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Jude It's early morning in Acme. Jude and Iris were already out and about, having a scavving day together out in the warm, harsh wastes. They're trek brought them north to Acme where they happen upon the general store near Hanhou's Noodle House for a bite to eat. It's abandoned and dirty as heck, but Jude pushes the door open and enters. He pipes up, "Huh. Think this place would get many customers, Iris?"
Iris Lark Iris steps in behind Jude and gazes around the empty space. "Not right now it won't, it's pretty dirty." She pushes through some cobwebs and drags a finger across a countertop. "I bet once it's clean and has some stuff in it, it will." She glances back towards Jude. "Are you thinking of opening a place here?" She wipes her hands on her thighs and frowns. "I bet you could fit a lot of stuff in here."
Jude Jude bobs his head with a thoughtful look on his face. "Well, for the team too sorta. I mean, going out everyday, I have plenty of stuff that I'll never use, yaknow? I'm sure I'm not the only one. A general store... sell stuff on consignment? Maybe take ten percent for running the place. People could sell their stuff easier." He props up a battered and broken display. "Take a ton of work to get ready to fill the shelves though. Maybe find a brewery and a farm and a chemist or something... for people's general needs, yaknow?"
Iris Lark "I know I have a lot of stuff I'll never sell, I'm not much of a merchant." Iris says, moving around to continue clearing out the cobwebs. "I think this is a great idea." She smiles back at Jude and after she wipes her hands on her legs again she props her hands on her hips. "All we need is some water and soap, and we can get the basics taken care of." She is staring off into space as she speaks. "We can rebuild some of the diplays and find one of those old fashioned cash drawers." She looks excited as she bounces on the balls of her feet. "You think the others would be interested too?"
Jude Jude nods in agreement with Iris as she speaks. At the question, he laughs and blushes. "I have no idea. Doing the merchant thing isn't exactly glamorous. Or dangerous." He thinks as he trudges around, tapping the keys of his pipboy to take some notes. "The main structure seems fairly sound. Some holes in the roof that I'll have to patch. If we have books or tech or anything, the elements need to stay -outside-. Walls could use some love too." He sighs and turns to smile at Iris. "Sorry. Got distracted. I think we can sell them on the idea, even if they don't want to really -help- per se. I bet they'd be all about the finding good stock for us though. I mean, that's the fun part. The actual sitting in the shop and hoping people buy it, well... that's not nearly as cool."
Iris Lark "I sit in the clinic all day, it's not so bad." Iris murmurs, gazing around the structure with slightly pursed lips. "Honestly, I would welcome doing a few things that aren't dangerous." She walks towards Jude and grins. "So if you don't mind the company, I'll help you get things set up. I can learn how to patch walls and the roof, if you show me a few times how to do it, I'll catch on."
Jude Jude thinks a moment and then smiles brightly. "I'd be glad for the help! That's for sure. I was just thinking they don't have a proper clinic here that I've seen either. We could set up a little area for that too, if you wanted? I mean, a general store... the more things we can offer, the more people might come through. It's also not something Solomon can tax either." He moves closer to Iris and offers his hand. "Iris? Would you do me the honor of going into business with me?"
Iris Lark Iris takes Jude's hand, clearly trying not to laugh. "I'd love to, this sounds like a fun venture." She glances around and then points at a quiet corner. "I wouldn't need much space, just enough for a table." She tows Jude along as she walks around the store. "We can even set up places to sell weaponry, I bet. There is enough room for a small workspace too."
Jude Jude bobs his head, sliding a little closer to let his arm wrap casually around Iris's waist as they parcel out their floor space. "I'm getting pretty good at carpentry. If we have a workspace, I can probably make furniture all legit like," he says quietly. "Getting fair at gunsmithing too. Plus tech and all that. I think you'll be a critical draw though. A doc is going to bring in loads of people from all over. I think this could be really amazing. I don't think there's anything like it in New Mexico."
Iris Lark Iris smiles back at Jude and she turns to give him a hug. "Thank you for saying that, but I don't think the clinic will be as big of a draw as the store will be." She offers an impish grin and adds. "Though, I think they'll travel here if they're wounded, meaning incidental customers." She steps back, her cheeks pink. "You are a gunsmith?"
Jude Jude hugs Iris back, hands caressing her back. He laughs a little and steps back too after the hug. "Having everything all in one spot... or as much as we can find supplies on will be good all around." He nods with a blush. "Yeah. I've been working on it since most upworlders don't use lasers usually. I figured it'd be good to know for the militia too. I can repair em pretty good and have some good know how. Just not the experience doing it just yet to do anything particularly cool." He wrinkles his nose. "I've been sort of flitting between that and carpentry. So not too noteworthy just yet."
Iris Lark "I'm a bit boring, just a Healer." Iris says, her cheeks flushing red as she turns to walk around the space again, gathering her thoughts. "I wish I would have grown up in a Vault or something, who knows what I would have chosen to do or learn." She glances over her shoulder and grins crookedly. "Not that I don't like what I do, I love helping people, but it wasn't exactly by choice."
Jude Jude leans against a column, watching Iris as she checks the place out again. He shrugs with a roll of his shoulder. "The light is always brighter in the other room. I don't think there's much of anywhere that you have a lot of choice. Upworld you do what you have to to survive. What your family does is what you do. Down in a Vault, you take a test... called the G.O.A.T. Those results tell you what you're going to do. I sort of wanted to be a doctor when I was younger, but... like all of my family... here I am. A technologist and engineer. The militia is all me though. Vault Team Six too. And now, maybe a shopkeeper too."
Iris Lark Iris nods and wears a brighter smile as she turns back towards Jude. "I do a lot of 'what if's' when I'm alone, it's a bad habit and I should give it up." She taps on her Pip-Boy and after a moment she speaks up again. "If you'd like, I can go get some soap and water now, maybe some supplies." The machine starts to play music from Roswell and she exhales softly. "Or shall we wait for the team?"
Jude Jude laughs and shrugs again, pushing away from the column. He stands in front of the storefront window and says, "I think we all do. Ask what-ifs. I think the trick is to switch it to what-nows. Can't change the past, but can change what direction you mosey now." He glances over at Iris and then glances around again. "Soap and water should probably wait til we patch the place up proper like. The winds'll blow the dirt and everything right back in by tomorrow mornin'." He thinks a moment and says, "How about we just get the junk out of here? All the broken-beyond-repair junk? Then we can sort of make a list of what we need to do and what we need to do it."
Iris Lark Iris nods and she shrugs out of her flannel outer shirt, draping it over one of the counters. She moves to pick up broken things that probably were shelves at some point and starts to haul them out the door. "You owe me dinner after this." She calls out as she crosses the threshold, dust kicking up in her wake.
Eden Eden is still standing in doorway, thinking. "Well, I'm pretty good at fixing things, if you'd like some help figuring out what's fixable and what's not"
Jude Jude strips off his combat duster and lays it on the counter. He tips his hat and laughs. "Dinner and a shower if you want one," he offers. "There's no surviving this and not being grungy." He heaves a metal display onto his shoulders that looks like it survived a mole rat nesting ritual. "Oh ick," he moans as some of the nesting material shakes loose and gets all over his militia uniform. "I hate mole rats." he grumbles as he lugs the warped metal out to the pile Iris is starting. He sees Eden and smiles. "Howdy! Yeah! If you wanna go through and make a mark on the stuff that looks salvagable, we can do the lugging. It'll save us some time. How you doin' today, Eden?"
Eden eden smiles and walks in. Already starting to poke at piles says, "I'm doing great, glad to be a help"
Iris Lark Iris walks back in, and spotting Eden gives her a polite smile. "Good afternoon, how are you today?" She asks before she grabs another piece of metal shelving, pulling it towards the door. She gets stuck on the door briefly and when she tugs she almost upends herself but she manages to stay upright. "I haven't had a shower in a while, just baths, so you're on." She tugs a bit harder and the metal groans before she manages to turn it enough to get it out the door. "I bet we can find a use for these later!"
Jude Jude bobs his head to Eden. "Glad to have the help! We're hoping to open up the store. It'll give the team a place to sell the stuff they don't want and maybe make a couple caps." He struggles with his twisted metal, ugging for a moment. "Damn mole rats," he curses again. He struggles some more, grating out between gritted teeth, "I have a shower in my apartment in Vault City. You're always welcome to it, Iris. Alice probably has one too." He gives a final grunt and tugs hard. The metal frame squeals and finally gives, fitting through the door and landing Jude on his butt. He's generally unruffled, despite the less than graceful progress, crowing, "Gotcha! Damn thing!" He hauls it to the pile. "I bet we can!" He thinks a moment, looking at the scrap. "I should study blacksmithing! I could probably melt this down and make... um... something.... out of it."
Eden eden turns to reply, but she is already out the door. Smiles and looks back at the pile, hoping to find sme things worth tinkering with
Iris Lark Iris props her hands on her hips as she surveys the debris on the ground in front of the store. "We're gonna need to get something in here that we can haul this junk out, I'm sure they won't like us mucking up the clean parts of town with our crap." She doesn't say anything about the offer of shower, but she already knows she'll pester about it at least once or twice. Showers are awesome. The Healer walks away from the group for a moment, ducking in the noodle shop, and when she reappears she has a broom. She goes to work, sweeping up the floors, humming a soft tune as she works.
Eden Eden looks up, "how far would it have to go? I could probaby rig up a cart or something"
Jude Jude moves back into the store and looks around for some planks of wood and some bent up nails. He chirps happily as he finds enough to do what he intends. He goes and grabs his tools out of his duster. He pulls out some tools and sits on one of the clean spots that Iris created. He starts the painstaking work of pounding the nails straight again. "Hey, Eden? If you find any nails that aren't totally rusted, could you bring em on over? We'll need plenty to get this place fixed on up."

He glances at Iris ten and asks, "While you're sweeping, could you see if you can see where the damn mole rats are gettin' in at?" He's back to taptaptapping the metal straight with an absurdly small hammer.
Iris Lark Iris nods at Jude and after a few moments she points to an opening, low on the wall. "Probably here, it seems big enough." She says, setting the broom aside. She kneels down and gazes out of the hole and frowns. "This is ..going to be a lot of work." She murmurs before she stands back up. "Is there any way we can plug up this hole?"
Eden Eden stands up, with a small pile of nail in a can and a small piece of wood. "Would this be big enough to cover it after it's filled?"
Jude The taptaptap stops when Jude rises to go inspect the hole. As he approaches, he asks Iris, "Is it a hole going into the ground or just a hole in the wall?? If it's just a hole in the wall, that's easy peasy. We can patch that all easy like." He arrives by Iris and hunkers down to take a look. He points to the foundation concrete and then pounds a palm on it to see how brittle and crumbly it is. "Patch won't make much difference if'n the can just scratch out the concrete," he mutters. He sighs and laughs a little, grinning up at Iris. "Boy howdy. Lot of work. Sure you wanna still? Might cost two dinners, huh?"
Iris Lark Iris kneels down and points out the hole. "See there is the hole in the ground, right outside." She glances over at Jude, both eyebrows quirked up a bit. "Two dinners? How about three, we should just ..make it three."
Jude Jude sighs as the hole is pointed out. "Great. Might have to go varmint plinking. Then collapse the tunnel. Then fill the hole. Then mend the hole in the wall." He takes off his hat and runs his fingers through his hair. "Definitely three dinners." He gives another sigh and says, "I better go see if I can rustle up some concrete or something to plug up the tunnel. They're just gonna mess everything on up otherwise. Looks like they gnawed their way in in the first place." He rises and dusts himself off. "Y'all wanna stick around here? It'll take me a while to get from here back to El Dorado and back..." He grabs his duster and slips it on. "If I hurry though, I might be able to fill that damn thing by dark though."
Eden Eden waves at Jude, "Glad to. way more than rnough to occupy me here."
Iris Lark "I'll stick around to get the cobwebs and floor clean, just because." Iris says, giving a shy glance to Eden. "We could also get to know each other a bit, yeah?" She steps forward and offers her hand to Eden. "I just realized how rude I was. I'm Iris Lark, I work in Shantytown as a Healer."
Jude Jude bobs his head and waves over his shoulder as he high-tails it to get some more advanced mole rat deterrents. "Alright, ladies! I'll be back in a jiff!" Then he's headed down the road, wishing he had a horse or something to make this faster.
Eden Eden takes Iris's hand with a smile. "Sounds good. I'm Eden. I'm from Vaulttown. Mostly I fix things"
Iris Lark "It's nice to meet you." Iris says, gazing around the area slowly. "This is going to be a lot of fun, I don't get out of the clinic as much as I should, so ..a nice project will give me a bit of breathing room." She tilts her head slightly and her eyes narrow. "So, why did you end up joining Vault Team Six?"
Eden "Well", Eden takes a breathe, "I just need something new. bI've been stuck in the same place way too long. not that I'm not grateful or anything, just... I wanted to be part of something not connected to my parents. something my own" Looks at Iris with a bit of worry. "Hopefully something that shows me a lttle bigger slice of the world. Does that make sense?"
Iris Lark "More than you know." Iris says quietly, moving to help Eden with what she is working on. "I was born in a Legion camp, and was raised as a slave Healer. I spent my whole life doing something I never wanted, and's only been a few months since I've been free." She pauses, a little choked up before she adds. "There are so many nice people outside of the the camps, they've all helped me and got me on my feet. I have my own clinic now, I'm part of this team. Nobody can take me back. Life is good."
Eden Eden blinks back a tear or two. "I've been so lucky and safe. I can't even imagine. I've liked the things i've done. was even free to choose to leave. I'm glad you are here now"
Iris Lark "I'm glad to be here as well." Iris says, leaning in to give Eden a quick hug. "I think you'll like our team, we've got lots of really great plans."
Lucky Sauntering on through the doors is Lucky, fidgeting with his Pip-boy system. Taking a few steps inward, he pauses with a hmm.
Eden Eden hugs her back. "well, introduce me to these guys?"
Iris Lark Iris eyes Lucky as she steps back from her hug with Eden. "Honestly, I'm not too terribly sure about this one." She offers Lucky a shy smile and gestures for him to come further inside. "I don't think we've been introduced, have we?"
Lucky Glancing up, eyes blinking, Lucky smiles wide. A hand moves from his Pip-boy, twiddling the fingers in a gesture of hello to both. "Heya doctor. Oh, we haven't? Well.. uhm, shoot. Names Lucky." He replies in a cheerful tone of voice.
Eden Eden turns to Lucky waving back, "are you new too? I'm Eden. what do you do?"
Iris Lark "Pleased to meet you, Lucky." Iris says, sticking her hand out for a shake. "You joined a few days ago, yeah?" She asks, a slight smile on her face. "How are you liking it thus far?"
Eden Eden says "hey, Im just gonna go grab my tool kit. I'll be right back,
Lucky "Yes, I am new in many beautiful ways; to El Dorado; to Acme; shucks, even to New Mexico itself." He responds cheerfully to Eden before looking to Iris and grips her hand firmly, yet gently and shakes. "Vault team 6? Oh, yes just after that fun incident with those huma'obots." He responds, pausing and adds "Oh, only been a few days so, uh, not really sure."