at Cooper. "You don't plan on taking it easy, do you? I know another killer when I see one." The man might be half of Cooper's age, but from the way he carries himself and the scars that cover his exposed flesh it's very obvious that he's seen plenty of combat.

"We couldn't stay out of trouble if we tried."
Cooper "Least not till I pay back the friendly gentlemen who gave me this necktie in kind." Cooper offers with a bit of a smile, yet it's not of the friendly variety, more of the knowing kind. His own flesh already torn up more times then he could count since the start of his journey.

     "Rustling's a hanging offense." He starts off. "Of course then again so's hanging an innocent man." A crack of his own neck see's the man kicking back a few more drags of his cigarette.
Achilles "One person shouldn't be too much of a problem." Achilles says, lifting his shoulders in a bit of a shrug. "Even if it was a handful, it still shouldn't be much work to kill them off." The big man takes another swallow of his water and nods slightly. "Worst case you can ask around for some help."
Cooper Cooper lets out a bit of a low chuckle, rolling the small box in his grasp. "Not just about killing people." He pauses a long moment. "No, if I wanted that I'd have done it when they were sleeping that night."

     He adjusts his clothing to make sure he's covering most the assorted collection of wounds and scars. "No, this is about something more." He pauses to dust off the cigarette ash. "It's about sending a message." Sticking right back into the corner of his mouth. "It's about making damn well certain they know exactly what's happening, and why."