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Saeko Another Morning in El Dorado, the sun was up and the clouds hung behind them, but the warm edge to the weather hinting at Spring's arrival offered a little reassurence to the folks in the settlement who'd grown tired of the winter nights.

For one of the travellers however, it made little difference beyond making the occasional camp that tiny bit more comfortable. Wrapped in her cloak that covered most of her gear and features, Saeko's hood left her face uncovered as it sits pulled down, leaving the asian woman to raise a hand to her eyes from the sun's begining glare as she makes her way towards the blacksmith's shop.
Ashram Unlike the Asian woman, the man pacing about the street and angling to the blacksmith's himself doesn't really bother to hide much. He has a weathered face, stringy black hair and a shiner over his left eye. Carries a revolver in his holster, though he's discrete about it, his appearance enough to unnerve some. Looks like he's fresh from some mission, whatever the nature of it.
Saeko Saeko had become a little more of a familier face around town, but she hadn't quite gotten over the habbit of covering her appearence and equipment. She'd been raised not to be seen afterall. Arriving at the door of the blacksmith she peers in through the window, frowning a little to herself at the lack of activity within. Perhaps she was too early, but that didn't meen she couldn't try to see what is within.

Turning around with a soft noise of frustration, her path is halted by the appearence of a face she hadn't seen before. Perhaps the not most subtle of starings.
Ashram Ashram often tends to attract attention; he's a study in contrasts in a lot of ways. Muscular though lean, white though tan, serious though amused. That amusement shows up right now, when he snaps to notice the Asian woman looking at him. Isn't a lot that goes under his notice. "You're about fifteen minutes to an hour early. He's been opening erratically lately. He has to wake up from the winter months."
Saeko Saeko nods her head, her gaze looking over the man who'd spoken up. Tilting her head to oneside as he eyes take in his gear and weapons, wounds and features alike before she speaks. "It is a shame, but I hoped to at least glance at his metalwork. Should I be in need of repairs in the future." Crossing her arms lightly over her chest there's a slight quirk of her brow. "You are wounded." Yep, the girl does state the obvious.
Ashram Ashram keeps pacing about while he talks, not excessively, more warily. Keeps a careful eye on his surroundings, though discreetly, again. Goes with the job. Never know when somebody might come up and start shooting. "Wait around for a little bit, he'll be here. Don't be too obvious about it, though, he might take it the wrong way." He laughs in a bark. "This?" He points at his black eye. "Hah. This is nothing. Hardly even hurts, to be honest, more it stings."
Saeko "I can go unnoticed, if it would unsettle people to see me lurking," the woman shrugs. For someone wearing a cloak, she's awfully confident in her ability to disappear. His comment on his injury earns a slow nod before she gives a little huff of amusement. "What is the saying? I should see the other guy?" A little sliver of a smile on her face and she gestures to the revolver he wears. "Interesting that you would get so close as to be struck."
Ashram "This early in the morning, a new face lurking about alone might draw unwanted attention. Best to be careful." Ashram nods, slipping to stoicism for a moment. "Fell into an ambush. Nobody's perfect, they got the jump on me this time. One of them escaped, though, we were in a hurry to get back home. Imagine he'll come up and harass us again. Eh well, any fight you make it out of, especially with minimal injury, is a good fight."
Saeko That alone is enough to bring a frown of recent memory. A fight that would have gone poorly were it not for the help of others. "The legion scraps have been growing bolder, attacking settlements, killing and abducting innocent people. Their ambushes are becoming more hasty and difficult to anticipate." A tilt of her head and she raises her hand in the direction of town. "There is a doctor among the militia whom patches people up for free, her name is Lilu. Otherwise, there is a small clinic in the shantytown, if you wish for your wounds to be tended."
Ashram Ashram nods to Saeko, giving her an assessing look. "You sound like you've seen your share of scraps. Unless I'm mistaken, you're newly arrived, and it's good to see more people ready for fighting." He grins. "Risky as it is, their haste will make them *more* predictable in time. It's the long term, planned out, strategic attacks that worry me. Haste I can often handle, except, apparently, this one time." He laughs at himself and shakes his head. "Lilu's seen me a whole lot worse than this."