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Iris Lark Iris walks into the clinic exam room, in her usual garb. She spots Ren and gives him a cheerful wave as she steps up to the bed. "I'm sure you're not having a pleasant day, because you're here, but I hope it will be better once I'm finished.. How are you?"
Ren ren looks up to see iris nodding in acnologment "ya i took a tank to the chest saving abe and pretty sure i broke somthing" he winces slightly as he begins to remove his chest peice to show the damage
Iris Lark Iris steps up to the bed and takes a seat on a stool. She starts to check his wounds, moving slowly and steadily. "Let me know if something hurts." She says, while she prods the bruised area with her fingers.
Ren as iris starts to poke his chest and he winces at he poking his ribs and chest in general "ya doc that there hurts...bad" he tries to not show hes in pain but god damn it hurts bad
Iris Lark Iris nods, and gently rests a hand on Ren's shoulder, smiling at him as she gets to her feet. "I'm going to wrap your ribs, and you're going to have to stay out of trouble for a bit so the bones can knit." She considers for a moment and then adds. "I'll give you something for pain, also."
Ren ren nods "thanks doc your a life saver" he comments as he lets her rap his ribs
Iris Lark "Well, I hope I help, at least." Iris says, working quietly. She gestures for the man to sit up and she starts to wrap his ribs with the thick cloth. "Now you're going to take it easy for a bit, right?"
Ren Ren nodds his head "ya ill try to not get into too much trouble i relly wouldnt want your work to be for nothing" then he thinks to the militia current job tonight and sighs "though with the current job tonight may be an issue ill try to stay out of harms way"
Iris Lark "You do that, you're free to go now." Iris says, stepping back and gesturing towards the door. "Please feel free to come back if you've a need to.'