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Sammy     Rangers are soldiers. They go and do things so that non soldiers don't get hurt. Sammy did the needful things. He got people where they were needed, got the job done, and got everyone out, none of the team got killed. He got himself to a place of healing, got a number, and made sure the bleeding had stopped. He found a place to wait to be treated, with all the _serious_ cases getting priority, and peeled out of his armor and makde a neat pile of his things, rolled into a neat bundle to lean against. A Pip-boy 2000 cradled in his arms, his fatiges show blood on his chest, seeping through the first set of pressure bandages. His right leg has been braced with a folded over chunk of car fender and tied still.
    He's getting better at data entry on the small computer's keyboard and is filling away paperwork.
Iris Lark Iris walks in from the back room, a towl wrapped around her and a robe over top of that. Her long reddish-brown hair is damp, it looks like someone just got out of a bath or shower. Medicine waits for no man or woman though, when word comes that some people are injured, she puts aside her comfort and gets to work. A few people needed minor things, a bandage here and a bit of salve and care. She takes care of those quickly, laughing at the jokes about her clothing. When she gets to Sammy there is a tightness around her eyes that is hard to miss. "What happened out there?"
Sammy     Sammy sees Iris come out, "We went after some Raiders that were part of the bigger group that had Acme on lockdown." he states, "Getting back some of Einstein's lost things." he sets his paperwork down, "I'm thinking. I need two chestplates, as there's more shotguns that want me dead out there." he looks down at his knee, "... and that's a lot more crowbar and tire iron than I like to take on." he has numerous bruises and scratches, yeah he got jumped, but hey, everyone's alive and nobody's -that- seriously hurt anymore, in his book. "Pretty sure it needs a proper set by a real professional."
Iris Lark Iris gazes at the knee with pursed lips, reaching out to gently prod around the bone with sure and gentle fingers. "A proper set, you call it, that's an interesting way of saying that you're going to be in a lot of pain for a few minutes." She sighs and pulls her table closer and begins with the smaller stuff, dressing and cleaning wounds while she sets some ice on the knee. "I'll numb it before I start to pull at it."
Sammy     Sammy smiled and was waiting to hear the suggestion. He picks up his hip flask from his Medkit, and takes a bolt of it straight. Moonshine, great for disenfecting, degreasing, and of course, helping make him less stressed about the oncoming pain. Because in his mind he knows being tense will make it worse and get in the way of it getting better. The ice and fire work through his system in different directions, and his breathing is forced to a slow measured pace, he takes the leather holster from his waist, and folds the belt over.
    "Lets go." he says with a grim determination, folding the gag and making sure his hands are on the edge of the table to brace himself.
Iris Lark Iris takes a breath and climbs up on a stool, making sure her robe is tied tight. She takes hold of Sammy's leg and starts to pull on it, bracing against the bed. Almost like it's in slow motion the knee slides back into place with a meaty thunk. She climbs down from the stool and feels around the knee again, her brow furrowed as she works. She spares him a quick glance to make sure he's okay before she moves to wrap the knee to keep it still. "How are you holding up?"
Sammy     He eases the breath out, counts to 5, draws it in and answers, the flush of the alcohol already reddening him just a little, "I'm going to be allright. Having everything going back together in the right place is what, three quarters of the process?" he is measuring his breathing, not letting his adrenaline pump. He forces himself to lie back on the table, head resting on the rolled up duster, "I really am sorry to inconvenience you again after you did such a good job putting me back together." The tension in his neck, shoulders is being smoothed out, slowly as he unrolls and soaks the pain through him.
Iris Lark "I look forward to you folks coming to visit." Iris says, bring a cool cloth over to gently bathe Sammy's face and neck. "You all don't otherwise." There isn't any bite to her tone as she says this, she's just speaking the facts as she knows them. She finishes cleaning and bandaging the other hurts, her hands steady and quick as usual. "You're going to rest here tonight." It isn't a question, more of a soft command.
Sammy     "I don't have any plans on going anywhere, but if I need to scoot so someone else can use this bunk, I'm ok." he even manages a smile. "I think you're right. Though I thought I saw you out of the corner of my eye... at the Saloon the other night, there was never enough time to talk. Might have to figure out what day' good for poker night." he muses, "Give everyone something that shouldn't involve killing, to occupy their hands and be sociable for a change." he smile, thinking of how he watched a few play a few good hands of War.
Iris Lark Iris quirks a brow at Sammy and though she looks amused, she doesn't quite crack a smile. "What's poker?" She asks, pulling herself onto the stool to take a seat. Realizing it might be a bit indecent she pulls her robe tight around her as she waits for the obviously tipsy man to explain.
Sammy     "A game people play with cards." he quirks an eyebrow, "You get a deck of cards, numbered and labeled, for suites, Spades, Clubs, Hearts, Diamonds. Everybody bets a small amount and you look at hwat you have." he gives a gesture of flicking with his hand. "Sometimes the rules let you draw another card, Some times the rules let everyone see every card after the first few that are dealt out to everyone." he considers. "You gotta find a deck with all 52 cards though. He smiles a bit more widely at Iris as she settles in, displaying that there is in fact, actual bedside manner in the Wasteland. At least curiosity. "It's a form of gambling. There's all kinds of ways to play. Everyone takes turns, people talk, sometimes smoke and drink and carry on. For the most part it's all in good fun. But like any drug, some can get hooked on the gambling side of it. The thrill." he trails off, "So I like to play low-stakes games with friends when I can. The higher stakes stuff up in New Vegas, not so good."
Iris Lark "If you start a...league or something, will you teach me? I'd like to take part." Iris says, her hands folded near her knees. "I've never tried it before, but it sounds like a lot of fun. I bet you have to do a lot of thinking to win."
Sammy     Sammy nods a slow affirmative, "I will have to teach you how to first play the cards, and then, play the other players, because it takes both." he raises a hand with deliberate slowness and taps his temple, "The cards, that's just statistics and percentages, simple math. But observing your opponents, getting into the psychology of it, is the real fun." he grins "Poker League, enh? There's a thought." a night where he could gather everyone who's up to being social and shoot the breeze, beyond just everone lining up for booze and then wandering off? Certainly appeals to his thoughts of making the world a place civilians can just 'live their lives' ...
Iris Lark Iris gets to her feet, and pulls a blanket out, settling it over Sammy. "Call out if you need anything, I don't want you getting up and moving about unless it's absolutely necessary." She finds another pillow and hands it to him with a smile. "I hope you can get some rest here, let me know if you need anything, alright?"
Sammy     Sammy nods with genuine grattitude, though he does tuck the Pip-Boy under the blanket, as she sets it out and tucks him in. "I think I'm in for an actual restful night of sleep." he grins wide one more time, before reaching up to pull his hel,met on, over and down, to help blot out the light, using it to cover his face down to the bridge of his nose. "Have a good night yourself Doc."