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Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya comes up to the bar and takes a stool. "Blessings be upon you Katherine, I hope you are well." She sighs. "It will be well when I find a permanent place to lodge. This living from hotel to sleeping bag to dirt is getting old."
Katherine Caine "Nice to see you Miss Shreya. Have you had much luck finding a nice place? I hear there are some homes in Roswell that could use some clearing out but are otherwise in good condition." She poured Shreya a glass of Water and set it down.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya nods. "I was thinking of setting up something there. There is more there than meets the eye. I need a place to stay there though, cant keep traveling back and forth across the wasteland everyday. I'll never get anything done. You have a lot of pretty things here dont you?"
Sammy Sammy wanders out and considers the railing a bit, alighting fingers on it as he ambles down, his normal feline predatory grace is left behind, more like a whimsical cat pausing just a few heartbeats to consider the room, a wry lopsided smirk on his face ash e idles up to the bar, though it's still really easy to see he's favoring that leg, and that his shoulders and chest are a wee bit more stiff than they could otherwise be.
    "Roswell's an interesting Pandora's Box of problems, but I think it's just one of many out there. It's pretty interesting to nose around there... If you go I recommend keeping your shovel ready and your alertness high... " he points to the mismatch of his fatigue pants, where two pairs were put back together around his leg, "Because the problematic ghouls don't always make enough noise till they gotcha." and he makes an exaggerated 'Grabby Hands' gesture, then leans on the bar.
    He turns to Kitty, "Way back on the trading post, you were lookin for old holovids..." he starts to rummage in his pocket, pulling two out and setting them down on the top of the bar. "At least I think you were lookin for 'em, for upstairs entertainments."
Katherine Caine "Yes, we do." Katherine replied with a smile, "If you like, I can ask around and see if anyone might be willing to help you. Speaking of one, there's Sammy now. Maybe he'll give you a hand."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya chuckles. "I ughm....I'm sure he is and all but not what I was talking about. Rose is going to help me for now. Just going to clear out a house we can use as a forward operating base for the real work."
Sammy     Sammy knits his fingers together, and flutterflutters his eyes at Kitty, twisting all up, "Do you really think I'm..." he lets the pause loiter in the air, "... pretty?" He holds the pose a half second more before he can't keep the straight face, gripping the edge of the bar and bending over with laughter, which quickly robs him of brath and a sudden inhale of sharp pain, "Hurk! ... ouch. No . Ow. It hurts when I laugh." and there's still more bandages visible in his shirt. Are those -more- buckshot holes re-patched on him ... again?
Katherine Caine "Might need more than just Rose, last I heard those houses were full of glowing ones." Katherine replied to Shreya before eying Sammy cautiously, "What?"
Sammy     Sammy catches his breath, "Ribs still really tender, can't laugh." he notes, and deftly rolls the holotape across his knuckles, "So I guess i'm not one of the pretty ones?"
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya chuckles. "THe pretty ones I was talking about were her girls, though Im sure you are pretty as well," she tells Sammy. Turning back to Kitty she adds. "Arrange one for me for later won't you. Its an experience I haven't had yet. Life is about experience is it not?"
Katherine Caine "Sure, hun. I'm sure one of them will be willing to give you a first timers discount, so don't worry about the caps." Katherine smiled and said to the pair, "Excuse me a moment, will you?"
Sammy Sammy nods and smirks, and has sa seat on the barstool next to Lilly's preffered stool, the one with the 'out of Order' sign on it, and pulls a red rag from his pocket, and afew other tools from his pockets laid out on top of it, the second holotape is placed in the middle, and he begins investigating it, carefully picking up a thin metal insturment and picking away bits of sediment that had gotten stuck to the delicate little device. "So you're looking to go over to Roswell and try clearing one of those buildings? It's going to get messy and violent in there, for some reason, the feral ghouls try defending them pretty furiously. I ... almost want to think they're defending their old homes out of tradition."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya nods to Kitty. "Very generous of you." She turns back to Sammy. "The forsaken of Atom do not plan in the way you describe. Their minds are burned beyond repair, they exist only to follow base impulses. Hunger, chiefly. They just aren't smart enough to make long trips to find meat. Your version is more romantic though, if false."
Sammy     "I would say more but there's so little that's known about the whole what makes some people turn into Ghouls when they get too much radiation, and what makes them just die; and then what makes some Ghouls just have their sanity intact, and yet others rotten to the depravityof the primal survival instinct... " he carefully scrapes awya sand and sediment, and the holotape is looking much more like something someone might trust sliding in a pip-boy bit by bit, Sammy nods, "I just consider the ones that are gone, to have died long long ago, and considn their remains to resting in the earth."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya nods. "It is the will of Atom that decides who is forsaken, who is clean, and who is given eternity to see the light. After the things I have lived through, I should be dead, or one of them, but I persist. It is Atom's will."