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Molly Brown It had been a very nasty fight with her mother but Molly had enough of her mother's shit and was out of Vault Town possibly for good. She likely stuck out a bit from one she was pale, two she was Vault Gear after all, and the pipboy was a pretty big give away as well. She wasn't entirely foolish while she'd had to leave what weapon she had behind as it was from vault town's small armory and wasn't her's? She had got a lead on aother at the lone star caravan but she was told? She'd have to act fast before they moved on.

So the black haired vault dweller was making her way into the store hips swaying a bit and looking slightly wide eyed at /everything/ what could possibly go wrong going to buy a gun?
Skittles Skittles is nearby, arms folded across her chest, and locked in a fierce conversation with a trader. "What do you mean you don't want to make a trade, you're a trader.", she has a very unpleased look on her face. "Just because I don't have caps doesn't mean", she's cut off as the trader walks away. She's steaming mad now, but her skin tone only darkens a little. Sighing to herself she turns back to the rest of the goods to locate a more affordable deal.
Barns Barns "hey kid im assuming you want a gun right?" the grizzled NCR guy asked as he lays down a .44 revolver and ammo for her "its yours if you need it"
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose heard the Caravan was passing through town again so wandered out to take a look for herself. Her father use to pick up all sorts of odds and ends from these folks and give them to her to figure out how they do what they did. The copper haired mechanic was less looking for gear though as she ambled in, and more was hoping to find parts for some of her other projects.
Molly Brown Molly Brown pauses at skittles she just kinda of stares. "I thought the saying was no caps, no service?" Okay the girl isn't totally hopeless she gets that much at the very least she looks to Barn for a moment pausing. "I actually came looking for a ten millimeter...."

Though she's taking a long look at the .44 pistol it's a pretty heavy thing but the only firearm she has experiance with is the pistol she mentioned. "Are you sure those things are worth a pile of caps too."
Barns Barns "it is but you can have it free of charge, a lil lady needs a way to protect herself and well here ya go " the NCR man let that sink in
Dusty Rose "Everything has it's pri--ooooh!" Dusty lets out a delighted squeal and promptly forgos whatever she was going to say to squirm past the others and pick up the laser rifle from the smattering of weapons. "So this is what it looks like in one piece!"
Skittles Skittles glances over to Barns and Molly. She seems to have cooled a bit, her obvious intrigue being in the laser rifle she had just tried to barter for. She waves as she approaches and nods to the two. She glances back over to Dusty Rose and shakes her head, "If you can afford that highway robber's price, I'm entirely jealous.". She turns back and asks, "You seem pretty new here, and you don't have a weapon.", she cants her head and scratches at her scalp, her hair shifting in such a way that the blend of hair swirls seemingly. "Anything else you're looking for other than the gun?".
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose laughs in response to Skittles. "Oh I'm not gonna buy it. I already have one!" Pause. "That's broken," she sheepishly adds. "But I'm gonna fix it... some day. This is the first intact specimin I've seen to compare thou--" she trails off when she realizes the dirty look she's getting from the trader for handling stuff she's not intending to purchase, and gingerly sets the rifle back down.
Molly Brown Molly Brown looks embrased but she'd be a fool not to take a higher powered weapon she does take a moment to look it over and tilts her head as she inspects the weapon. She doesn't look down the barrel. "This looks pretty solid, could proably smack someone with it if i was out of ammo, Oh! I'm Molly Brown!"

She notes quite chipperly Barns has certainly made her life easier with this unexpected gift. "I do understand, and I think I owe you one."

She looks to Dusty for a moment and she pauses looking at a few of the other items on display. She pauses for amoment to check something on her pip boy before she speaks again. "I will try to remeber this sir either way."
Barns Barns barns nods as he hears yelling from outside " uh yaah well if you want to chash in that favor the town here might need our help" without any more words being said Barns checks his ammo count before slinging the rifle over his back and rushing out the door.
Molly Brown Molly Brown pauses at Barns and tails after him calling out. "Wait! I did say I owe you one! I know how to shoot straight. Hold up I'm certain I can help."She gives SKittles nad dusty rose a look tilting her head a little bit as she then gives them wave good bye as she tails after Barns.
Skittles Skittles shrugs a shoulder and follows after, "Sounds like adventure.". She gestures to Molly's suit, "Sure you'll be alright in that? Bullets kind of hurt.".