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Vuk Vuk should have been in the clinic already, but he had managed to avoid it, remaining much longer at Roswell then he should have, refusing to leave until Alice had been dug out, and then, refusing to do any thing but escort her rather...less then wakeful form back to the Clinic. By the time he had gotten out of his suit, there was -alot- of blood to hose out, indicative of yet another severe wound in his body..multiple really. It wasn't pretty. But now he had put him self in his ever so familiar cot, and was contemplating advertising it as his residence.
Iris Lark Iris has been working since the carnage at Roswell, and she had kept an eye out for a familiar face but hadn't seen him. Now that she does spot him she's torn on if she should yell at him, or just start stitching him up. She heaves a sigh and moves, gathering up her tools, keeping silent for now. A needle gets threaded, several different salves are laid out and a lot of bandages are piled on the table. Time to begin.
Vuk Vuk gives Iris a sheepish grin when she looks hesistant. "I didn't run off to poke around any ruins, I was making sure Alice got a proper escort back." He says with a sheepish look the entire time. "How bad am I this time Doc? Thinking it's time to start considering shoving my brain in a jar bad?"
Iris Lark "I'm not a scientist." Iris replies, now that Vuk has broken the silence. "So I'll stitch you up, give you a transfusion or two and try to get you walking again." She pauses, her hands on a wet cloth to clean his wounds. "I wanted to say thank you, though. You probably saved my life with what you did, and I owe you a lot." Having said that, she moves closer to the exam table and starts to clean his wounds, poking around to see the extent of the internal damage.
Vuk Vuk isn't sure -what- is wrong inside him any more, but at least this time it was lasers! "We should find one of them, I want to start my Enlightenment again. All that tech the Enclave had..for cybernetics. We could have become so much more then we are now if the AI and Alice didn't decide to detonate the reactors." He says, clearly upset that..well, the thing blew up. "Is Alice going to be ok? They found her..but.." He isn't sure if she's ever going to recover from -that- thing...but he grins broadly at Iris. " seemed like the right time to be a hero."
Iris Lark "I'll be looking at Alice, but she'll want to be taken to Vault town where she won't get any scars or the like." Iris replies, and then she sighs. "Most of the lasers cauterized what they hit, so you're not bleeding out in your abdominal cavity. You got lucky, nothing permanent that will cripple you." A beat. "You're going to be laid up for a few days though, and you need to respect that. If you end up with an infection because you didn't listen.." She trails off, deciding that threats probably won't work anyway. "As for the cybernetics, I can ask around and see if anyone knows more about them. Though, I figured you didn't want it to be common knowledge, I've kept quiet."
Vuk Vuk holds a finger up to his lips when she mentions keeping it quiet. "Keep it quiet..but if I ever find a facility? You and I will be going over it. I don't think you will turn on me..but with the Enclave..the Brotherhood..Mutants..alot of those around who might. Let us be honest..the Enclave would likely try to experiment on me..." He says as she works, wincing a bit. " permanent damage..just built in ventilation?" He teases.
Iris Lark "It's not funny." Iris says, her voice low. "One of these days you're going to walk in front of fire for someone and end up having something pierced that I can't just sew shut." She nods about the rest, and after a few moments of silence she says. "I'll help if you want me to, and try to keep people from taking you and poking new holes in you." She smirks to herself as she begins to sew up the first hole in Vuk's gut. "I'm a poor bodyguard though, One trick pony, I guess, I shoot people."
Vuk Vuk isn't even sure Iris shoots people all that well, he just knows she can fix his organic components. "I am not sure the true extent of my enhancements, if they were properly activated, I may not need organic organs any more. I simply do not know. It's not like I was a High Priest." He explains as she works, wincing occasionally. "So...when do you think we can go and clear out Roswell eh? I mean, with the militia moving in..maybe we can get them to help us clear out that apartment block?"
Iris Lark "I don't know." Iris replies, her eyes narrowing at Vuk. "*YOU* can't go out there for a few days or more. The most I want you doing is helping us clear out that store in Acme so we can set it up for VT6." She finishes stitching the first hole and spreads salve on it and bandages it before she starts on the second. "I can go look around Roswell and see if anyone is interested in a little ..adventure, I guess."
Vuk Vuk sort of mouths along with her when she tells him he can't go off for a few days. "We still have to break back into the Vault..and I think we should get a second doctor on the team. I'm a full time job aren't I?" He teases Iris and glances around. "Dunwich is calling still, we have to secure it. Destiny is there." he says to her with a hiss.
Iris Lark Iris eyes Vuk for a moment, her hands going still as she speaks. "I'm aware of the list of things we need to accomplish, and the fact that it gets longer daily." She starts to stitch again, pausing occasionally to make sure the stitches are small and uniform. "If you think we need a second healer, you should ask Alice about it." She frowns and reaches for the salve pot, pulling it closer. "I didn't think I was doing a bad job of it, though."
Vuk Vuk almost sighs when she seems to take it personally. "You do a wonderful job, but you also have a split load as it were. You operate this have to keep up with the Team..and then there is me. I seem to habitually find ways to bust -every- stitch you put in. Sides...multiple doctors isn't a bad thing. We could expand your clinic into a network! Bringing decency and healing to the entire wastes! Or some thing. Or..we sneak into Vault Town and make off with stimpaks."
Iris Lark Iris pauses again to gaze at Vuk. "Like I said, if you think we need more Healers, ask Alice about it. She might agree." She repeats, cutting the line on the needle before she salves and banadges the second hole. "One more hole." She says and then quirks a brow. "Any other injuries that you haven't told me about?" She asks, her voice deadpan.
Vuk Vuk thinks a moment before his lips twitch a bit in a grin. "Naw..not that I can think of, unless this is where I go on about my broken heart, and how only an angelic nurse can save me from the pain.."
Iris Lark "I'll be sure to look out for an angelic nurse for you then." Iris says, her fingers moving quickly as she starts to stitch the third and final hole. "We did have a candy stiper named Lucky who can help you if you are really desperate." She squints as she works, obviously tired and fighting it.
Vuk Vuk lightly flexes when she seems to be make sure the stitches won't bust open if he's simply ..walking. "Don't should hire the Enclave Girl, then we'll know -where- she is..and all. I mean let us be honest..she really needs to start telling us what the fuck that was all about. I think she'd have let us all die, if she got that back up."
Iris Lark "I don't know her, and now I don't trust her, enough to risk the well-being of my patients." Iris says, shrugging a shoulder. "So you'll have to keep an eye on her, or get that done on your own." She places a hand against Vuk's shoulder and she leans in, a scowl on her face. "If you get up and waltz out of here to go somewhere dangerous, by all of the Wastes I will not touch you when you're injured again. Are we clear?"
Vuk Vuk just grins at her when she threatens that. "What if I get up, Waltz out there, get shot, but I find some thing, or return a hero? Or What if I end up dragging some poor farmer out of a fire and then you have to treat me for burns?" He says and gently pats the hand on his shoulder. "Sides, you know I don't stay dead, I just get banged up enough to keep you busy!"
Iris Lark "There are other people out there who can do those heroics while you're laid up." Iris says, and she doesn't look amused. "Let someone else be a hero for a day, maybe two, and you focus on getting better." She takes a breath and stands up straight, folding her arms over her chest. "I meant what I said. One day, maybe two is not a hardship, and if you don't listen don't come crying because you're injured again. Some second rate doctor will have to deal with you then."
Vuk Vuk will lean back into his cot when she seems to have decided he doesn't need more stitches. "Yes Mom. I'll stay in bed mom. I won't steal from the cookie jar mom! Speaking of..we should have a cookie jar in here, so at least I can try to steal a cookie from it. Right Mom?" Oh yes, he's calling Iris -mom- now.