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Kurokumo Mibojin      Adventures are a marvelous thing. Go to new places, meet new people, and then get shot at by laser turrets and angry metal scorpions in secret Enclave bases. Yeah, it was one of -those- kind of days. Kurokumo decides to get up and about, her own efforts for treating a laser burn on her righ arm and back not going very well.
Iris Lark Iris walks back into the clinic from the market and blinks when she spots Kurokumo. "Are you okay?" She asks, both eyebrows slightly quirked as she walks forward, depositing her newly purchased items on a table.
Kurokumo Mibojin      "Sure! I'm fine...stupid fucking turrets." Kurokumo grimaces as Iris shows her concern, the skin pulling on the burns causing a great bit of discomfort. "Could you help me out? I can't reach my back with the ointment." She mosies on over, going wherever the other Doctor points her to.
Iris Lark Iris points to an examination table and pulls some salve from a shelf. "I have some aloe salve, this might help a bit more if its bandaged up. Have a seat." She says, pulling some bandages down too.
Kurokumo Mibojin      During the great escape, so many were beating, bruised, bloody, and shot, even crushed in Ashur and Vuk's case. Luckily, Kurokumo didn't get shot in the leg, begin able to hoist herself up without much issue. "Thanks, Iris. That was one crazy night."
Iris Lark "It was a bit crazy, yes. I think I was extremely lucky that I got out without a scratch." Iris says, as she spreads the salve over Kurokumo's burns. "You're going to take it easy, right?"
Kurokumo Mibojin      Kurokumo seems to space out a little, brown eyes staring down at the floor as the salve is applied. "Hmmm? Oh, yeah. Take it easy." It's a foreign enough concept, for someone who was once always on the run.
Alice Alice is still here in the clinic, despite the fact she would have rather been taken to Vault Town's Medical Center. She totally is unconscious and in need of more medical attentions. Sup healers.
Iris Lark Iris smirks at Kurokumo and nods. "See that you try to take it easy for a day or two. While you're here, would you be able to help me treat Alice a bit, she's got some really bad injuries, more than I can probably handle on my own."
Kurokumo Mibojin      "Yeah, I'm grateful she made it. Don't think we would have gotten out alive without her." It's the truth, Kurokumo knowing that she herself could very well have died in the cross-fire. Slipping off of the exam table, she readjusts her shirt to cover the wrapped burns.
Iris Lark Iris steps over to Alice and begins to assess her injuries. "How about you work on the top and I'll work on the bottom. She's got abraisions and wounds everywhere, we can just try to be expedient."
Julie     A new face for others is a new place for her, and Julie's head is on the swivel as she steps into the Shantytown Medical Clinic. Sweeping her gaze around, she calls out in a polite voice boosted by volume to ensure it's heard. "Hello? Is this the medical clinic? Someone pointed me this way and I wanted to make sure I'm in the right spot.
Kurokumo Mibojin      Kurkumo is on it, moving over to Alice's prone form before the door to the Clinic opens. When it rains, it pours, apparently. "Yes, come in. How can I help you?" She'd help Iris as promised, but another patient has arrived on their doorstep.
Iris Lark Iris starts to wash and clean Alice's injuries, glancing briefly over at the new arrival. Then she is caught up in the treatment, washing, using salve and then bandaging Alice. She is methodical and slow, making sure she attend to every scrape, bruise and injury.
Julie     "Oh, my." Julie lifts a hand up to settle against the expanse of her upper chest just beneath her neck as she turns towards the voice calling out to her and is treated to the sight of a prone woman being hovered over by two others. She seems calm despite the sight of an injured person, and approaches closer to the gathered. "Yes, I'm new in town. Fresh off the road. I was hoping to speak to a doctor about something, but, please, don't let me interrupt. I can.." Julie breaks off and looks for a chair. "Sit and wait."
Kurokumo Mibojin      Kurokumo is a practical person, shrugging absently at Julie's procrastination before settling down to help Iris out. "Suit yourself. Welcome to Shantytown. How long have you been on the roads?" Casual conversation is supposed to be part of that 'bedside manner', right?
Iris Lark Iris frowns, gazing at Alice. "When she wakes up she's going to have a fit if I give her stitches." She glances over at Kurokumo and grimaces. "Should I do it anyway or use surgical tape to stop the bleeding until she can get back to Vault Town?" She dithers for a few moments, talking to herself almost. "Maybe I should call Jude.."
Julie     Finding a chair, Julie settles into it with a fluid grace and a posture that seems uncomfortably straight after smoothing the back of her skirt down. Easing farther back against the rest, there's a subtle rasp of nylon stroking over nylon as she lifts one leg up to settle atop the other. Resting her folded hands demurely on the top of her knee, Julie sets her sights elsewhere while the doctor she's speaking to deals with her patient. "Thank you," Julie replies, though she waits for a lapse in the conversation between the two women providing treatment before speaking. "On the roads? Oh, a little over a week, I think?"
Kurokumo Mibojin      "Why do we need to get her to Vault Town for stitches?" Kurokumo has never really met Alice before the previous visit to Roswell. "If she's a squirmer, surgical tape might be best. Do we have enough?" It's always about the hunt for more supplies, Kurokumo giving Julie a grim smile as she and Iris fuss over their unconscious patient.
Iris Lark "It's not that, Vault Town has good doctors, better than me. She doesn't have scars...anything." Iris says, her nose wrinkling as she continues to dress the wounds. "If I give her scars, I ..have a feeling she'll yell a bit, and I don't want that. I mean...I want them to have whatever kind of treatment they prefer, if you understand."
Julie     Although she's providing them a decent amount of privacy by focusing her attention elsewhere, Julie can't help but occasionally look in their direction. It's during one of these drifting moments that she catches one of them giving her a smile none too happy. The one she returns is dazzling in comparison, and completely at odds with the situation at hand. She remains mum, and strokes the outside of her knee with smooth strokes of her fingertips over the nylon encasing it.
Alice Alice seems to be doing a bit better with the treatment and Iris was entirely right in guessing the young woman wouldn't want any scars! There isn't much more that can be done for her at this time though. Julie on the other hand, was conscious and helpable!
Kurokumo Mibojin      "Oh, alright. Hadn't thought about it like that." Kurokumo gives a solid nod, helping Iris finish up. "How are we getting her over there?" She doesn't quite remember who she could borrow a cart from in order to transport their patient.
Iris Lark "I'll call Jude, we'll just close up her wounds with surgical tape until he can come for her." Iris murmurs, pulling some down from a top shelf. She offers Kurokumo a smile. "Thank much for offering to help with her, for being here, I really appreciate it." She blinks and gazes over at Julie. "I am so sorry..I didn't mean to keep you waiting."
Julie     Now that things are moving along, Julie seems to focus more on what's taking place. Her gaze flits between the three, but in the end, it's the one who is apologizing to her that her eyes settle in. Another dazzling smile, and a gentle shake of the head that tickles her shoulder with the waterfall of hair spilled over it. "No need to apologize. I understand all about priorities. How silly would I be if I expected you to take your attention away from someone so badly hurt?"
Iris Lark Iris walks over to Julie and sits down beside her. "Did you come looking for the clinic for something in paritcular?" She asks, her head canted slightly to the side. "I'll gladly help you if I'm able."
Julie     Seeing that the attention has switched to her, Julie uncrosses her legs with the same subtle rasp that came with getting them that way. She rises from her seat just as the doctor is sitting down, and lifts a hand to gently smooth at the side of her hair. "I did, actually, Doctor..?" The obvious pause is a prompt, but she continues nonetheless. "I was hoping I might show you in private." She glances once around the open room, and after returning her gaze to the physician, gently hikes her eyebrows and lightly clears her throat.
Iris Lark Iris gets to her feet and holds out a hand. "Iris Lark, and I'm just a Healer so you can call me Iris." She gestures to her office, the door slightly open. "Please, step in there, we can discuss it and keep your privacy."
Julie     Adopting another bright smile, Julie takes the offered hand. Her grip is light and the squeeze is gentle, exchanging the courtesy and allowing their hands to remain in contact. "Iris. What a lovely name. I'd share my name, but everyone just calls me Sparkle." Following Iris into her office, Julie waits for the door to be shut behind them before setting about showing her what this visit is about. Gathering her skirt up with both hands, she exposes the top of her stocking and a lot of smooth, taut thigh. The stocking itself is gripped by garters attached in the front and back. She undoes them with deft movements, and then eases it down to expose a deep, purpling bruise a few inches below the stocking top. "One of the brahmins in the caravan managed to give me a good kick in the thigh quite a few days ago." There are scrapes around it, too. "I came to see if you could do anything for it, even if it's just something for the pain."
Iris Lark Iris nods and gestures to the examination table. "Have a seat, I have some salve that will take away the pain and help accelerate the bruising process so it'll yellow out quicker." She moves to the wall and begins to pull down some salves and bottles. "Sparkle huh?" She turns briefly to glance at the woman as she settles on the table. "Where are you from, if you don't mind me asking that is." She sets down the salve on the counter.
Julie     Moving to the table, Julie slips up into a seated position as gracefully as can be managed. It requires another adjustment of her skirt, with her weight shifting towards one hip to pull it farther up so her thigh is exposed. "Are you sure just the salve will help? One of the caravan guards used something like a salve, but it didn't do much. I'm not sure if he used the same thing as what you have, though." At the question regarding her name, she nods, still smiling. "Sparkle. Where I'm from? New Vegas, of course." Julie glances around the office to take it in, talking all the while. That gaze drifts back to Iris. "I don't mind the questions. I'm used to people wanting to chat."
Iris Lark "I've never been there, I think." Iris says, and when she dips her fingers into the salve and holds it up it's a creamy golden color. "I've been making this since I was six years old, it's very good." She offers Julie an apologetic smile and looks embarassed for a moment. "I'm going to get a bit familiar with you here, but I mean nothing by it, I promise." She leans in and begins to spread the salve over the scrapes and the bruise, humming a soft tune as she works. "Are you going to stay in El Dorado?" She murmurs, not too caught up in her job to ask another question.
Julie     "Never?" Julie's tone sounds rightfully surprised. "Why, it's marvelous. It's a real city." Hiked eyebrows are the response to Iris showing her the goop she plans to use, and elevate a smidgeon more when it's revealed to be a self-made. Laughter rings out, rich and musical in its timbre, when Iris turns almost shy with her explanation. "You would't be the first, Doctor. I don't mind that, either." There's a playful batting of lashes, but a slight jerk follows that as fingers touch the bruised part of her thigh. It's cold, although Julie's gasp sounds a little more.. inappropriate than that. She relaxes as the fingers work. "That depends. I've heard there's some trouble brewing in the south, where I was headed. I suppose I might stay awhile, if I can make some money.." A playful tease laces itself through her next words. "Why do you ask?"
Iris Lark "Because there have been a lot of people settling here since I got here, and I love making new friends." Iris says, reaching out for a bandage to cover the goop and keep it close to Julie's skin. When the woman gasps, Iris blinks and gazes up at Julie's face, her cheeks pink. "I should introduce you to Katherine." She says, and then blinks, as if she's not sure why she said what she did. She takes a breath and turns, putting away the salve pot before she cleans her fingers. "I haven't gotten around much in my life, at least not in a way I could enjoy it."
Julie     "Is that so? Well, maybe we can become good friends." Julie allows the teasing tone of her voice to remain as she says it. Once a bandage approaches her leg, she lifts her hand to stop it. "Pardon me, Doctor, but I should go without. A bandage would look quite unsightly underneath my stocking, and I can't afford anything to be unsightly. Wouldn't you agree?" The mention of someone else has her head tilting just slightly, though. "Katherine? And who is that, if you don't mind me asking?" She hums aloud as Iris explains something of herself. "I can see why that would be quite regretable. What would you enjoy getting a chance to do, then?" A more focused gaze is settled on Iris' face. "And about the pain. Should I visit every day until it's better? I imagine you'd be getting quite familiar with me, if that was the case." She can't help a short laugh escaping.
Iris Lark "You're welcome to stop by every day, but I can give you a small pot of salve for yourself if you'd like." Iris says, standing on a shelf to reach a higher one. She pulls a small pot of salve down and holds it out for Julie. When she asks about Katherine, Iris goes pink in the cheeks and then she shifts a bit on her feet. "She runs the Saloon here, she's..a nice lady." She gazes at Julie for a moment and then she lets out a shaky breath. "I ..want to do everything, until a few months ago all I did was heal - I wasn't allowed to go further than my shackle would take me and that wasn't far. Being stuck doing one thing over and over again for years of your life..well it makes you appreciate the small things, however you get them." Her lips press in a thin line as she turns away from a moment, washing her hands and cleaning up the small mess she's made.
Julie     "Sure," Julie agrees, watching as the doctor fetches it. She slips from the edge of the examination table and lifts her skirt again. This time it's to fasten the garters after easing her stocking up, treating the nylon utterly carefully as she lightly pulls it to the side before moving it upward. Then the garters are being fastened, again, and she's looking up in time to see the sudden flush of color in Iris' cheek, as well as hear the way her voice catches on her words. "Oh? A Saloon? Does she work with girls like me? She sounds like quite the lovely lady." Gathering the offered salva, she offers a smile both appreciative and polite. "Sometimes the small things are right in front of us and we just don't see them. Thank you for seeing me, Iris. Now, if you could point me towards the Saloon.."
Iris Lark "She ..uhm..she does." Iris says, stuttering over her words. "The..Saloon is near the western gate in the town proper." She pushes her hair away from her face and after a moment meets Julie's eyes again. "Do stop back, maybe we can be friends, yes?" She tugs at her apron before she practically flees from the office.