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Lucky Good ol' Lucky had heard Sparrow was back in town, or so some said. It was a good thing too, seeing as the poor boy was a bit worse for wear; While his outer appearance still shined with the charming nature that the young boy had, underneath the shirt spoke of wraps and bruises from small fights during his scavenging.

Up the roadside he went, heading toward his favored place where he knew the cute doctor resides.
Sparrow Some were right, Sparrow had arrived late yesterday in time to get dragged off to Rosewell for a particularly nasty fight. And now? Sparrow's been home and done some work, changing in the process. Another new thing? Somewhere Sparrow got a showr. While her curls are usually lax and soft thanks to the constant exposure now? The curls are bouncy, full of life, her skin is clean and showing sunkissed instead of brown ncluding a couple of freckles resting on her cheeks and upper nose. She's in a button up shirt, mens, and without her vest or coat over it one can see the undershirt and the bandages she uses to bind herself to remove overly feminine curves. She's doing laundry, currently carefully working over her jacket to get blood and grime out of it.
Lucky Spotting Sparrow along his walk, the kid Ranger shifts his direction toward her; a smile crossing his face upon approach. Drawing nearer, he speaks up in a fond voice "Well, hello there cutie."
Sparrow Sparrow snorts and looks aside, "Cutie, is it. I'm probably older'n you are." She reminds him, "By at least a few months." She laughs and shifts the jacket over her laundry lines. "Hey Lucky.. You look like you've seen better days. C'mon over to the barn and let me go grab my kit and I'll meet you there. Aunt Martha has her quilting circle over."
Lucky Giving a grin and a chuckle, Lucky folds his arms. "I am okay." He replies unconvincingly as he winces after folding his arms. Smirking, he glances to the barn and smiles "Okay, okay; so yeah a bit banged up.. got into a few scraps while scavenging." He tells her.

Peering to the house, a brow raises upward slightly. "Quilting huh? Probably could learn a few tricks." He notes before looking away and heading for the barn. "So how was your trip Sparrow?"
Sparrow Sparrow smiles, "Long, but not unexpected for what it is." She says softly, "I'll see you there." She touches Lucky's shoulder before slipping off. Soon enough she's back out with her medkit and headed for the barn to meet Lucky inside.

"You want to learn to quilt?" She wonders as she joins Lucky in the barn. It's nice, clean, well tended. There's a small room for Tack that has a chair and table in it and this is where she indicates that Lucky should go. "How've you been while I've been away? Other than beating yourself up?"
Lucky "Oh shoot no. Knowing my luck with knots and strings, I sooner hog tie myself up before I made a quilt." He replies with a small grin on his face as he made way to the table and leans against it. "But the idea of having the skillset could come in handy if'n I ever really needed to make a quilt or blank." He adds.

Slipping off his duster, Lucky removes his shirt to show off his slender, slightly muscular teen physique. His mid chest and waist was wrapped and bruising could be seen just beneath the wrapping. "I probably should stay away from scavenging for a few days.." He notes, looking to her as he speaks.
Sparrow Sparrow helps him take off the Duster and smirks, "Probably. But ehy it'd be fun to try. Besides Quilting's sort of a thing you do if you arent heading out into the wasteland. I think Martha's making a quilt for some of the NCR folks families who died in the fire fight with the Brotherhood." She smiles, "Maybe you can take it over there when she's done?"

She looks voer the bruises and winces before moving to open her kit and starts to assess what's bruised and what's broken. Careful to move clean fingertips over the bruises to map them out. "So what happened?"
Lucky "Well, there was a radroach, a raider, or was it raiders?" Lucky thinks with a hmm. "And a few other gnarly looking creatures that I only assume are native to New Mexico and not the Mojave." A beat "Oh and ghouls." He recalls with a small smile. "Needless to say, a few trips into Roswell and out near where our camp is led to me being examined by a beautiful doctor." Another small pause "And sure, I'd be willing to take it up to the embassy. Pretty sure they'll like that."

Mostly just bruising, thankfully; nothing was broken or cracked.
Sparrow Sparrow shakes her head, "Try not to travel alone, huh? Geez. Radroaches to Raiders. You're going to get yourself kilt and then where will you be. Certtainly not comin' to visit me on the Ranch. So you finally got your orders lifted? Can go into El Dorado now?" She wonders as she works on getting the abrasions cleaned and covered in ointment along with some binding on the bruised ribs.
Lucky "So you do care." Lucky teases, giving a small grin in the process. "Yeah, free to roam wherever now. They may even pack up the campsite as some are talking of heading back to Mojave." He notes, holding still as she works. At least until the ointment touches skin and he flinches "That is cold and tickles." A small chuckle is given as he talks.
Sparrow Sparrow smirks, "Do I give off the impression that I don't?" She wonders with a teasing little wrinkle of her nose. "back to the Mojave? Are you going to go with them?" She wonders quietly as she carefully works the bandage over Lucky's ribs. "Well, I can try and do something about the cold but you're jsut going to have to deal with the tickle." She teases softly.
Lucky Biting his lips, Lucky shakes his head. "Na; there is something here at the moment that I particularly like." He notes lightly, a small smile crossing his lips. "Oh really?" He asks on the tease about coldness.
Sparrow Sparrow laughs and rubs her hands together with some of the ointment on them so she can warm both her fingertips and the ointment up. "Yeah? The NCR? Cause I mean you haven't really much been to El Dorado so I can't imagine what's there." She steps in close, finishing putting some salve on his shoulder before reaching down for a bandage to finish wrapping up the bruises. "Normally people don't say anything about my hands bein' cold. Figure most of the time that they're busy tryin' not to deck me for makin' them hurt a bit more before they feel better."
Lucky Lucky smirks as he watches her quietly. "Silly doctor." He replies calmly "I wouldn't want to hurt the one person I like coming to see the most; medical reasons or other." He notes, the smirk shifting to a small smile.
Sparrow Sparrow laughs, "I don't hold folks strikin' me out of pain against them. It's normal. Animals do it too. Even the nicest of them get mean when they hurt." She finishes the bsandage and tucks it in. "Good as new, Lucky."
Lucky "Hmm, understandable.. but I couldn't do that to you." He replies quietly. As she finishes up, he smiles fondly to her. "Now Sparrow.. what would I do without'cha?" He asks kindly, taking a step toward her.
Sparrow Sparrow laughs and lifts a shoulder, "Thank you for your discretion." She wipes her hands on a towel and then tilts her head, "Go to Iris or Kumo. Both are just as good if not better at healin' than I am." She points out. "I could teach you more, you know, you seemed to enjoy your time as a Candy Striper."
Lucky "Yeah, I could I suppose.. But, your better. At least in my eyes." Lucky replies kindly, a hand lifting to brush her curly hair back a little from her eyes, a smile crossing his face. "Oh, no I think you were enjoying that a bit more than I." He teases
Sparrow Sparrow laughs, "It had it's moments." She agrees with a dip of her head. She might not have noticed Lucky's close to her but then he's mocing the recently washed silky blonde curls from her face. "If you weren't enjoying it at least a little you shouldn't have done it. Life's too short not to enjoy things at hand. Your words are sweet but how do you know I'm better than the other doctors?"
Lucky "Oh, I did enjoy being nurse Candy Stripper; helping out and seeing the funny faces. Made my day." Lucky replies honestly, smiling as he talks. "Just, I think you liked it more." He adds teasingly. "And yeah, life is too short now'a'days, isn't it." He says softly, eyes looking in hers as he takes a step closer to her and closes the gap between them. "I honestly don't know. I just know your fun to be around and talk with."
Sparrow Sparrow bites her lip and then shakes her head. "I was as amused as everyone else." She bites her lip and puts a hand up to rest it lightly against Lucky's chest and she murmurs quietly. "Then we should hang out more. Maybe hit up the saloon together now that you can come into El Dorado. Meet new faces. My friends would love to meet you more formally I'm sure."
Lucky A smile crosses his face, head nodding ever so slightly. "I like the sounds of that." He replies, his right hand gently moving to her side. "And, I do like the idea of meeting your friends too. Perhaps we even know a few.. I joined a local group there called Vault Team 6 ran by Alice."
Sparrow Sparrow nods, "Drop in to the Gold Digger more often, tend to head there brofre or after I go out. You're welcome here of course, Grant has seen ya bout nd knows you're okay to be here." She bites her lip, rolling it slightly. She stops shifting her weight when his hand rests against the curve of her middle and she tkes a breath. "Alice? Yeah? I thought I heard something about tht. Vault Team Six huh? They're pretty prolific."
Lucky "Gold digger huh? I'll remember that." His cheek tint a bit about being welcomed to the ranch. His head bobs in a nod as he says "Yeah, she sort of put together this team with Iris, Iris's bodyguard guy, Eden and a few other faces I don't know so well. Good group though. We were exploring the lower vaults not too long ago." His brow furrows in concentration as he adds "Funny robots were found down there." His other hand gently comes up to rest against her other side. "Maybe we can get you to come join us next time we go down there?"
Sparrow Sparrow nods, "Good. Doc Iris is good people. She'll keep ya alive for sure. I know Achilles tends to get aorund too so you've got some people t your back. S'good. Safer that way." She wrinkles her nose, "Robots have been croppin' up a lot ltely. Might do to get yourself from reflective armor." She suggests nd her hips cock to the side when his second hand lands. "I'm not sure that's a great idea. How about I just let you come get free healin' when you're done kickin' ass with'm?"
Lucky "I could use some better armor.. Maybe see what's in the shops." He responds, thinking idly before a small, playful smile grows on his lips. "I like that idea." he replies, taking a step closer to her to close the gap between them.
Sparrow Sparrow nods, "Lots more supplies comin' in now that everything's opened up." He steps in and the surprisingly thin cowgirl lifts her hands to press against his chest and she focuses on lucky for a moment. She can't quite fight the flush in her cheeks and the sudden sparkle in her bright blue eyes. "Lucky. I really don't want you to start somethin' that might end badly."
Lucky Biting his lip, Lucky takes in a breath and releases, a small smile crossing his face. "Life is too short to worry if something is going to end badly. Seize the day, enjoy the moments and each day forward." A slight shrug "I mean, tomorrow I could be eaten by a Deathclaw; but why worry about that? I rather enjoy the moment and time I have with people.. Especially you."
Sparrow Sparrow looks confused for a moment, fingers flexing before withdrawing and she nods a little, lashes droping over the pink in her cheeks. "I bet you say that to all the ladies." She teases with laugh, a little awkward in the moment and her nose wrinkles. She lifts a shoulder and fingers drift away from his shoulder to his chin where she touches lightly. "Lucky, I'm not looking for anythign serious riught now. I pln on doin' some rel stupid shit in the future. Anything I have with you or anyone, can't be serious. I can't hurt someone like that."
Lucky A small smile crosses Lucky's face as he nods. "And I'm sure you'll come out of it slightly banged up; but alive." He replies calmly "But I get it." He adds lightly with a faint smile, hands slipping to his pockets. "So, what's this stupid thing you're going to go do?" He asks.
Sparrow Sparrow smiles and lens in to kiss Lucky's cheek lightly, at the corner of his mouth before pulling back. "I'm going to make sure that Solomon and his goons pay for everything they've done. And I'm going to try to make sure no one gets hurt in the process."
Lucky "Er, ain't there some kind of election coming up? I mean.. is it really worth making him pay, when whomever is elected could easily reverse and pay back those that lost their caps?" Lucky asks "And .. really, honestly.. shouldn't this be left to, ya know the militia people or Sheriff?" A beat "I mean, I'm all for protecting a town from thugs, raiders and murders.. but what you're saying sounds.. a tad extreme."
Sparrow Sparrow smiles softly and looks off in the distance. "Yanno tht burnt out husk of a house you see very time you pass the Drake Ranch proper? Ever wonder why such a nice place never grew? Is basicaly as dry and empty as the wasteland around it? It's because it was only recently that Jess, Aidan and myzelf returned to the Ranch where most of the adults in our family were slaughtered. I just happened to be under the floorborards when the riders Solomon hired to ..rid himself of my Father cme in. I saw what they did to them. I saw what they did to Ma all because Pa wouldn't give Solomon what he wanted. So..maybe it's extreme. And Maybe I don't give a fuck."
Lucky Looking toward the direction Sparrow looks, Lucky listens quietly. His face sorrows, a feeling of sadness and pain coursing through him as he looks back to Sparrow. "Er, I.. I had no idea, I'm sorry. Shit, I get it though, trust me I do." He replies, a hand reach up to touch her upper arm gently with a squeeze. "Where do I sign up?" He adds, eyes looking in hers as he asks.
Sparrow Sparrow tilts her head towards Lucky and smiles, lifting her fingers to brush his soft clen shaven cheek. "You ren't from here so I'm not surprised. The rest of the city was blind enough to it they wanted him to be Mayor. So what can you do? Where can you sign up. Just come be a part of the group. Meet people, support them, give them your bck and your gun. Basically just do what you've been doin' Lucky, and I'll keep tryin' to make sure you're none the worse for the wear."
Lucky "Well, of course I would do that." He replies softly, a smile on his face. "But I meant for you; where do I sign up. I can't just let you run off and do something stupidly terrible by yourself. So, when do we leave?" he asks gently, leaning his head a bit into her hand and kisses the palm softly.
Sparrow Sparrow chews her lip a moment. The blue eyes Cowgirl clearly has some damage, a bit of baggage and a limit to how much she's willing to let herself do. So the kiss on her palm takes her off guard and her mouth opens and then closes and she cups his cheek. "You already did, Lucky. But I'm still not exactly sure why you want to get involved with me. I.. Don't know enough about you to know if I should."
Lucky "I like you. Your fun, kind, smart. Good with a gun which is attractive and a good doctor." Lucky replies quietly. "Well, then let's change that. I'm always around El Dorado now and of course, willing to join up with you on your quests.. and hunting down Solomon; plenty of time to talk along the way.."
Sparrow Sparrow smiles bit and then nods, "All right Lucky. I'll e happy to catch you when the Rangers and Vault Team don't hve your attention. Come by ny time. In fact if you wnt to stay here at the Drake Farm and help out we can clear a spot for you."
Lucky "I.." He pauses and smiles "I'll take you up on that offer. The Rangers I was with are heading back.. So I'll need a place to stay, so thank-you." He replies kindly. Biting his lip though, he adds "I do hate to do this, but I need to run into town for a bit. Talk when I get back?"
Sparrow Sparrow nods. "Great. I'll let Aidan know. in exchange you gotta help around the Ranch, ditches, fences, tendin' when we get the ranch runnin'. But you're welcome here." She promises. She looks towards the town and nods, "I gotta too. Suspectin' more goin' down after last night with the Weird ass military Raiders we met last night."
Lucky "Sounds fair. Just let me know when the work needs to be done." Lucky replies fondly, a smile crossing his face before looking toward the town. "Military Raiders?" He asks, blinking slightly as he looks back to her. "What happened?"
Sparrow Sparrow says, "Well we went out and met the group of folks who'd been said to have robbed Solomon, wasn't the case. They'd just gotten half their payement and demanded the rest. It's complex but you know Scribe Abe? He could tell ya more about it, Jackie too. Folks helped drive the whole thing and saw a lot more than everyone else. Amos was there but he was our cover. Ren too but I uhm, don't think he should be allowed into diplomatic negoations anytime soon."
Lucky "Never met a Brotherhood of Steel member here in New Mexico; shucks.. didn't know they were here." Lucky replies calmly. "Afraid I don't know those folks. So, what ended up being the outcome?" He adds curiously.
Sparrow Sparrow says, "Abe put retainer for one week of them and they'll be helpin' clear out for the north for a week until we can come up with the caps to sate'm so they on't just pillage it out of us. Solomon's in as deep as we've suspected if not more so. And things are about to come to a head. So, it'll be fun to see what happens. You wanna come along?"
Lucky "Sure.." Lucky replies calmly, pausing for a brief moment before adding "How much caps are they wanting?" He inquires, head tilting.
Sparrow Sparrow says, "Over Ten K." Comes Sparrow's quiet reply and she looks at Lucky, "But hey.. We got a week. Probably. And no one died, so that was a plus. But tht's why I've got to make sure I've got an ear to what's going on in the city tonight. C'mon, you can ride Blubelle behind me."
Lucky "Shoot, I only have six hundred." He replies with a roll of his shoulders "But consider it apart of the pot." He adds with a smile." He nods and follows her.