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Lucette     Early morning, Luce's just made it back into El Dorado post her latest adventure. She's convinced science has the answer, but she'll figure that another day. For now she's settled at a table and shrugging one arm out of her duster. There's a bit of bruising along it, but it's not like notably wrecked or anything.
Stockton Stockton shoves his way in through the door via one broad shoulder like he usually does. Today's haul carried under his one arm as he finds the table near Luce's to drop it on. He just growls at the floating Mr. Handy to get him what he needs and wants. Beer. A cigar is in his mouth the moment he drops his helmet on the table and a match out the next moment. Puff puff. He finally realizes whom he's sitting next to and he shoots Luce a look that could mean a lot of things. "Howdy," course her bruised arm is of note and he looks, like he's making sure it isn't too bad.
Lucette     Luce's giving it tender, and increasingly more bold pokes until she hits a spot she freezes at, and sighs. Then she glances off and offers a half smile to Stockton, "Hey there." she greets, "Holdin' up?"
Stockton Stockton watches the prodding of the bruised tissue and smirks a bit to himself. Someone's probably a sadist. The greeting is given a nod and he looks at Luce more directly as he angles his chair. A floating bot drops off the beer and he takes a slow drink. "Jus' peachy. 'n you?"
Lucette     Luce straightens up and slowly finds her sleeve to slot her arm back into. "Back from a job, or atleast what was supposed to be. Turns out the person I was delivering to isn't around anymore and I had to come back and report this news." she murmurs.
Stockton Stockton watches the slow retraction of her arm and chuffs once, "Those're the worst kinda jobs, usually don't even get paid," the former Merc knows those woes and can sympathize. When she says little more towards the job, he throws her a lopsided grin, "So. We gonna talk 'bout that whole, you knowin' passwords and bein' related tah Enclave royalty," he pauses for a moment to drink, "And the fact that yer slummin' with a buncha muties?" Oh it stung, but the big man doesn't let on.
Lucette     Luce nods, "Long stretch of land to travel for no pay." she admits. "Yeah, I said I'd talk when we weren't getting shot at." straightening up. "Dad was President Richardson's son, kept hush hush. Survived the Poseidon rig when I was little, he had me out with him on a patrol out east. After that he went further, worked as a courier to cover his tracks. By the time we heard of the new president on the east coast, Raven Rock was already destroyed." she murmurs. "Dad had some priviledge from grandpa, top level security clearance, manuals, knowledge. S'what he used to train me. He called it a 'well rounded education'."
Stockton Stockton nods once, "You did," he confirms before she launches into the story time. He blinks slowly and then nods at the end, "Seems a hallmark of proper parentin' in the Wasteland," he remarks with a hint of a smirk, teasing maybe. "You'da been served better by tellin' someone the truth up front," he says at first, almost quietly. "But more important like, are you still one of 'em? Hatin' anything that ain't pure and what not?"
Lucette     Luce blinks. "I suppose." she murmurs, "If I told people the truth early, it'd have been contrary to all my actions thusfar and made me seem insidious. Unfortunately, not telling the truth was the only shot I had to try and make an easy escape for everyone out of that base in Roswell. Just my luck the damn computer had more current information than I thought." she sighs. "Daddy always told me, 'If they aren't Enclave or from a vault that opened proper, they're mutants and not American.' an' while I can't shake that impression." she looks up, "Don't mean I feel a bit down or resentful to y'all. You're all trying to survive in the land of your ancestors, and people with strong heritage of what came before -should- be tryin' to get the country on its feet, unified again."
Katherine Caine Katherine has been here all along, she after-all owned and worked at the place. She doesn't get involved in the discussion though, she just keeps busy polishing some glasses and what not because she wasn't a fan of people she liked drinking from dirty glasses. It was also great cover for eavesdropping.
Doomguy doomguy walks into the bar to see someone he hadnt seen in a while "well you seemed to make the right choice cousin" the big solier said his bfg9000 in hand as he says this looking round he asked "so whos your freinds?" he was legitamly curios
Stockton Stockton blinks slowly and tries to keep the hackles down. Half breed Tribal means he's already dealt with elitist bullshit from others in the Waste that thought they were superior. Instead he chews on his cigar and shifts it to the other corner of his mouth. "America blew up, can't make it America again," he rumbles, "Unification's one thing, but it ain't gonna be America," he grumbles at her before finishing off his beer. A glance up to the new comer and the Gunslinger calmly sizes the fellow up. "Name's Stockton, dunno if we're friends..I'm a dirty mutie," he says on behalf of Luce, we're not bitter. Nooo.
Lucette     Luce gives a slow breath. "Yeah, no giant robot scorpion terrorizing the wasteland, El Dorado's better armed, and maybe Zax will harass the real threats in the wasteland." she murmurs, seeming sarcastic about that last point. "Yer right, needs a new name or it's doomed to repeat what made it blow up in the first place." she mentions to Stockton, "Now the hard part is going to find an active cell to infiltrate and assert heritage and rank on." she gives a nod to the newcomer. "You seem well armed, which branch you come from?" she asks to Doomie.
Doomguy doomguy says "enclave commando unit, lucette" turning to stockton he cracks his neck "if i saw ya as a mutie youd be dead by now, you look like any other human here to me" turning back to luce "so what, no good to see you cousin wow dont i feel speacil
Stockton Stockton has his attention on Luce while he pulls on his cigarillo, the sweet smelling tobacco smoke filtering around them as he exhales through his nostrils. "Yeah, gettin' ridda the robot seemed like best course there, then again not lettin' the place blow woulda been better," there's some consideration for her words and he shrugs, "Ain't likely to be easy at this point, gonna need to find 'em what ain't connected to Zax." Of course the thinly veiled threat from Doomguy has the gunslinger's attention and his upper lip curls a lil, "That kinda talk mighta flown outside, bub, but yer in El Dorado now. Keep yer threats to the bandits an' raiders. That said," he flashes a toothsome and feral smile at Doom, "Welcome to our corner of th' world."
Lucette     Luce hums. "Commando, hmn. Can't say I remember you, you're either well informed or are closer to Dad's age and remember me from Poseidon." she considers to Doomie. Then she looks to Stockton, "Zax said he was gonna try to invalidate my clearance, also said dad was dead. From what I remember, nobody was recorded surviving poseidon, and Zax probably reported I died at Roswell. Gonna make claiming my identity difficult." she adds.
Katherine Caine "In my experience, the Enclave are the biggest radroaches of them all. No matter what you do to them, they always seem to crawl out from under some rock." Katherine said, finally adding her two cents, "If I was you, I'd probably distance myself from that whole affiliation. In California, just being former Enclave is enough to get a death sentence."
Doomguy doomguy nodds to kathrins comment "ya ill keep that in mind" looking to stockton he asks "got anything that needs to be dead" then without waiting for an answer looks to lucette "ya ive been cryofrozen just got out a little while ago"
Stockton Stockton shrugs a broad shoulder at Luce, "Seems that ain't a bad thing, they probably think yer a traitor to boot, which means if they think yer dead, then you ain't on the hitlist. But Kitty's not wrong," he admits with a nod to the older woman, that toothy grin showing just for her before he goes back to his beer. A scarred eyebrow lifting at Doom, "You wanna be a hired gun, there's outfits in town that'll take yah. Militia's always lookin' fer new guns, and the New Mexican Brotherhood is led by a halfway decent guy. If yer feelin' altruistic, this town needs people who're good in a firefight more'n ever. We got shit incomin' and we need folk who'll do the right thing." Says the would-be Sheriff. Not that he's gone around posting flyers, but words getting out that he's put his name in.
Lucette     Luce smirks. "I imagine there's more than a few pockets left even if.. some poor leadership decisions has all of us scrambling." she sighs to the end. "I got my work as courier, hardly get any fuss on either coast. And if I'm out east I have connections there to help keep trouble away. D'ya think I didn't mention my parentage until it became important to surviving?" she answers to Kitty. Then a blink. "Haven't heard much about sleepers, wonder when they put you in.. whoever woke you up sounds like they're about as knowledgable as Zax." she murmurs. "Zax didn't consider me a traitor, he just said I was a liar on my reasons for being at the base. I don't wanna think about that thing any more." still sore about it.
Katherine Caine "By the way, that is one big fucking gun." Katherine said of Doomguys massive gauss rifle before whistling appreciatively, "Haven't seen one of those since I was with the NCR and even then, I was on the other side of it. Nasty piece of tech."