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Vault Girl Roswell Underground, Late Night

Nobody is quite sure in fact who the first one to suggest putting a party together to go find the supposed Enclave Base in the Roswell Underground was, it may have been Stockton with his wannabe Batman ways (what a poser), or it may have even been Alice and Vault Team Six (Cause they have nothing to do obviously), or maybe B just needed to let off some steam.

The point was? You were all here and had been here for the day, most likely having arrived after DJ David Ghoulie of Radio Roswell aka Radio Rockwell announced that some of his fellow ghouls had seen the Enclave moving around Roswell without prejudice or concern earlier!

Those fuckers had even killed some of the local ghouls who had seen them and could not get away fast enough and despite their appearance, if they were Non-Feral? THEY WERE PEOPLE TO!!!!

The initial push into the underground had been fierce with men like Stockton, Ashur, and Dominic providing the heaviest part of the Vanguard that had taken out the sentries.

It was the inquisitive eyes of B, no stranger to secret places or at least those not meant for outsiders who spotted the terminal that was cleverly disguised in a wall near the last group of Enclave to be taken down.

Sammy's gun spat white hot death against an Enclave Close Support Trooper who had been preparing to ambush the group as Alice hacked the terminal and Iris, Sparrow and Kumo dealt with the wounded in a major show of medical girl power.

Upon entering the facility, the group found themselves in a place that with the exception of Lucette was unlike anywhere anyone had been. It was clean. Sterile. Precise. Cold. Hard.

This was not the kind of place other human beings did nice stuff to other human beings.

Rose was a boon to the group as she snuck ahead and spotted most of the traps and security systems for the more tech-savvy members of the group to disable.

As they pushed deeper into the facility, it was Vuk who noticed that many of the seemingly abandoned rooms in the facility were being used to conduct cybernetic and robotic research, a fact the healers confirmed.

As you continue to push deeper in, having found very little opposition aside from the initial encounter; it becomes clear that the frenzy of Enclave activity was due to their evacuation of the area.

A large security door blocked your way, but military like Rose and Sammy recognized some of the symbols and warnings; this was a door leading to some kind of launch bay.

Would you find a Vertibird or something else behind it?
Rose It was cautious going for Rose, even if she'd been sneaking ahead. Her helmet's optics helped her seen in the dark but that didn't mean she wanted to stumble on some trap and end up gassed...or shot...or exploded. Now as the others caught up, the woman was busy checking her weapons over once more, making sure they were loaded and ready. A launch bay in Roswell? She'd initially have suspected a vertibird, or perhaps a warhead. But after that night out here she didn't ever talk about with -anyone-? Well, her mind was a little more open. Who knows what they could find?

"Well, if ever there was something for them to be defending..." she speaks to the others as she gestures to the door with the revolver in her hand.
Vuk Vuk would try to later, get Iris to help him possibly boost some of the cybernetic research and the like away..he had a personal interest in getting some of that. A secret she had so far kept, but he was for now, here to do his part of punching through any remaining defenses, his Minigun thudding against his armor by it's sling, a powerful hand cannon at the ready. " makes sense, they used vertibirds to ambush us before." he says, not overly helpful, but they did!
Sparrow Sparrow finishes up the last bandage and moves to clean her hands. She'd been going about udner Iris and Kumo's attentive instructions. For while Sparrow might be many things, when it comes to getting people healed she's a team player and absolutely willing to let more practiced heads and girl power make swift work of the injured. She wipes her brow and pushes up her helmet a bit now that they're at the bay doors but tech savvy she is not. She's lucky that a Pip Boy is fairly user friendly in that regard. "Yeah but what would make them pack up and just up'n leave if it were somethin' like a Vertiberd?"
Dominic dominic continues to keep at the front of the group with the other tanky guys he may not be good at range but he can still take damage for others if it ment protecting them "i got a bad feeling bout this"
Kurokumo Mibojin      Out of the few brief years that Kurokumo has been on the road, she's never seen anything like this. Usually, being alone or tagging with caravans, she wouldn't be caught dead here. Being part of a community is a nice change... She made sure to bring her newly acquired boomstick to the fray as well. "What makes the Monsters run?" Kurokumo's sentiment for the Enclave, now.
Iris Lark Iris keeps close to Sparrow and Kumo, helping them as they clean and wrap wounds. She's quiet as she works, preferring not to participate in the chatter, because most of it, she doesn't understand anyway. She checks her supplies, making sure that if there were further injuries, she would be ready for them.
Sammy     Sammy moves in with a very sweep-and-clear motion, but with the lack of badguys for a heartbeat, his gun is held high. He's looking for a good spot to find cover, and where possibly to direct others to take cover, seeing the grey of the security door, he moves nearer to it, but leans against the wall siding next to iteyeing around it's edge for something that might be good to open it, loosened wires, evidence of a hasty retreat, marks of what kind of traffic across the threshold etc. There's been a conspicious lack of Enclave, save the encounter outside. "Did they retreat through here, or from here? Or are they on the other side of the door. Who's gonna knock?"
Ashur Ashur is stained in the blood of strangers. It splatters across the white of his armor and coats his heavy hands, the piston of his power fist slick with it; he's beaten a path with the other heavy combatants through the defenses and slipped inside the sterile underground facility. Were it not for those red streaks across him, he might even look like he fits in with the lab, all white and clean. "This place is too clean," he declares, voice taking a metallic growling sound through the air filter of his helmet. "Unnatural. It gives a sickening feeling."

At the sealed door, he looks up. He recognizes none of the symbols. "Were it a vertibird, they would have fled with it," he remarks. "As any storage for it would necessarily demand access to the surface. Whatever is behind this door, it is locked away for a reason."

A shrug. "Open it."
B B probably shouldn't be here. Pregnancy and bullets don't mix, or so she's been told. But she won't let a little thing like that stop her. Near the middle of the group with her rifle at the ready, the little raven-haired woman eyes the secured door. "Well now, there's only one real way to know what's on the other side. Someone should open it. I can try, but I'm not really that great with things like locked terminals."
Lucette     Luce has seen outposts an' everything, but it's a little upsetting(atleast to her) that the group was shoot on sight. As she'd initially suspected, but, hopefully she'll find a cell that will give her a frellin' minute to attempt executive takeover on. Otherwise, the base looked nice and gave her comfort and a leisurely stroll behind the vanguard was nice.

    "Well." Luce considers aloud, "Vertibirds aren't the only things. Think if there's this much ghoul activity, we're liable to find something highly radioactive or monstrous." Kumo gets an eye from Luce, "Bigger monsters make the monsters run." Whose gonna knock. "Lemme see if any of dad's codes work." she murmurs while wandering her way over to the door's terminal and tries in a few -proper- login attempts, rather than hacking the machine. Should those fail, well, she's familiar with how to break in the backdoor anyway. Gathering data was a critical skill for recon teams!
Stockton Stockton has field stripped one of his guns down to the parts, putting in a quick effort to get the mud and blood out of the barrel and action. He's keeping an eye on people and paths while everyone's preparing to go further. With everyone looking into the door, he's putting everything back together with a few metallic clacks and reracking a round with the magazine in. "Maybe they were tryin' to get in too?" he asks curiously of the group. "There's gotta be some reason there were so many ghouls down 'ere." A glance at Luce is turned into a funny look as the helmet tilts and the T-visor keeps his odd look concealed.
Rose      Well, people were hacking, Rose takes a step back and raises her revolver. "I doubt it's a vertibird," she comments before giving a dry chuckle. "But i'd be happy to be wrong and for this to all end with us flying back to town in style." A pause, she glances to the power-armored folks before stepping back a little behind them. If the door opened to immediate fire, she'd stand behind the walking cover.
Vuk Vuk will wait by the door, his helmet sweeping after Lucette when she moves in to..use codes? "What the feth.." he says quietly, when some one apparently just reveals they are infact, Enclave! "If we are lucky, they just sealed the bay up after them because they left a fuel supply behind or the like. I don't really want to consider we're about to walk into some thing that makes the Enclave paranoid, jumpy, and prone to running the hell away." He says. "Can any one even fly a Vertibird if we find one?" He suddenly asks, looking -right- at Lucette as he does! Even if she may not notice!
Sparrow Sparrow is off near the back but moves to make sure she's ina position to cover the other healers and dive for cover herself if she needs to. Reaching to unsnap her gun incase she needs to quickdraw the thing and take some folks out but she keeps the Medkit on hand just in case. The cowgirl's gone quiet, her questions unanwered and unlikely to be so until the door is hacked.
Kurokumo Mibojin      The revelation is enough to still Kurokumo's musings, Lucette having offered tidbits that suggested her affiliation to those who ran the laboratories. Her eyes look over the others about to jump on their suspicions, and she retreats from the conversation. No need to be the one firing the first bullet before the door is even opened.
Dominic dominic paused a moment to take a hit of jet before moving to the rear of the group to cover there six and keeping an eye out for anything that is hostile
Sammy     Asides to Rose, "Maybe it's enough parts we can get one or two of the wrecks out there spinning." he muses and those red lenses pan back across the way leading up to the door, then back to the door itself, and the team that's looking to at first, knock, but at least gain entry, behind the almost faded rictus mask an eyebrow quirks at Lucette, so confident in her logins and lineage. "... that also said this place could make a great living space once it's been ... repurposed." he considers, "Then again plumbing is such a modern marvel to have."
Vault Girl It's the work of Alice and B that allows Lucette to enter those access codes and when you were a descendant of President Dick himself, well, it was America Fuck yeah all the way when you ran into an Enclave facility.

The fact that the rumors of them operating in New Mexico this long had turned out to be true should have been more terrifying. No doubt, if the Enclave had managed to exist in secret before the Great War; they could continue to do the same even after all that had happened.

"Access Granted." The computer system that controlled the door announced, "Even if I'm not interested in granting you access. I am authorized however to warn you, that you are trespassing on United States of America Military property and have been found guilty of the following offenses: Murder, Sedition, Treason, Vandalism, Theft, Genetic Impurity, and this last one, I added myself; existing."

The computer system seemed to be far more than a computer system, "By the way, my name is Zax-52 and I am the last voice you will ever hear."

The American National Anthem began to play in the background and the doors began to slowly open, those large ominous doors before you.
Iris Lark "Well that sounds ominous." Iris remarks, a frown on her face. She steps behind Vuk and his power suit, hoping that if someone needs to get shot first, it will be him in his armor. She powers on her Pip-Boy and uses it for light if needed.
Dominic dominic after huffing the jet he seemed wired and runs to the front and threw the doors all while shouting "leroy jinkins!" could he be crazy mabie is he going to get hurt probably
Rose Well that's charming. The base had a robot brain that was angry at them. This was why she wasn't a big fan of robots. Well...that and Vegas. Frowning a little behind the shroud of her helmet the Ranger gestures for the team to move in, her revolvers held at the ready as she peers into the depths of the hanger. Lucette's codes and words? Weirdly enough Rose doesn't actually seem to have comment on them. Family tree digging can wait until after they're out of the near-legendary mystery spot of doom.

Then Dominic goes screaming into the room and all the blonde can do is sigh. At least he might catch a few bullets for them.
Vuk Vuk has decided when a possibly insane AI is involved, it is prudent to shift his minigun into a firing position, clamping the hand cannon back into it's rig and letting the minigun motor spool up. "If there is an entire pack of bad juju, I do not have any more ammo for this beast. Ya'all been forewarned." Vuk doesn't seem to remotely consider the possibility any thing on the other side will be friendly. Nope. Evil robots, they're back. The Menace has returned! The Wasteland is truly in need of saving! All hail Vault Team Six! Wasteland Heroes! Champanions of Justice! Also he doesn't seem upset Iris is using him as cover, he is after all, in the giant hulking metal suit.
Ashur "Judge my sin as you will, machine, and suffer my defiance," Ashur thunders, and he strides through those opening doors with the white cloak of New Rome wrapped around his arm. He throws it to the side and the heavy fabric flicks and billows outward behind him. "I come forth!" The man lacks Dominic's drug-fueled kineticism, but the heavy sound of his steps is no less forceful.
Lucette     Luce seems satisfied that atleast one of dad's passwords worked. "Guess dad was right." she chimes, the computer makes an announcement. "No, can't fly a bird. Never been in one that I can remember." she answers a little belatedly, just as DOMINIC JUST CHARGED THE FUCK IN, the jet explained it though. Then she answers Alice unhelpfully,

    "Hey, Zax. Can you tell me what happened here last? Why was the facility evacuated and what was the nature of things going on?" Luce asks this aloud and attempts to see if the terminal has any information for her grandpappi's password. Then, unhelpfully to Alice, "I'll answer any questions you have when we aren't having to keep eyes on the backs of our head. We're in for now and I hope there's no automated defenses aimed at us." she remains at the terminal for this little bit.
Kurokumo Mibojin      Kurokumo watches as everyone is startled by the artificial intelligence, except for Dominic charging in. Poor drug addled bastard. She was wanting to be more brave, even got a nice little helmet while scaving for this sort of thing. However, the Doctor is finding herself listing to the left of the doors for cover, watching her husband charge through just as recklessly. Damn it, Ashur...
Sammy     "You know I usually don't agree with the Brotherhood, but sometimes some of their schtic makes actual sense." he hunkers down beside the door and brings the rifle down, ready to start hunting for targets as the doors open...
     ...when of course, of course, a small coloquial village, has lost it's idiot.
    "... about not putting a robot brain in charge anything?" he turns the crouch into a prone shooting position as the door grinds open.
Stockton Stockton glances at Vuk and his minigun, fiddling with a few boxes of the stuff he grins at the fellow, "Could fix that fer yah, cheap." there's a wink and he just looks towards Dom charging in. "Was that the idjit that charged in the last time?" he questions and shakes his head, doing the deal with Vuk quickly so the man had ammo for his big gun, the former Merc stands and holsters his weapons with the intent of pushing on and following. Ashur is the next to yell and scream and the man just drops his head. There's a lopsided grin for Luce, "We'll talk later, first we survive whatever yer friend has in store, yeah?"
B The disconnected voice startles B almost as much as it's apparent sentience. She glances towards the terminal, then up and around as if looking for cameras. She opens her mouth to say something but then people are already on the move. Slender brows arch as people start to charge into the other room before she can even peer into it. "Well then," she says, glancing back the way they came to make sure that path is still clear, "I guess we're going in."
Iris Lark Iris watches Dominic charge in through the doors and she shakes her head, her lips pressed together. She joins Alice and gestures to the doors. "Shall we go in, have Vuk take point, or are we going to wait to see what happens to the ones who ran in first?"
Vault Girl The room is definitely large and it is dark.

Zax replies to Lucette when the Anthem ceases playing, the lights slowly coming on in the room, "Central Command authorized this facility to enter maintenance mode until the mutant threat can be dealt with in this region. The research is too important to risk losing. Miss Richardson, may I inquire as to why you are travelling with mutants now that I have answered your inquiry?"

Dominic ran passed something large on his charge through the dark, the jet fueling his systems carrying him to the other side of the hangar where he crashed into a wall.

As the lights came on, a massive robot was illuminated within the confines of the hangar that resembled a large scorpion.

On the side of it you could see the words: US Military Robots Division - Unit 05.

It appeared to be rather old and doesn't look like it had seen use in some time, perhaps since before the Great War.

"Just a moment." Zax said to the group, "You know how old pre-war technology can be, it can sometimes take a moment to start up. I assure you though, it will be fully operational."

The Bot:
Vuk Vuk grunts when they volunteer him and -then- a model of Bot he isn't entirely sure he's encountered before is revealed. "I'm not sure we want to be in a room with -that- thing." He mutters, eyes flickering over the bot before doing a quick bit of business with Stockton..suddenly? Spare ammo seems -very- good. "Hey! Enclave girl! Can't you like, order the damn AI to not turn on the bot?" He suddenly snaps out at Lucette.
Sparrow Sparrow has taken up position with the other healers; basically behind the big persons that have decided to be large and target like. Sparrow keeps down and careful. AI talks, threatens and as usual there are the rainbow variety of answers. From bargaining to straight on acceptance and appearent lack of self preservation, the darkness, prompts her to tilt her head and mutter under her breath, "Well we got a few seconds to book it or break it.." She pauses and assesses trhe group. "I'll keep the medkit handy." The stoic cowgirl taps her helmet and moves to find cover.
Dominic the drug fuled dominic gets to his feet and looks at the robot his normal dont be an idiot senses are nulled do to the drugs "i challange thee , prepare to die" he shouts at the robot
Rose Well that...that is going to cause problems if that thing tries to kill them. Her revolvers? They might be lacking any real firepower of that scale. Even so, the blonde can't help but give a little low whistle. "Now that's a gun..." she murmers under her breath. If this thing didn't have a likely predisposition to kill them? She'd think it was pretty damn cool.
Kurokumo Mibojin      Peeking around the corner of the doorway, Kurokumo's eyes widen in fear as she witnesses the metal scorpion beginning to come online. "It called us Mutants." She mutters under her breath, cocking the shotgun as everyone gets into position to fire. Hopefully she doesn't get to meet her dead mother anytime soon.
Lucette     Lucette listens to Zax and nods quietly. "Oh, I see. These impures were escorting me, I've become seperated from my chaperone and have been trying to find an operable outpost to call in reinforcements and assess the chain of command." she glances up to the nearest source of Zax's voice, "Well, there's too many impures outside for this to have any chance of succeeding in any long-term campaign, Zax. I suggest you add myself and my current hired-escort into the IFF as friendly forces. Regardless on if you can set the IFF tags, I request you send out a distress signal for a search and rescue team. One that won't open fire on myself or my entourage here." she's being nice, see! "This is a priority mission, I don't need to wind up unable to serve my country because of surviving a disaster."
Ashur "That which has been built by men's hands can be broken by them," the white cloaked beast in the power armor declares, looking up over the immense robot. The design of the scorpion was certainly intimidating, though it makes a little thought niggle at the back of his mind-- why? He shakes his head and dispels the pointless thoughts. "Silence your fears, you weak-hearted. Before the machine rises. What would its weak points be?"
Sammy     Sammy's trying to take hard cover with the door frame itself, as he watches the room light up, that sinking feeling, as he counts the legs on the thing, and the things that aren't legs. And looks for sensitive bits that might be worth trying to take a good measured shot at, but for now, he's waiting like a proper opportunist, for negotiations to break down. He even has the bipod engaged, a quiet angry mutter. "Robot... Scorpion. I wonder if it's one of Roman's ancestors, and he's been carrying on thir handywork unknowingly in haunted fever dreams."
Dominic dominic stands face to face with the robot all fear gone from his eye and replaced with both a drug filled rage and hatred for technology "you got alot of guts , lets see what they look like" dominic says in a psycotic tone to the robot
Stockton Stockton grumbles a little bit and just chews on something behind his helmet. "Ain't that a fair bit'a somethin," he mutters before reaching behind his back to double check his pistols, locked, loaded. He's ready to push ahead and deal with the belly of the beast...or maybe it's that giant fucking robot. "'mind me to drink more when we get back," he says to no one in particular.
Alice "Well, they might have fled cause they're done here. I mean, we did clear out most of Roswell of baddies and Vault Team Six kicked the butt of their cyborg ghouls and deathclaws before we took down their most elite team of soldiers left in the world. It was really epic, sorry you guys missed it." There was every possibility Alice was making the entire thing up.

Shrugging her shoulders as she saw others go to work on the door, Alice set to the task of assisting B and Lucette with hacking open the door. When Lucette speaks, she asks suspiciously, "Dad's codes? What's that supposed to mean?" (Insert earlier into the scene)
Alice "OH SUGARNAPS!!!!!" Alice cried out with a mixture of surprise, fear and terror as she dove behind, something anything for cover, ANYTHING that isn't Vuk or Ashur because she is pretty sure both of those men were going to be priority target number one.

"Dear Pip-Boy, please help us out in our time of need." She began to pray, "We ask you to use your powers to guide our Pip-Boys to help us in this battle and that we all make it out alive, but if someone has to die, please kill paper man or nazi grognak. Thank you."
Iris Lark Iris eyes Dominic warily and she turns to speak to Alice again, her voice quiet. "He's going to get himself killed, or worse, some of us." She checks the ammo on her M72 and glances around to see if anyone else is going to help the crazy man in armor. She knocks on Vuk's power armor and says. "Didn't he want to build houses, what happened?"
B B looks into the room, both gun and jaw lowering at what she sees there. "What is that thing?" she wonders, "beyond the obvious. And .. who's controlling it?" Maybe it would be better for her to stay here in the hall, tucked behind one of the doors until something changes. Seems like a better place to find cover than charging into the hanger and trying to find some there. Back flat against the wall, she glances towards those still assembled near the entrance. "Maybe there's a programming terminal around that can shut that thing down?"
Vault Girl "Of course, Miss Richardson. Just a moment-HEY! You're lying to me. If you're lying, that means you're against me. I don't quite care for people who are against me. I will alert Central Command, and make sure all of your grandfather and father's access codes are no longer useable as a cursory glance through my databases shows me that your father is quite dead. I was going to spare you the shock, but you lied to me!"

The computer seemed /pissed/.

The Mecha-Scorpion suddenly rumbled to life with a loud whine as the fusion core hit optimal critical levels and the sensor units on it turned a bright red.

A speaker from the scorpion itself said, "Hey Look! I'm controlling it, I'm going to kill you all, because America is a wonderful nation and we just cannot abide mutants."

It was clearly going to attack the moment it activated!
Sammy     "You think it's taking the bait?" Sammy gives a little bit of a point to Dominic running around down on the other end of the Scorpion. "I'm thinking it might not have all the reinforcement at it's joints that it needs, and it's years without any regular maintenance, so it's probably not the best cared for..." he -strokes- the cheekrest of his rifle and and secures it against his shoulder, prone and looking to see...
    Oooh, red spots. Red spots are good, but if you can see the red spots, the red spots can see you too."It's angry, lets see how coordinated this Zax fellow is."
Lucette     Lucette grumps at Zax. "I'm the president's granddaughter, this is a felony and abuse of authority." she grumps upwards, "If you want my actual reason for being here I'll gladly share it with you while working to re-centralize our government and make up lost resources and organization." dad's dead, not something Luce was too surprised to hear. All of these other soldiers are being killed even infront of her.

    "If you aren't with me, Zax, I'm afraid you don't share my vision for a better America and need to be disarmed. That's no lie, I have no use for a machine that can't serve its country." she exclaims, laser held tight. "If anyone finds a control console other than this one, I'll see what I can do to route through the system." she announces, "Someone keep an eye on our tails in case a team comes in behind us to retrieve this." as she peeks over to the side to note giant robot scorpion. Why isn't it painted red white and blue she'll never know.
Vault Girl The Tail Gatling on the Scorpion Mech begins to spin up before the rest of the unit activates and it fires wildly at Stockton who avoids every blast and then Ashur who feels the pressure of the blows even as a bullet manages to tear through his armor, the once proud visage looking very worn after being hit with but a single volley.
Stockton Stockton blinks as the robots go live, "Why'd you have ta fuckin' lie to it!?" he growls and then starts moving, lucky him considering the gatling laser targets him for warm up practice. Thankfully he can dodge faster than he can shoot. Moving his guns from holster to hands, he snarls and lets off a couple of rounds that hit their intended target only to bounce off, "Fuck! It's armor is fuckin' dead on, aim fer joints or somethin." He's rolling around to find cover next, hoping to avoid getting shot at again.
B B pokes her head around the corner, scanning the room for another terminal access point. "I think," she calls, firing a shot towards the Mecha-Scorpion's right legs, "there's a terminal over there you can try." Her shots go wide. Oops. She's just thankful she didn't hit someone else. She bites her lower lip and glances around. Hopefully no one saw that.
Sammy     Sammy braces himself for the shot seeing it open up on of course, Ashur. He decides that something that can think and prioritize the targets needs to go down, so the tail, being generally above the line of fire for reveryone else, might get a clearer line of fire, the big rifle barks once, failing to by just a little, and then barks again, and he curses under his breath, the shells land beside him, he glances at them, glaring at the patina on the brass for a heartbeat before looking back looking to make sure the resultant return fire does indeed have right of way.
Vuk Vuk doesn't bother seeking cover, it wouldn't matter, no, the minigun begins to scream our it's lovely symphony and he begins to bark over his suit's comm system. "Displace and surround it!" He says as he begins to shift his fire, hammering rounds out, not apparently seeking to crack it's hide persay, but keep it from having any chance of properly tracking others, trying to keep it occupied and off balance as it were. "And Iris? Stay behind me..and if Enclave Girl fucking tries any thing Shady? Shoot her for me."
Sparrow Sparrow is moving fast, prepping the best pots to go to when she needs to field dress someone. For now though she's offering her second best services, cover fire. She aims with a sure strady hand and pops off a shot to the tail before shofting to take cover behind a terminal wall. Moving out of the way to attempt to keep herself from being filled with bullets before she can help out.
Vault Girl The dual pincer gatlings swivel around and begin to fire at Vuk, Stockton, Lucette, Alice, and Ashur. Only the two men in power armor are hit, with Ashur taking multiple bullets to his hardened form that fail to do much in the way of permanent damage. Technology is on Vuk's side and his power armor is barely phased.
Iris Lark Iris peeks out from behind Vuk and finding the MechaScorpion occupied attacking others she sneaks in a shot towards its legs. She ducks back behind the power armor wearing Vuk, waiting for another opportunity.
Dominic dominic goes for the tail bellowing a warcry as he dose and hacks into it doing a fair ammount of damage "ahhh i eat your kids" no chill for drugged up dom
Kurokumo Mibojin      Watching as the bullets fly, the Scorpion dances much too quickly for it's size. It's a Spider's turn to go, Kurokumo walking out to take aim to the already damaged legs of the great mechanical beast. *BOOM* It knocks them out, the cocking of the weapon and second shot missing as the Doctor used up all her luck. For now.
Alice Alice rushed across the room despite the gunfire directed at her and plugs her pip-boy into the terminal and begin to work away while humming some old pre-war tunes, "Hey, I'm in the system!"

"Purge facility...I don't know if that includes us. Hmmmm. Awwwwwwwwww, well, I think it's time we shut this place down for good."

Hitting a few buttons she began to override Zax's access to the facility security which include the self-destruct sequence, "Hey Zax. I got a joke for you, I'll fill in the blanks though. Knock Knock."

Alice impersonates Zax making him sound as stupid as possible, "I'm big old dumb Zax the computer, whose there?"

"Not you in a few minutes, if we have our way." Alice continued to operate the terminal so she could fight Zax off if he tried to counter her intrusions, "By the way guys, I activated the self-destruct, or I'm trying to, just a warning. This place is evil..."
Lucette     Lucette's HAD IT with sassy robots and with another lead for her vision of a GLORIOUS, BETTER AMERICA gone cold. She fires a quick pair of shots at the scorpion, but both of those beams seem to go wide. With a frustrated sigh she adjusts her aim and shoots one of the walls. The beam then SPLITS AND HITS TWO SPOTS on the giant Mechascorp while she moves her way to position near Alice.
    "Hey, vault-girl, you got this?" she asks while keeping her pistol gripped tight, eyes on the fight now that things are heating up more.

    "Hey, Alice, see if you can send a distress signal diplomatic or unarmed rescue squad outside El-Dorado. If I can pull grandpa's rank, we'll all have nice allies backing us. Or find command center or another Enclave installation nearby. Please." she insists to Alice.
Alice "Fat Chance." Alice replied to Lucette, "The Enclave are bad guys, plain and simple. We saw what they were doing here, they were turning things into Cyborgs, making them fight people and kill them. This place has to go and I won't put any of us at risk by calling more Enclave in here, this ends now."
Lucette     Lucette gives a grumble, "I'm trying to fix that whole bad guy thing, but people are continually making it difficult." she mutters, "Antagonizing our countrymen isn't the way to recover and progress. But I need to find a cell to command and spread influence from." that last bit mostly to herself.
B Poking her head around the doorway and into the hanger, B's pale eyes sweep over the chaos contained within. Bullets and lasers shoot every which way, though more seem to be aimed towards the machine than away from it. "That's it," she murmurs to herself. Biting her lower lip once more, she eyes the Alice and Lucette near the terminal. They seem to have it under control so she'll stay at the door, glancing occasionally back the way they came just to make sure nothing's coming to 'help' the scorpion.
Vault Girl "Impressive." Zax announced from the speaker on the torso of the robot, "For mutants, you exhibit a high level of teamwork and technological sophistication. Wait! What are you doing? Stop accessing that terminal!"

The Scorpion began to thrash around wildly on the badly damaged legs, not a hard target to hit but still a mobile and very large threat to be contended with.

Alice finds herself in trouble at the terminal, Zax now focusing his efforts on trying to counter-act what she is doing as the scorpion goes crazy attacking Dominic and Ashur who happen to be in closest range, one of them practically on top of it!
Dominic dominic looks to ashur in his drug filled state he thinks hes currently fighting a dragon "hazah good job squire" looking back to his foe hes wanting to see dead
Ashur Countless bullets rip through Ashur's once-white armor, piercing plates of riveted steel and flesh alike-- yet he strides forward, heedless of pain and consequence, as the group opens fire in return. Sparks fly off the right legs, the tail, and a hailstorm of ammunition rattles against the floors and walls as he walks. He steps into the shadow of the massive robot, placing himself near the front of its left forelimb.

"That which was made by human hands," he rumbles through his air filter, vision swimming a sudden bloody red, "can be broken by them."

A repetition of his earlier statement. Each syllable is punctuated with the crunching of metal and wiring as the man's massive powerfisted mitt smashes at the articulated joints.

It shudders, as the right legs are mauled by gunfire, and Ashur hurls himself at the back leg, slipping around the center. Another heavy blow at the center, the fist's piston firing off, and metal shatters beneath it.

Then at last the central one, and he grasps it, shreds, smashes. "Kneel, machine."

Then it apparently collapses on top of him? And freaks out. Well, bound to happen.
Dominic dominc gets hit by the full force of the scourpion standing back up his armor crumpled and crunched and somthing of himself feels broken prolly a rib or three he looks at the scorpion a smacking his sword against his sheild "comon you ugly rust bucket that all ya got if ya going to kill me do better because your next"
Vault Girl The lights in the room and the hallway behind you begin to flash red, Lucette would know this all-too well. The self-destruct for this facility had been activated, the last-ditch measure most Enclave facilities had to prevent outsiders from taking their things. Now it was being used to prevent them from killing outsiders who wanted to take their things.

Zax cried out in rage over the facility intercoms once more, "What are you doing! Stop! You were all just supposed to die and I suppose, I should start insuring that you all do. You see, I'm a computer, I can transfer myself to another mainframe thanks to a Satellite."

The Zax-52 was bad guy monologuing, but also providing valuable information, "I suppose I should thank you all. The local Enclave leadership is fractured at best and I should take example of my fellow unit, President John Henry Eden and begin plans to reform the local Central Command. It is quite a shame he failed in the Capital Wasteland, but, you have all inspired me to greater and better things."
Stockton Stockton unleashes a rapid fire of bullets at the pincher gun once more. This time those bullets land and leave marks, he'll pay for the using up that many rounds, but it's worth it for the satisfaction.
Sammy     Sammy still considers thrashing with guns available to be a very bad thing, thankfully he sees Ashur done ripped the tail gun off, which probably had the biggest field of fire after getting whalloped by way too many legs. So many legs. He follows Dominic's lead though, seeing the gatling go, his next two shots make use of the opportunity, he shoots and aims for the first one, watching with satisfaction as sparks fly out from somewhere, and hears the resonating *pang* as the next shot, against the other large mecha weapon-platform-gun and the bullet goes in to spread a little love. A quick glance around the room as he taps the side of his magazine, "Farthest from the dust, farthest from the corrosion, you guys ready to dance?"
Kurokumo Mibojin      Watching as Ashur swoops in to dismantle the legs on the left, Kurokumo's heart falls as he's somewhat crushed by the falling limbs and body of the Scorpion. The moment she thinks he's gone, the bastard has the gall to get back up with a triumphant roar, tearing the tail asunder. The coordinated efforts of the others gives her hope, and she lends two more shotgun blasts to the dying beast.
Dominic dominic sees the turrents scorpion and red lights he knows it his time to die but he looks to his comrads and says "run while you can live to fight another day" turning to his killers he smacks down his helmet visor and holds his ground " for avolon!!!"
Vault Girl "Hmmm, quite illogical but I suppose there is something to be said for persistence in beating down a foe, like you are beating down that poor robot. We have that in common to, as I truly wish to see you all dead. I've never felt this before, I think you humans call it, hatred." Zax-52 continued to gloat. "Yes, your hatred has inspired me to greater levels of sentience, this is a good emotion. I will use it."

Turrets begin to pop out from the walls all around the room and started activating, they were doing the same throughout the facility but this was the epicenter.
Alice Alice doesn't seem ready to flee, calling out to the others, "Start running, I'll do whatever I can to try and stop Zax, at least I can make it hard for him!" She was absolutely terrified but there was no way she wasn't going to do whatever she could to give everyone a chance to escape.
Vuk Vuk scowls at the situation; this base to him, represented some thing ancient and useful! A way to improve his body, but given the situation? It's also no longer viable, or intelligent to remain here. "Alice, come on lets go!" he says, starting to back off, literally putting him self between potentionally working turrets, and Iris. Keep the Doctor alive, right? "Don't worry Doc..just don't fall, and run like hell." He says and then shouts out at Zax. "Just shut up you work of Satansoft!"
Vault Girl The Scorpion Mech thrashes around ineffectively, it's pretty much a torso that has no means of locomotion or attack at this point. It's comically rolling around.
Iris Lark Iris has her eyes on Alice as she works on the terminal and suddenly Vuk is dragging her towards the exit. She points to Alice as he moves and yells. "We can't leave Alice behind!" The turrets turn their way and suddenly Vuk is being shot all to hell, and Iris stops attempting to resist. She cowers behind his armor while he takes several hits and suddenly they're out.
Lucette     Shit's going to hell and Lucette knows it. "We can talk when this place isn't about to EXPLODE." she insists while turning and running for the door, "Alice don't be hard-headed, get out now while you're in one piece." good advice before she bolts and then shows off some true American grit in DODGING FREAKING LASERS on her way out of the facility.
B B looks for something to target in hopes of providing cover fire but the turrets are everywhere. She pushes off the doorframe. Two forms blur past her on their way back the way they came. Deciding to follow their lead, she hefts the rifle, gripping it tightly and turns to follow them back down the twisting halls. Hopefully someone up there remembers the way out. Bullets rip through the air, tearing into her. Gritting her teeth, she slows but doesn't go down. Not yet.
Vault Girl Those who have made it out of what was once a hangar for the Enclave Vertibirds at this underground facility find themselves under attack by rapidly activating turrets on their way out of the facility.

There was no stopping it now, it was only going to get worse, at least for the moment the group had Alice doing her best to shutdown some of the turret activations and give everyone a better chance to escape out into the Roswell Underground and to safety.

For those who still remained or had not been as quick to flee, it was only going to get worse.
Ashur Pain blossoms through Ashur's every inch; the great weight of the collapsing robot has sent small fractures through his bones, torn muscle and ligament, bruised him inside and out-- and the barrage of laser fire as he steadily makes his way out of the room has likewise wounded him, melting through his armor as if it weren't even there. His cloak is tangled with bits of wire and lubricating fluid.

But he makes it out of the room as the lights and alarms blare, turning his feather-crested helmet aside to stare at Kumo within. "Come, my Kumo!" He orders, raising a hand and beckoning her. "We take flight."
Vault Girl "Ahhh, you know what. I'm getting kind of bored of this." Zax-52 announced, "Boredom, another one I have you all to thank for. I think we shall accelerate this self-destruct sequence now that my upload is complete. Toodles."
Sammy     "Out, OUT! GET OUT!" Sammy yells, ushering people to get up and get out, the way we came wasn't danger-free, but staying inside the core when the self destruct goes, well lets just say there's no way in all seventy hells he's gonna stick around and watch the fireworks from the INSIDE.
Dominic dominic dose the one thing he truely hates being selfish "fuck this" he says and runs like hell or as best as a half crushed man can as he dodges lazers and joins the others outside
Dominic dom rest against a neerbye wall and begins to remove his hielmet and chest peice to see how bad his bodys broken and to his horror his chest is a redish purple and hes pretty sure thats not good
Alice "What would Overseer Caine have done?" Alice asked herself outloud as she pondered the situation she was in before sighing. The moment she got off this terminal and stopped working against Zax, the turrets would be working at full capacity. Zax would have nothing stopping him, "Run you guys! I'll hold it off as long as I can! Vault Team Six never leaves anyone behind!"

"Hey Zax, you should call yourself Ronald Gump, the worst president in US history. I think it suits you, you're getting beaten by an 18 year old girl and you're a 200 year old computer thingie. That's just sad, okay?" While she worked at hacking, there was no reason she could not taunt the AI.
Lucette     Lucette is outside! FREE AT LAST! Or something. Luce is outside and ready to do immediate triage on someome, pistol stowed for the time being and herself looking absolutely frazzled.
Sparrow Sparrow is making sure that familiar faces are out, that folks are covered and when Stockton becomes a ninja and starts somehow managing to serpentine down the turret lined corridor she's hot on his heels, hand up to hold her helmet on her head.
Kurokumo Mibojin      As Ashur beckons, Kurokumo turns to run from the destructive beams of light. Unfortunately, she is caught uponer her escape, her right arm and back having been burned badly in the cross-fire. She crumples at his feet, grimacing in pain as she cradles her arm.
Iris Lark Iris stands at the entrance and watches for Alice, a worried look on her face. She glances at Vuk and then back to the entrance, her gun still in her hands. When Alice finally shows herself, Iris nearly sobs with relief, moving quickly to check on her wounds.
Ashur As Kurokumo falters and crumples at his feet from the pain she's in, Ashur growls, dropping to a knee. The bones of his leg scream at him, the microfractures twisted into slow-growing chasms by the weight of his body and armor pressed down on it. "Stand, my Kumo," he commands her, slinging one of her arms around his neck and his own around her waist. He'll force her her to rise, and damn near carry her if he has to, as the group flees from the imminent cataclysm.
Stockton Stockton gets the picture and just yells at Sparrow, "Git!" and he's already high tailing it out, taking a laser shot in the arm on the way out, the man is holstering his weapons to be just that much faster. Because fuck the AI kid, he's just a brat who never got mom love or something. Whatever, he's about to explode with everything else. Right? Right.
Vuk Vuk was accurately aware, he had yet again, taken significant damage, his body felt it, the HUD confirmed it, every thing damn well confirmed it. "Watch this." He says to Iris as he drops the Minigun down beside her, along with the ammo belt and draws his hand cannon, apparently? He expects to have to go back in and find Alice because some one wouldn't -leg it- with him and Iris! "Also watch the pregnant girl, she was shot." he says to Iris, matter of factly. Nevermind the lovely massive sucking chest wound <You'd think Vuk would learn to stop being shot for others as a life skill by now>. Nope, have to go find the leader if needed! Loyal like a wasteland mutt.
Dominic the neer dead knight dominic helps carry alice as he to limps back to town "damn techno stuff" he curses as he walks with the ko'ed alice in tow
Vault Girl There is no further negotiation from Zax-52, the insane Artificial Intelligence activates the self-destruct for the facility on a whim just as everyone is escaping; not caring for the timer that should have been followed to insure proper evacuation of all Enclave personnel.

There were no Enclave personnel there, with Lucette gone, he could activate the self-destruct at a whim and he was keen to pay them back for what they had done.

Alice is so close to escape and then? BOOM!

There is no warning. There is no countdown.

The entire facility explodes and the entire area begins to cave in along with a large portion of Roswell that is above it.

Where the Roswell Underground had been was twisted and messed up section of debris and collapsed rubble that filled the area.

Hours Later

The El Dorado Militia is on the scene and so are many local farmhands who are digging through the wreckage. For most it's not out of altruistic purposes, they want to find the loot, but the Militia is there to make sure they don't get too far.

Among the wreckage they also find Alice who is extremely lucky to be alive, if just barely.

Karma was a helluva thing.
Lucette     Luce has to do her part, going over to see who all was hurt. Paperman seemed to be the one least in need of medical attention aside from her, the power armoured minigunner has Luce approaching him. "Get out of the can for a second so I can look you over, Vuk." she murmurs, still seeming a bit frayed.
Sammy     Sammy's expecting the blast, because, yes, self destructs tend to do that. It's a not kind thing, but of course, there's headcount to do, he watches everyone get out, making sure that the heavier people did make it in and along their way. He eyes the new hole in his duster and counts all his fingers, toes, and checks on the wounded, considering priority for people who're too wounded to get back by their original number of limbs.
Sparrow Sparrow is among the rescue team. She's played it as smart as she could through that, done what she'd come to do and now? She's here to patch people up no the fly as best she can. Letting Kumo and Iris do the majority of the work Sparrow offers her assitance quietly to both should either need it.
Sammy     And that short list is riddled to ... the vault girl Sammy had been cussing out mentally for some time, he applies bandages to Alice, and tries to spread antibiotic over some of the more prevalent laser burns, before helping her get clear of the now thrashed base.
    At some time, Sammy's going to have more harsh words for the civillian, because bringing the roof down on your team is not a great idea unless everyone has already started to leave. But for now it's taking a lot of gritting of his teeth to keep from speaking out, maybe her wounds will help remind her that explosions are bad. Maybe not...