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Stockton Stock's sitting at his usual table with a few beers piled up while Mr. Handy remains busy cleaning up a few things at the bar. There's a map of the area laid out in front of him. Notes scrawled in his journal as he pieces together bits of something. Notes, and little odds and ends, a bottle cap over New Vegas and El Dorado. Deep in thought, or completely frustrated, or both!
Sparrow Sparrow's been gone a bit but when one returns from adentures, one needs a beer. And that's why Sparrow is here, she's parked Bluebelle outside and strides in towards the first Mr. Handy offering beers that she sees, makes her order, and heads off towards her usual spot which is a table over from Stocktons. She plants herself into it with a groan and takes off her cowboy hat.
Stockton Stockton blinks up as he spies the blonde cowgirl making her way into the bar. There's a sly grin that forms, subtle almost, but there. He takes another long sip of beer and fishes around in his coat for a cigarillo and a match. As she drops down and kicks back he gives her a chin-up greeting. "Glad tah see yer back, how'd it go?"
Sparrow Sparrow nods, "Things went just fine. Did my best ta keep folks from gettin' too sick. Plenty of gossip but more work to do than time to spend listenin' to people tell wives tales arond the campfire. How about here, I hear everything's goin' well. Come back in time to hear folks are runnin' for Mayor. Thought breifly about puttin' my hat in but I think maybe it's best I not try and compete against a Caine."
Stockton Stockton rolls a shoulder and nods, "Been runnin' into more freaky shit. Refugees from down south, but they're mutated, was a centaur lookin' fellow with 'em. They were ravenous, and feedin on human flesh. Put 'em down afore they got to me, but," he lets his sentence go, it's clear he's worried about more coming. "You'da made a good Mayor. Suspect Kitty might, givin' the benefit of the doubt." A shake of his head, "Otherwise, been quiet as El Dorado gets."
Sparrow Sparrow bobs her head in agreement taking out a cigarillo from her breast pocket and popping it between her teeth. The quiet stoic faced blonde considering the room as she chews on the end for a moment before lifting a match to light the smoke. "Naw, I'd make a terrible mayor. Be doin' it for the wrong reasons. Best focus on what I know, revenge and farmin'." She jokes and nods to the Handy offering another few caps for another beer to be on the way as she sucks down the first to whet her parhed whistle.
Stockton Stockton snorts once and shakes his head, "Yer a damn liar, yer good at three things," there's a sly smirk involved there, "Farmin', healin' bein' chief among 'em." He kindly doesn't announce the third but it's implied well enough as he takes a drink and finally lights his cigar. Puff puffing at it. "So now yer back, yer plans changed any?"
Sparrow Sparrow eyes Stockton, "No, aint changed one lick. Same as I wanted before, just hopefully now Kathrine can make my job that much easier. Aint gonna look a gift horse in the mouth." She turns to look back over the room. "How about you? A week away change your plans any?"
Stockton Stockton smirks just a little and nods once, "Yeah. Plans done changed," he admits with a little grimace, because he knows damn well it may come as a shock. "Was lookin' into joinin' the local Brotherhood, seein' as Caldwell is a push over and so readily agreed to some stupid terms. Figured it'd put me in a position tah really help yanno?" he leads in carefully enough. "Then I found out there was 'nother position open that I can fill."
Sparrow Sparrow lifts a brow and takes a drag off her cigarillo, sitting at the table next to Stockton's, leaned back. She's road weary, a dusty pack sitting next to her and a hat on the table. The lower half of her face is clean thanks to a bandana but otherwise she's caked in the dust of the trail. "Yeah? Ya don't say well have fun doin' that. But uh, this other position, will it let you take care of your Ma still?" She wonders lifting a brow, "Cause if you need me to check in on her while you're off takin' orders.."
Sammy     And what then is a Ranger to do, but to gather himself up and go have a look at what indeed, is in store. Sammy backs out of his room upstairs, closes, locks the door, disappears the key and swings, for a change... Saddlebags over his shoulder, though it's pretty clear there's supplies in them for a long trip, by way of the number of barrels sticking out, He checks his pockets over one more time and even dons his helmet, leaving the mask to swing aside, noeed to get serious just yet, and he heads down into the saloon proper. He gives a friendly enough wave as he sees Stockton & Sparrow.
Stockton Stockton snorts and shakes his head, "Wouldn't be takin' orders, would be givin' them," he says at her lifted brow, "And I'll be based local, 'fact they might not let me go as far as I used ta roam." A shrug comes and he lifts his hand to salute Sammy briefly, "Off on an adventure, Sammy?" he questions before giving Sparrow another sneaked glance. Attention remains on the Ranger for now though.
Sparrow Sparrow lifts her beer towards Sammy, "Hey, Ranger, headin' out?" She wonders about the same time as Stock, teeth clenched on the end of hand rolled cigarillo. Her hair is on the table next to her and a cold beer in her hands is almost gone, another is being dropped off by a Mr. Handy server. The blonde cowgirl's leaned back in her chair and from her nose down has a clean face where her bandana had kept her from breathing the dust of travel. The rest of her though? Coated in the fine powdery gray-brown of road dust. She glances back towards Stockton, "Oh yeah, what's this new position then. Tax man?" She teases with a little sneer.
Dominic dominic walks threw the doors of the bar his body patched up and his armor no longer full of holes "hey sammy hows your rangers doing?" he asked slightly curios
Sammy     Sammy gives a thumbs up to Stockton, smirking, and finds a chair back to set his saddlebags over, "Oh you know me, long walks in the desert and all that." he muses, and takes his gloves off, and finds a seat with good light, laying out a red bandanna and smoothing it out, he nods to Sparrow, "Mmmmnhmmm, so the call said, there's a bit of a muster coming up." he doesn't draw his revolver per-se, but slips it from the holster upside down, and lays it on the red cloth, with the practiced touch, the cylinder is spun out, slipped off, and the bullets all in a neat little circle. Bits of kit from pockets are produced and he starts giving the gun a thorough cleaning. Checking down the bore up at a light to make sure it's all good and proper shiny, eight grooves. "Heey, there." he hasn't heard someone mention Dominic's name. "Good to see you ambulatory."
Lucette     Walking into the Gold-Digger is the local courier, Lucette. Her duster looks like it needs a dusting of late, and her collar is folded down as she crosses past the threshold to glance around. The first one that catches her eye, "Stockton." she calls, starting to head over that way with eyes bright for the time being.
Stockton Stockton sees the Saloon is picking up and quietly moves to fold over his maps and notes, tucking them to the side in favor of an open table surface. "Law man. Sheriff to be exact," he tells Sparrow, because she deserves to know. Also because it'll make that sneer disappear. A smile is given to Sammy and Dom as they speak, telling the Ranger, "I do indeed, what sorta muster you needin?" A familiar voice catches him off guard and he tilts his head towards Lucette with a grin, "Luce, good ta see yer noggin in one piece, catch a seat, grab a beer."
Sparrow Sparrow takes another drag off her smoke just in time to hear Stockton's claim as to a job choice and she exhales immediately in a bark of a laugh that catches with smoke and has her laughing and wheezing and doubling over clutching a rub. Ah, childhood friends. She points at Stockton, "You a fuckin lawman, oh Slimjim.. oh man.." She struggles for a few more breaths before she's finally able to take a pull off her beer to wash down the rawness. "You best be hopin' folks forgot who ya were." She points out, "I know a couplea families who had some girls about your age, might have a bone or two to pick with ya. You need anyone to help keep ya stitched up, Sammy, I've been itchin' for somethin' active."
Dominic dominic sits at a table and draws his sword and a rag and begins to clean and polish it "so if any of ye groups be willing to recruit me into your ranks id be greatful and show my worth"
Sammy     "Long range enough for me to invest in a horse." he wryly grins, and his fingers blur, the magnum going back together, and he spins the cylinder linstening to it very carefully holding it up to his ear, barrel still pointed up to the light as the well cared for magnum spins, before he sets it down in front of the bullets, and picks up a needle-like scribe, starting to trace out four more notches along thet barrel, "Sherrif's silver star for you, Stockton? The old adage, local boy done good?" he listens to the way Sparrow tell it, thinking there's gonna be a lot more story to be told.
Lucette     Luce nods to Stock and goes to settle in to offered seat and eases up. "You manage to catch up with Caldwell yet? Or did your path change since last time we talk?" she asks curiously, then flashes looks to Sparrow, Sammy, and Dom to give them greeting nods. Dom makes a question, others talk of lawmen, it's Dom that gets a glance. "Local chapter of the Brotherhood's hiring. Reckon I could squire you and bring it up with our boss to make it official." she notes to Dominic. "If you feel right for an excuse to carry that old-age kit." a small wink provided. She then peers at Sammy, "Anyone here need a quick once-over and patch up? Can't say I'm a doc but I can see if you need to see one or if you'll pull through with a bit of nimble fingers." she offers openly.
Stockton Stockton just watches the explosion of mirth on Sparrow and just smirks, "Yeeeup, about what I figured," he doesn't seem offended by the outburst, nor does he seem to give it much mind. "Folk know who I am," he shrugs and glances at Dominic, "Brotherhood, Milita, pretty sure they're all recruitin, feller." Not that he knows the guy from Adam. "Ain't done any good, but I can help this town," he tells Sammy before attention shifts back to Lucette. "We talked, somethin came up," he explains with a hint of amusement, "But ifn you need a lookin' over Sparrow can do the deed."
Sparrow Sparrow glances up as someone pokes their head through the door and she blinks. "Hmm, seems ta be my cue." She rolls up onto her feet and grabs her hat up. "Folks, hopin' ya'll will excuse me. Someone told me they'd poke me when they needed my help. Seem's it's my time. I'll be back shortly, I hope."
Sammy Sammy has his gun in it's holster in a blur, swiping up the remaining tools and grabbing his saddlebags on the way out, "Not all who do good, think they are good. Do good and you will be ." he muses with a cryptic grin, and is gone.