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Owner Pose
B It's been a long day, and it's not even half over. B plods back home. Well, not home, but Home. Even though she's not sleeping here, *ahem* routinely, she still thinks of this place as her home. Slow and steady, B makes her way up the path from the road. Is it just her imagination, or is this path about ten times longer than normal? Wincing and cradling her left arm against her, she uses her service rifle as more of a crutch than what it's supposed to be used for.
Derk Sitting on the porch of the shack upon a recently found rocking chair is Derk. Cradled across his chest is his service rifle and down by his feet is a half empty jar of something clear. Chewing on the end of a rolled up mutfruit stalk, he rocks back and forth slowly. A hitch in the rocking gives notice to the fact that B has been spotted. A quick setting down of his rifle and standing himself, he comes off the deck to approach her and help her towards the shack. "Now whatcha gone done?" he asks quickly while looking her over for the signs of her sluggish and laboured movements.
B It's pretty easy to see what's happened this time thanks to the big, black burn marks on her arm near her shoulder. "Shot with a laser," she says, glancing down to the offending injury, "Twice. Tried to provide cover fire so Alice could get out too, but there were too many turrets. And a giant mechanical scorpion. Can't forget that."
Derk "One of these days you are going to realize that combat is bad for your health," Derk remarks, but does not admonish her with his tone. "Well let's get you inside and see what we can do to take care of your wounds." He sighs heavily them helps her into the shack and clears off a workbench so that she can sit upon it. "Worry about you doing these things, but we will take care of you." Thankfully the workbench is already pretty clear, having been cleaned off recently.
B B hobbles in and leans her rifle agaisnt the door frame. She has a moment trying to get up onto the bench. It's not an easy task to do with one hand. Did I say those marks were on her shoulder? More like in her shoulder, blood blackened around two perfect little circles. Who knew so much damage could come from one little laser. "I was okay until I started running. Three turrets in the hallway. Thankfully there were others there so they blocked most of it. SRule number 8. Never be the first person in, or out of a hostile location. That's for those guys in the metal suits."
Derk Well obviously Derk helped her up onto the bench, his hands at her waist to get her settled. After that he gets her a small measure of shine while also using it to disinfect the wounds, "Laser burns are the worst, gonna get you some scars, but gonna have to clean it up and make it a little worse so you can get better."
B B looks away as he approaches with some of her liquor on a rag, intending to clean her wound. She bites her lower lip as water pricks her eyes from the sting of alcohol piercing through her shoulder. She accepts the sample of moonshine, gulping it down to help with the pain. "Scars. I've enough of those but I'm sure those won't be the end of them."
Derk It is a lengthy and unpretty process, the burnt and cauterized flesh and capillaries needing to be cut out so that natural healing can resume. He does this swiftly and with a flat blade made specifically for such things and after twenty minutes he places a bandage over his work. "Change it daily, and here are two pills to keep you from getting infected." A pause, "Should be good in a couple days." He looks at her, sitting there and dabs at the corners of her eyes with his shirt sleeve.

"So, you wanna tell me what happened after? Did you folks win?"
B B says, "Depends on what you'd consider winning. We we checking out this Enclave bunker underground. Run by this computer system called Zax that had it in for us. Kept calling us mutants. Except for Lucette. I think that was her name .. she had codes. Anyway, we open this big door, expecting mabe a vertibird bay on the other side. Not what we found. Saw thi big .. tank. Except it was a scorpion. Then, before we can even breath, this guy goes running in and then it was all chaos. I stayed out, near the door, and tried to help but I'm not that great at shooting things that are super fast. Found a terminal and the girl from the vault went there and was hacking into it. I think we'd all be done for it if wasn't for her."
Derk Derk listens, making appropriate sorts of remarks and gestures along the course of the story before nodding when she is done. "Sounds like a crazy adventure but a place with some sweet tech if that tank thing was guarding it. So obviously there is gonna be another chance to go back and see what there is?" he sounds curious.