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Iris Lark Iris is sitting on one of the treatment tables, folding bandages in her lap. A scavenged pip-boy is on her wrist and every so often she looks at it, shakes it and pokes at it, expecting something to happen. Achilles, the giant, sits in his chair in the corner, his hat pulled over his face as he naps.
Carter Griffin The door to the clinic opens up, the Ranger pushing the door. He steps in and takes off his helmet, "Hey doc." He walks towards Iris, "You open right now?"
Iris Lark Iris gazes up and she grins at the door. "Sure am, c'mon on." She says, jumping down off the table. "So, what's your ailment?" She asks, squinting up at Carter as he strides into the clinic.
Carter Griffin "Well you should know doc. you're the one who bandaged me up." He reaches back and pulls the latches on his combat armor, getting the chestplate off, "Got stabbed in the chest. I think it nicked one of my ribs." The dressing she put on the wound initially has been changed but the wound still is there.
Iris Lark Iris winces and she points at the table she was sitting on, pulling the bandages off and placing them on a shelf. "Get on up here and let me see what it looks like." She says, her lips pursed slightly. "I knew you looked familiar, but I wasn't really sure of your name. Have we ever...met met?"
Carter Griffin He hops up on the bed as she directs him, "Probably not. I'm not the most social of creatures, but I've been around town for a bit." He says, "Carter Griffin, at your service." He replies, taking his shirt out of the way of the wound
Iris Lark Iris nods and steps up on a stool. "Iris Lark, pleased to meet you." She says, and without much preamble she starts to check the wound, her fingers probing the skins around the stab wound. She leans in, sniffs a few times and frowns. "You're lucky you came today, if this gets infected you'd be in a pretty pickle." She gets some warm towels and gently wipes at the wound, feeling around the rib. "This hurt?"
Carter Griffin There's a very slight wince as she presses the towel at the wound, "Just a bit." He says, he is feeling the pain there, the wound obviously not healing up properly and it may scar up
Iris Lark "You're gonna have a scar, I bet you'll get a whole bunch of girls if you show it off." Iris mentions, hopping off of her stool to get some salve. "Okay, hold still and I'll put some of this gunk on this and wrap it up. Don't play with the wrappings - it's gonna also help out your rib so you don't crack one." She leans in and starts to smear the gunk on the wound, her nose wrinkled slightly.
Carter Griffin "Hey it's probably better than some medic fresh out of boot like I got a few years ago." He replies, grinning a bit, trying to be nice and smile while she works on his wound.
Iris Lark Iris pats Carter on the shoulder, a grin curving her lips up. "You're lucky, I've got plenty of experience tending to Achilles. He gives me a lot of practice." She murmurs, pulling out the bandages and starting the wrapping process. "Hold your breath a moment." She instructs, pulling hard on the bandage.
Carter Griffin At the command to hold his breath, he does so, taking a deep breath and keeping it in. He lets her do what she needs to in order to get him all set back up, though grabs the table to hold on.
Iris Lark Iris pulls the wrap tight and then ties it off, gesturing for Carter to breathe. "Okay, you're all set." She says, poking at the wraps and finding them secured. She holds out a grubby hand and grins. "Fifteen Caps." She says, nodding slowly.
Carter Griffin The ranger reaches over to the satchel near his armor and pulls out a handfull of caps, counting them out before handing them over to her, "Thanks for your help, doc."
Iris Lark "You're welcome to back anytime you need help." Iris says, stowing the caps in her apron. "Just be safe out there, we don't have a lot of resources here and I'd hate to see someone get radiation troubles or the like."
John Entering in the medical office quietly was a man drape in a cloak clipped at the top and center, which shrouded everything he wore and carried. The hood covers his face, cast shadows upon the weathered older gentlemen underneath.

Boots clomp against the wooden floor panels as he walks in, hands kept for now behind the cape. "I need medical attention." He asks in a smooth tone of voice as his eyes settle upon those within office.
Iris Lark Iris turns away from Carter and she blinks at the stranger. "Uhm, of course." Iris mutters, pointing towards a table. "Please, climb on up there, what's wrong?" She asks, moving to clean her hands. She gives the sleeping Achilles a quick glance, hoping that if this stranger is trouble that he wakes up soon.
Carter Griffin Carter hops off of the bed and puts his shirt and armor back on, "Lemme get out of your way so he can get treated." He says, eyeing the man asking for attention
John A hand reached from underneath the cloak, undoing the midway clasp. pulling the cap back to his right with his right hand, he clips it to his belt and in the process reveals a laser pistol holstered as well as tactical elbow and knee guards.

Stepping closer to Iris, his right arm extends out, then bends up at the elbow. "I was attacked by a feral Ghoul in Rosewell. Mended the wound, but needs proper medical checking." Indeed, there skin abrasion from fingers clawing deep, tearing into the layers of skin; dried blood stuck to his arm.
Iris Lark Iris nods slowly and she points to the table. "Take a seat, and let me take a look at this." Her brow furrows and she shakes her arm a few times making the machine on it beep. "Are around here?" She asks hesitantly, gazing at John out of the corner of her eye as she gathers some materials.
John There is a sudden pause in step, brows furrowing then narrowing on Iris. "I hate to come off abrasive, but just how the fuck old are you child and how long have you been practicing medicine?" He inquired, eyes studying her. "And passing through. From the East." He added dismissively.
Iris Lark Iris freezes for a moment and then she gathers some steel in her spine as she marches over to the table. "You hate to come off abrasive but you are." She shakes her head and sets a bowl of water next to the man on the table. "I'm old enough to take care of your arm, and skilled enough too, so hold it out and button your lips together." She says, her chin coming up. "Or I'll wake Achilles up." That being said she probes at the wound with sure fingers, her nose wrinkling as she works.
John The eyes narrow further as she chided him. A quiet chuckle parts from his lips as he grins. "A fiery young child. Cute." He drawls out, eyes flicking to the slumbering man. "Doubt he'd be much of a fight." He adds simply as he looks to what she is doing. As she works there was no flinch, no tightening of muscle or tension to his face. He appeared passive at the probing. "Tell me about this town. The citizens. What makes this place different from the rest of the wasteland and towns." He asks in a flat tone of voice, eyes looking back to her now.
Iris Lark Iris exhales softly and she continues to work in silence for a few moments, washing out the wound and then smoothing salve on it. "Welcome to El Dorado, we don't have much room for assholes or ...whatever it is you are." She quips, her eyes settling on John's face. "Stick around for a few days and you'll see why it's different here." She reaches out for some bandages and she starts to wrap his arm slowly, focusing on her work.
John "Oh darlin, I am just a weathered old man from the Wasteland, not an asshole. Brunt and Abrasive is how you survive out there." The man replies in refutation, eyes looking back to her as a sudden soft, warmth of a smile is given. "And I may take you up on that offer. Anything of fancy that I should check out?" He asks in a soft voice.
Iris Lark Iris looks wary as John smiles at her and she wets her lips with her tongue as she decides how to responds. Finally after a moment or two of silence she slowly speaks. "You could check out the Saloon and meet Miss Kitty and her ilk, if you're looking for work they probably have some for you." She gives a short shrug and adds. "I stay out here, I keep to myself, so that's about all I can probably tell you."
John There is a look of concentration, eyes narrowing as the name Miss Kitty is spoken. "I see." He replies quietly as he looks to the wrapping. "I should check it out, then." He adds, flexing his arm a few times and rolls his shoulder in a shrug. "For someone so young, your work is mighty fine Kid." He says as he disconnects the clip and draws the cape close, clasping it once more. He mulls over a thought and smiles, hand shuffling inside his cape before several caps are placed on the bed. "For your services, Kid." He adds with a wink under the hood, then turns to proceed out.
Iris Lark Iris holds up her hand and her eyes narrow. "This isn't enough." She says, stepping forward to catch the man by the arm. "My services are worth more than this!" She protests, stomping both of her small feet. "Hey!"
John "Count it again." The man says, not looking back as his hand touch the handle to the door. He pause in his steps, a smile creasing his lips as he holds back a chuckle. There were five caps and a sixth one that was unusual; a rare Bawls bottle cap. "If you do not know what that sixth cap is, ask Miss Kitty." He tells her, opening the door.
Achilles Outside the door is a large man, dressed in metal and leathers, with a large axe on his side. "Excuse me." he grunts, taking a step back out of the way. It was Achilles, the giant tribal that was staying in the clinic with Iris. He looks past John to offer the doctor a wave.
Iris Lark "I..but.." Iris looks defeated as John makes his way to the door and she gazes at Achilles, tears standing in her eyes. "He was mean." She mumbles, tossing the caps at the shelves with a huffing sigh. "I hate when they're mean."
John From under the hood, a nod is given to Achilles as he steps forward. While he frowns at being called mean by Iris, he does not reply. Instead he turns, walks over to the bed and puts a bag down; an extra hundred caps within. He nods to Iris and says simply, "I will need further assistance down the road until the wound is healed." He says in a soft voice then turns and walks back to the door.
Achilles "Mean." Achilles hrms. He moves further into the room, arms crossing as he leans against the back wall. "What'd he do for you to call him mean?" He tilts his head slightly, attention on Iris for the time being.
Iris Lark "First he questioned my ability then he wouldn't pay..but then he did pay and ..I don't know Achilles. He made me sad." Iris mumbles, folding her arms across her chest as she stares at the door. "He'll be back though."
John The mysterious hooded man continues out the door, never once looking back as he does. The door closes behind him and he head on out to El Dorado.