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Sparrow Sparrow is in the clini after the big thing. Sparrow was oddl quiet, she'd managed to snag another rifle and this time was keeping it on her person and saying almost nothing to their fellow adventurers this time. She's certainl she wasn't the only one who felt that loss and she'd seemed unwilling to really have any moral discussion on the issue.
Stockton Stockton follows and is quick to pull of his coat to get the burning sensation off. "Fuck those lasers, fuck the Enclave, and we're havin' a fuckin' talk with Lucette," If she's going to be quiet, then he'll talk for them both because he has questions and frankly he's grumpy about how it all went down. Settling up on the doc table, he pulls his sleeve up for her to look at since he knows she'll refuse to look at her own first.
Sparrow Sparrow lets Stock get himself stripped and preps the bedside for the treatment she's going to give Stockton. Her expression is a little distant, "Talk with Lucette? Well, you can. We? I aint got nothin' to do with her, Stockton." She reminds with a little bland smile. "You must've met her while I was away." She carefully helps get the harder part of his clothing removed. Once that's done? It's the cleaning of the wound first. It sucks. Lazers burn and you have to cut burnt flesh away. "Lean back, I'm gonna put somethin' over your mouth. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths and it should numb the pain." What it will do is knock him out so that Sparrow can cut away the flesh without having to deal with Stockton going into shock or worse.
Stockton Stockton blinks slowly, "Sure, maybe, yeah, that makes sense." He looks a bit incredulous, and mostly he is watching that distant look in her eyes, "Where the hell's yer brain, Birdy?" he questions his almost lifelong friend. With the bulk of his gear and shirt off he ends up just shrugging the thing off. When she suggests he huff whatever is in the rag he just looks at her sideways again. "Yah know I'm not as dumb as when we was younger," he chides but still, he'll play along because he'd rather not swing on her while she cleans the skin.
Sparrow She lifts a brow but he complies so the argument doesn't need to be had. He'll pass out and wake up only mildly sore. She'd given him a little something for the pain. She's putting the finishing touches on his bandages when he comes around and smiles at him tightly when he wakes up. "Welcome back, Slimjim. All in one piece. It shouldn't scar too badly. You'll need a day or two of Rest. Check inw ith Lilu or Lucette, she looked to be doin' folks first Aid too." She turns to move away and washes her hands. "As for your earlier question, aint nothin' on my mind."
Stockton Stockton lifts himself up when he can, making her move her bandaging efforts, she knows how much he hates presenting his belly anywhere but home. A grunt comes and he tests the muscles and notes where it hurts to move. "Great," he mutters before looking at her, "When you gonna realize yer the preferred Doc? That you can stop tryin' to send me off to the others fer treatment?" He questions even though his wound is within easy reach of the easily provoked cowgirl. "Uh-huh. That's why you didn't say a thing on the way home, an' why I can see almost a thousand yards in yer stare while you were treatin' me."
Sparrow Sparrow says, "I'm your prefered Doc because I don't try and molest you while you're on my table." She teases quietly. "And Iris and Kumo are far better'n I am. I'm just trying ot make sure you're getting the best care you can. I help out here because Iris and Kumo tend to get hurt themselves. "How do you know how I looke while I was treatin' you. You were sleepin' like a baby.""
Stockton Stockton snorts and shoves her with his good hand, "Not fer lack of tryin to get you too," he counters before shaking his head, "Maybe a couple of 'em but yer at least as good as most of 'em. And yeah they do, but so do you," he notes with a smirk. Then he's rolling his eyes, "Before I was out, yah idjit," when he calls her an idjit it's...sorta familially affectionate.
Sparrow Sparrow says, "I most certainly do not molest you on the opreating table, if I did you'd be minus something innocous and I'd give it to your Ma for safe keeping." She retorts and moves away from the shove and tilts her head at him in silent admonishment. Not after what happened before she left. "You need to lay back and get some rest. Especially if you're going to be campaigning to be my brothers Boss.""
Stockton Stockton grunts some, his eyes tracking hers as she tries to give silent admonishment. Like that's ever worked in the history of ever and he even guffaws, "Safe keepin' she says!" There's a shake of his head and pushes himself up and off of the table. "All the more reason tah keep goin', need tah petition a few more votes an' there's seein' ta Ma's business." There's a quiet moment and he looks at her pointedly, "Missed yah, Sparrow. I am glad yah made it back," he says in a moment of serious.
Sparrow Sparrow says, "You missed me after a week but tya couldn't havebeen bothered to come ask my forgiveness when you rolled into town after five years. C'Mon, Stockton, just how hard have you been hit in the head lately. We're not doing this, I told you, I'm married to my revenge and after that I gotta think about what's good for the Drake Family Farm. You're lookin' out for you finally, gettin' seated with a job hopefully and even bein'a deputy if you don't get Sheriff. Good for you. Kitty likes ya, pracically helped raise ya, so you'd have that going for you. Tell ya what, I'll keep healing you but you've gotta knock this courtin' bullshit off. Give the ladies that want to love you a chance to love you."
Stockton Stockton scowls a bit, "Ain't I asked for your forgiveness for pullin' a vanishin' act? For the I dunno how many'th time, Sparrow, I'm sorry - please forgive fer bein' young and stupid and rash. I didn't know what I had, and I know now." There's a flex of his arm and he flinches but doesn't hiss, instead reaching to put his clothing back on. "Ain't gonna be a deputy under another Sheriff, it's either me er I ain't convinced the job'll get done. Brotherhood's the backup. And ain't you seen I'm tryin' to help you find yer revenge? Don't you get that? Yeah you sold me that line before...all married to yer revenge and shit." he just shakes his head and pats down his coat for a cigar before putting it over his chestplate. "You'll keep healin' me. I'll keep courtin' who I want." Stubborn meet stubborn
Sparrow Sparrow lifts a shoulder. "Fine by me. Like I told the sister when she offered ta pray for me though. It's your breath you'd be wastin'." She moves over to finish up the salve on some of the outer burns and then helps him pull on his shirt. "I mean it though, rest, don't make me tell ma Volkner you have to. Campaign, but take it easy. And come back and see me in a day or two. I can't keep ya in my employ anymore, not if you're gonna try and lead the law in this town."
Stockton Stockton stares at her, "Nothin. Again. I ask every time, and yah don't even give me the courtesy of sayin' "suffer"." Shaking his head he sighs a little at the salve, the relief is immediate and he struggles to get clothes on until they are on. Her help is most certainly required. "Yeah I figured our arrangement was up, not that you were takin' it to consideration much lately, runnin' off to the desert on yer own and all." he explains with a hint of bitter. "Figured on seein' yah every day. If'n I get the badge, yer family's farm is in jurisdiction of protection."
Sparrow Sparrow says, "Aidan's got us covered. But you're practically family, Stock, so you know you're welcome." She meets his eyes her brows knitting and drawing down. "I have always been scrupulously honest with you, Stockton. I will not apologize for who I am. I will not apologize for telling you the truth. I haven't got time for us, I have the time to date folks looking to have fun and nothing more. It's about the only fun I get. Now, potentially Sheriff Stockton, we're alwas gonna be best friends and I will always have your back. But goddamned, Big Man, where's the passion? Hmm? The robust love of life..and pretty young things to fill your off hours. Have them rub this salve on you four times a day until the burning and itching stops."
Stockton Stockton stands there jaw agape for a minute until he finally snaps it shut and then practically toothsmiles at her. It'd be intimidating if she wasn't his best friend. "An' why can't we have fun, er is this yer way of sayin' you don' know how tah just have fun with me?" The grin isn't going away because he's a shithead. "I've loved yah fer more'n ten years, Sparrow, ain't gonna stop just cuz yer hard-head first in revenge. I'm gonna make sure yer ass surivives it 'n when yer done, I'm still gonna be right here, holdin' yer torch and grinnin' like an idjit."
Sparrow Sparrow says, "Well at least the expression will have been the same for ten years at least." She wrinkles her nose and shakes her head taking his hand and putting the salve in the big mitt with a slap. "Four times. Not two, not maybe in a few hours. Four. Okay?" She says firmly and moves to start cleaning up the mess she's made of the exam room. "We'll all supposed be here to make sure the other's standin', Stockton. That's the point of this whole thingWhen did you become an optimist.""
Stockton Stockton shakes his head, "Difference bein' I got a very personal an' vested interest in yer hide stayin whole," he says back as he takes the salve with a little grunt. "Four times, I got it. Just gonna have yah do the last application of the day," he grins defiantly. Course there's a question that he doesn't really know the answer to, "Probly somewhere in between quittin' contracts an' decidin' this town, Ma, you, are more importan' than caps. So buckle up buttercup, I'm stickin' to you like glue." There's a laugh at his own antics and he reaches out to tuck a finger under her chin all affectionate and misogynist like. "You still owe me candle light and dinner," he reminds her, "A date as was said."
Sparrow Sparrow rolls her eyes, "Fine. One but only because I promised." She shakes her head, "And I'm not puttin' on a dress." She steps away batting at his hand before moving over to the counter to lean back against it on the heels of her boots for a moment. "I do not know what's gotten into you, Stokcton Volkner, but hopefully it'll do the city of El Dorado some good. These people deserve better'n they're gettin'."
Stockton Stockton chuckles, "Nuh-uh, you said a date, you at least gotta wear a skirt," he insists before getting batted off of her. The glimmer of inspiration is a deadly looking one in the gunslinger and he flashes that altruistic smile. "I'm hopin it does too. They do at that, I aim ta give 'em that. Same wit' you. Yah deserve better'n what you been gettin', better'n what I gave you before. So eventually yer gonna gimme that chance," he tells her matter of factly. "And maybe another, next time yah need a favor," he winks.
Sparrow Sparrow frowns, "I don't have to ask you for help, Stockton. I do have other people who can get jobs done that I know now thanks to you." She teass with an amused expression, "No skirt. But I'll clean my clothes. Might even get a shower from Jude. Wont smell like horse, campfire and travel. You're pressin' your luck now and you know it. Get home and get some rest." Her expression remains unchanged, carefully placid with a little hint of a humored smile that causes her crows feet to crinkle.
Stockton Stockton shakes his head, "Sure, sure," he gives her something for her teasing. "You do that," he intones with a smirk. "And I'll be sure tah let Ma' know that you'll be needin' a skirt fer the occassion," he says without a blink, not even batting an eyelash at openly defying her. "I'm gettin'. Maybe. Walk yah home," he half offers and half dictates.
Sparrow Sparrow shakes her head, "No. Yours isn't the only wound I'll be closing tonight so I'll be stayin' here. I'll see ya t'morrow. Your Ma wont believe you, she knows me better than that. A Skirt? Not even at a funeral." She shakes her head and her nose wrinkles but she opens the door and gestures for Stock to move out with that ever so smooth beside manner of hers.
Stockton Stockton chuckles and shakes his head, "This late? You'll be lucky if'n yah get the victims of a barfight," he says and stays right where he is scooping up his helmet to tuck under one arm. "Never know, it might happen," he says teasingly knowing damn well it won't. Bedside manners don't encourage him to leave just yet either. Stubborn asshole.
Sparrow Sparrow exhales through her nose sharply and gives him a sidelong look under her lashes, unmoved and stubborn as well. A volunteer walks in to chage the bedding and sees the long stare and backs back out. There's no budding tension in Sparrow's aloof hooded stare. Heartless woman. "This late's when I've healed the most injuries lately. Or don't you remember."
Stockton Stockton just pulls out a cigar and match and gets them ready, seeing as it's going to be a while before anything happens. He's quite convinced since he's still standing right there. Waiting. Patiently staring at her and her heartless looks. Stare all she wants, and side eye him all she likes, he doesn't budge. What a bastard.
Sparrow Sparrow pushes off the counter and walks out of the room calling to the volunteer. "You can change th sheets, but seems like Stockton's stayin' int he clinic. Get him a cot in the infirmiry recovery area." She tells the poor nervous looking kid as she passes headed for the next emergency while Iris and Kumo tend their own. Busy, busy.
Stockton Stockton laughs in a bark which likely doesn't make the poor kid feel any better. "I ain't goin' anywhere, and you ain't puttin me in the damn infirmary." He shakes his head and chews on that unlit cigarillo as he just mozies in a sort of following Sparrow fashion. Hell he's even helpful. Just to be more annoying.
Sparrow There's going to be a fistfight by the end of the night..