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Vault Girl While the group of you had gathered after hearing word that Sergeant Joe Caine was going to lead a small strike on a raider base out in the Salt Creek Wilderness, Joe Caine had never turned up. Instead, a note had been left behind asking whoever answered the call to try and handle it, along with a crudely drawn map to the base.

The note detailed that the raiders have been taking caps from someone in El Dorado, likely Mayor Solomon but haven't been attacking anyone.

It takes about an hour to travel out to the Salt Creek Wilderness and you all have your options of approach as a team or individually.

#1. You can approach openly and try to negotiate

#2. You can stealth through the wilderness and ambush the raiders

#3. You can come up with something else!

This is a team decision.
Ren ren joined the call when it came out however with limited knowlage of the opisition he disides to ask "what if we sout ahead but dont attack then those who scouted return with ifo and we think of a plan from there" its souned good on pen and paper but would mean splitting up a already small group he then thought for a moment "heck ill even volenteer to do so"
Sparrow Sparrow reads the note left behind.. Twice. Flips it over, then back nd reds it again a scowl deep on her features muttering softly under her breath abtou 'Swagger' Caine's antics. She looks towards the rest of the group quietly and glances towards Jackie. "I don't know if I'm up for fight, Jackie. Don't reckon I'm much of a sneak either just bout to help people." She adjusts her helmet, "Much rather talk it out but it's a fifty fifty chance they're on somethin' that'll make'm hostile. What'ya think?"
Amos "I think I'll go check it out." Amos says, flipping the chamber of his magnum closed once he's finished loading it. "If you hear gunshots, circle around behind them. If they're friendly, I'll come back around and let you know." His revolver gets holstered and a smaller gun gets drawn from under his coat.
Jacqueline Noted neither for her investigative prowess or diplomatic skills, Jackie Wayne nonetheless answers the call for help, shotgun in hand. "Well, the note says they're raiders... but we don't know that. And I'm with you, there might be chems involved. Or they could just be having a slow month, low on action. He makes good sense," she adds, nodding in the direction of the ghoul. "A quick look-see wouldn't hurt. We can always step out open-like if they don't look twitchy."
Abe     Arriving at the randevous point, Scribe McDonald is a little bit... worried that he did not find a crack team of Militia men and women ready to take on the challange. Instead, like himself, it looked like whoever didn't already have a girl booked up at Miss Kitty's decided to lend a hand.

Dismounting, he lays his reins across a low hanging branch.

He takes his turn with the note... and the map. Considering a move, a hand drifting upwards to trace his fingertip along a shallow groove in the side of his helmet.

"There is a band of hostile raiders kicking around here, I can attest to that much... Can't say it's who we're after though." he mused. He cycled a breath, "Hold on, hold on, they catch you then at best it's a hostage thing... Yeah, I think she has it." he said of Jacquie with a motion towards the woman... Better than five different plans is one questionable one.
Ren Ren looks to the brotherhood guy and takes a knee and rests his rifle to his side "whatever you think is right sir ill respect that" looking to the rest of the group he disides to say "ill take up a defencive position around yall in case some of them dicide to get curios"
Sparrow Sparrow nods, "Works for me then. I'll just try nd keep ya all alive. Offer cover fire if they get twitchy. Don't give'm too much if they ask about the mayor. Try to downplay anything that might raise any flags for them. We can't gruntee what side anyones on right now."

The blonde cowgirl straps her helmet on and gestures to Jackie. "Your idea sounds pretty sound t' me. We aint exactly teamin' with muscle right here. Mostly brains from what I see of it.. Let me take quick sketch of the map though, leave that note and map here incase anyone else wants to come along. Make sure to add what we're plannin' on doin, maybe? Also maybe we oughta decide on who's gonna do the tlkin afore hand, last night didn't go so well. Nothin' got discussed civil like. Went badly for everyone."
Jacqueline "Smart, Sparrow. Definitely note the plan for the next person." Jackie looks to the Ranger. "I'm no investigator, so I'll help out the defense, too. I'm guessing you've got the best eyes, so maybe you take point, like you said? Just don't get so far ahead we can't come running if something happens."
She looks around the circle. "Do we have anyone who can talk civil-like? Show of hands?" Hers only goes up halfway in a kinda-sorta fashion.
Amos "We've got them out gunned, probably. Still wish we'd send a scout ahead." Amos holsters his silenced pistol and draws his magnum again. He'd want his heavy hitter out if shit hit the fan.

"Works for me. Long as they ain't fiends, usually run away from us." He directs that at Jacqueline, unseen gaze turning to focus on her.
Abe     "We might be short one cunning orator..." Abe noted absently, "So.. hey, keep things loose in the holster?" he remarked, that crooked smile of his lost behind the recovered rangers helmet. When no hands rose up to join Jacquie's he rumbled with thought, "Maybe they'll have computer problems... It's worked before!"
Ren Ren stands up aknoliging amos's comment "like i said ill scout ahead, its not the first time and hell be just like the old days for me" looking to everybody else "if im not back in 30 minutes you can prasume me dead or captured"
Sparrow Sparrow hand wobbles. "I ain't bad t it, tend to be a bit straight forward most times but I've been able to get myself in and out of trouble a time or two." A glance to, of all people, the Ghoul and then to Amos then back towards Abe. So far he's the only one who's not voiced anything but she nods and looks back to Jackie with a lift of a brow and a roll of a shoulder. "'M also a doctor. Might be another angle. Helpful since they just got some caps recently." She checks her holster but seems ready to fall into like with the others. She didn't bring Bluebelle.
Jacqueline "Just don't get so far ahead we can't come running," Jackie says again, this time to the ghoul. "We need teamwork, not war movie drama. There's only five of us, right? Every trigger finger's important."
Her gaze goes over the rest: Sparrow, Ranger, Abe. "Sounds like a definite on cunning orator lack. Sort of cuts down our options some. I guess we go quiet, and watchful? If they aim to misbehave, we can do some of our own, preemptive-like."
Vault Girl Ren makes a hell of a lot of noise on his way up to the 'Raider Camp' and if he decides to proceed any further, they're sure to spot him; just like the various wild animals that have taken notice of him in the wilderness.

He makes so much noise, the group can hear him tromping around out there!
Ren heading back to the group ren says "well if they didnt know were here before they do now" ren says half chuckling even though vary ashamed his gunny would have had him doing pt for hours for that
Sparrow Sparrow had been saying while Ren was gone, "it's firly easy for me just to say I'm Doc. Lota Raiders don't get a lot of Doctors out their way. It'll put me in a sorta vulnerable position but that's hy I'd be travelin' with folks. I'm not sayin' trust they'll buy it but it'll get us cloe enough we might be ble to ask questions and maybe figure out how best to rid ourselves of'm.." She falls quiet when she hears Ren in the distance with a wrinkle of her nose. She looks to Jackie then Abe and Amos. The blonde cowgirl seeming to want the more militant minds to weigh in.
Amos "If you still want us to check it out, I can try going in from the other direction. But at this point it'd probably be best to take a more straightforward approach." If Amos could pinch his brow in the helmet, that's likely what he'd be doing now. "Regardless, everyone should be ready for anything. Never know how they'll react to us running up on them. The doctor plan might work best, if it comes down to it."
Abe     "Good... good hustle there, Buddy." Abe reported when Rem returned,m slipping his flask away, "Good hustle..." ignoring what might or might not have been a arborous pun from Sparrow, Abe nods his agreement with Amos. "Right, right. See how far we can get on that line." he states, re-situating his helmet and mask. "Hope everyone brought their hiking shoes!"
Jacqueline Jackie glances up as Ren returns. "Must be siesta time up at the camp," she observes wryly, noting that he hasn't been followed. Not obviously, anyway.
Back to planning! "I'm starting to think your idea's the best, Sparrow. It should at least get us in the door. If it doesn't... well, at least we're all together. Circled or lined, a group's a lot harder to take down than a lot of separate runners. But the Ranger's right, too: Eyes up, ears on, and walk, don't run."
Ren ren looks to the rest of the group "ok roger that ill stick with that plan" looking back to the way he came from "im really starting to think i need glasses"
Sparrow Sparrow tilts her head at Ren, "Maybe." She takes a breath. "All right, well, let's get movin' on in." She checks her medkit and then starts that direction. "Best a couple people stay a bit hiddn so they don't think they can just pick us all off one by one." Sprrow bites her lip but straightens her shoulders an starts that way. "They already know you're here Ren, may as well walk with me."
Jacqueline Jackie falls in behind Sparrow, as she lacks the specialized optics Abe and Amos have. With her Gecko-hide armor and shotgun, she even /looks/ like a guard.
Abe     Abe.. has been relegated to rear guard. He waits, patiently, kinda... Watching as the crew gains distance on them before he takes up step and follows along in pace with Amos. The ranger-helmet wearing Scribe... gets that mildly heavy feeling of forced conversation.

"So, Mayor Dickbag, right?"
Amos Amos dips off to take the longer way around so he won't be seen on approach with the rest of the group. Truth be told he preffered working alone or with a small group anyway. "Yeah, be glad to get to the bottom ah this. See just how deep the corruption goes."
Sparrow Sparrow snorts under her breath, "Myor Dickbag indeed." Comes the stoic blonde cowgirls unamused reply. Her weathered features growing tight as she strides along though she' sticking close to cover she can dive for. These are most likely Raiders not some peaceful settlement. She puts on her confident face though. Letting people fall back to cover with farther ranged weapons.
Jacqueline "Someone suggested to me not long ago that His Honor might skip town with every cap he could carry, if he lost this coming election... which he has a good chance of doing," Jackie says, keeping her voice down. "That tax hike and everything about it didn't make him any friends. Think this was a potential back door for him?"
She stays with Sparrow, sticking close but keeping cover in mind as well. The little group in the open would make a beautiful target, if someone were inclined to shoot. She wants to be alive to return the favor.
Vault Girl The camp when the group of you reached it looked more like a military camp more than anything else, the men and women standing on guard duty outside of it were keen and alert and if these people were raiders? They must have started off from a military community of some kind based on their well-maintained combat armor and weaponry.

As the group approaches, one of the sentries calls out, "Who goes there? State your intention." They weren't opening fire immediately either, but they were definitely on the move, with three or four more of the soldiers moving forward to greet the group with weapons at the ready.

They were disciplined.
Abe     Abe might not be the best match for Amos but he can soldier as well as anyone else.

Except for actual soldiers. They likely do it better.

Even so, he's hardy for a pudgey scriube and manages to keep pace, even if he does have the occasional longing for that nice, sexy pair of boots back in El Dorado with every slight ache in his feet as he marches on, hand resting on the butt of his pistol.

"You know..." his voice dipping into a low, conspiritorial whisper, "i had figured just to cast my vote and expect the best... but why would a crooked man run a straight election?"
Sparrow Sparrow holds her holds up, empty. To Jackie? She replies, "Whatever help him worm his way out of his comeuppance." She nods to Jackie.

Then they're on the 'Raiders' and calls out to the Raiders, "Wasteland Doc, name's Sparrow. Lookin' to make some caps, hear there might be some to be made here. If ya got any injured that nee treated. Maybe trade gossip if you've heard any rumors lately." The truth can be fantastically useful, spun the right way. "This here's Jaybird and she's keeping an eye on me. This is Wren the designated pincushion." Nicknames are what they are. She gestures to Ren and pays no attention to the men who'd stayed back to cover the folks out in the front. "Aint safe to travel alone." She won't tip the whole hand but she seems to have every confidence the group can guess there's more than three of them.
Ren ren nodds his head looking at the group before stepping ahead of sparrow "you guys soldiers if so name and rank"
Jacqueline Jackie nods agreeably with Sparrow, sparing a glance back at Abe as well. It seems the poor opinion of the mayor is pretty widespread.
And then they reach the camp. And 'camp' is a good word for it, given that it has sentries and alert troops all over. 'Jaybird' steps up beside Sparrow, her weapon in her hands but held casually ready rather than aimed. She's the guard, after all. Surely these well-disciplined troops can understand that kind of caution.
"Good day. Might we know who we're talking to?" she asks with taut politeness, nodding to the soldiers. Hopefully it's a good counterpoint to the Ren In A China Shop.
Especially since they're the glass.
Vault Girl "Well, hello there. We happen to have our own Doctor, trained in Diamond City, probably never heard of it, long way off from here." The guard replies, "Today happens to be your lucky day. Our employer has been shorting us on caps and we happen to be looking for work. Some of you look pretty well off." It was just as likely mercenaries could become bandits in a heartbeat though, depending how undisciplined they might be, "Don't happen to know anyone looking to hire a company of Gunners? We don't ask questions either, we shoot, we kill, we get paid. We don't get paid? Well, shit gets ugly."
Ren ren nodds his head "unfortunatly freind im in the same boat im low on caps myself taking up protection jobs as i go, hey if you need a experianced soldiers for anything im sure we can help each other out"
Sparrow Sparrow looks at Ren, "Nnzipit." She says succinctly and then a smile spreads on her face, "All right. Maybe we can deal I won't look a gift horse in the mouth. Never heard of Diamond City but if you've got answers and something to prove, I've got caps and possibly trade I'm willing to negotiate. But I need assurance and insurance that you aren't gonna walk us in and rob us blind, not that there aren't eyes everywhere in El Dorado. Who were you workin' for before? So I can tell if you're bein' honest, if I don't recognize the name I'll know better. I'll throw two hundred and fifty caps at you as a starter if I do."
Jacqueline With Sparrow taking the lead, 'Jaybird' just keeps an eye on the nearby guards. If things go pear-shaped, she wants to be ready to cut off potential pursuit. This situation looks plenty ugly as it is, what with more than a dozen obvious troops around, and the armed sentries.
Of course, the worry doesn't have to show. She regards the 'soldiers' with a casually confident eye, the unspoken message being 'if you get stupid, I've got two barrels here, and at least two of you are going to die. Who are the lucky two?'
Abe     It stays quiet. No gunfire, no screaming, no explosions nor any booming roars bellowing from the very throats of hell...

Abe figures things are going well by the time he and Amos make their way to the group. He catches snippets of the conversation. His attention drifting this way and that as he makes his way in to join the fold.

Surruptitiously, his hands drop from his hips to swing idly at his sides, "Money? Boys, oh boys, it's money we have. Today is certainly going to be a easy day for everyone here. No need to spend money on bullets, no sir, not at all."

His hands clap together, battered gloves rubbing together eagerly, "So... what're we talking about here?"
Vault Girl "We were hired by a man named Solomon, says he's the Mayor of El Dorado. Well, mother fucker is short a good six thousand caps off our contract to provide security." The sentry replied, although by his manner of speaking he may have been an officer in the group at the very least, "Depending on what you want done, we can give you some rates. We were supposed to be providing security for an expedition to some 'mysterious place' but we're expensive and we don't like to sit idle, costs caps to sit around. Longer men sit, more likely they are to takin' to robbing people and boy let me tell you, there is a lot of robbing to do around here. You catch my drift? My supposedly, cap heavy friends."

"Now, for ten thousand caps, we'll sit tight for a month, do anything you need basically from clearing out a settlement to fortifying a region. Thing is, we need those caps to keep coming. Today? Well, I've already had to stop a couple of my men from going el bandito on travelers in the area. Our camp, could probably sit on our hands a bit longer until you can retain us or find someone who can for about a 1000 caps, we'll even do some work for the week if you want."
Sparrow Sparrow nods her head, "You don't say. Protection? From what? If he's the governer wouldn't he have his own protection?" She barks a laugh but moves over. Honest to her word, as promised, two hundred fifty caps for an answer. In truth to her it was pocket change for just another nail in Solomon's career. "Thousand for a week? That's a bit high dontcha wager, given that you'd just be sittin' around. Tell me what make's ya worth that kind of caps. I mean.." She gestures, "This could all be for show. Wouldn't be the first shake down I've seen. But how about you tell my friends back there? They've got a better idea for what your gear could mean and they appreciate a tight operation." The Doctor shifts her weight and looks considering towards Jackie and then back towards Ren with lofted brow.
Vault Girl "We're Gunners, lady. We're the best mercenaries left in America, if you can call this shithole American anymore. We came all the way from the East Coast looking to expand our ranks and see what there was to offer on this side of the country. We've fought everything from Enclave to Brotherhood of Steel to Raiders to Settlers who were on the wrong side of a cap." The man replied without a hint of bravado, "I've got men in my company who've taken down Deathclaws, fucking deathclaws for sport. When I ask for a 1000 caps, you have no idea what kind of deal that is, end of the week, you haven't found anyone who wants to hire us long-term, we'll be taking what we're owed and we'll move on to greener pastures."
Ren ren walks up next to sparrow "honastly shes right, you could claim to be really good but idk your gear seems a bit lacking to want thousands of caps" ren then narrows his eyes at them "if you belive your endowed to anything out here than buddy your shit outa luck because frankly your guys arnt worth the caps how many do you send to hold a line 50 , 100 we can do it with 10 at most, so buddy i hope you can understand that we dont take lightly to pressy soldier boys with empty pockets" ren steps closer to the man "if you dont like it tough crap now pack up go home your threw do i make myself clear"
Abe TTen.

DTen Thousand Caps. Abe could begger himself, pull each and every cap he owned out of the bank and he might only get two-thirds of the way there.

He was thankfuyl for that full mask. It his his face going pale, his eyes seeming to sink into his face as they went wide. It let him pretend he hadn't just stepped right into a heap of shit.

Sparrow speaks up, his attention shifts her way. Good. Let her draw eyes for a minute while he gathers himself.

Okay, okay, yeah, the scope of this was bigger than he thought. Paid to secure a 'Special Place?' Likely Vault 30. Mayor Dickbag might be making a grab at it before the others could. That would be bad, very bad...

"2." the man in the Brotherhood fatigues and the ranger helmet offers. "2 Thousand, right now." he clarifies... because two caps might just get him shot or laughed at. Or shot and laughed at. "There's a stretch of land north of El Dorado that could use some clearing out. Keep clear of the outpost there and leave any pissant scavvers you come across be. Raiders and Critters, all you need to worry about." he explains.

"The other K is so that if right, honorable Mayor Dickbag makes good on what he owes you somehow, maybe you decide to just go ahead and make him wait or take it all as a late-payment fee."
Jacqueline Abe's entrance gets the merest hint of a glare from Jackie. But there are bigger fish to fry at the moment.
Aaaaaaand the ghoul's opening his mouth again. If she could take her hands off the shotgun, 'Jaybird' would palm her own face. Hard.
Abe, though... he might just be saving the day. Especially post-ghoul. The next look she gives the Scribe, hurried though it is, has a touch of respect in it. But there are other words yet to be said. "There might be folks in town willing to contribute to a war fund, Doc," 'Jaybird' points out quietly to Sparrow. "We should talk to them. But we can't do it from here."
Sparrow Sparrow glnces at Abe and offers him sidelong smirk, Ren however is met with a look of bored amusement. She stays where she is by Jackie. "I don't know, do we sweeten the deal if they let us in on the details of the illustrious' Mayors instructions plans or paperwork he might've given them?" She wonders, just stirring the greed pot a little bit more. She nods at Jackie, "That's what the retainers for." She explains simply. She knows how to deal and she looks towards the group again waiting to see what they'll do; both about Abe and Ren.
Vault Girl "Alright, Boss." The Sentry replied to Abe before extending a hand, "Commander Jefferson Washington, 4th Gunners Expeditionary Company at your service. You and I, we've got a contract to draw up, but if you like, we'll kill the ghoul for free, my man as a bonus." He was clearly referring to Ren before motioning for Abe to follow him, along with the others if they chose, "You look like a smart man, you got glasses after all. Scientist? Doctor? I assume you can read, right?"

Abe and anyone who follows is led into a well-organized campaign sized tent and Commander Washington sits down behind a desk, an honest to god desk in the tent.

These guys weren't slouches, "I'm not a crook, two thousand, well, you can consider that area north of El Dorado to be clear as fuck once we're done with it. We'll also be keeping anything we find, but as I said, I ain't a crook, when we're on your payroll and we take down some raider gang? Now, we ain't handing you that loot, but our quartermaster will assign a value to it and we'll deduct that from our fees."

While he talked, the man was drawing up a contract, "Once that money is in our hands, we answer to you for the duration. You sign your name here and once we exchange caps, a contract is a contract. You cross us, we will cross you."
Abe     Abe extended his hand in turn, a firm squeeze and a pump or two to informally seal their pact. "Scribe Errant Abreham McDonald." he exchanged names and nodded his affirmation and agreement. He turned down the murder of Ren however, a shake of his head following that nod, "Appreciate the offer, Commander but he's with me as much as anyone else. Saved my life once." he explained. People had told him it was Ren. He was a little foggy on that fight after a certain point.

"By god, don't they just help?" he remarks, doffing his helmet and tucking it under one arm, "Engineer. Read and write, they teach us that much in the Brotherhood at least."

He prattles along. With the explination of how their booty would be handled, Abe nods his understanding. "Wouldn't have expected otherwise." he replies on both the matter of loot and the terms of the contract.

He follows through, signing his name to the X, explaining about the brotherhood outpost there and assuring them he'll notify his compatriots as well before he starts counting out the caps...

There are a lot of them to be rid of. He might be making a night of it Hopefully 2k will buy him and his partners a bunk for the night... and maybe some gossip among the men as well!
Jacqueline Jackie goes with Sparrow, of course... assuming she goes anyplace. Her just-assumed identity is to protect the Doc, after all. Not that she doesn't want to keep Abe safe, but he's technically not her employer.
Sometimes keeping a disguise intact sucks...
Sparrow Sparrow is letting Abe take point since he has money. She's got her caps with her to get the information should Abe get his bunkmates to 'discuss' anything with him, little individual bribes on the off chance people heard locations, descriptions of anything or any little tidbit that might help lead them more solidly onto Solomon's plans. She stays with Jackie keeping quiet through the evening and offering help to their Doc if they want it.
Vault Girl "Fancy. Well, I figure we oughtta head out in the morning and see this area of yours. Maybe we can look at setting up a better camp, lots of old settlements in the area that nobody is living in. If there's more folk like you around, well, we may have found our new home." Jefferson said with a grin before taking Abe to show him around the camp.

What the group does manage to find out is that Solomon wanted them for a big 'expedition' to some secret place only he had to map to. He promised caps and loot and so far, he hasn't delivered on the caps and has claimed there's been a delay with the expedition which has pissed off the Gunners further.

These guys can definitely be persuaded to act against Solomon in the future, they already dislike him.
Ren ren stays outside the base just keeping to himself and cleaning his rifle as the others walk inside and do buisness he wasnt the diplomatic type just a killer plain and simple nothing more