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Julie     Wandering in from the street with a battered suitcase in hand, Julie gets her first good look at the Saloon that she's heard about and been directed to. Her chin turns this way and that, allowing her gaze to sweep across its decor and drink in how anachronistic it is with everything she's used to. Settling a hand on one hip, her eyebrows hike in a vague expression that seems equal mixtures skepticism and appreciation. It's right to the bar that she goes, eyes fixed on one of the many robots serving. "'Scuse me," she calls out to it with a voice so teasing that it just must be natural for her to talk that way. "I'm looking for Katherine."
Lucette     Luce has settled back into the Gold Digger after finishing up a job. Running halfway around New Mexico was good for cardio, atleast! Maybe she should look into getting a horse or something to make travel less time-consuming. She passes bythe inquiring lass and settles herself at a table.

    "Miss Caine's not too hard to get ahold of. Find a spot to settle in and I'm sure she'll find you first." Luce offers while folding down her duster's collar and shifting to get comfortable in her kit. "Can't say I know you so I apologise if you've prior business, not a regular or resident myself and still learning faces."
Julie     The voice might not have caught her attention if it weren't for the specific mention of a woman and getting in touch with her. Julie glances to the speaker, and abandons the bar in favor of an almost lazy walk over to the table the friendly stranger has posted herself at. "Oh?" She sounds amused, especially as the bottom of her suitcase comes to rest gently against the top of the table. "You wouldn't, unless you've been listening to the caravan guards and travelers that just came in a few days ago. I'm new, myself. I'm Sparkle. You are?" Julie reaches out with the intent to brush at the shoulder of the woman's duster, as if to rid it of some excess dust.
Lucette     Luce nods and eases into her seat. "Can't say I pay much attention, unless I'm making a delivery somewhere at the time." she responds, "Lucette. I'm a courier, and Knight of the New Mexico Brotherhood of Steel. If you need anything beyond your business with mz. Caine, let me know and I'll see if I can help.." she offers
Katherine Caine Katherine was informed by one of the employees, human or robot possibly that someone was looking for her. As luck would have it, she was around and came out from the back room of the establishment to greet Julie, the holster on her hip perhaps signifying she might not be planning to stick around the saloon much today, "Hey there." Katherine smiled at Julie, "Heard you were looking for me? I'm Katherine Caine."
Julie     At the mention of the Brotherhood of Steel, Julie's hand recoils away from the gentle sweeping motion. She turns it into a different one, and sets it against the expanse of her upper chest. "A Knight of the Brotherhood of Steel? How charming. I've never met a Knight before." Her smile is bright and the thick lashes of one eye flutter together in a wink. "It's nice to meet you, Lucette. Maybe you and I can get to know one another a little better if we're to conduct any kind of business. I have some things in mind." Someone emerging from the back catches her attention, prompting Julie's eyes to drift to the one addressing her. "I am." A single glance back at Lucette. "We'll talk later." Gathering her suitcase, Julie heads for the one she came to see. "A little bird told me we should make introductions. A Doctor Iris?"
Vuk Vuk was fairly well..not dead, so there is this, and what better place to go and settle in to puzzle over a scrap of paper then a whore house right? So once he's in..he almost absently mindedly wanders over towards an empty table and settles in. Turning the piece of paper this way, and that way.
Ashur Enter Ashur-- he comes with all the subtlety of a storm, the heavy tread of his hard-soled boots a thundering clamor. His hair is fresh washed and rebraided, a half dozen thick black chains arrayed in almost stately fashion across his laundered toga. The left arm is folded across his midsection and wrapped in the layered heavy fabrics; it serves as makeshift sling, the weight of the cloth keeping the limb still, while his right folds behind his back. Beneath the skin, countless microfractures in the bones slowly mend, his golden hue mottled a black-blue in so many places from the weight of a giant fucking metal scorpion falling on him repeatedly.

"Lucette," he rumbles, spying her as she settles in. He walks with a slow stiffness toward her bubble, gaze resting on her with a sullen, unblinking heaviness. By Mars, is he bored. Curse the ones who have guilt-tripped him into idleness while he heals. "Did I hear you claim allegiance with the Brotherhood? I have been slaughtering them as of late-- are there any of my enemies you do not lay with?"
Lucette     Luce smiles at Sparkle and inclines her head. "Later, then." she chimes, then looks to see paperman entering, fiddling wih a piece of paper no doubt! THE NAME IS NOT UNFOUNDED NOW! Meanwhile the ex-legionnaire makes his way into the Gold Digger and addresses Luce.
    "Caldwell runs a branch of the Brotherhood that isn't entirely aligned with the main force. The branch here is allied to El Dorado first, and the wasteland second. Next you'll hear how I also served in the Legion and accuse me of even more crimes against my country, I assume?" she asks in reply while bringing her eyes off of paperman.
Vuk Vuk shoots his eyes sidelong when Ashur gets..uh, typical Ashur like? Vuk actually has never seen the man being any thing but intimidating come to think of it. "I think you should be more curious about the fact she could access the AI, make it some what listen, and tried to sell us all out to the Enclave and the spawn of Satansoft." He says..moving to tuck the paper into his vest, suddenly, he doesn't trust it around ya'all!
Katherine Caine "Doctor Lark is a lovely young woman, she does a great service for the community with her clinic, even for those who might not be able to afford the treatment otherwise." Katherine poured a clean glass of water and set it down in front of Julie, "And you are?"
Julie     "She was nice enough to help me," Julie remarks in a tone that spells nothing but agreement. "Though I would have preferred a more medical approach to treatment." Failing to elaborate on her own accord, Julie takes the glass that's been set in front of her and politely sips. The imprint of her lips is left smudged around the ring, and the finality with which it is set in front of her hints that she won't touch it again. "I'm Sparkle." She skips over the part about being new. A woman like Miss Caine isn't likely to miss that fact or need it addressed to her. "I've heard some disturbing things going on down south. It's made me consider that staying for awhile might be a good idea. Get my bearings." It's here that her brows hike just a little. "Make a little money." Julie glances towards the second floor. "I've heard you have rooms for rent here."
Ashur The man snorts; the nostrils flare, the toe of a boot scrapes back, and his braids dance with the toss of head. He's more a bull than a man. "The name Caldwell is unknown to me," he declares, spine straightening and that scarred barrel chest thrust out, right shoulder tightening as the hand flexes into a fist behind the small of his back. That militaristic tenseness is the first sign of displeasure. "But if he has served El Dorado, then I will not count him among the Profligate. I would like to meet him." He hooks a foot around the leg of a chair, tugs it back, and settles on it with a rustle of fabric and the groan of aching wood. "You were never Legion, girl. Tall tales like that only sully your good name."

And that of the Legion, but his opinion on that matter is more.. conflicted and personal. It isn't voiced.

A look cuts across to Vuk. "She has answered for that already. I trust her story. Who are you?"
Lucette     Luce gives a grumble. "See, people keep tellin' me I was never Legion, and then I gotta show'm I'm serious. You wanna see proof come here and I'll show you." she offers to Ashur while Vuk makes his piece, a bit more for her to process reply.
    "Ashur is aware of my intentions and actions at Roswell and what I was attempting to accomplish. I was working to get towards the best possible outcome, the outcome we got wasn't even the worst that could have happened." she sighs out to paperman.
Vuk Vuk looks at Ashur, he looks more tired then any thing. "According to her AI? I'm a Mutant. According to the Vault Dwellers? I'm a Waster. According to some..just a scav. Some might call me a hero. But I do not talk to insane AI. I have seen what they -can- do young one." He gestures at Lucette when he says young one. Not that he's overly old, but he figures most people didn't start getting jabbed with medical devices and trained to drown tribals at the age of eight or so. "But He Who fights Satansoft, may call me Vuk Aleksy."
Ashur "I do not know Satansoft," Ashur replies with a furrow of brow, lips pursed. "Is it a neighboring settlement?" A grunt, a dismissing wave with the hand once secured along his spine, and he forgets the subject. "Regardless, Vuk Aleksy, while the girl wags her tongue more than she should, I do not think her traitorous. Chalk it up to the peculiar quirks of couriers; they love stories."

He leans back in the chair. Well, to the extent he can-- he's far too broad for it, the knotted muscle of his back spilling around it, his thighs too thick to rest on it. He's a man sitting for a child's tea party. "A lesson, Lucette, in the cruel truths of the world: women do not serve in the Legion, they suffer beneath it. By the will of Caesar, you would be nothing more than a slave womb. Its reputation might serve to make you look more impressive.. but it is not a glory you should steal."
Katherine Caine "Pleasure to meet you Sparkle." Katherine poured herself a shot of something strong to drink, there had been lots going on lately and it weighed on a person after awhile. At least Solomon was gone...

"Depending what kind of work you're looking for, the Saloon is always hiring. We've got rooms to spare to, nicest in town you're going to find outside of someone's home to." She drank that shot of whiskey, listening idly to the other conversations going on.
Lucette     Lucette offers a sigh to Ashur. "You wanna see, then look." she tugs on her duster some to open it up, arms worming to unclasp her cuirass, and then raise up her blouse, stopping before it got indecent. Under her left breast there's a stylistic burn, and black ink below it, a few lines of tiny spidry script. The significance of the markings is probably lost on anyone not Legion. "Let me know if you're still unconvinced of my encounter with the Bull." she mentions.
Vuk Vuk makes a slight dismissive wave of his hand about the Satansoft thing. "Few here will..and now, to add your accomplishments? You have bested a Robot and tore it asunder, and now, those who claim great legacy, reveal their bodies for you. It seems Ashur's reputation shall only grow in time. Truly blessed by His Capacitance." He says, mostly to him self. Vuk then looks around suddenly. "Damn, I should be drinking."
Julie     "Pleasure to meet you, Miss Caine." Julie glances between the poured shot and the woman, and waits for her to finish it in one go. While she does not cast a glance over her shoulder in the direction of the conversations, she's aware of them buzzing on behind her. "Is that so? Doctor Iris mentioned that. I didn't want to assume she knew your business better than you did, so I thought it better to see for myself. Needless to say, I'm interested in what kind of work you have to offer." Julie's hand lifts to stroke against her gathered hair just before it's split over the natural break of her shoulder. "I'd prefer to talk about it in private, if you don't mind."
Ashur The beast of a man leans forward, squinting his eyes. With a presumptuous lack of shame, he reaches out and splays his fingers across Lucette's abdomen, moving the skin around to better expose the faint lines of ink and burn that mark her. That golden gaze flicks to and fro, and then..

The growl is feral when he releases her, pinching the bridge of his nose. "It reeks of Frumentarii nonsense," he gripes, eyes closed as the fingertips scratch. "What sort of punishment is that? To shame a man and defy the natural order." There's more than a trace of seething resentment in his voice, an emotion that darkens the already low rasp of it to an animalistic threat. "The front in Oregon must have been mad, indeed." He's resigned to it, but the great sigh he heaves makes the lingering displeasure clear.

"His.. Capacitance? You dwell in the saloon too long, Vuk Aleksy. Clear your head with water, not swill."
Katherine Caine "Smart, assuming is never good, especially in the world we live in." Katherine replied before motioning Julie around the back of the bar, "We can step in the back room and chat, I'd be interested about what trouble you may have heard about from the South to." She opened the door for Julie and once the other woman was through she followed as well.
Lucette     Luce glances over to Vuk as he mentions body exposer. "If Alice's paper tiger wants some bodily exposure, I can take you out back and really show you something." she offers to Vuk with a glint in her eye. Then she glances down, "I was told I'd be watched by a local frumentarius during any time not at camp for further appraisal and a final judgement." she mentions to Ashur, "The legionnaire I replaced was not shamed, he was executed and I took his place and was promoted above him." she explains.
Vuk Vuk scowls when she calls him paper tiger. "At least you said tiger." He says, not sure why he's paper man. "But I ..well. Yes. We'll go with drunk, I do not wish to explain that which is no concern here." He says and settles back down into his seat, apparently, upset Lucette is mad at him. He just seems deflated, like what little ego he gained fighting the Enclave, is destroyed.
Celeste     Dark eyes are scanning the room as Celeste enters. She appears to be combing through those present until she finds at least one familiar face. It's the only familiar one, really, and it's Ashur. Hanging back for a moment, Celeste tries to catch what the conversation is about before she'll wander on over.
Julie     Julie follows Katherine to the back, casting one look over her shoulder before disappearing into the room with the other woman.
Ashur Ashur levels a strict look at Lucette as she elaborates-- promoted? What madness must have overtaken the Oregon front to permit such degeneracy? He speaks no more on the subject, but the half-curled snarl says it all. "Hmph," is the most sound he offers, before that witheringly oppressive gaze shifts aside to Vuk once more.

"Be bolder, Vuk Aleksy," he booms, reaching over to clap the man on the back with an imposing strength. "A man is no man at all if he does not dare; take her out back and put her in her place."

Yes, he said that right in front of Luce.

Then comes his darling Celeste, and the resentment and aggression of before break like the shadows at dawn-- a helpless scatter that leaves his expression warmer, his body language brighter, tension melting away as he opens up. "My little Celeste," he thunders, and grabs, lifts, twirls her with all the shameless ease one might a child. She's itty bitty next to him, and he's in no rush to put her down, having abandoned his chair to hook an arm around her waist. His head leans in to bite at her neck.
Lucette     Luce offers a malevolent grin to Vuk as her blouse is fixed and cuirass put back on. She pauses to make a comment about the sudden movement of Ashur given Roswell, but quiets. He's not crumpling into a heap so he's taken care of. "Need to clean my guns anyway, been a while since I last looked'm over."
Vuk Vuk -grunts- audibly when Ashur basically smashes him on the back. Thank god Iris had removed that last bullet and all before Ashur did. Or else he'd probably have it come out a new hole. "I can handle her." he snaps back, grinning at Lucette. "Alright Enclave Girl. What guns you gotta clean? I might try to swindle one off you." Because Vuk -always- needs new guns. "Or pay you to clean mine." That might be Innuendo.
Celeste     Talk about putting her in her place. Celeste is wearing a little smirk as she catches some of that conversation. She starts heading over in that direction, but is swept up to Ashur before she can even get to the table. The blonde starts to laugh as she moves a hand to Ashur's arm, and as she looks up to him she grins and says, "Hello. Thought you might be down here," she adds with a murmur before yelping with surprise at the bite to her neck. Her face goes red and she purses her lips, glancing up to Ashur again as she playfully elbows him in the side. "Who are you down here bothering?" she teases, giving Ashur a firm squeeze then before glancing to Vuk and Lucette, smiling to them.
Ashur The playful elbow grinds against one of the many bruises Ashur wears as second skin. His jaw tightens for a moment, then softens, as the bite fades with a mild grunt and becomes a kiss on the small, possessive mark he left there. As Celeste laughs, her man kisses his way up the throat and along her jaw, finishing at last with a passionate claiming of her mouth, one massive hand digging into the meat of her ass.

He sets her down gently.

"This is Lucette, courier and former member of the Enclave," he bluntly introduces, "and this is Vuk Aleksy, a scavenger who was with us in Roswell when the battle happened."

The battle Celeste was very displeased to know her man participated in, given he was crushed by tons of metal and bullets and lasers. But hey, he's alive.

"Both of you, this is my Celeste, mistress of horses."
Lucette     Luce smirks to Ashur about the tone. "As a note Ashur, contuburnia still keep their beds seperate." she teases in reply, and offers a nod to Celeste. "Always nice to see the hands that help keep the city running." she chimes in greeting. Then she looks to Vuk, "You still in one piece after Roswell anyway?"
Vuk Vuk actually moves to open his vest, revealing surprisingly, that his clothing has no blood soaking into it. "I am. I am far more resilient then Alice gives me credit for. She seemingly thinks I can not survive the slightest danger. Your Enclave, your AI? They are not that dangerous." He says to Lucette, cocking his head a bit. "Though I am this AI driven by a human mind? Or is it true AI?" He suddenly asks Lucette..she didn't take him up on any offer to go upstairs or any thing! God! "Ahh...mistress of horses? She then tames them for others?"
Celeste     Celeste's face is burning up like she'd been out in the sun too long, and by the time it seems Ashur has mauled her enough she looks a little wide-eyed. She gently clears her throat, offers a soft peck to his shoulder in return, and puts on another little smile. Her eyes roll up to Ashur and she asks, "Which battle? There have been too many to keep track of recently." She smirks, eyes shifting back to the two she is introduced to. "Nice to meet you both.. and yes. I help with the training of the horses sold here in town. Ever need one, just let me know."
Alice Alice walks into the Saloon lugging around a very large and dangerous looking shotgun and she makes a bee-line for Vuk before dropping it at his feet, "This. Buy it. Please."
Ashur The affectionate mauling of his woman ends with Ashur's hand upon Celeste's shoulder-- and her own arm lifted, so that he can hold hers and brush the rough pad of his thumb along her wrist. When you have a height disparity like they do, intimate gestures require a certain flexibility. "There are none greater at breaking an animal than she; I once watched her lead a skittish mare for an afternoon, bending it to her will with firm patience. It was an intoxicating sight-- should you have need of such, purchase from her."

It is said more like an order than a recommendation. No one will say Ashur is the best salesman. But neither is Alice, who he now watches.
Nathan Nathan makes his way down the stairs and towards the bar glancing around at all the folks gathered before he orders himself a beer from the tender bot and then really turns to look at the saloon's patrons.
Lucette     Luce notes things are getting crowded, woo! Vuk is given a nod, then answers, "The latter from what I'm aware. If it was a person then dealing with it would be easier. People don't react that fast." she mentions. Then alice jus does her thang and drops a gun off at Vuk, and Lucette gets some more insight into Ashur. Contuburnia indeed.
Celeste     "Ashurrrr.." Celeste grunts as she glances up to the tall man again. She looks embarrassed now, but she's smiling. "Thank you for the kind words," she says to him before she gently leans into his side. She waits for a moment to see if anyone needs Ashur before she says up to him, "Do you mind if we step out for a moment? I wanted to run something by you."
Vuk Vuk is being given a gun..and suddenly, he's unzipping a pocket on his vest to place a large bag of caps down, and some precious gem stones and the like for Alice. "You could you know, Vuk please buy this from me.." he says as he picks it up and checks it with a practiced hand, slipping the drum casette out, and then rotating it, checking it's in working order. "Wonderful." He says and looks at Lucette again. "You'd be surprised. But cybernetic minds tend to degrade quickly..not that your friend is very stable." then he leans forward slightly over his new gun. "I am curious when you'll reveal if you know what other uplink facilities are in the area. If we could secure one -before- it blows would be quite beneficial, to all of us." He says and grins at Lucette. "Or we can just go off and polish each other's guns."
Alice "Vuk, please buy this gun from me. PLEASE!" Alice said to Vuk, "I found it and it's very valuable and it can take down Satansoft probably. What do you think? Please?" She wasn't about to take that bag of caps until Vuk gave her the okay but she did seem anxious to make money!
Ashur With a smile down at Celeste, Ashur inclines, plants a kiss atop that pretty lil head, and rises back up. The scarred behemoth pivots on a heel, not one for the niceties of goodbye, and thunders with his steps toward the front door, the small girl forced to walk much faster to keep up with the stately pace of those unfairly long legs. The cute rancher and the regal toga-man depart together.
Eden Eden walks into room. Sees the humoungous man that looks hazily familiar. That can't be good. Keeps scanning the room, hoping to find a familiar face and is very glad to see Iris. Walks over to Iris and says "Mind if I join you?"
Iris Lark Iris gives Eden a polite smile when she walks over and gestures to a stool nearby. "By all means, please have a seat." She says, sipping from a recently ordered cola. "Have you been finding things around town okay?"
Vuk Vuk just sighs, cause Alice is so hyper and he pushes the caps at her. "Alright alright! I'll buy's cheaper then using the minigun, yes?" He asks, and gently pats her arm and gives a playful squeeze. "Don't go and gamble it all away now Alice. And don't come back here thinking I'll buy -every- thing you find!" Which might not be true. He likes destructive weapons.
Alice "Thank you times a million. Hi Eden! Hi Iris! Bye everyone! I'll be back later, I need to go spend all the caps that I made and Iris lent me. BYE!" Alice rushed out as fast as she could from the Saloon! She was clearly a girl on a mission.
Eden Eden responds to Iris "Sort of. Still exploring. I was hoping to go tinker some more at some point. You planning on working on cleaning up the store anytime soon?"
Iris Lark "I was heading there now, if you'd like to join me." Iris says, sliding off of the barstool. She picks up her bag and slings it over her shoulder. "The sooner that the store is in shape, the sooner we can set out some wares. I'm getting weighed down by random guns and swords that I keep finding." She tilts her head slightly to the side and smiles at Eden. "Shall we walk?"