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Vault Girl Recipe for Corruption

2 Parts being a Dick
1 Part owing money
1 part being greedy
1 part ambitious
Unlimited Power

What happens when you combine all those things? You have an individual in power who has decided to abuse their power for their own selfish ends, often at the cost of others. While not a precise recipe, the above is the particular one that makes up all the parts of our beloved Mayor Solomon.

It was only a matter of time before the corrupt mustache-twirling villain of a man was found out and thanks to young Jude Masters of Vault Town, the pressure was on Mayor Solomon so much that he was making his move.

Solomon had been spotted leaving El Dorado in the early hours of the morning with two wagons and his personal bodyguards. One of Sergeant Joe Caine's scouts had tracked the group to Gohauq, a small town run by Mayor Adam West just off the highway.

Unfortunately, Solomon was still Mayor and the Militia could not officially act in force; but that had not stopped Joe Caine from putting out the word that they were going to get back the stolen caps and hopefully put a stop to Solomon.

The fighting was expected to be fierce and there was no doubt that Solomon expected trouble. With Joe Caine as your Battle Commander on this evening, you had gathered on the outskirts of Gohauq ready to engage what appeared to be dozens of well-armed raiders, bandits and mercenaries who had occupied the town.
Doomguy doomguy joins the squad of people and walks up to joe "doomguy reporting for duty sir were do ya need me" he asks while keeping on high alert his training kicking in
Harlan Harlan is an old-timer of El Dorado recently returned after a decade or so wandering. A grizzled fellow wielding a big sledgehammer and wearing a suit of chain mail. He waits patiently though there is a low grumble heard through his beard. "Can't believe El Dorado let Solomon become Mayor.. remember that bastard when he was a plain old crook." He offers an agitated grunt and sets the hedge of his sledgehammer against the ground as he leans on the handle. "Well, guess one good thing comes of this.. I might get to take a swing at his ugly mug of his." The 40-year old continues to make small talk with himself while occasionally scratching at his chin through his beard.
Lucette     Well, it seems Luce was called in to help about the Mayor. She'd promised a certain enterprising store owner she'd help when the time came. And it seems that it has! Gohauq is the place she's wandered over to under Caine's direction. She wants to be a good influence around here, and being part of the local Brotherhood's only giving more incentive for her presence- but maybe she should get a stetson for keeping the sun out of her eyes in some eventuality. Where the party's rallied up she's making her presence and adjusting the dials on her AEP7 for the weather.
Sparrow Sparrow has been doing her best to stay in the loop. When she'd heard folks were headed after Solomon she'd of course saddled up and headed out with grim determination. Riding along on Bluebelle until they get close and then following along quietly near the rear of the group.
Lucky Lucky followed Sparrow on a spare horse, riding alongside her as he checks his weapons. "How bad do you think it'll be?" He inquires as he rode.
Iris Lark Iris follows Alice into the fray (or what is about to be one) because that's what she does. She walks along the back of the group, her gun ready for action. Her attention, at the moment, is on her Pip-Boy as she reads up on her weapon of choice.
Achilles There's a slight weezing coming from the goliath wearing a suit of ebony power armor, white crosses emblazoned across the knees and shoulders while an eagle decorates the front. Achilles was still wounded from being jumped by the Enclave, but there was no way he was missing out on this fight. Strapped to his side was a fierce axe, and resting on his shoulder was an even more terrifying bumper sword. From his side Terrance barked, clearly just as eager as his master to fight.

"This won't be easy, but I'll draw most of the fire if I can. I'm not sure how long I'll last once the bullets start making it through though."
Joe Caine Joe had been investigating the Mayor for quite some time now. He'd uncovered a relentless amount dirt on him, and had been adding it all up to show people. When Joe got word of the Mayor's movements, he'd assembled a group as quickly as he can, and as unofficially as he could, as well, seeing as how the Militia was technically unable to act.. 'officially'. He'd been going over tactical plans before people began to assemble, pretty mediocre plans apparently.
Ashram Becoming a familiar sight again after a lengthy time away for various rumored reasons, Ashram Wallace moves slowly but with confidence. Dressed in an armored leather duster, with a revolver in a holster and a rifle ready at hand, he looks as much like a bandit as his official career as a vigilante. Maybe he's been both. Depending on the assorted company, he brings up either the vanguard or the second line; looks like the second line, this time, and that's no problem.
Abe     Riding in with the Impeachment Posse, Scribe Errant Abreham Mcdonald sits atop his shabby, little horse in his shabby, little sadle, feet in the stirrups, reins in hand. The clip clop of Boss' hooves bring him up abreast of Harlan before he reins her in. "Going to be a lot of people looking for a crack at him." Abe agreed, "Might have to share." he cracked, tipping a flask to his lips for a healthy nip before he slipped it away into one of many pockets.

"Locked and Loaded, Boss!" this came from a woman in fatigues and wearing a good set of combat armor. She had a well-kept assault rifle slung over one shoulder. There were many like her amongst the troop. Dozens even. They all featured a emblam of a white skull painted on this or that bit of gear. Abe smiled, slipping out of his saddle and taking Boss by the reins, leading the horse off to be somewhere safe and away from the eventual firefight. "Good, Mayor Dickbag's bound to be slippery. I know none of want to see him slime his way out of this."
Vault Girl Joining the intrepid band of adventurers or the aptly named Impeachment Posse were a squad of crack NCR Soldiers who had been operating in the area, called in by Lucky as part of a favor. There was also the four squads or 12 fireteams of Gunners (36 Total Soldiers) who had come in to lend a hand, thanks to Abe recently paying for their services and making himself a very dangerous group of friends.
Alice Alice was there with Joe, working on helping with the planning for the assault, but she didn't actually give the plan. She was just happy to be getting a chance to flirt with the handsome militia man who her parents would NEVER approve of. Leaning in close, she whispered the best plan of attack to Joe, before announcing excitedly, "Hi, if we've never met, I'm Alice! Welcome to the group, Joe's got a really good plan he came up with all on his own, so listen up, okay?"
Harlan Harlan gives Scribe Errant Mcdonald and appraising once over, nods, and grunts his approval. "Well, long as I get a turn.. I've been waiting at least fifteen years to give that no-go cap-lifting son of a mole-rats the class act whooping he deserves.. and the opportunity is one hell of a welcome home gift." He chuckles lowly before reaching down to pull a little dirt into his hand rubbing it between his hands before he grabs the handle of his sledge and leans it over a broad shoulder. His head then turns toward Alice before he settles his gaze on Joe.. waiting.
Doomguy doomguy cocks his bfg looking to the rest of the group "alright, so who i gotta kill" hes a soldier sure but he was mainly trained to shoot first and talk never
Sparrow Sparrow listens to the folks around her, watching people and listening to them as they speak. But she's silent as death, armed and ready and not really, well, responsive to much of anything at all. She's focused and only tilts her head to listen to Abe and Harlan and gives Alice a breif glance. Lucky's quetion cuses her to lift a shoulder, "Not my show." Is her only answer though she checks the gun on her hip.
Lucky Lucky steps inside the ten with the men. "Alice, meet, Fe, Fi, Fo , fum and Jack." He says, gesturing to each NCR person respectively. "There all brothers, and there mother was a fan of a book called Jack and the beanstalk." He shrugs and adds "They owe me a favor and will be supporting you."
Abe     "That right?" The Scribe muses as he drops his helmet down over his head, the mask and goggles obscuring his face, "In that case, I'll even let you skip ahead in the line infront of me!" he offers as he sets the chinstrap and what not into place.
Alice Alice gigglesnorted a bit at Lucky's introduction, "Good thing they came. OH!!!! Remember guys, try to avoid killing if you can help it, if people surrender or try to run don't shoot them in the back, that's not cool."
Harlan Harlan nods to the Scribe. "'preciated." He raises an eyebrow at Alice. "Yea! Knock'em out... so we can HANG em!"
Joe Caine Joe had been fairly receptive to the flirting. His plan, while technically would work, just seemed trumped by Alice's plan. He eye's the woman with a renewed sense of respect. The man is dressed in El Dorado Militia fatigues, layered underneath advanced armor and old cowboy leathers. His sunglasses add an air of mystery to the Sergeant, who had simply been waiting for everyone to assemble.

When he's sure everyone who matters is within hearing distance, he begins to shout out orders, "Good evening soldiers, and civilians alike. Today we lay siege to a corrupt politician who has caused the town my ancestors once founded much strife. The man is a gangster. A member of the Omerta Gang. This man has swindled us blind in the name of law, and no doubt has some heavy hitters down there.. fortunately, we have quite a few good brothers and sisters in arms."

There is another pause before he continues, "Our brothers in the New California Republic will handle all long-range fire support. The gunners will be responsible for handling the bulk of the fighting, while the rest of use move in, in an attempto to sieze the wagons, and apprehend Solomon." He clears his throat a bit, then hits a flask, "Cheers guys."
Ashram Blue eyes analyze everybody in the Impeachment Posse. Very little goes outside of his gaze, and it's either reassuring or unsettling, varying on your stance toward someone of this swarthy demeanor concentrating so heavily. He looks amused at all of the Vault people, skeptical of the Doomguy, and absolutely baffled at all of the backup. Holeeee this gunfight turned into a straight up no holds barred battle.
Lucette     Luce listens to the plan, it's sound. After hearing 'Omerta', Luce's conscience became a lot more clear about this whole ordeal. She's betting there's ulterior motives, and now her sweet, sweet calibrations for the weather are done. "Alright, ready to move when you are, Caine." offering a nod to Joe as she declares her readiness.
Sparrow Sparrow's expression remains empty.. grim. The weather warn premature wrinkles deepening with the seriousness of the cowgirl's focus. After having taken stock of the group and listened to what they were saying she looks to Joe. She nods and remains where she is, eyes moving far away staring off the direction they plan on going.
Lucky Walking up to Sparrow, his arm rests gently on her shoulder "Hey, we'll get through this and be back at the ranch in no time." He smiles "At least he's gonna get the justice he deserves."
Iris Lark Iris gazes around for likely areas to set up a triage if it becomes necessary. She checks the items in her medic kit and then sighs, turning towards the people planning to make sure she caught all of the plan.
Alice Alice swiped the flask from Joe and took a sip, not that she had EVER drank before. Handing it back she tippie-toed to give the taller man a kiss on the cheek before smiling at him, "For luck. Try not to get killed or anything." Motioning towards her big pal the Sentry-Bot O.V.E.R. 9000 she checked the robot over to make sure it was A-Ok for battle.
Abe     "Welp, that's the plan." Abe observes to the world at large, his voice feeding through the mask. He turns his attention to the Gunner that had informed him of their readiness and offers her a half-assed salute, two fingers lifted to his brow and then cocked away at the end of his wrist. "See you on the at the after party."

After parties would likely also include alcohol and bandages.

That done, he readies his pistol, pullinf it from under his belt, a thumb working the safety that brought the gun to life with a quiet hum... and maybe a happy, little electric chime.
Doomguy doomguy lets out a small montra for himself to get him self ready for the fight "my cause is will is strong...and my gun is vary,vary large" once done he moves himself to the front of the group
Vault Girl Any longer spent dallying and the group would lose the element of surprise.

As dusk began to settle on the Wasteland, it was the silenced sharpshooter rifles of the NCR Squad that took out the sentries that had been posted outside of the occupied town.

It was the Gunners that moved in next with military precision, no doubt worth every cap that Abe had spent on them as they showed off not just their efficiency but their training.

Moving in to take up the rear was the rest of the group (the players).

Within a scattered handful of moments, the Gunners moved in and engaged.

Raiders went down in droves as combat began between Solomon's various groups of gathered men and the Gunners who were going to be taking the brunt of the enemy firepower their way.

Both of the wagons appeared to be pulled by actual honest to god vehicles, one of them a truck and the other a beat-up old family car.

Dust was also kicking up off in the distance and a group of very tough looking armed men and women took up guard around the wagons that you were all approaching. One of those men, cowering behind a wagon was very fat. It might even be Solomon!
Harlan Harlan mumbles, "That's a damn nice car." He squints at the dust cloud.
Sparrow Sparrow nods once, lips pulled into a vacant purse. One might think she'd be angry or foaming at the mouth at this point but instead the cowgirl's become withdrawn. But her hand is resting at her hip, pinky brushing the polished handle of Reason. "Thank you, Lucky. Whatever gets the job done." It's not dismissive but it is a hint on the chilly side. Everyone carries their baggage differently, Sparrow's is on her hip.

Sparrow moves amidst the battle, gun on her hip for now while she plans her routes of cover and accessability to healing people and heading towards the fray to add her two cents to Solomons fate when the battle erupts.
Harlan Harlan points toward the dust cloud. "Awfully nice car headin' this way. Someone's rollin' in caps."
Doomguy doomguy sees the opisition and begins cackling his bfg glowing green and loadly buzzing "oh this is going to hurt ya big fella" his eyes dead set on the minigun guy
Abe     "Yeah, our goddamned caps." notes Abe sourly as he lefts his pistol to take a good aim.. surreptitiously looking for a bit of cover.
Joe Caine Joe Caine smiled at Alice and her kiss, before loading his rifle with a fresh magazine and cocking the hammer back to chamber a massive bullet, "I'll try not to darlin'.." He offers a wink before slipping the intimidating helmet over his massive head and shouldering his rifle. Adjusting to the helmet must've thrown him off though, since he can't see shit, "Oh dammit." Joe rubs at the goggles of the mask, trying to get rid of all the sand and grime that had built up.
Ashram Ashram checks his rifle one last time, looks up at the approaching hordes and smiles. He salutes the Republic backup, brushes his sweaty hair out of his face and nods approvingly at Harlan. Someone else who's got his peepers peeled. If he can find the maniacally fast berserker in the horde, he'll lock his piercing eyes on him. Target in sight, unless he gets too close.
Vault Girl Raging Ronnie is hopped up on Jet, Psycho, you name it. When he sees the group making their way towards the Wagons he was guarding he didn't hesitate, he charged directly towards the group not caring for anything or anyone in his path. He was clearly a coward to because he immediately charged Alice, who while not intimidating at all seemed to be holding a Rocket Launcher.. so maybe it made sense!
Doomguy doomguy lets loose a charged blast from his bfg as green energy flys at the minigun wielding thug hitting him squar in the chest and leving a good mark on the man
Vault Girl Machine Gun Mikey ducks down as the hail of bullets is sent flying his way but instead of cowering he unloads full on with his beloved M60 towards Lucky screaming out, "MIKEY KILLL YOU!" Did we mention? HE WAS A SUPERMUTANT!?
Ashram Ashram stands solid in place and sights down the barrel of his rifle at the berserker raging up and coming closer to Alice. The psycho's so hopped up on his drugs that he takes the hit in his upper left thigh, bleeds and *still keeps going*. Doesn't matter, Ashram thinks, I've got you now.
Lucky Joining in the battle is Lucky. Raising his SMG, he fires upon Mikey in a suppressing style as he moves forward. As Mikey ducks down and raises his gun, Lucky blinks "Oh Fuck!" He shouts, diving out of the way, falling flat on the ground.

"Not if I kill you first Mikey!" He shouts, scrambling up and makes way for some cover.
Vault Girl Power Fist Pete also notices the small girl holding the Rocket Launcher and he cries out, "Get her before she can fire that damn thing!" He rushes towards Alice but the Vault Dweller seems to step deftly aside or maybe? She didn't even notice Pete charging her.
Vault Girl Plasma Polly would have LOVED to shoot Joe but he's oh so sneaky so instead she does the next best thing! She follows the orders of Plasma Fist Pete and fires on Alice who seems to just avoid yet another potential hit.
Sparrow Sparrow spots Mikey as he turns on Lucky for the supressing fire. She lifts her revolver and aims it at Mikey trying to get his focus off the better gun and looks for spot to duck the next chance she gets.
Iris Lark Iris peeks out at the action and seeing the berserker cut down she narrows her eyes and raises her rifle to aim at Mikey. She fires off two shots quickly and tags the machine gun weilding person in the abdomen and left arm. She ducks back down, but knows that she's been spotted.
Achilles There are some things you just don't do, like attacking Achilles' friends. When Ronnie charges Alice, the giant starts a trot in that directions, arriving just as Alice dances away. Without any preamble he brings his bumper sword up, hitting the goon right between the legs and splitting up to his belly button. Not taking any chances he pulls the sword out and slams it down on top of his head, splitting the berserker clean down the middle.

"Awake, Iron!" he shouts, blood and intestines splattering all over his clean black armor.
Harlan Harlan charges forward with a bellow and swings his hammer high as he advances toward Pete.. and then.. he drops it low to knee-cap the bastard.
Vault Girl Samurai Sally rushes forward to attack Ashram who she deems to be the biggest threat on the battlefield, telling him, "Nothing personal, but I have to kill you now." She slices and she dices! Oh no, Ashram is hit in the head! What happens next fair viewers? tune in for Ashram's pose to find out!
Ashram The Samurai chick comes flying at him out of the horde of enemies and takes a slash down his chest and comes *this close* to his head. Instead his shoulder, or his neck, takes a solid slice, it's such a fast maneuver it isn't fully confirmed, and blood pours everywhere around him. But miraculously, his vigilante outfit and duster... pick up the dust, almost in the shape of a bat, and that dust cakes right into his blood. Gonna feel that in the morning. For now, he's living on adrenaline.
Vault Girl Tomgunny (his new name) steps forward and unleashes hell on Iris, calling out, "Hey Sweetheart! Where's your big boyfriend now?" Clearly the thug had seen them around town..
Vault Girl Martin strides forward and unleashes hell with his minigun, tearing Lucky a new one, luckilly it was his arm and not his butt even as Gary rushes forward and WALLOPS Achilles with dat Supersledge. Oh boy, things were not looking good!
Lucette     Luce knows her priorities. She's got her THINGS TO DO list in this gunfight. A quick raising of her AEP7 has it firing a crisp red beam to sear into the REAL MUTANT's arm, and a second one to fly waaaay off in the air.

"Damnit, I didn't adjust for this much dust." she swears under her breath while the brawl continues.
Abe     It kicks off, it kicks off hard. Abe is having a hard time picking his targets before one of the bastards takes aim at Iris. That made things a little easier.

"Alright, y'bastard! Have some red-hot godamned science!" he barked as he put one right between the man's legs and then went a bit wild with it as he kept pulling the trigger.
Lucky When the minigun held by Martin is raised and aimed at Lucky, he attempts to run but couldn't make it in time. The bullets shred into his right arm, tearing flesh and muscle from bone. Bone even chips against the bullets that exit, mangling the arm badly.

Collapsing to the ground, the man winces as pain courses his body. Standing up right slowly, he gives the gunner the middle finger before retreating to the tent set up for medical attention.

Sadly, Lucky's wounds was enough to have him sit out for the duration of the fight; he was right handed after all.
Vault Girl The Fat Man and the Mayor's Aide get into the car but you're unsure if the Fat Man is actually Solomon without a closer look. They seem to be having a hard time starting it up!
Alice Alice is shot at, swung at, punched at and yet she manages to avoid it all while she fiddles with the Rocket Launcher, reading the Pip-Boy at the same time, "What the Sugarnaps! Why don't you work! Work! Work Damnit!" She starts banging on the side of the Rocket Launcher and it primes, "Oh boy! FIRE IN THE HOLE!" SHe cried out as she fired the rocket launcher towards the enemies laying down the most firepower before being sent flying flat on her ass with a poof of black smoke in her face.

The explosion took down poor Tomgunny the Gangster dude and hurt some other people badly, lucky none of them were allies, "GUYS! I FIRED A ROCKET LAUNCHER!" She screamed out excitedly.
Joe Caine Joe had disappeared for the beginning of the fight. For whatever reason! Perhaps he was scared! Perhaps the military Sergeant was really a fraud and just lined these people up to die. Or.. maybe, he was an elite marksman waiting in the bushes for the opportune moment to strike. Like a cobra.. or.. a pissed off honey badger. One of the two.

It would so happen to be the latter. Joe remained perfectly still through the initial charge, biding his time with his eye peering down the scope of his FN Fal Battle Rifle. He spots an unsuspecting victim, and lines the cross-hairs up perfectly, slightly elevated and to the right to compensate for distance, drop, and wind speed! It just so happens to be a perfect shot, the skull and brain matter of the man splattering messily around him. His next shot isn't nearly as successful, perhaps because of the giant explosion that he had inadvertently caused, "Jeeeez.. what have I done?"
Alice O.V.E.R. 9000 advanced forward going, "*BZT*" Then he sees Mikey and he stops in place and he just goes crazy with his machine gun. He misses the second shot and it makes him really sad.
Lucette     Lucette gives a few more squeezes of her pistol to passing Grundies, crisp shines of red glaring through the dust. Some seem to miss and some seem to disperse short, a few burn clean holes in before she shouts,

"FUCK YOU OMERTAS" and seems satisfied with the dials on her pistol for the moment.
Vault Girl Thanks to the Gunners and NCR who are supporting or rather, fighting the bulk of the battle, there is little interruption to the deadly combat going on in the midst of the small settlement. There are some people who say they even saw a 'Caped Crusader' helping out with taking down the Gangsters who were trying to use the town as a waylay point.

The car with the Fatman and the Aide began to start and it was no doubt going to drive away if something was not done!
Ashram In a sequence downright from anime, Ashram and Sally nod to each other, recognise each other's skills and strengths, and split off to fight some mooks in their own separate ways. Ashram holds his ground and takes aimed shots at a handful of raiders. Sally goes off and slices up some of the Republic troops like she's going to have them for cannibal dessert. After they have both handled their bloodlust they return again to their original positions almost exactly in the same shape as before. Fancy that, how is that possible?
Vault Girl Doomguy basically incinerates the Fat Man who may or may not have been Mayor Solomon. Confirming this fact might have been possible except the second shot goes wide and hits the car itself and well, shooting fusion powered vehicles was rarely the best thing that could happen........... because something was about to happen and it was gonna be big.
Doomguy doomguy hears the car of theirs start up turns and fires green hell from his bfg blowing up the car and the people inside hearing them scream as the fire engolfs them "ahhh, music to my ears"
Vault Girl Power Fist Pete cracks Harlan right in the ribs but thanks to that sexy sexy Chainmail he doesn't take any severe injuries.
Achilles "Iris, get behind me!" Achilles shouts, attention turning away from the battle for a moment. A moment is all it takes for Gary to smash his arm with a sledge. "Looks like I've got another bitch to deal with."

And deal with him he does, with a mighty swoop of his blade the giant takes the top of Gary's head off, then comes back down and bisects him as well, leaving his pieces next to Ronnie's. An amplified bellow rings out across the battlefield, inviting all comers to test their luck against El Dorado's might.
Vault Girl Polly decides that the little bitch with the rocket launcher needs to go but some Matrix-Style shit goes on and well, Alice emerges unscathed again.... that is luck!
Joe Caine Joe wasn't a lucky person, but on this occasion, perhaps he was quite unlucky. If it hadn't been for that head shot, he might've felt bad, as four bullets fly harmlessly to the side of Power Polly the Power Bitch. "Argh!"
Iris Lark Iris ducks for cover but not before she takes two shots at Polly. The first tags her in the stomach but because the woman ducks, the second shot veers off and misses completely. She grimaces, clutching her arm as she tries to move somewhere safer.
Sparrow Sparrow is headed to check on Iris and if she can move fast enough? Give her quick patch up but Sparrow? Sparrow's disenganging. Why? Hard to say but she's moving around. Scooting as fast as she can trying to duck, dodge and make her way through cover for the car. Why? Because she's going to pull the fat mans lacky from the car. Because someone is going to answer her questions..
Vault Girl Sally is very confused when Ashram goes all crazy with rage on her, managing to pull off some kind of insane double-buttstroke maneuver followed up by a gunshot that hits her. In response? She katanas his arm and knocks his rifle to the ground, "You need a better technique, the one you're using is flawed." She taunts, "Besides, I don't much care for buttstroking."
Ashram Joined again together in the midst of the chaos, Ashram and Sally square off. He tries to whack her straight in the head with those big strong muscles and she goes all Neo and dodges it no problem. Then he boils over with rage and shoots her point-blank. SHE practically tears his arm to the bone in response, and suddenly the whole street around them covers with their mingled shared blood. It's a gory display straight out of a horror movie, in this section of the street. Hope you have a strong stomach for messiness.
Abe     Oh good lord... They opened fire on the car.


Curses bleed out of Abe as he swings his pistol towards the woman with the plasma weapon, he's barely paying attention as he starts running, trying to get behind a building or a waist-high wall for the expected explosion to come!
Lucette     Lucette's breaking the first law of organized combat. Firing into melee. Her first two shots are wide, making her mutter some string under her breath before she swaps to the other engaged duo. She goes to fire again, and scores a hit- but it's not nearly the calibre of shot she wanted to make, fiddling with the setting on her AEP7 again.
Alice Alice finishes reloading the rocket launcher and cries out again with glee, "Fire in the hole! Again! Woooo!" This time she manages to avoid being knocked down since she is prepared and watches as the Supermutant is taken out in a large explosion.

"So long Mikey, the world will not mourn you even if you had a name." Alice said with a grin before just dropping the rocket launcher to the ground and taking a break cause she was exhausted.

O.V.E.R. 9000 was going insane with his beloved M60 Machine Gun, so insane that in his quest to kill Pete who attacked his friend he also shoots Harlan! Poor harlan. We're so sorry :(
Harlan Harlan gives a rumbling grunt as he takes a power fist in the ribs. "Oh you little twat.. I'm gonna..." And then he's suddenly riddled by bullets from a freakin' machine-gun. "Ooooooooooow!" He hisses and glares at Pete. He then rears the sledge back and brings it around and low again.. on the same leg as before. There's a sickening crunch as hammer passes through bone and ribs sinew... and then a tibia goes flying.. boot and all a few yards past followed by a spray of blood. "Fooooooooore!"
Vault Girl Doomguys shot earlier into the car had caused a fire, not a big enough to set the world on fire but big enough to cause an explosion as the old automobile went up in a miniature atomic explosion which was followed moments after by the truck.

The wagons full of caps exploded and suddenly? It was raining caps all over the small settlement.

Caps. Caps. Everywhere.

The Aide that Sparrow had rescued at the last minute had fainted from all of the action, the poor little weaselish man not built for this sort of thing.

The Gunners had almost finished mopping up and the explosion and the sight of the 'elite troops' being taken down breaks the resolve of the remaining men Solomon had here and they flee.

There's no way of telling if that roasted carcass in the car was Solomon, but given a vehicle had been spotted fleeing early on; there would be major doubts that the fat cat himself had perished so easily.

Sally dropped to her knees and surrendered, "Fuck this! I barely know these guys, I surrender, take me prisoner, I don't care." Bow-Chika-Wow-WOW for Ashram!
Alice Upon seeing that the battle was over, Alice walked over to Joe and dropped the Rocket Launcher at the handsome man's feet, "Here, you can have it back now. Thanks for letting me use it, it was pretty cool! By the way, it's out of rockets, you need to upgrade it or something, make it like a fully automatic rocket launcher. I don't know... or maybe like, you could make it a minigun rocket launcher? Then we can mount it on over 9000? What do you think? Joe? Are you Listening? Hello? Joe?" She didn't even give poor Joe a chance to reply!
Sparrow Sparrow's good to get the ide as far away from the ticking time bomb that is the burning car. Getting the greasy little man covered. Who's a fangirl of Silver Shroud? Sparrow of course! Unshocking since the blue eyed cowgirl's something of cliche herself. She sweeps the aide's mouth quickly to look for any false teeth or pills, and quick pat down for weapons. She might be willing to check the car for caps or anything else if it weren't already crackling away but for now she keeps the Aide alive for further questioning.
Ashram Ashram looks like a DBZ character clutching his arm and panting after the sheer stress of the battle. He expected a brutal one but that was one hell of a one, even though he dodged the effing *launcher*, and he smiles down at Sally. "We'll take you back in one piece. You're a good fighter, we need more like you. It's good to see you'll join the right side now."
Harlan Harlan winces at the explosion and then watches caps rain from the sky. He grunts, "Guess someone needs to arrange a very honest clean up crew." He shoulders his sledgehammer, his chainmail and shirt a touch drenched in his own blood. He glances toward the horizon. "Bastard got away, didn't he?" He frowns at the 'former car'
Abe     It's raining... He feels it pitter patter against the top of his helmet, roll off of his shoulders.

Abe stands, brushing caps off of his shoulders.

So Mayor Dickbag had this much still? Then why? Why would he not pay off the Gunners? His mind rolled the thought over and over in his head...
Joe Caine Joe moves towards the aide, his rifle pointing dead at it's head. "You're coming with me, you're under arrest for the aiding and abetting of a criminal, and a whole lot of other shit that I ain't figured out yet." Alice is given a look, "Sure, minigun rocket launcher.. help me haul this asshole back to town please."
Achilles There's a growl as Achilles stalks over to where Sally and Ashram were fighting. "Will we take her back?" The massive blade in his hand is brought down so the tip is level with her face. The caps rain down around him, but his attention is on the pair. "What kind of coward surrenders anyway? What glory is greater than fighting a hard fight and dying a warrior?" It's clear if he could spit on the woman right now, he would.
Alice "Of course!" Alice replied without hesitation to Joe before calling O.V.E.R. 9000 over and asking, "Over9000, will you carry this guy back to town? He needs to go to jail. Make sure nobody hurts him, please. He's just a person who thought money was really great and did a dumb thing."
Harlan Harlan meanders over toward Alice, leans forward, and squints at her... then nods toward the robot. "You need to upgrade that thing's aim." He huffs and then reaches over his shoulder sticking his finger into a wound and pulling it back covered in red. "Bah..."
Sparrow Sparrow blinks at Joe, smirking wryly, "He can't hear you, even if he was conscious he's probably deaf. Also, he's my... patient so I'd appreciate it if you got the gun off him. Tryin' to keep him alive to talk Yeah." The stoic cowgirl lifts a brow. A glance at Alice and takes a breath and looks at the robot and stnds up gesturing. Seems she'll follow the Aide, Alice and Joe.
Iris Lark Iris slings her rifle over her shoulder and she eyes the others moving to clean up the mess and secure the prisoners. When people start discussing where they're going to go she starts to tend to her arm, wrapping it in bandages until she can get it treated. She does not want to get in on those arguments, not in the least.
Lucette     Lucette stalks over to the kneeling Sally and holds a hand down. "Since you're seeing reason, come on you're with me." she informs, "I'm bringing her in to the Brotherhood outpost for questioning and rehabilitation." glancing at the group of allies, "Unless any of you have objections." she peers down, "Including yourself. You can call me Lucette."
Vault Girl Sally looks at Lucette, "Yeah, I have major objections. I took some caps to fight for the guy elected as Mayor of El Dorado. I didn't commit any crimes, stay the fuck away from me you freaky looking bitch."
Joe Caine Joe Caine glances to Lucette, then to Sally, "No need to take her prisoner. She surrendered, best way to make an ally would be to let her go. She said it herself. She was acting under the actions of the Mayor, which is the only reason I asked for any of y'all's help, because he still had power, and was acting as a government official."
Lucette     Lucette offers a polite smile. "Well, you saw how that worked for the others helping the mayor elect. Do what you will, I suggest either coming along to the city with this posse and making some friends, or running back to Gomorrah and staying there. Probably the better options for your survival." with that she stands down and walks over to Joe.

"Anything else you need me for, Caine?" she inquires.
Vault Girl Commander Jefferson Washington of the Gunners moved in now that the battle was over and his men were definitely doing their part to loot the hell out of everyone they had defeated. Saluting Abe with a grin he said, "Nice doing business with you partner, think we might setup shop somewhere off the highway once we're done clearing out the trash near that outpost of yours."
Abe     "Woah, woah, woah!" Abe had only been half-listening. He wasn't a official anything but when the Brotherhood was brought into this, "Lucette, hold on." he piped, trotting over, "It's like Joe said... Aaand we kinda don't have that authority-" he begins only to cut himself short when Jefferson strolls in. Abe doffs his helmet and lets it rest in the crook of his arm, "Thank you for the help, Commander Washington." he begins, the salute is crisp and neat, a open hand cocking off of his brow. "That right? Let me know, I'll drop by with a few bottles of house warming presents."
Vault Girl At some point with the battle all cleared out, Mayor Adam West makes an appearance and announces you all to be heroes of Gohauq and gifts you with Batman T-Shirts from the local gift shop. You can't help but notice the utility belt he was wearing! Was he the caped crusader from the battle!?
Ashram Ashram moved from the blood pool that had formed around himself and Sally and nods at Joe. "She'll fight for El Dorado properly now that Solomon's out of our hair, I'm sure of it." He crooks a grin. "Pretty sure we'll see each other again."
Iris Lark Iris gathers the rest of her stuff and steps up to Alice. "Once things have settled here I'm going to head back to the clinic to set up shop for anyone who needs treatment." She raises her voice slightly and calls out. "Anyone wounded here who needs treated, the Clinic in Shantytown will do it at no charge, stop by when you get a chance."
Joe Caine Joe Caine offers a polite salute towards the Gunners, "Good job, as a representative of the El Dorado Militia, I commend you. All of you for your efforts in ridding our town of that.. jackass," He pointedly ignores the fact that the aide is currently unconscious, he was gonna yell at who he was gonna yell at. To Lucette, the Sergeant shakes his head, "No, thank you for your assistance." Abe is offered a nod of approval, before he looks back towards the burning wreckage of the car, a sad expression washing over his face.
Alice Alice nodded to Iris and motioned to Harlan, "You should take him with you, OVer9000 may have shot him." This caused O.V.E.R. 9000 to roll over to Harlan and, "*BZT*" It may have been an apology!

"You're pretty handy with that hammer by the way Mister, whatever your name is, we could probably use someone good with hammers on our team, plus you're good at getting shot." Alice grinned a little at the last bit.
Harlan Harlan chuffs a deep full bellied laugh at Alice then glares momentarily at the Robot. He does the whole 'I'm watching you' gesture with his fingers then nods to Alice. "I'm better a hammering metal then I am people to be honest.. And yep, pretty good at getting shot.. And decent a shooting people if I can get my hand on that mini-gun over there." He rubs his chin through his beard. "I.. could use some contacts.. Been gone for a long time. So yea.. I'll take up your offer."
Ashram Ashram latches on to Iris mentioning her clinic opening up and nods to her in gratitude. He looks across at Sally and laughs hoarsely. The fight took a lot out of him. "Guess we know our next destination."
Achilles After his threats are ignored Achilles holsters his blade, giving one last disgusted growl before turning and heading over to where Iris is. Reaching up he tugs his helmet off so he can give her a concerned look over. "You alright? Shit, you don't look alright."
Iris Lark Iris looks up at Achilles and shakes her head. "My arm hurts, but other people are hurt worse. I'll survive it." She mutters, keeping the limb close to her body. She offers Ashram a smile and nods. "We'll try to take good care of you."
Alice "Alright, well, that's a cool name. Hint Hint." Alice replied to Harlan, "As I said earlier though, I'm Alice." She pointed around, "Iris, Achilles, and Joe. They're all members of Vault Team Six also, and this is O.V.E.R. 9000 and that's Terrance, they're also members."
Harlan Harlan blinks and coughs. "Ah, right.. Name is Harlan. Nice to meet you, Alice.. And err.. everyone ." He gives the robot another look and huffs. "Vault Team Six, eh? Works for me."
Vault Girl 2 weeks later, Sally shows up Ashram's doorstep and tells him that she's pregnant.
Lucette     Luce, after getting her little pewpew from Polly's pockets, seems curious about the T-Shirt this unusually belted mayorman handed out. There's a brief shrug before she tugs off her duster, then spends a moment to turn away from everyone to swap her blouse for the tee, then redusters and tucks her blouse between her pants and left hip to keep it secure for the time being as her collar's flicked up.

    "Not sure how I feel about this. But, it certainly feels american."
Vault Girl A silence settled over the Town of Gohauq and thanks to a radio call there was a group of militia who came in to help recover the caps and surprisingly? Not a soul had stolen. Even the townspeople of Gohauq came out to help with the recovery as a thanks for their town being freed with minimal damage, except some rocket launcher shrapnel and blown-up cars.

Every single person here is declared a 'Friend of Adam West' and is welcome here anytime they wish.

Some things in the post-apocalyptic wasteland might change but..


War, never changes.

This was all far from over.