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Owner Pose
Julie     Entering into the backroom, Julie waits for the door to shut itself before doing more than glancing around what looks to be a storage shed of booze and food for the customers out front. Her suitcase is set down with a slight bend of her knees, allowing her to rid herself of its weight, however meager, for the purposes of a more private conversation. "Pardon me for requesting privacy, but I don't like to talk details in front of people. I like to think business between two people should be limited to those two people. As we've mentioned assumptions before, I find it easier to just be blunt without playing word games. What kind of work are you hiring for?"
Katherine Caine "Well, to put it plainly anything from whores to bouncers, to bartenders at the moment. Depends exactly what you're willing to do, nobody is going to force you into anything in El Dorado." Katherine replied as she pulled out a couple of chairs and a took a seat on one.
Julie     Glancing at the chair pulled out for her, Julie steps over to it. A quick sweep of her hands behind her skirt smooths it out for when she sits down, and she's quick to adopt a straight-backed pose with it's help. "That's quite obvious," she laughs as she speaks. "But I've never done anything I didn't want to." It's a loaded comment given how her smile tightens a little. "I have no weapons and I don't know how to make a drink, but I can dance and I know how to please men and women both for the right amount of money. So I guess that makes me a whore. Let's talk specifics, then. What do you expect out of your girls? A percentage? A quota? Does that percentage cover room and board, or do I get that as a perk of the job?"
Katherine Caine "No percentage of your caps and room and board is provided, but you are expected to help out around here in whatever way you can. Always something to do if you're not busy and lots of people come through this place, sometimes, just pouring a drink and flashing a smile is all that work really means." Katherine explained to Julie, "I can get you setup if you're interested, it's not glamorous, but it's safe."
Julie     Within the first few moments of Katherine's reply, Julie's expressing a sentiment of disbelief with her expression alone. Slow blinks pair with allowing silence to lapse between them punctuates a moment of scrutiny detailed by the way her eyes are glancing around Katherine's face. The deal is good, and it sounds too good to be true, which is always a warning flag for someone like Julie. "I'll do drinks and smiles and tell everyone all about the Saloon whenever I meet them, but I don't do cleaning." She picks at an invisible speck on her skirt, before flicking her fingers as if she's ridding them of whatever offending item had caught her attention. "I don't care about glamorous. I've done glamorous. It's the same job, no matter the way the place looks. The only thing I care about is being able to make some money. Consider me interested, if you're okay with my condition. Well. My two conditions. I also intend to keep a gun."
Katherine Caine Katherine crossed her legs as she leaned back in the chair, asking curiously, "What are your two conditions?" She stared at Julie, very curious to hear what the woman's terms were.
Julie     "Those are the two conditions. I don't clean and I want to keep a gun." Julie brushes at her skirt and settles her gaze evenly at Katherine, just as curious about where it will go from here as the woman is about the conditions she rehashes upfront.
Katherine Caine Katherine nodded, "Just making sure, didn't want to assume that was the big two. I'll have a room setup for you on the second floor, make yourself at home in the meantime. If you need anything, just let me know." Katherine stood up from the chair and offered her hand to Julie and smiled, "Welcome to El Dorado."
Julie     Rising from her seat as Katherine does, she flashes the Saloon owner a bright and wide smile. "Sometimes simple is best," she offers in reply. There's a meeting of their hands, and Julie gives a light squeeze. "Miss Caine will continue to do, I suppose, from here on out? Or do you have a preference when it comes to employees?"
Katherine Caine "That's fine, or Katherine. Whatever makes you comfortable, I'm pretty easygoing." Katherine replied with a bright smile of her own, "I'll go get your room taken care of straight away, you'll be happy to know, it has running water, not a whole lot for the week but you can use it as you see fit."
Julie     "You're right. I am happy to know that. I'd be even happier if some of that running water was hot. I'll stick with Miss Caine if it's all the same. Or Ma'am. I've never been one for first names with people that I work for. I'll leave you to it, then, Miss Caine, and thank you for the welcome." Breaking hands with the owner, Julie fetches her suitcase from the floor and shows herself out, heading back into the Saloon proper.